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An easy hack for a mmorpg

Well i need a hack which enables me to buy anything from merchant for free. I don’t care what software you will use if it will be well explained.

The game is called dark age of camelot, it’s a mmorpg but no worry the hack i’m requesting is not for official servers but only for one freeshard called lifelight. So it would be really to do what i’m asking.

Download the game and the launcher to access to freeshards there : steps 1 and 2.
Once you installed the game and daoc portal, launch daoc portal, choose server lifelight and you are in.Then, do the hack that i’m requesting.

I will pay 30$ not more, because it is really easy to make.It should take only one hour for someone knowledgeable once you installed the game.

Feel free to pm me for any further informations.

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