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Socks 5 Server On Centos

I have a centos VPS box with 8 public ip addresses.

I am looking to setup 8 socks servers with separate username and password for authentication, allowing me to access the internet with different outgoing ip addresses:

My computer -> (username1, password1 ) -> centos machine -> ip1
My computer -> (username2, password2 ) -> centos machine -> ip2
My computer -> (username3, password3 ) -> centos machine -> ip3

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Debian Server Administration, Security, And Optimization

I have a new Debian 5 server (LAMP), DNS served by easyDNS. I am hosting a number of Drupal websites on the server through the use of Aegir and am having trouble with the server randomly crashing.

I believe one of the tables in mysql may be missing an index (mysqld is running high in CPU), I am just being pounded by bots, or both. I need someone to look through the potential mysql issue and also make some suggestions/adjustments for handling bots and lowering the CPU usage.

I can pinpoint the problem to one particularly robust site. The issue started once it was added to the server.

* You must be familiar with LAMP and server administration especially
* This is an unmanaged server with no phpmyadmin installation or cpanel
* Shell access and mysql command line access will be provided, that is all

If you are not comfortable with fixing an issue having only the above information then you are not likely the candidate for the job, do not bid. Otherwise, bid and I am excited to find someone to help out.

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Server Maintenece And Security

Server maintenance and security for a few currently small sites.

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Training MS Sql Server Security And Permissions

We need an MS SQL Server expert to provide 2 hours training on on sql server server security and permissions. This will involve logging in using Teamviewer into our PC to train one or more of our staff to restrict certain permissions on the database account that is used for the website to make it more secure. Point out any dangers or risks that may be there and advise how to protect against them. Also, we need to set up a couple of more users with limited access to certain tables to allow them to read and write to those tables but not to modify etc.

Please only reply if you have a high rating on Freelancer

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