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Prestashop 1.4 Bugs

I recently upgraded my site to Prestashop 1.4, and I have a few bugs that need to be worked out. The site is essentially broken at the moment, so Id like to get these issues taken care of immediately.

Website URL:

Missing categories
Footer is vertical, needs to be horizontal, footer content edits
Smarty3 not working
Java errors:
jQuery Easing v1.3, jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.css, js/order-address.js, Warning: Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element last, Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element visible, Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element First, Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element hidden, Error in parsing value for filter, Error in parsing value for eq, Declaration dropped, Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element first. Malformed simple selector as negation pseudo-class argument first, Expected color but found #ff. Error in parsing value for color. Declaration dropped.

Product page issues: (all)
Thick box images reloading in a new window, should be on same page.

Header Issues:
When currency and Language blocks are disabled, the permalinks move underneath the logo, positioning does not fix.

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Simple Php/mysql Ip Address Manager


We need simple php script (ip manager or inventory) which will work with two tables database . Please look into attached image. That is what we need to get finally. Some expanation what scrtipt must do.
It must search, select, insert, modify, delete data and also log all action.
Some explanation on image:

1) Owner, Status column have a dropdown menu where is: Owner is list of all clients in database and Status is just menu with 2 state ("In use" and "Free").
2) Date is last record in history log. It is clickable field and when we click on it we go to new page where we could list of history records for this particular ip address. To what server this ip address have been allocated, to where or from there it was moved, and where it is now. All records timestamped.
3) When we click on "Assign" button we mention that we want add new ip address to particular server. Therefore new page open and there we select any of ip address with "Free" status (i.e. unused ip address). When we click "Save" Server record modified and server record cloned with newly added ip address. Also we forward back to main page.
4) When we click on "UnAssign" we just clean up current server record and change its status from "In use" to "Free"
5) When we click on "ReAssign" button new page open with drop down menu where we could select server to where we want move current ip address. When we select required server and click on "Save" current records cleaned up and then filled with new server data. After this we forwarded to main page.
6) When we click "Delete" selected ip address just deleted from database forever.
7) We need sort data by column "IP address", "Note", "Owner", "Server id", "Status"
8) We need search ip address using wildcard (it will be enough).
9) Bottom two form field is self explanatory – one add only one ip address into database and other add ip address and populate it by prefix. for example prefix /30 mean that two ip address will be added into database: and when we fill form with ip address and select prefix /30. You can get clean understanding about this using this url

Few word about second table. It is just history log where we script wrote all modification in main table. From inserting new ips till to deletion ip address from database.
Database SQL file included as well as php script with part of implemented function. Sure you could change everything if you knew mysql and php well.

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Reorder Words From Mysql Table

I have a mysql table like this

I need a very simple PHP app that shows me 1st the oldest one with all combinations like this

2500 word1 word2 word3 word4
2500 word2 word1 word3 word4
2500 word2 word1 word4 word3

then i could select one to be twitted (i have the twitt script)
once twited erase the id 2500 and show the 2501

finally, before being twitted should be able to be edited
apologize for the tongue twister

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Simple PHP/MYSQL Inventory System

I need a simple inventory system that is easy to use and manipulate.

An admin page that allows me to delete an entry from the database (optional)

Tables can be added manually by importing into the MySQL

Not needed to code a system to add items to the database

I need the database to have following columns : id,code,name,weight,dimension,pieces,price,picture,visible(very important if I have sold an item this will be updated through importing the database).

Advanced Search feature to look for some product. (range in weight, dimension , price)

Show 10 new latest product in home page.

View by product category

It need not look good. No need to design the inventory page. Let it be simple tables is fine for me.

A list view is preferred.

Code needs to be easy with HTML and CSS for further development myself.

Not much over linked so later I can put all the files in a " " so I can use pre built member code to protect it later myself.

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SNDS Stats Collection

A perl script is required to download daily MSN SDNS CSV files via the provided https link, save to a MySQL table, to include a small amount of manipulation with the data.

Further info to follow.

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Mysql Query Fix (simple Ans Fast)

Hi there,
i am looking for a little sql
which should be able to perform below task as single sql.

1.Select auction/project which allow auto bidding . last bid from bid table with respect to selected ids
3.Then it will select user from user table (last bid should not be placed by selected username) will place bid using last bid amount which some addition .
Please PM me for more information.
Very simple sql but need some time to test and verify that is why i am posting here.
I need sql which work fast.

Thanks for you time.

Happy bidding .

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MySQL Table Reduction

We have a web site that is currently being hosted by A portion of the site involves a forum that runs on php. We recently received a server performance warning from our web host indicating that we need to reduce the excessive amount of MySQL resources from 2,276 tables to under 1,000. These tables are located within roughly 20 databases which may be old or unused and we need someone to clean up the databases and reduce the number of MySQL tables to under 1,000 while keeping the basic functions of the site intact. We have been unsuccessful in contacting the firm that originally designed the site, so we have little or no knowledge of how the site was designed.

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PHP/mySQL To FPDF Report

I need to take the results of an MySQL queries to generate/populate PDF form using the FPDF library. I have 10 mySQL tables to be querried and pre defined PDF Report ( sample is provided in Excel form ) need to be created. Simple extraction of related data and formatting PDF for many rows (in header table). Need to map one-to-many fields and calculate simple totals.
Solution must be entirely PHP-based and saved in directory. I need barcode to be inserted as well.
Samples of previous PDF/FPDF work welcome.

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One Page Use A Table To Display The Output Of A Math Formula

This is an easy project, only one page to display a output of a math fomula.
Please use php language for the project.

Math formula below:
input parameters: m,k, a, b (m, k are inetger, 1 <=k <= m <= 1000), (a,b are real number)
formula F(p,n) = xxxxxx (1<= p <= m) (1<= n <= p)
formula S(p) = yyyyyy (1<=p<=m)
You will need to do the following:
1. Input m, k, a ,b
2. array x[p,n] to store the result of F(p,n)
3. an array S[p] to store the result of S(p)
4. a table to display the result of x[p,n] and S[p] and some results (like ma, mb, S(p)-ma,

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Simple PHP / MySQL Troubleshoot

We have copied a site, changed the connection strings, but there is something wrong in the conversion. As we are not deep in knowledge with PHP, we need a freelancer to compare the sites and find the trouble. It may take less than an hour (50.00 USD max) for an experienced PHP developer. We have all FTP and cPanel logins waiting for you.

9-5 Eastern time via AIM is required, thank you.

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Simple 3-page Website With Minimal Databasing

I am looking to create a very simple website for a small group of friends to use. The site will be used for entering and viewing data entered for the purpose of ranking local restaurants. This post pertains to the initial version of the website, which is expected to be simple. I am hoping that the winning bidder and I can foster a relationship that could turn into mutually beneficial new projects for enhancements to this site as well as many other projects. The details of this project are:
Site will consist of 3 pages:
1. Log-in Page:
-Simple white background
-Single image in the center of the page
-Small, unobtrusive login at the top right corner
2. Ranking Page:
-This page displays results of the data entered into and saved on the site.
-This page will be accessed from the log-in page when the user clicks log-in.
-Display is expected to be a simple table display with Headers are the top.
-Above the table will be a single button to "Add New Restaurant"
3. New Restaurant Page
-This page will be used to enter new restaurant information
-Page will consist of a table with a finite number of rows, but a customizable # of columns
-Page will have a text-box to accept the # of columns ("Number of Participants")
-Finite number of rows will represent the list of categories on which restaurants are graded.
-Page will have a text-box for entering the restaurants name
-Page will have a button used to "Submit Scores" to the web sites database

Besides the 3 initial pages, the site will have a database in the background storing all of the restaurant and scoring information. Simple calculations will be performed on the data to determine ranking information to be displayed on the Ranking Page.

Further details of the exact table information and other database fields and calculations will be provided as the project moves along. In terms of the design of the site, there will be a single image on the websites log-in page, and it will be provided (i do not need the bidder to design this). Additionally, at this point I am looking for a functional website, graphics design will take a back seat to functionality. I expect that the website will accessed just as frequently from mobile devices (specifically iOS devices) as it is from a personal computer. Specifically, the main value in the site will be the ability to access and enter each page of the site from an iPhone. While the site does NOT need to be optimized for mobile devices, the developer needs to keep this aspect in mind.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

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Looking For Small And Simple Script To Manage My Own Team.

I am looking for a small and simple script to monitor my team tasks…it will installed on my PC temporarily and later to a site. it will like a table contains # of tasks and graph that will reflect the behavior…

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Mantislin Private Project

Need a php to scrape a symbol i pass to these 2 urls

PII is the symbole

i need it put into a mysql table.
must not duplicate. i will ruin once a day

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Scrape Financials

Need a php to scrape a symbol i pass to these 2 urls

PII is the symbole

i need it put into a mysql table.
must not duplicate. i will ruin once a day

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Simple PHPmySQL Corrections

Hi everyone,

Id like to invite only developers with "experience" in PHP web security to implement security countermeasures for simple (PHPmySQL) web app that has been designed with security holes. The task is to find these security holes (as most of them are obvious) and implement a nice neat (security pattern like) avoidance codes.
The code segments are to be added to each page as needed but It is important to comment your addition to the existing code properly.
-Your code segments will include paramter/input filters and session management.( prevent typical tampering,injection and xss attacks).
– Assert that your code segment has done the job.
– This will be used in for labs illustration purposes.

– This should not take more than 1 or 2 days from PHP (security) programmers. as the app is fairly simple and a running version of the app exist and will be emailed once agreed.

– We are short on budget to hire a lab programmer at this time of the year. However, $50-$100 should be available for this task.

Happy bidding.

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Simple Php/mysql Affiliate Script

I need a personalized affiliate script developed in php/mysql that will run on a Linux server.

The script will create, search and display statistics about sales and unique hits count.

There are 2 stats pages:

– The main page resuming the stats
– The detailed stats page

The main page contains a table listing the days with the hits and daily sales near the day number.
There are listboxes to change the month, year and to select a specific product.
For each day in the table there is a "details" link that opens the second stats page

The detail page lists all the transactions of a specific day or time frame with date/hour, product name, transaction amount, tracking code.
There are listboxes to change the day, month, year and product.
There is a tracking listbox to select the affiliate tracking code. this is a variable the affiliate put on url to keep track of their sales, this is useful if affiliate send traffic from more sources and want to know where the sales come from.

The script will count the unique hits sent by affiliates and show it on stats.
It even track the refering urls divided by affiliates and add them to database.

There are different digital products with direct download and I will add more products in the future.

The stats will show the referer earnings. An affiliate can be refered by another affiliate. The referer earnings are a simple calculation of the total earning amount of the refered affiliates and the referer commision percent. The referer status is set on database when an affiliate signup. Your script has only to show the total referer commission amount, I care about setting the referer variable on database when affiliate signup.

Affiliates send traffic to a php page with product name in url parameter. This php page redirect to the product page with the Paypal button which is on another domain.
Before redirecting the hits stats will be generated.

Stats script generates the stats based on Paypal integration. You will code the script to get the Paypal transaction info tracked on stats for each sale and instruct me about steps to integrate the script with my Paypal account.
We will use Paypal IPN features.
Integration will include an automated redirection to download page after transaction and the product name will be sent to download page. An email will be sent to my address.

Important are database and script security features.
Php script and Mysql code should be optimized to not overload the server.
Php and mysql code has to be widely commented.

I dont need the signup and login script, I already have them.
I have the database already setup on my server and will give you direct access to it.
I dont need an admin panel.

I am open to any suggestions.
If you have any questions please let me know.

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Simple PHP/MySQL/PayPal System

Simple SMS sending system

– The user signs up to a PayPal subscription
– Every month if the payment is successful 100 new text credits are added to the users accounts
– The user can add their customers numbers to their account
– They can then send SMS messages to all of them. Costing one text credit
– If the payment doesnt work, the account is suspended, it can be reactivated when the payment is successful again
– The system must integrate into a very simple SMS sending API (Details to be supplied)
– We require some PHP contact forms on the main site too
– Welcome e-mails
– User must be able to purchase extra text credits using PayPal
– Every month each customer must get an e-mail receipt (with an ID, total amount etc)

Admin system:
– You must build an admin system, for manually adding free/paid customers
– So we can download the users emails as a CSV
– View total number of customers
– View all PayPal transactions/receipts
– We must get an email when new customers signup, or when billing fails for a customer

We have built the basic HTML sites, you just need to turn them into PHP.
If you preview the mockups below you will have a better understanding of the website
Preview the website:

Member area:

Admin system:
You must create a simple admin system


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Simple Php/mysql Job

I need a small php application developed having 7-8 forms, connected to mysql db. i want the job done in max 2 days.
there is no designing required. just well formatted simple forms with controls properly aligned. please reply with "icandoin2days". Maximum budget is 100$, will not escrow until the job is properly done.
this is just a prototype the winning bidder will win the complete contract too for the extesion of the same project.
more details will be provided to the shortlisted providers only. project will be allocated within today.

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Simple Web Polling System (php + MySQL)

The project is a hierarchical web polling system, in this scenario the polling questions can have multiple and unlimited length of sub-questions (i.e. sub-sub-question) span and hierarchy. The polling questions are scored from 0 – 5 (in 10 steps) with stars polls format. The input data include date, time, ip, geo-location (from ip), browser and OS.

The polling results is presented in five stars format, displaying the total number of votes, it should also support the option of drilling down to the sub-polls (sub-questions) hierarchies by clicking on the poll result. In addition, the poll result can be drilled down by date using a calendar function, the poll scores can be displayed as a continuous graph or bar chart for a specified time period, the display format (either bar chart or continuous graph) should be user-selectable.

Important to have is a script to embed the polling result (specific question, sub-question or sub-sub-question) in an external website, results should be displayed in five stars format with total votes.

Simple Admin Interface to create questions/sub-questions span and hierarchy is also needed.

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I Need A Smart PHP/mysql Coder!

I need a smart PHP/mysql coder to work today on a project. Project is an online survey. HTML and basic set up is done. We need to test and also work on the open flash chart graphs – to ensure they correctly display and logically work for each question.

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Simple PHP/Mysql Project 2

Simple PHP/Mysql project need to be done in 5 days, details will provide in pm.

i am finiding 2 freelancers (Monte1Media) and (phpquick) if you read this project then please bid on this as someone provider wasted our time.

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Simple PHP/Mysql Project

Simple PHP/Mysql project need to be done in 5 days, details will provide in pm.

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Need A Simple Facebook Application

Hi all,

I need a facebook developper to make a clone of this application :

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Simple Php Mysql

5 pages

1: page to list database entries with links to view, edit or delete with a link at bottom or top to add a new entry
2: page to view entry
3: page to edit entry
4: page to confirm deletion of entry
5: page to create a new entry with 8 fields, one of which is a date field that must use a date picker and store the date in yyyy-mm-dd format (year-month-date)

will supply a copy of current database/table structure and layouts for the above pages

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I need two similar websites. First one is vulnerable to any one type of CSS attack and the second one should prevent the CSS attack. Please make a website as simple as possible (4-5 pages). I need website to be developed in PHP.

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