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PHP/MySQL Property Management BookKeeping System

I need an accounting/bookkeeping app written in PHP/MySQL for basic property management accounts.

I have an old MS Access DB that has been used till now with which a template of relationships and functionality can be gained, this really just needs translating into a web app.

Ideally, although not essential, the system will run within the Joomla CMS and use Joomla user authentication and if possible auto-populate certain accounts fields from the Joomla MySQL database.

A framework of the system is already in place so the project really requires a translation of this system from MS Access to PHP/MySQL and if possible some integration with Joomla and the Jomres component.

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New Social Network System On Turkey

First of all Hi for everybody.
We have a new social project idea.All Design is ready but we need a coder for coding our system.I dont want to give more information about that because that gonna be first on the world this is different.I can give details if you in interested in about.Coder can be speaking english or turkish.Turkish gonna be better but english is no problem.I can translate it from english to turkish.We will publish it on turkey.We want to use ajax,jquery and php + mysql.

We need ;

member system
administration panel
some comment areas
some top people areas
like module
invite module
modules are like this.

and we can give more information if you interest it.All page design are ready for PSD or PNG project.İf coder have a new idea or different module useful we can respect and we can add it.

Thanks for your care..

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Simple Web Polling System (php + MySQL)

The project is a hierarchical web polling system, in this scenario the polling questions can have multiple and unlimited length of sub-questions (i.e. sub-sub-question) span and hierarchy. The polling questions are scored from 0 – 5 (in 10 steps) with stars polls format. The input data include date, time, ip, geo-location (from ip), browser and OS.

The polling results is presented in five stars format, displaying the total number of votes, it should also support the option of drilling down to the sub-polls (sub-questions) hierarchies by clicking on the poll result. In addition, the poll result can be drilled down by date using a calendar function, the poll scores can be displayed as a continuous graph or bar chart for a specified time period, the display format (either bar chart or continuous graph) should be user-selectable.

Important to have is a script to embed the polling result (specific question, sub-question or sub-sub-question) in an external website, results should be displayed in five stars format with total votes.

Simple Admin Interface to create questions/sub-questions span and hierarchy is also needed.

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PHP/MYSQL/Javascript Developer

PHP/Javascript Developer Contract/Remote (telecommute)

We are a small company developing real time sales automation and lead generation software and services located in USA.

Position: Full Time/Contract/Week to Week

1. PHP – Mysql/Web/Mail/File APIs
2. Javascript – working with third party libraries like Ext Js
3. CSS/HTML Minimal work
4. Linux Shell – Bash, SSH, VI
5. Source Code Repository management (SVN preferred)

All work will be done remote, hours are flexible but full time, however there will be periodic meetings on US time zone schedules. Please forward your resume and salary requirements. References and Linkedin accounts are also appreciated.

Thank you.

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SEO And Php Mysql Affiliate Management System

My requirements:
Build an affiliate management system to complement my legacy code architecture.
Seo,linkbuilding (without spamming and black hat techniques)
Need very cheap bids as i am not putting up much money for this project

What i need from you:
1. A cheap and professional bid ( Corporates stay away i am looking only for freelancers who can get this job done)
2. Your name & where your location with timezone
3. SEO/php,mysql experience/portfolio ( I need a list of what you have done as SEO and on which site. Keywords with which you used to do SEO,etc You get the picture)

For php developer, i need to know the sites you have build and cms you have used to build them.

Bid low, Bid fast. Add "Best affiliates" in your bids so that i know you have read this.

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PHP, MySQL – Stock Portolio Creation And Management

If you are a stock investor, the project description will be short:
I need to get a PHP application to create and manage stock portfolio. Quotation data are placed in MySQL database table ( The resulting html tables and charts should be simple (samples are in Excel: More detailed description (including a proposition of MySQL databases construction) is placed here:

If you are not the stock investor and you dont know what is the stock portfolio, Ive prepared some portfolio creation example in Excel ( and its detailed description (

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Member Viewer / Editor PHP MySql Based Interface Needed.

This project is for 2 things.

1. Assitance needed with some cleanup of about 10-12 mysql scripts for stats system.
I have ones need to make them better.

2. A member profile viewer and editor. At present all tables are present and a home made editor is in place. I use several php pages and old school queires to display and view the informatio but im not that knowledegable in mysql and so i have everything displayed in tables. I would like to simply make a new interface to interact with the date I already have for my members.

Simply put a Members Display and Edit System.

View Info on the Member from the Current MySQL database and custom to our site. I would like it to display all the info and have easy update functions and combine the date from several tables and show it in one. I have a sample of some code I found that does what I am looking for but I do not want this would perfer a custom tailored solution.

I need a Mysql and php expert as soon as possible for this project.

Thank you for your time.

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