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Php Project On WordPress.


Were a french compagny looking for someone than can develop in php for wordpress.

The project is to develop something like a facebook application :
When people want other people to clic on their links, they have to clic themselves several time before they can gain "coins" and have their link clic show to other people for clic.

Thanks by advance.

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Job Adjustment – Php Referrer – Simple Adjustment Needed

I have had a script made by someone on here but its not quite right.

The script looks for certain character strings that I can define in a referring URL. If present the user would be directed to "URL A" – if not they will be sent to "URL B"

The issue I have with the script is that is the referring URL is anything other than google or bing the script doesnt send the user anywhere – it should send the user to "URL B" for anything other that what is specifed for "URL A" – it should also send anyone with a blank referrer to "URL B" as well but it doesnt.

I hope that makes sense to someone but if you need to know anything else,


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Simple Php Project

I need a script that will make links and those links to expire after its clicked once
I already have a script that does this all I need you to do is to edit it where it will make 10 of thousands with just one click instead of one like its making now

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Copy A Website

I am looking for someone to copy

And implement it with just paypal.
This is a simple and quick project

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BIG PHP Project -splited To Phases

I need a powerful php (team) this is for a big project of total budget as 2500 usd
please bid ONLY if you have 100 stars + with good reviews also i want to see real php team bidders

(in your bid include : number of developers you got)

details will be provided soon.

(wordpress experience is must)

waiting for your bids
happy bidding.

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Decode Php Project

I have an unfinished php project created by a team of programmers, unfortunately they couldnt keep the deadline and abandoned the project, the php application was encoded in some ways that is difficult for other to modify.
i need a php expert to decode about 155 files into normal php files.

we have the converter formula for you to start with.

please only experienced php programmers need to apply. sample file will be given later on.

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SimpleXML Function Config And Php Project Support.


Im building a demo website to show some off back end functionality, the demo site is html and php.
Its a long time since I built a site and never in php before, so im looking for some assistance.

The first task is to add a php function to render some external xml content to connect the demo to some external cms content.

Id like a simpleXML function where i can easily specify the end point.

Although this task is simple, probably around 30 mins work, id like to chat (IM) through the process so may take a little longer.

Following the initial task there will be several other items to attend to so Im looking for someone to support me through the rest of the build too. Although unceratin what this will contain at present.


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TileMap Designer

This is only for the experienced Graphics Designers who have designed scenes and characters of games. Primary responsibility will be to design game stages or scenes using my provided tilesets and in few cases design tileset by own.

Experienced Required:
* iPhone Game Graphics designing experienced is preferred but not mandatory. Scenes will be for iPhone game so knowledge on iphone screen dimension and quality is must.
* Knowledge in Tilemap and Tilemap editor is essential and concept on layers on tilemap. Scenes will be approximately in 1920×1280 in dimension and each will be 32×32 pixels.

Initial test project will consist 3 small scenes design using my provided tiles with budget of $50-$100 maximum. I believe it will take time maximum 10 hours for experienced one. If you can provide me good graphics there will be lots of works for you in future.

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French Canadian Writer Needed – Test Project


I am in need of 4 very short blog posts (car lease takeover niche) from a native French Canadian writer and 4 more blog posts in English.

(Please note, French Canadian is not the same as French as written in France! The intention is to make this an ongoing project so please let me know your price per French Canadian blog post of just 175-200 words)

The first FOUR blog posts are needed within 2 days and I will select soon, I hope. People not proficient in French Canadian should not apply.

I will supply you with the keywords to use when I select a provider.

Please reply in ENGLISH with why you would make a good French Canadian writer in this niche. Tell me your price per 175-200 word blog post.



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Our seo team is busy and we need help with a landing page, simple project only one keyword.

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Simple Website

Simple project for abraham66 !!

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WordPress & PHP Project

WordPress , PHP, JavaScript project ..Please bid only if you expert in WordPress , PHP, JavaScript .. Good Luck … Needed our long term relation ship …Thanks all..

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I need someone who is an expert at WHMCS.

WHMCS sends a welcome email after the product is setup. I need WHMCS to send 4 emails in total which I have created in whmcs when the product is purchased.

Tight budget. This is a test project. More work on the way.

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Large PHP Project Starting In 2 Months

As menttioned, in 2 months, I will be needing an expert php coder to develop my site. Is in the field of email marketing, will need to code the newsletter maker, have it be able to be sent, managing email lists, subscriber forms, collect statistics (link clicks, email opens)

Every page is already created (HTML/CSS) along with the graphics, to make your life easier.

The newsletter maker will be using highlyexperieced jquery/ajax coding (drag/drop images/videos into emails, for example)

You will need to know the following:
– php/mysql
-social API of twitter and facebook
-plimus API (for signings with credit cards)

Project starts in 2 months, looking to find the quality person or small team now. Must be located in north america or eastern europe/russia and be online to chat daily

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PHP Project

Every browser like Internet Explore(IE), FireFox, google chrome, safari etc., has a toolbar which has search fields, form-fill, links to popular sites like ebay, yahoo etc., unless the user has changed the toolbar settings.
When a user opens our website in any of the browsers initially home page is opened along with login facilities. If the user is not already registered we provide an option to the user to register in our website.
Once the user registers himself in our website a link to our site needs to be added to the browser toolbar in the form of an icon.
The icon needs to be added to all the browsers available in the users computer automatically without asking the user to do any action like updating the toolbar settings or providing the user with an icon which needs to be dragged to the tool bar etc.,
If there is no tool bar in the browser or in any of the browsers available , add a new toolbar with a link to our website in the form of an icon.
If the user changes the toolbar settings or deletes the icon, then once the user logs it the icon needs to be added automatically.
if the user changes the toolbar settings or deletes the icon after he logs into our account we need to show a message saying this features needs to be enabled so that we can provide our sevices and once the user clicks the message the icon needs to be added to the toolbar.
(something like when a pop up is blocked a message is shown that a popup is block and when clicked enabled the popup is shown)
Once the icon is added to the browser we need to store each and every activity of the user in the browser along with the date and time.
Eg., when the icon is added to the browser and the user opens yahoo account at say 10 am PST the information like the url, the content of the page like yahoo home page and the snapshot of the screen date and time needs to be stored in the database.
Next if the user goes to yahoo news at 10.01 am pst then the url, content of the yahoo news at that particular time and day , snapshot of the screen , time and date needs to be stored.
Say if the reads an article from the yahoo news at 10.02 am pst then the content of the article, url , snapshot of the screen , time and date needs to be stored.
If he opens an other website like google at 10.10 am pst all the information needs to be stored in the database as searched for

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WordPress PHP Project For Arun

Private project for Arun.
Do not bid unless your name is Arun.

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Php Coder For Simple Job

This is first part of my job

I need a signup form through sms. when user signup on my site then a 4 digit password send to user mobile phone and then he will able to login. There is also a option of send password again if the user didnt received the password for some reason.
After login user will able to change their password and personal details. Forgot password will also send to the user mobile

I already have sms api

And second thing is what i want is also very simple. There are many sms will already uploaded on the site so when user read it and if they want to send then user will able to send it on any mobile number or group.
admin can block and unblock user

No design needed i aleady have. You have to implement only with my design
So its a simple job for you.
Any question then ask me

by budget is $45-55 for this type of job.
want to start today and if u not completed in timeline then please dont bid.

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Simple Jasper Report Creation

Im looking for someone that will create several reports in jasper.

You will be provided with the , some sample xml as datasource, as well as detailed instruction and a PDF to show you exactly what I need.

Id like to start with one report design which consist of simple xml, and a chart next to it.
If everything is well, Ill expand the project to include the look&feel of the reports and creation of sub reports.

Youll need to provide the jrxml file.

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BID Only If You Are A Joomla/CSS GURU .(Test Project)

Read this carefully and dont place copy/paste bids.
This is a test project for choosing highly skilled freelancer for CSS / Joomla Template design work . (Full time Job)
1 – We will give you a Joomla (Standard template) + a component installed on that .
2 – You should change all of views of that component and Joomla template to destination website , no change in the components code needed . You need to use existing code.
3 – If know have knowledge about PHP as well its a big plus.

Let us know how many hours you need for this job.. You should send your CV + your monthly expectation for us (After this project and if you are willing to work full time with us) .

We are not looking for companies.
We are looking to find skilled freelancers and then invite them for a full time project.
You should send your CV/portfolio and monthly expectation in pm for us as well.

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Simple PHP Scrape Project: Google PPC Advertisers

This project is to create a simple PHP script/program which runs through all the websites which are advertising on by using PPC/Adwords.

The idea is as follows:

The user(me) inputs a list of Key-Phrases which are imported using an excel spreadsheet based on the research I have done.
The script/program then goes out and scrapes all the websites appearing on Google via PPC or AdWords looking for contact details.
The results are then saved to a My SQL database.

UK ONLY searches and extracts:

Results as follows:

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Simple PHP Scrape Project: And Other Websites

This project is to create a simple PHP script which runs through all the pages of,,,, and many other local UK based business directories.

UK ONLY search and extracts:

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Simple Data Mining – 2009

One Project for Yearly data – 2009

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Marketcetera (Finance): WebGUI -> Screening Project In PHP

Required experienced Java, PHP, SQL and FIX developer (experience in FINANCE NOT REQUIRED).

After initial screening developer will be working on Web GUI for Marketcetera. Task is to build web-based execution, reconciliation and report system (aka NextGen).

Work will be done under the guidance of experienced software architect, traders and back-office professionals. Routines for all calculations with examples will be provided. Implementation should strictly follow provided routines and satisfy precision of calculation.

Project will be split into small logical segments. Developer will be paid upon successful completion of each segment.

Once the work is completed, the developer will be required to adapt the software on a regular basis on mutually acceptable terms.

At the first stage will be initial test. Please apply only if you are confident in every aspect of the test which related to similar functionality in NextGen.

TEST: Task Completion Monitor (TCM)

Synopsis: This is a task for PHP programmer. The goal is to write simple TCM (do only what is required).


PHP (Latest stable build)

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Recently we worked on a PHP printing online project . The one of the requirements is EPS to JPEG conversation.My last coder who gave the time on it gave all the files,code and related articles.During the time of implementation it is need some about Visual studio knowledge , we also done it. But, at the last, conversation is not working. i need some1 or team who is having good experience in PHP and Visual studio .I will provide you all the library files,code and related articles where mentioned everything.

Already i paid more , so i will pay $20.You only need to be check because all the files are ready.Only experienced programmer please apply.If you know about it please contact me for further details.

Thank you .

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Simple Interspire Marketer Adjustment

Im looking for someone that is experienced with "Interspire Emailmarketer".

Each e-mail can contain a %%unsubscribelink%% tag which inputs the unsubscribe link. However it always takes the host of where interspire was installed.

I want to use it for different websites so i want to customize it so I can fill in the hostname like this:
%%unsubscribelink:hostname%% -> it would look like this: – The output url would be instead of the host where interspire is installed.

Thats the only thing that has to be done. Please only bid if youre experienced with interspire email marketer.

Thank you for your time!

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Test Project

This is a test project.

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Php Project 2

I need a website to send a customized newsletter to our clients.

I already have one that is live and working right now here: (in french but you can use Google to translate and try)

Each week we send a newsletter to our clients.

I made some sketch, that I post here.

I will go in details with potential developer that will work with me.

Experience and portfolio needed.

If project run well, i will give work on a week basis.

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Simple Test

Simple test

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Simple Test

Simple test

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