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Edits To WordPress Site

Fix alignment issues on website and various other edits

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Website Edits

Move entire site including vbulletin forums to another domain. install redirects for every page and threads using the new domain name.

ie. would forward to as to not lose search traffic.

create back drop for particular usergroup for premium subscription.

cache amazon deals to show when amazon is overloaded and not showing on header of vbull forums and header/widget of wp site.

Add banner advertising on side of forums and wp site which can be edited in wp admin panel and forum admin panel

Change a flasher featured article on wp site to a static article in same spot.

Get rid of Subscribe to rss section (rss feeds, twitter counter etc.) and instead in that spot it shows 5 products. The title of that section should be "Hot Deal Showcase" in the "appearance theme options" section in wordpress admin panel allow for 5 spots where we enter the image url and product url and it shows those 5 products there. Also include a spot where we can enter in the product price which would show in red text underneath. If no price is listed it shows no price underneath.

Collection Feature:

Allow for members to create sub-categories. Like in "Movies", allow for a member to make a category within it.
Allow for members to edit information on entries in their collection

Allow to search all stuff (movies, games, etc) by categories. So a member can search all entries in "movies" and then checkmark all that apply without having to type in something specific before searching.

Fix the lettering, as it doesnt work and sends an error. (If you click on A,B,C,D, etc. in the collection it just sends an error.)

link cloaker plugin, make it so it doesnt cloak internal site links.

Add one more Category called "Platinum Collection" which link to the postbit under avatar (very bottom) to an image (Ill supply). So when someone clicks the little image it takes them to the collection of their "Platinums" which is just something to do with PS3 gaming. The image will only appear if the person has it enabled in their user control panel. Which is basically just another user field like the other ones I added.

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Additional Website Edits

Continued website edits to be completed by Shaban Ehsan.

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