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Matlab Small Work

3 questions
can pay $5 per question

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Accounting/taxation Assistance


We are a product startup in Bangalore, India and are looking for accountants / business studies students or people who have worked in the field of accountancy to provide training in certain areas of procure to pay and ledger maintainance for a small period of time.

He should preferably from India..and more prefereably from bangalore/
Contact us to know more


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First Milestone To Make A Small Amount Online

Hi Bidders,

I am going to take a lot of people for this work. Based upon your messages in my inbox, you will be replied by me if you are selected. Bids without inbox messages will be eliminated. Its an ongoing project for years.

Create a paypal account from This account is for the money you earn online to be credited. From paypal you can withdraw the amount through cheque or by bank account.

There was a site pays you for clicking advertisement. you have to register in the site. Registration is free. once registered, you have to login to view and click the advertisement. 4 ads will be available daily. It was a 10 minute work daily. You have to click the ads one by one. That is, click the first ad, a popup get opened, once it shows money was credited, close the popup, click the next ad and repeat the same until 4 ads are clicked. Each ad is 1 cent value. 100 cents = 1$. So 200 clicks will make you to earn 2$. once 200 clicks was done, you can request the payment through paypal. once you request the payment, the amount will be send to your paypal account.

First time request, payout is $2, and then for every request payout increase by $1 and payout will remain $10 throughout.
For your understanding
payout is $2 for first request
payout is $3 for second request
payout is $10 for ninth request and there after.

you have only 4 ads to click per day. so for the completion of 200 clicks it takes 50 days. Means that if you work 50 days continuously at the rate of 10 minute per day, you will reach the payout of $2. You can reach this amount very earlier by having referrals. Referrals are the people who join under your referral link. Per referral click is half of one cent. Lets see one day calculation of your earning by having 3 referrals. When one referral click 4 ads, you earn 2 cents. so For 3 referrals 6 cents plus your 4 cents for your clicks. so 10 cent per day. so you can reach the payout in 20 days. So, more referrals you have, the earlier you will reach payout. Please ask me for the tips to how to get the referrals.

Remember, you have to click 4 ads daily to earn from your referrals.

If you join under me I will pay you $1 for every 400 clicks. so you can earn $5 instead of $4 for every 400 clicks.
Please mention "I read and understood everything" in your bid to show that you will work daily for 10 minutes. Otherwise your bid will not be accepted. If you are ready to join under me and have any doubts, please bid. Remember you will be selected only if you work.

For more information please refer to the following link.

Happy Bidding.

– Shabu.

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WordPress Developer

Looking for a good wordpress developer to make some modifications in an already made templates .

Small tasks between $50 -$75


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=>I Am Looking For A Blog Developer For Several Small Tasks

I am looking for a Blog developer (Super Easy Job )

(for this particular project I am looking for a provider in USA, CANADA ONLY)I need perfect North American English grammar)

Your expertise:
a) Blog designing,
b) copywriting (perfect grammar, sales, marketing and branding skills)
c) Photoshop
d) Video


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