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On-Site SEO

Need someone to do on-site and off site SEO, must have proven track record. The SEO is for a small website.

Please provide links to previous work and explain how what you use. Looking for a long term SEO expert, As clients always ask for the services.

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Seo For Micro Niche Sites

Hi everybody,

I got a couple of micro niche sites. Each of my sites is in german language and have either low or very low competition.

The goal is to bring each of the sites into the top 3 positions.
At this time I have different sites which are already ranked into the top 200 positions of Google.
I dont have the time to work on them on my own anymore.
Please place a bid for ranking one of these sites.
Ill hire different people to find a good man or women for a longterm partnership.

I dont care if you use white or blackhat techniques as long as my site doesnt get sandboxed. Important for me is that you have enough time. I dont wont anybody who promise something and do nothing but wasting my time. If you work for me you should always keep me updated about what you done and plan to do.

Please do also note that Ill only pay after the site is ranked.

If you have any questions feel free to write a PM

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Keyword Research SEO Worker. Long Term. Multiple Projects

Our aim: We give you a website (+ the categories etc) and you provide us with a full keyword research report within a few hours + select the best keywords for each page.


Asses the websites aim (and how it makes money) to carefully think about the best keywords to select.

Do some searches in google for the competitors and get ideas from them.

Enter the keywords into a range of tools to find suggestions and get the best ideas. Be sure to include all possible instances (singular/plural etc etc.). Be sure to include all main words (depending on niche): buy, new, used etc etc. Be sure to include all variants (different sizes, colours etc.) (this tool can help with this:

Look at competitive data (inanchor, intitle etc etc)

Take ranking checks to ensure we target correct keywords (not target keywords we already rank #1 for).

Provide date using a range of sources â Google exact match data preferred. Tools could include market samurai, and any from this list:

Candidate must be:

Available 5 days per week, long hours.

An experienced SEO engineer.

Please attach sample keyword research reports you have done before.

Please bid for 10 reports.


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Online Advertising

Looking for someone that is being able to push a certain demographic to my website via advertising/seo. We presently do not have any SEO work or any Advertising done on the website but are looking to add another 10K-15K unique visitors who meet the following demographic:

Age: 26-48
Smokers: Yes
Country: United States

Looking to turn this in to a long term relationship.

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Google Local/Places SEO Provider – Long Term Hire


We are an experienced and growing SEO company seeking a white label agreement with a company to outsource Google Maps Local SEO (Google Places) contracts to. This is a long term hire, PAID PER CONTRACT.

We want to offer top 3 (A,B,C) placement on Google Places/Maps/Local.

When responding to our request; please provide:

1. Describe similar projects you are currently and previously optimised for local SEO.
2. Send screenshots of past clients

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Teach Me SEO

I want to learn how to do SEO on my own website. I want to know your techniques, your methods, the processes you have and the tools you use. I will not be any competition on, I just want to learn for my own benefit and not take a class at a school. If you can do this, let me know of your experience doing SEO (where you learned, how long you have been doing seo). I want the insider scoop on the business! I will verify your rankings on your clients websites before choosing a freelancer. Thanks.

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SEO – On-page Optimization – Possible Long Term

I need a provider can do on-page optimization for the newly created website..,

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Web Automation – Need 10 Sites To Be Automated (Long Term)

I need someone to develop a desktop application (I prefer in C#) that will register accounts, verify the email verification link and automatically submit the user websites/url to various social bookmarking sites.

– Ill provide the social bookmarking sites and will pay $50-$75 per site
– This software required to solve captcha through decaptcher and deathbycaptcha
– Automatic clicking the email verification links (through POP3)
– Support proxy rotation
– Support article spinning {word1|word2|word3}
– Multi-threaded
– Clean and Slick GUI
– Windows based (.NET)
– I need 10 social bookmarking sites in the first version (more will come later)

Some of the social bookmarking sites that need to be automated:
– etc

– You must be experienced with scraping and web automation to apply.
– I will send you more details and concepts of how to make this easier if I see a serious bid.
– I will not even consider stock bids or copy and paste bids!
– Mention what programming language + web automation library that youll use in your bid!
– You MUST send me some screenshot of your past bot.

This is a LONG TERM project and Ill pay monthly for the updates and site addition.

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Looking For Multiple Creative Video Editors – Long Term Work


Im looking for people who can create good videos. Your videos should have the WOW factor in their own original and creative way.

This is a long term project for the right people (months if not years to come) and Im looking for those of you who can take a script, discuss it with me and plan out a video filled with ideas and concepts to get the script across visually.

If you think youre suited for this job please PM me with samples and pricing per minute (plus any price breaks that you offer).

Also list all of your services that you offer: just videos? do you do sound? photoshop?

People who can complete the package will have priority over those who do not so please elaborate on your skills and what you can offer me.

In terms of what Im looking for check out these links for a general feel. Its nothing hard and technical but it has to be put together tastefully.

Among others.

Please be professional and concise in your email. I wont reply if I feel that youve given me a lack of information (and not read this thread). So please give me a hearty application so I can really make a judgement, otherwise youre only doing yourself a loss.



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Long Term Partnership With SEO Company

NOTE: Only bids with personal PMs will be considered

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Cut & Paste Between Sites (5 Days A Week-long Term)

I have a data entry job, more cut & paste daily, 5 days a week copying adds from one website to another, on average 30 adverts 5 minutes each if done right so about two or three hours work, i can do quicker but i have local knowledge, so i need some one who will accept this project long term and learn some geography. site ref ->

cut & paste to = only reply if you can comment on job specifically



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I am paying $10 for 2000 Posted Youtube Videos.

Im using a plugin on wordpress called wordtube where you can just paste the link in the plugin and then post videos.

Basically, I want you to post the youtube video from a category I choose and with each video, just add the thumb that is shown on youtube. Super simple job and easy.

I have several video sites, so this would be for a long term job. I usually include bonuses if you do a fast and good job without any mistakes.

Let me know if your interested and if you have questions, PM me.

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SEO Linkbuilding

6 Month mix link building Plan for 350$ PER month to increase traffic, Hit, visitors, increase PR , increase position and maintain position in search engine for long term basis

1st month
Package -2 and 500 Social bookmarking submissions

2nd month
500 dir submission and package -3

3rd month
1000 Social bookmarking submission and 500 dir submission

4th month
Package -2 and 500 Social bookmarking submission

5th month
1000 Social book marking and 500 dir submission

6 month
Package -2 and 500 Social bookmarking submissions

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SEO Specialist

I need my business directory on first page of for the search terms "business directory" and "uk business directory" i am also wanting to increase my google rank from 0 to 4-5. how long will it take to achieve this and how much. the business directory is nearly finished and will be live soon.

You must provide me with full details about what you will do for me

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SEO Consultant Needed

I operate 3 websites. I have one website that is in fairly good shape
optimization-wise and this is the site that I want a comprehensive
SEO website marketing strategy for
with hopes of raising its current PR 2 to 3 or 4 and having it
increase on google search with respect to some current and some new keywords.
I want a lot more than just link building. I want an SEO consultant who
will work with me in developing an ongoing SEO strategy and implement
that strategy. I have reasonable knowledge of SEO but I need someone who has
extensive knowledge. This could very well turn out to be a long term relationship
for the right company or individual and the work may be extended to my other
two websites as well. Experience in online gaming SEO and marketing would be a positive.
I will provide links etc as part of this hiring process to providers that interest me.

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Serios People For A Long Term SEO Tasks

I am looking for a couple of persons to join a well established SEO company.This is for on-going long term partnership.

Must be hard working, honest , serious and reliable, work fast and efficiently and in an organised way.

I will need weekly reports and a quick response to email or skype .

You must possess good English. You must be familiar with SEO and link building techniques. Does not have to be very experienced as I will provide training.

The following is a list of activities you will be asked to do on a regular basis:

– article & directory submission – posible submissions on daily basis

– forum posting – according to instructions (please mention your level of experience)

– blog commenting and posting (please indicate whether you understand do-follow/no-follow)

– social bookmarking (please indicate your level of experience)

– rss

– ability of working with multiple websites on weekly basis

– must be organised and efficient and a fast worker

– reliable internet connection

– available via skype and email

– able to send sometimes even daily reports

– confidentiality is a MUST

Please highlight in your PM your strong points.

I will posibly choose multiple persons on this project.Please be aware that I want only SERIOUS people willing to work in SEO field for long period.

The payment for your actions will be recorded and done ONLY after the end of 3rd month of work (this is just for excluding not serious persons).

Looking forward to meet,hire and work with some special people.

Thank you.

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Long Term Advanced SEO Specialist Needed

SEO manager of new selling service. Expert only I want to be on top of natural results. Bid is per month.

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Postfix – Multiple IP – Multiple Domain

Web developpement company is looking for a Linux system administrator, Postfix expert, to configure a dedicated Debian / Ubuntu server.

1. Install Postfix with the following requirements :
2. Multiple IP (7 different IP)
3. 10 domain name per IP (total : 70 domain name)
4. One sender per domain name

This plateform will handle several millions of mails per month (only outgoing mails).

Looking for long-term relationship.

Thanks in advance.

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