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Headshot Sketch Drawings Needed


We would like to have 6 headshots created in a pencil sketch style like the Wall Street Journal.

I have attached some examples of the WSJ headshots as an example of the type of drawings we are after.

Drawings can be done by hand and/or through a digital device, we dont mind as long as the end result is what we are after. Images must be greyscale sketches on a white background. (no colour)

Headshots will only be about 250w x 150h in use, but as print may be at 300dpi, we would like the drawings to have a larger pixel size that this, and we will just scale down to fit.

We will supply the headshots to be sketched to the winning bidder.

Any questions about the job can be asked to our message box.



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3d Desk Designer

We are looking to redo some of our main office desk and like to take the opportunity to design something totally custom. We have a rough sketch of the design. We like to have the sketch transformed into a 3d rendering, with reference to real-life measurements so that we can get it built. The desk will be a surround one, for one person, possibly fitting 2, meaning it will be in the shape of a U, but with the vertical lines slanted. It will consists of roughly 5 layers, with the top layer holding FLAT LCDs to the bottom layer holding a computers and some rack equipment (standard 19"). It must be modular, meaning to be taken part easily, and also contain strategic holes for ventilation, cabling, fans, keyboard / mouse tray. It will have various layers and openings. Final spec will be provided as needed to fix design costs. We are very clear on what we need and need someone who can create an illustration, and resembling a life-size desk using mostly a wood texture, and some metal hinges, glass doors, trays, etc.

If you have any experience doing this or you have reasons to believe you can do it, please submit samples and indicate what design package you use. You must have background in 3d rendering and an eye for detail.

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Flag Illustration From A Sketch

Dear Bidder,

We are requesting an illustration design for a flag. The illustration should be of qualified size (3x5ft / 90x150cm). The illustration should also follow the initial sketch attached. Basically the design is ready in the sketch. We just need a larger version of it. We also have a high resolution imag from the relief to ease your work.

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Invention Sketch Drawing

Looking for a freelance graphic artist or artist do draw my Inventions graphics and write graphic detail info on paper a ready made templates ready for submission to patent companies.

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Sketch From A Picture

A sketch from an image needed.

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Photo To Sketch

i need a simple script that user uploads a photo and the system convert it to pencil drawing sketch. and displays a download link

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Covert C++ Code Into Arduino IDE


The programming I need done is for a Magtek ASIC F2F Decoder in the Arduino IDE language. I am available by email so all testing will be done on my end. For debugging purposes the data collected by the ASIC must be stored to 3 separate strings then displayed on the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE. Comments of what everything is doing inside the sketch is a must since its provided as a breakout for the Arduino Mega

This is going to be supplied as open source so I dont mind if you would like to take credit for the code by leaving your name/whatever you like in the comments of the sketch.

Downloads: <- Code and ASIC PDF <- Arduino IDE

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Image Drawing

I need a conceptual image using real images. Its the front of an old house.
You have to create an sketch with provided images. Ill use this sketch for a Realestate business logotype

– Female /not strong
– Thin gray lines (like pencil effect)
– Conceptual image (I dont need a perfect recreation)

Write me PM if you need more information.

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Need 3 Logos On The Given Topic

I need 3 logos on the below given names:
Cosmic pencil
grip tyres
fine art stitches

Im willing to pay as per your bid in the budget quoted by me if your rough sketch is innovative and attractive. no separate bids for the given names will be considered. send me the rough sketch of the above logos with the Pm so that i will know your creativity and your quality. no other previous samples will be taken for consideration.This is an urgent project.payments via freelancer.

Happy Bidding!!!

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Backyard Sketch

Need a graphic designer/artist to sketch a backyard landscaping and hardscape plan from a preliminary design drawing and from various pictures which depict what will be in the design.

Drawing should be close to scale.

Assignment will include an initial sketch, followed by comments and then an updated sketch;

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Group Portrait Sketch, Cartoon Or Caricature

I need someone who can sketch/draw/cartoon/caricature real people from images.

I have a number of group photos (18 people in total) and want each person from the image to be sketched/drawn into a group portrait. I am open to suggestions as to the exact portrait setting.

It is for a company so the sketches should not be offensive. The company directors should feature prominently in the portrait with other staff around them. The company banner/logo should also feature within the sketch.

I require the final portrait in high resolution.

The project needs to be completed within 3 days. Only bids $60 or lower will be considered.

Please provide samples of previous work. If selected I will create two milestone payments. I will release 30% after a rough sketch is provided and approved. The remaining 70% will be released on completion.

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Illustrations For Card Game

We are going to create a card game. The game needs about 20 illustrations.

In order to find the right artist we need to see a lot of mockups of two illustrations. Rough sketches are enough.
The 5 best artists will be payed $30 each and asked to finish the illustration.

About the card game (reading this will help you do a better mockup sketch):

The people buying the card decks are going to be 18-25 year olds.
They are going to use it in a party environment. Its a drinking game.
They will play the drinking game just before they go out clubbing.
So its very important that the cards have an aura of party, good times and sexy people.

The game is very simple. You sit around a table with the cards in the middle. You draw one card and you have to do what the cards says. It could be "drink two sips" or "all ladies drink" or "everybody drink" etc.

Every rule need to be illustrated with a picture.

For the test-sketches. please make a sketch for one of the following rules (or both):

Rule number 1:
The rule saying that you can give away to sips. The person who draws the card has the right to choose another player. The other player has to drink two sips. Drinking is a form of punishment. Forcing somebody else to drink is a funny way of getting your friend drunker than you. The person who draws this card will be happy, the person getting punished wont be so happy.

Rule number 2:
The rule saying that all girls have to drink one sip. When this card is drawn, all girls around the table has to drink one sip. This is a card the guys like and the girls dislike.

To summarize:
Make a sketch illustrating rule number 1 or number 2 (or do both). The one who creates the best sketch gets to do the entire project (our budget is $40/illustration).

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Simple Website Design Project

I have a rough sketch of a simple website I want created. When I say simple, Id say its about 4 pages. I dont have a design in mind, which is why Im hiring someone. I need something creative, unique, classy, and attractive. I am not hiring you to simply create a mockup of my design in Photoshop. What I have is a sketch of the features, sketched in no particular rhythm or design. Its up to the designer (you) to use his/her artistic and creative abilities to come up with something that can wow me. You wont be given much from me as far as details (only functionality)-the rest is up to you.

The website has to deal with the iPhone (for developers). Just because it has to do with iPhones though, doesnt mean you have to have pictures of iPhones everywhere. It should be simple and elegant. See . I want it to have the simplicity and elegance of this above website.

I will provide bidders with the sketch I have of one of the screens. You will be expected to, as a bidder, create a very early and quick mockup (nothing fancy) of my design. This is so I can see that you have what it takes to complete this kind of project, and Id also like to see what direction you would take this project in and what type of style you have. It will also allow me to get a feel for your artistic ability. If I like what I see, youll get the project.

Good luck!

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Picture To Sketch Conversions

I have 40 pictures that need to be converted into sketches that look similar to design concepts.

While photoshop has a one-button solution to this, I will need certain modifications done to them in order for it to look like an actual concept that was drawn by hand, and approx 30% different from the final picture.

For example, if the picture has a flower bed next to a pool, with the sun towards the right, we will have to alter it to show a flower pot instead with the sun on the left – this gives the impression that the client decided to make a change during construction, and that the sketch was simply an artists impression of what the final product would look like.

I want to give my clients the ability to picture a pencil drawing turn into reality, but i cant simply take a picture and hit the sketch button on PS.

Any clarifications required, please PM before putting up a bid. I am not in a hurry, so please be patient.

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HTML / CSS Helper

Im looking for someone who can take a paper sketch and build a html/css page from it.

This project is taking a sketch of a "Validate Email" page which needs to be converted to html/css.

Im going to run the html/css you create through to verify it looks good once emailed. Typically for emails we want to use the bare minimum css/html to get the job done. Most likely you will not have a 2nd round of changes but depending upon how you code the document you may need to make some small tweaks after its turned in.

This should be a very easy task less than an hour or two for someone who does this regularly.

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Illustrated Design Sketch

I am just looking for an illustrated design sketch that shows the beach and then the ocean floor with marine animals, crabs, fish, shark, star fish, plants, etc. I am looking to color the sketch myself, code it, however I am looking for something alone those along those lines with 3 transitions.

Sunny sky with seagulls
Beach with woman laying underneath umbrella w/ laptop
Ocean (as I mentioned above)

I am looking for a sketch that is up to 1600 px in height, since I will convert it to a scrolling design.
I am looking for room for:

News/ updates section (links will also popup here from the navigation) no bigger than 550 w x 480 h
room at the very top for navigation
room for a shoutbox (I want it to go across horizontal) no more than 530 x 220
Id prefer the shoutbox to be to the right of the woman sitting underneath the umbrella
Id also need another small content box (anywhere basically) no bigger than 250 px width x 175 px height

looking for just a sketch!

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TAOFEWA Sketch Project For Austina

As per our agreement

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Looking For 2D Illustrator And Animator


I am looking for a good 2D illustrator and animator to create a few cartoon-style animations for a childrens story book.

I can provide the concept/context, you will have to sketch something up, and then animate the sketch once approved.

I am looking at about 8 animations typically 3-5 seconds in length, typically depicting a single action (for example a boy walking, a troll waving his arms, a cat leaping etc.

maximum dimensions of an animation would be 320 x 480 pixels

I would need the animations in adobe illustrator format (vector), with each frame on a separate layer.

I am looking for a long term association with the artist/animator, please give me a bid for 1 animation, and then for 8 (in case you do volume discounts).

The animations are aimed at children, so I am looking for bright colors.

Please include samples of your previous work while bidding.


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3-D Rendered View Generated From Specific Point AutoCad File

We are golf course architects. We have a project we are designing in AutoCad (2008). We need to generate a sketch for a given point on the site (and specified on the AutoCad File). The sketch needs to be accurate in elevation and actual view, and should be creative. Ideally it would be photo-realistic. Or, it can be creatively interpretive. Not a big project for someone familiar with AutoCad and and 3-D rendering.

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