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Radio Engineer

We are young Russian firm engaged in quantitative measurements of timber. The measurements based on laser scanning techniques. The powerful lasers and high speed cameras is used there. The modern algorithms of computer vision perform into our measurement systems.
We are looking for radio engineer who can operate with complicated tasks, concerned of microelectronics development.

At least 5 years of microelectronics development experience.
High education (master degree desirable).
Experience in video processing.
FPGA skills, microcontroller skills.
Good knowledge of C++.
Deep knowledge of physics.
Deep knowledge of mathematics, numerical methods, signals processing, well algorithmic grounding.
Skills in modeling environments: Matlab – necessary, LabView desirable.

Also, it necessary that candidate has possibility to long business trips to Syktyvkar or leaving for Russia. Contract payments will determine after candidate interviewed.

Other requirements:
It desirable that candidate should be Pakistani or Indian.

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Cake PHP Programmer

Looking for a cake programmer with excellent english skills to check a few sites of mine and reproduce them
MUST have good written and spoken english
Available SKYPE
Please also list any other skills you have

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Commission Based Sales Reps Wanted For B2B Sales

We are a young green company selling eco friendly products to retailers and commercial end-users. We are looking for enthusiastic, professional, customer-oriented sales reps who have a true passion to paint the world green and feel good about the products they are promoting, just like we do.

What We Offer:

* Great commissions
* Flexible hours (perfect for college students)
* Work for a green company!
* Full sales support

Required Skills:
-Sales and customer service experience preferred
-Excellent verbal communication skills
-Ability to overcome objections

Job is commission-based. We ship all over the continental US so candidates from all over the country are welcome.
The ideal candidate would be outgoing, motivated, fun, energetic, warm, friendly, and someone who enjoys talking to and meeting people.

This is a canvassing position; so reps would need to generate their own leads. Not very hard, since almost all US retailers are a target. Wed love to have people who are excited, have a positive attitude and want to be part of this growing field!

We need highly motivated sales people that can produce numbers!

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WordPress Websites And Design


Im looking for a WordPress Designer and Developer for on-going projects in Australia.

I seek someone with good CMS skills – using WordPress and Joomla and other Opensource CMS systems. Im looking for some who can take a wordpress template and/or copy an existing site and understand the ins-outs of the website. You will need to have 10+ portfolio of real websites that I can look at and test.

This is potential ongoing work – I will keep you busy with work however I need 24 hour access to you and fast turn-around. Youre written skills need to be 10/10.

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Web Design | Joomla Expert | SEO Skills

I need a very serious person able to do quick jobs and fixes on html and design for a few websites that are Built with Joomla CMS.

Additional skills such as PHP, javascript, Seo, and video is excellent.

I will regularly give small or big jobs and some that must be done immediately. I have quite a few projects in the works for both my own businesses and those of clients in the USA.

I would like someone that can explain and give directions as I am learning as I go and want the ability to make basic changes myself. For the more complex add ons, and fixes I will need a skilled partner. I need a partner on hand that is willing to do work on an hourly or per project basis. I had a great expert I lost from Egypt and need a replacement in the next few days. I want to build a new relationship with a skilled all around web specialist that is willing to work with me on several projects now and in the future. If your work is quality, timely with good communication and able to come up with design ideas to assist me in quality looking sites. I am open to all suggestions and good ideas from design to linking structure etc. There is good potential for long term working relationship.

The first fix is on my Joomla site for my personal business, I want to clean up the home page and change where items appear. The website is, a fly fishing guide service. I need the login and facebook login as well as the twitter, facebook icons and links to be placed in a different location.

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Quick Enhancement Of Flier – Design Layout Skills Required

This is a small quick job for someone who wants cash today. Its to redo or enhance the layout of the attached file.

I want the first page only enhanced – not the second page with the mind map.

View the attachment and tell me your price.

Then complete and submit back to me as PDF or JPG

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PHP Programmer To Help Me With Code And Technique

I am looking for a successful experienced PHP programmer,

Who can help us Interactively ( desktop sharing ) with code in the construction of an application.

This has two purposes, educational purposes and personal project purposes.

PHP Skills, mysql, AJAX, Javascript, CSS, and HTML are needed.

Excellent communication skills required, english, spanish, or french.

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Ruby On Rails Developer

We are looking for a candidate (preferably from the Philippines) who will continue developing our website using Ruby on Rails. We need a candidate who can work for us full-time, 40 hours/week on flexible hours.
Desired Skills:
Good English communication skills
1+ years of experience in RoR development
Enthusiasm for working with the CEO and with the team

If interested, please apply, kindly place your bid.

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Website Content Editor

The Fred Hollows Foundation is an Australian non-government organisation which seeks to eradicate avoidable blindness in developing countries and to improve the health of Indigenous Australians.

We have recently created a new website and are in the process if transferring data from our old website into our new website. This project has opened up an oportunity for a short term contract employment to assist in the content migration. The idea candidate must have:

– Content Management System experience.
– Intermediate Adobe Photoshop skills
– Good writing, editing and proof reading skills.

Our office is located in Rosebery NSW, which is within 10KM distance from the Sydney CBD.

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Graphics For Children’s Educational Iphone App

Looking for skills using Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, UI Design, Graphics, Adobe Creative Suite. Able to do website design, logo and template customization a plus. This project is graphics for a simple childrens educational app. More details after I have reviewed samples of your work. Must have excellent feedback, be available by Skype have great communication skills and take pride in your work. Please reply with "wildflowers" in the first line of your bid so I know you have read this entire message. Attention to detail is key.

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Sports Betting Website, Designing Already Done!

I need a sports betting odds comparison website built. All of the design has been previously done. The website will have an the following sections:

> Odds Comparison
> Free Bets
> Sports Calender
> Sports News
> FAQs
> Contact Us

Please do not bid if you do not have the required skills. The site needs to have a admin/cms panel where we can edit the following items:

> Change Banners and links on all different pages
> Change free bet offers, text, images and ratings
> Calender must be editable by adding events and links
> Change feeds that will be supplied

All further details of cms needs will be provided.

Again, DO NOT BID if you do not have the required skills. No money will be paid until the job is satisfactory.

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My Mnemonic Devices

Dear Friends,

Wish you all a happy bidding.

I am a mnemonic-holic. I love to coin, collect and share mnemonics. I am looking for people who can coin and write articles–with insightful mnemonics–in their field of expertise. You can visit; get a clue on what I am talking about.

So, during bidding,
-Tell me your profession(one field you are very good at). And show your experience and expertise in that field.

For instance, if you are a doctor, you must be able to come up with mnemonics that helps doctors to remember clinical and medical terms. If you a web designer, you must be able to come up with a mnemonic that can help webdesigners to improve their designing skills.

I like to pay anywhere between $10-$15 (500-700 words) for quality articles that has insightful mnemonics.

Here is an example.

I am a corporate soft skills trainer. I have written an article on effective listening skills using DJASPER mnemonic (I coined this mnemonic based on my professional experience)

Effective Listening Skills, a vital Non-verbal communication skills, through Easy Mnemonic Devices

Mnemonics, sometimes called acronyms, is one the most admired memorization techniques of humankind. Mnemonic devices helps to retain and recall information faster as it often stores the details and concepts in the long term memory. DJASPER is one such mnemonics examples that can help remember different types of listening.

From management students to working executives, corporate trainers to managers, effective listening skills are vital in every phase of professional life. The listening becomes better when one takes conscious efforts to improve his/her listening skills. Both verbal and non verbal communication skills play equal role when it comes to effective listening skills. The listening especially important for public speakers, corporate trainers and managers.

Different types of listening is summarized using a simple mnemonic device; DJASPER

Detective listening
Defensive listening
Judgmental listening
Active listening
Selective listening
Passive listening
Pseudo listening
Empathetic listening
Evaluative listening
Reflective listening

and, I have written an article (500 words) on DJASPER.

I expect the same from other professionals such as mechanical engineers, architects, content writers, proof readers, typists and every other professions.

I will give further details later.

thank a lot and wish you a best of luck

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ExtJs Software Development

Basically is a 3 months contract role, probably more than 3 months (its a pretty high probability that it will be for 6 months). We are paying between $50-$70 per hour depending on the experience of the candidate. If is a $60 – $70/hour candidate the role will be 3 times a week while if is less than that will be 4 times a week.
We are working in a huge project in a pharmaceutical industry to deliver patent information for generics company to be able to launch new generic drugs. Its a pretty exciting project which involves the re-development of the internal (intranet) and external software of the company.
Everything is based on Php 5 and Extjs- Jquery-Json.

Senior Front-end Web Developer / PHP Zend Framework Programmer

GenericsWeb is a small, dynamic company with a core focus on providing
pharmaceutical patent information to our rapidly growing,
international client base. We are seeking candidates who are willing
and able to carry out their individual work, and become an effective
contributor to our team. This is an excellent contract available for
an experienced Front End Web Developer/ Php Zend Framework Programmer.

Get involved in the front end development and back-end programming
of web applications to create leading edge Front-ends . You will
assist in gathering business and user requirements, translating the
presented requirements and mapping out interactions
To be considered for this position it is imperative that you have the
following skills and experience:

* 5 Years of solid commercial knowledge of DOM2, XHTML, CSS 2 & 3,
JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, JQuery. and ExtJs
* Cross browser development skills
* Experience with PHP frameworks, especially with Zend Framework, and
ORM like Doctrine.
* Experience with MySql. Familiar with stored procedures, functions
and triggers.
* Experience in working with web based custom applications and portals
* Experience with SVN . Continuous Integration would be ideal.

Personal Attributes:

Excellent communication skills – written and verbal
you will enjoy working in a team.
self starter that would require little no supervision

Required skills:
Experience with ExtJs it is required.

This is a role that will help you build and succeed in the website and
application development space as well as a fantastic opportunity to
work on exciting projects.
Applicants must be available to work in our office in the Sydney CBD.

The keys for this role are:

1 – High level of JS: ExtJs , jquery and JSon

2 – Intermediate level of Php, but strong knowledge on Zend Framework

3 – Intermediate level of MySql, but must know stored procedures, triggers, functions, views, joins and transactions, at least how to use them.

4 – Excellent Communication Skills.

Exposure to svn, and continuous Integration as well as bug tracking system will be highly regarded.

We cant afford to train people since we are in the middle of the project and we need someone that could hit the ground straight away and pretty much with out supervision.

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Web Application Developer

Seeking an experienced Python/Django Web Applications Developer to modify, upgrade, and support a custom management information system. The system has been prototyped and now must be implemented, fully developed, and maintained. You will be responsible for all stages of the project including continuing development, coding, testing, deployment, and release management.

Required skills:

* Proficiency in ARCH and Debian Linux coding and administration
* Fluent in Python, JQuery, SQL, HTML, Javascript
* The ability to work with all aspects of the Django framework including database schema design, querying best practices, and Django.Forms
* Keen eye for clean User Interface implementation (Web 2.0 style)
* Strong knowledge of website design best practices
* Strong problem solving and analytical skills
* Solid oral and written US English comprehension and communication skills
* Ability to provide accurate time estimates and meet reasonable deadlines
* US citizenship required

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Long Term Codeigniter Project

We are looking forward to hire a codeigniter developer for one week around 40 hours.

You should:

* have excellent PHP and Codeigniter skills
* exellent Javascript/jquery/Ajax skills
* html slicing of PSD files
* excellent english skills
* talk via skype
* write well documented code
* fix the sloopy code other developers do sometime!-)
* able to use SVN
* make proposals for new or better functions

* additional WordPress and Facebook knowledge would be fine, but not mandatory

We will work together for one week, after that we decide if we could cooperate longer. please PM also your hourly charge.

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Reddot Development / Implementation

Reddot Implementation / Developer
Success in this position will involve a flexible approach to problem solving, technical innovation and strong communication skills.

Integrate, test, and develop web solutions focused primarily on RedDot CMS.
Deliver projects and tasks on time and on budget.
Document all work to required standards.
Work with a RedDot Architect to design and implement solutions.
Improve ease of use and site functionality through technical innovations.

Technical Skills:
Experience with web content management, RedDot Content Management
Technical Skills Desirable:
Experience using the following technologies: XHTML, XML,CSS, AJAX, JavaScript.
Experience using a dynamic programming language such as ASP, JSP, PHP or equivalent to create dynamic sites and web applications.
Understanding of web standards such as W3C, ECMA, Section 508.
Awareness of emerging web technologies and an understanding of how they can be applied to solve business problems.
Experience in development of web applications utilizing an RDMS such as Oracle is an asset.

Required Soft Skills:
Excellent oral and written communication skills. Able to convey understanding of technical subjects to non-technical people.
High performer. Ready to contribute to our organization.
Passionate about the web with an ability to contribute to the shaping of the industry.
Strong problem solving skills. Able to understand a business problem and implement a technical solution.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss this opportunity.

Looking for a consultant who has worked on Reddot, Content Management System (CMS) with JSP, HTML, and XML.
Should have 3 to 4 years of Solid experience in Web Development & "Reddot".
Must have "Reddot, JSP, HTML and XML."
Start Date: Immediate
Skills: Reddot, Content Management System (CMS) with JSP, HTML, XML

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8 Snap Communications

– Advanced CSS 2 and CSS 3
– Deep HTML knowledge
– Liquid design skills (pure CSS)
– Advanded Ajax implementation and Javascript usage
– Basic html/php programming for requests handling
– Multibrowser compatibility knowledge

We need someone who deliver full CSS pages with the specifications above, not just graphics. The graphics should be 2.0.
Joomla, WordPress and Drupal experience a plus. Writing skills valuable. There will sometimes be research. Knowledge of ppc management helpful.

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Ongoing Data Entry Job

Looking for individual for ongoing Data Entry Job
The job entails copying text and images from a webstore and pasting them into relevant fields of another website. The skills required are basic English skills, accuracy, a working internet connection and good typing speed.

Please bid for approx 100 products to be uploaded.

Detailed information will be provided to the selected provider

Newbies are welcome. No Advance Payments at this point. After this job is successfully completed I will allocate you more work and give advance payments

Happy Bidding

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Teach Twitter, Linkedin And Facebook For Business

I need someone to

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Need Virtual Assistant

I need a virtual assistant for long term work

-Must have excellent English reading, speaking and writing skills
-Have to be available through instant messaging
-Must be organised
-Able to work on tight schedule if necessary
-Have good research skills
-Be good with social media and blogs
-Be able to post ads on website such as kijiji and craiglist and ebay
-Be able to make calls
-Have basic web design knowledge (edit template, upload content..)
-Have basic After effects skills a plus ( edit template)
-high level of discretion and confidentiality

**I will pay $40 for 20 hours of work a week.***

I will pay bonuses for good work


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Work Availability Website

I need a website for freelance drivers. The website is designed to create a connection between freelance drivers and companies. The website should be designed to allow companies to search for freelance drivers with skills that they need and who are available to work on specific dates. The big necessity is that companies need to input dates they require drivers with skills they require and a search will retrieve available drivers with skills for required dates.

The freelance drivers need to be able to create profiles of themselves, which will include relevant information for their job roles and location. They can then fill in a yearly availability for which companies can search for. Should the driver

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HTML Programmer

The Asterclick project seeks a HTML5 programmer to work on a bleeding edge project.

The project will be done on a week to week basis, initally you will be contracted for a month. You will be working under the lead developer to add functionality to the project. If you have skills with asterisk it will be a great bonus.

Please post a CV of your skills and experience and expected weekly wage you will be seeking. You will be expected to put in 35 hours a week.

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Construction Estimating Software – Commison Based Sales

We are looking for commission based sales reps who are experienced in selling construction software – Windows Applications.

Software is extremely easy to use and all admin will be handled by us.

One of our products was just introduced at the International Roofing Expo in Las Vegas February 2011 and received exciting interest.

We have 12 products ranging in price from $150.00 to $700.00 for all the construction industry trades.

Must have the following:
-construction experience
-understanding of construction items and material
-construction industry contacts
-appropriate safety qualifications to enter job sites
-sales skills
-marketing skills
-own transport

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PhpLinkDropper Site Need Template + Php Skills


This is Adult Project…

I need someone to do a template for my phpLinkdropper site and mod it to my requirement..

I want the template to look like: it must have all futures,categories,etc… as fucking1

And i need from you to install Template on my server and to check that is everything in working condition…

You will also need to have a php script skills to rewrite some options to make a template working as i need it..

This is not a big project….so if you are skilled it cold be finished very fast..

Note…i need to have preview of template before you install it (like a demo) and no upfront payment would be paid.

You will be paid when job is finished..

Thank You For Your Bids

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Strong Magento SEO Skills Needed

To win I need a FULL proposal with a list of fixes.





1 Keyword Density.
2 Meta-Tags.
3 Internal Link Structure.
4 Search Engine Friendly Content.
5 Link Popularity Campaigns.
6 ON-line Competitor Analysis.
7 Current Site Ranking Report.
8 Validation of Website to Current W3c Standards.
9 Inclusion of Robots Instruction File.
10 Search Engine Sitemaps.
11 Manual Submission to High Page Ranked Directories.
12 Continuous Efforts For Maintenance of SEO Program
13 Search Engine Ranking Reports

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**Multiple Writers Required With Good Writing Skills**

Hi Freelancers,

*********************************Serious Bidders only please****************************************
I am looking for few quality article writers to write articles, web contents on diversified topics.

*I offer $0.25 per 100 word.
* Your article should be totally copyscape pass.
*There should be no grammatical errors.
*You should be able to write at least 5 articles of 500 words per day.

Important Note: I would like to check your writing skills. So, write 50 – 60 words in private message box, describing about yourself.
Also do attach a sample work.
I shall increase the payment in future if I you do a good job always meeting deadlines.
Happy bidding 🙂

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Expert Programmer For Social Networking Platform

An NYC-based marketing and communications firm is looking to hire a part-time programmer or consultant with knowledge of and experience in building and developing online social networking platforms and products. Examples of successful experience is required!

The programmer MUST be able to build a social networking website from scratch, implement communication and exchange features, and have knowledge in CSS, HTML, Javascript, SQL, and PHP. You will develop the website – ensuring strong optimization and functionality, as well as assist in the planning of overall company policy regarding search engine optimization and web development. Experience working in the education sector is highly preferred.

Specific skills and specifications:
– Good understanding of major operating systems
– Successful experience developing and building social media platforms or products
– Desire to stay updated on current and new technologies
– Ability to multi-task
– Strong management and organization skills
– Excellent communication skills
– Attention to detail
– Ability to project and people manage

Part-time position available.

If interested, please send us your samples.

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**Long Term Rapid Writer Wanted IMMEDIATELY

– Excellent command of English writing skills
– Rapid writing and re-writing skills
– Basic SEO and link building skills
– Familiar with Linkvana and UAW (backlinking web-base softwares)
– Independent researcher
– Professional and committed with deadlines
– 8.30am-5:30pm work hours

– Upload 350 prewritten blog posts (only need to insert titles and hyperlink) per day
– Rewrite 4 blogposts of 8 sentence each. Each sentence to be rewritten 12 times and proof read per day

– $250/mth
– Payment will be made bi-weekly via Paypal

– Filipino writers are encouraged to apply
– Kindly apply with your resume attached

This will be a long term job of a minimum of 6 months to 1 year. I am currently building a team to train and expand my business. Bonuses will be awarded to those who perform well.

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Joomla! 1.6 Psd To Template Conversion

Urgent psd to Joomla! 1.6 conversion job – start immediate!

Excellent Joomla! 1.6 and Joomla 1.6 templating skills more specific
Excellent XHMTL and CS 2.1 – CSS3 skills – Cross browser templating (IE7/8/9+, Firefox 3.6+, Safari 4+, Chrome 9+, Opera 10+)
Intermediate Photoshop CS4+ skills – slicing, croppping
Average knowledge Joomlart T3 Framework
All browsers and or OS needed to test the site and make sure it is cross browser compatible
Photoshop CS4+
FTP/SSH skills
JavaScript skills are a pre

General information
I need a web developer who does Joomla! templating on a daily basis and who can start psd to J! 1.6 conversion today. I am a web developer myself and know Joomla! well, but too busy at the moment to take care of this project myself. If you prove yourself to work fast and with great precision more conversion jobs will follow

Test server has been created and base template Ja_Lime has been installed.

Basis template
Ja Lime template + T3 framework (Joomlart) will be used as the basis. The template has slightly been adjusted and local theme has already been created. If you prefer you can start with the template and a new local theme from scratch. Joomlart template Ja_Lime + T3 Framework will be used as basis for this template/theme as it already has almost all functionality:
Easily adjustable layout, slider at top, xhtml and css validated, easy way to add logo and menu type

Gtranslate module will have to be added separately to provide Google Translate functionality.
Also a sidebar with YouTube/Vimeo movie display and social media buttons will be needed, but the template should cover most if not all of these features.
Slider is built into Ja-Lime but will need to be styled to be exactly like psd
It will be one layout, but we will of course use J!s flexibility to show the slider, sidebars and other modules when need be.

Final note
As soon as you have been accepted for this job you will get all template files, modules and plugins needed.
Do not respond if you are just a Joomla! beginner, cannot start right away and finish in a day or a day and a half nor if you cannot handle Joomla! frameworks like the Joomlart T3 framework used for this job!

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Cold Caller With A+ English Speaking Skills Needed

We are web development company looking for an expert cold caller to help generate meeting bookings for our sales representatives.

Looking for someone to do 1-2 days worth of cold calling to Australian (Victorian) based small to medium sized business.

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IPad Games

You will be making a high quality iPad game. Must have extensive graphic design skills, 3D design skills and game programming skills.

This game will incorporate multiple levels.

Details discussed once bid is submitted.

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IPhone GPS Plotting Application

We are looking for a developer with DEMONSTRABLE iPhone/iPad application skills to develop an application which will plot the layout of a building site as the user walks around the perimeter. More details subject to skills offered. Please do not not submit a bid if you have not developed and cannot show us demos.


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