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Blog Writer For College Help Site

Would like a writer for my blog which is off of wordpress and is

This job is for 80-100 unique and high quality postings on helpful topics relating to college.

All posting are to be in draft and not published once given access. They will be individually approved to the agreed amount and if not acceptable it will be deleted or ask to be revised and not count in the total number. Topic examples are financial ways to save and budget even scholarships. ways to cheat are also in the site for like papers, math, or what ever but intelligent not simple like write on my hand the notes.

The job is simple:

Write 80-100 approved blog postings about topics to make it easier for the college student to get good grades and free up time and less stress.

If done very well then more projects could result with the winner on the bid.

Private message for more information and also include a sample brief post. as well as ideas you might have that make you stand out.

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Internet Ads

Need help creating ads for my site. Contact me if interested for more details thanks.

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1 Day Of Website Work For Devworkshop

Help get the site Live!

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SEO, SEM, LINK BUILDING Etc Complete Help To Launch New SITE

I have a new site ready to launch, its for people that suffer from Psoriasis, I want someone who can deal with my SEO/SEM, suggest Social marketing and internet marketing tricks, do link building and post on other Psoriasis forums to direct traffic to my site.

Need an expert who can guarantee worldwide results – Traffic. Must be quality traffic.

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Help With Our Site


I have a VERY SIMPLE job I need some help with. I own a site and I get a couple requests every day from people who want to unsubscribe and since everything is handled through paypal, this is really a pain for me. The subscriptions to the site are very cheap, only like $6.97/m, so obviously we cant afford to pay a ton for this service.

What we are thinking is we will pay you $1 everytime you unsubscribe someone. To do this we will give you a special account for you to login to paypal where you can search for their email and unsubscribe them.

The second part of the job is that you must be the live help of the site. You will get maybe 1 request per day. Hardly anyone ever asks questions, but we DO need to have someone there as often as possible. So optimally this job would be good for someone who sits at their computer for a good part of the day. All you have to do is keep that program minimized with the live help in your tray, and you will get paid. Really easy. 99% of the time people just ask if they will be allowed to unsubscribe at any time and all you have to do is say yes.

Again, really simple job. You can easily make a few dollars a day doing this which could turn out to be like $100/month for only a few minutes of your time.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you can do this and how well you can speak English.

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Magento Tutor

Need a experienced Magento person for 40 hours to help me set up a site.

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Adword Campaign

I have a new website that sells medical equipment that STOPS PAIN – Any Type Of Pain! I would like to create a google adwords campaign to attract the most traffic to my site and that will also help in getting a higher google rating.

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Site Down…Rebuild Custom Php.ini ASAP!!!!

Hosting company moved myu site from 32bit server to 64bit, and now site is down. They told me the following:

If you built your own custom PHP (or php.ini), it may be broken now. This is because the old servers used a 32bit architecture and the new servers are 64bit. Unfortunately, this isnt something we can help you troubleshoot, but youll just need to rebuild your custom php (or php.ini) again using the new servers libraries.

Need someone who can knock this out out fast and seamlessly.

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Just Someone To Help With My Site On WAMP

Hi all,

I am a developer working on getting a site setup on WAMP. The Site runs off the smarty template engine. I must be having one of those days cause I have tried many different things to get this site working in WAMP and it is not. Everything else I have on my WAMP works just fine.

I need someone to help me diagnose the problem, probably through TeamViewer or something so you can do some configurations yourself on my computer.

The symptom is that it is throwing the following error: Warning: Template Processing Error: unable to read resource: “Loaded_Templatedefault.tpl” in I:wampwwwptvincludessmartysmarty.class.php on line 1095

Now I am not a professional in smarty and I am not the original developer of this script.

This job should only take a few hours for someone who really knows what theyre doing.

Happy Bidding.

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