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ASP Dynamic Page SEO Friendly URL

I have an ecommerce site – with over 1000 products – it sells products from a number of shops on the site. So for example a product page of a book – the url may be http:www……./productdetails.asp?ProductNo=1234

The book may be called for example (happy days) so I need a search engine friendly URL

now currently i am on shared hosting – Windows IIS

I need some advise / help how to proceed to enable these friendly URLS –

Important points

The shops can add and delete products so URLs would need to be created / updated / deleted

I am an ASP programmer and need some assistance – please get in touch – much more work for the right person, would be great to hear from you

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Social Network Using PHP And MySQL


We would like to have someone who can help develop a social network, in which all registered users have their personal pages. The personal pages need to be similar to personal blogs, and all registered users can leave messages on others pages. All registered users can also check others profiles.

Since I already have a Joomla website and a phpbb forum, you will need to integrate the accounts as well.
Please send me your previous work if you are interested in this project.

Thanks a lot and have a nice day.


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Search URLs To Be Rewritten To SEO Freindly URLS

Hi, I need to rewrite the search URLs on my website to more SEO friendly URLS using htaccess. The website is in PHP.

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SEO Team In Delhi Needed

We are looking for good SEO team in delhi.

For a big project we are looking for a team that will do SEO + promotion for us. we are ONLY focussed on years co operation.
We fly in few weeks to visit Delhi and arrange all things there directly

send us your best 5 keywords you have done last years + URLs (5 keywords + 5 urls and of course HIGH COMPETITION KEYWORDS We want to see)

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Non-english Characters Problem In Seo Friendly Url

The php website has a problem with the non-english characters in the search engine friendly urls. i have no problem with english letters, but the script wont convert the non-english chars. to plain letters. Since it wont convert, the non-english links get broken and wont work.

this is an older version of a code, in the new version, the non-english chracters get converted.i will supply you the files, where you can copy the code from the new one and implement to this older version.

when the links gets added to the db, they needs to be converted to english characters,now they get added as is, and create problem..

please have good knowledge of php to bid, because i may request other projects later also.

please be prompt, do as promise.
i expect you concentrate on the task, and try to finish it as soon as possible and get paid.

thank you and good luck

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Mobile Site Using Hawhaw Php On Existing Mysql


I have an existing website and i need someone to make me simple mobile site which will display the data etc ringtone, themes, videos, music.

the mobile site should be simple and with no errors and it must be using a php mobile plateform so that for wml browser it will display wml and xhtml browser it will display xhtml.

Its easy job and i dont want to pay big amount.

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Convert WordPress Search Page URL’s To SEO Friendly URL’s

Hello ,

I want someone to convert wp search page URLs to search-engine friendly URLs. By default the search page url is like TERM and I want someone to change it to term.html.

Im looking forward to hear from everyone.

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Design Smart Phone Friendly Css Style For A Mysql /php Page

I have an exiting php+mysql site that I would like to have work better on iPhones and other smart phones. I would like visitors using these devices to be redirected to a

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PHP Posting To 2 Different URL’s

I need a php file that would take in variables from a URL:
Ex: //example://process.php?first_name=John&last_name=smith….
Then it will post all these variables to 2 different URLs

URL1: //receive1.php?=first_name=John&last_name=smith….
URL2: //receive1.php?=first_name=John&last_name=smith….

I will need instructions on adding more fields later on.

Basically a php form that will take in variables via URL and it will post to 2 different URLs.

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SEO System (have Examples Of What I Want)

I am looking for someone to create/duplicate an SEO system that I previously developed. So having knowledge of SEO (the basic) is probably important. I have examples of what I want and how it will work but I need someone to develop it or if someone has a better way of developing that I am open to it. I also want the system to have a better design (look and feel) than it currently does.

Current system is in PHP but is open to other software

SEO System
Add/Update/Delete Client Information (Name, Address, City, State…etc)
Add/Remove Website Information (Website URL, Pages of the Website, Website Page Titles, Website Page Descriptions)
Add/Update/Delete Keywords for each page
Add/Update/Delete Volumes for each Keyword
% checks of keywords used in titles that are mapped to each page
Map those Keywords to Web Pages

Interact with a 3rd party system to check rankings on keywords for these pages and keep historical rankings.
Interact with a 3rd party system to pull statistical information about the site.

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Need To A SEO Script

I need to this ready script with guarantee
This script gives some useful info about sites SEO.

my budget for this script is – $ 30
please send your offer.

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Single Webpage Design Using PHP

I need a very simple single sales page website, its about to selling 1 model cell phone. On the page, theres area for customer to input their question, and in the admin for we to anser
The site has to be seo friendly, and well graphic design. for the payment, pls intergrate Paypal as the payment method.

If you have already this kind of website, you can only need to design the graphics.

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Clubs Website – Extra Programming Re URL’s

Update Database to allow urls to be more SEO friendly

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SEO/SEM/SMM With SENuke Experience

We are looking for a company that has a vast knowledge of SEO. We are primarily targeting SMM and Web 2.0 market and also using SENuke.
We need a full-time person to help us grow our company.

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Outgoing Email System Using CKEditor And MYSQL And PHP

Hi all
This is the first time in posting a project, I am hoping that the description is detailed enough.

Needing a outgoing mail system using CKEditor to format the email.

I was thinking that the code will need to do the following

1. A page using CKEditor to type content with a save button. When save button is clicked, opens a dialog to enter a reference name before saving.
2. Save content to MYSQL Database with a unique ID (a php page).
3. A page with a table of the reference names. When reference is clicked will retrieve content from mysql and display in CKEditor so it can be edited.
4. Code to loop though contacts from a mysql and sends email by using the reference id selected.
(i.e click on the table for what you want to send, gets the reference_ID retrieves the content and puts into an HTML formatted email.
5. Need sample mysql database files to show that it is all working.


Craig Laird

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PHP/MySql Website

DO NOT BID, UNTIL YOU READ EVERYTHING. This is a very simple project. It is needed FAST. It will be a mysql php content driven website. The website is already FULLY designed with the photoshop PSD file for the programmer to cut, code and create the site. The domain and sever is ready.

It will have 4 main pages and a search engine:
Home – showing most recent content entries; randomly showing 5 of the top 20 most popular content entries
Top Likes – show the most popular content entries with buttons to sort by 10, 25 or 50 entries
Find – a simple page with the search input, button, etc. to search and find content
Create Page – a page to create and submit content and will return with a page for the content

This is very simple. Content, pages, sorting, database driven, SEO friendly website. Already designed, just create and install. I will need to chat with the programmer during the project duration. The website is already designed in photoshop with PSDS and examples. I have an example of a similar website already completed so post a message and I can send the similar website.

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Partner Needed For Longtail Url (5 Words) Development, Seo

50/50% Partner needed for longtail url (5 words) site development, seo, Adsense $$, other money making methods.
Whitehat/ legal only.
Over 60,500 Google searches per month for this micro-niche phrase.
Site subject will be centered around the word – love.
Seeking long term business relationship.
Bid is for site development. Bidders real payday is 1 year 50%/50% partnership in all moneys made with site. After 1 year of partnership and if site is making good money I am willing to pay 60% to bidder.
Many other urls in account to be optimized if partnership works. This is a test site for me to see your work and you to see my honesty in paying.
Lowest bid on site development / bidder with positive reviews are my considerations of this partnership.
If you are willing to take a chance and work with me I am willing to take a chance on you. I am a fair and honest person and require the same in return.

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SEO And Php Mysql Affiliate Management System

My requirements:
Build an affiliate management system to complement my legacy code architecture.
Seo,linkbuilding (without spamming and black hat techniques)
Need very cheap bids as i am not putting up much money for this project

What i need from you:
1. A cheap and professional bid ( Corporates stay away i am looking only for freelancers who can get this job done)
2. Your name & where your location with timezone
3. SEO/php,mysql experience/portfolio ( I need a list of what you have done as SEO and on which site. Keywords with which you used to do SEO,etc You get the picture)

For php developer, i need to know the sites you have build and cms you have used to build them.

Bid low, Bid fast. Add "Best affiliates" in your bids so that i know you have read this.

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Joomla Guru

I am building anew site in joomla and need a Joomla Guru to help me one a few things.

Looking for someone I can just pay by the hour to help with things as they arise.

For example here a few things I need help setting up.

Advise on how best to make joomla seo friendly

More to come.

Provider should be available via online chat often.

I will just message you when I have more work

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We have a project built in PHP/MYSQL that requires reports in html for good web integration as well as pdf for "pretty and formatted" printing. Our team has elected to go with the Jasper Reports/ireport solution.

We have the need for about 10 reports to be built.

Our developers are learning Jasper/Ireports from scratch, so we thought wed hire an expert to accelerate our development.

We need the following three items:
1. Need to bridge between the Java code and the PHP/MYSQL code.
2. Complete any Java code needed to complete the reports.
3. Need up to 10 reports created from hand mockups, including pulling the data from our database of tables.

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Website Using PHP, MySQL

I would like to have a simple website built from scratch.
The main features include
-Admin Logins
-User Logins
Admins (multiple)
Can create questionnaires and experiments which the users can take
Questionnaires consists of a bunch of questions which are grouped together
Experiments include different audio and visual images displayed and collecting feedback from them

It is similar to the website – I would be interested in experiments and questionnaires section. You can create student login on the web site and get a feel of the site.

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SEO – Backlinks & Optimization

Hey freelancers,

Here is my requirement. I got five sites which need to be seach engine optimized including backlinks,content-writing, blog posting etc. Send me your quotes and what you can do for me. I will need to see a CV/Quote and you should be ready to take a test which i will be using to filter some of you. Multiple oppurtunities. Bid cheap and fast Enjoy Bidding

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Retweet Clone

Im looking for an exact copy of but with different background color. Please bid only if you already have one or can make this quickly and good. Must be using MySQL, php, html etc.

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SEO specialist

Hi, we are looking for a SEO specialist to work in our new project about WEB 2.0. The profissional needs to have a lot of experience in it, needs to know perfectly about many of the optmizations tools.

That is for a big project and we are happy in working with a long term relationship.We will give preference to the ones who shows their portfolio and references, to the ones who recomend us some SEO friendlys , CSS TABLES and PHP templates.

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Article Writing

I am looking for content writers who can provide excellent content on the various topics.

– Property market/analysis
– Property Guide
– Property Trends
– All articles relating to Property Market in Singapore.

If you do not have expertise in the above topics, please quote as well, but state in your quote that you do not have the above expertise and list down your area of expertise, as I have other projects as well.

The basic requirements are:

– each at least 400 words
– must be unique, original and pass copyscape
– Excellent English, no grammer errors and please use British English
– Must be SEO friendly and contain relevant keywords

Please include the following in your quote:

– sample articles
– Price per article
– How soon you can start?


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url shortener for internal use

I need an unlimited URL shortening service so I need it to work on my Linux Ubuntu servers using Mysql.

1) 301 Redirects

2) Tracking with Google Analytics tracking similar to are requirements.

3) Other than simple reports for tracking, the call to create a URL are going to be automated from incoming RSS Feeds so no fancy interface is required for URL shortening.

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