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Job Description

Looking for expert candidate to do link building for my websites and you must be able to do blog, facebook and twitter work.

you must have a proven record in build links to websites and you must have proven history in social media, able to invite targeted people and have the knowledge of ways to get my websites popular producing traffic result within a short period of time.

You must know how to Increase Facebook fans, write articles and submissions regarding our products.

You must know how to install templates on facebook and twitter.

All the fans or followers, fans and traffic must be genuine. We are not just looking for someone to add people or followers that do not exist.

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Social Media Developer/programmer

Urgently urgently required a social media website developer with following capabilities

face book
sweep stake
facebook ads
SMS Push
Email Push
Mobile Banner

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Facebook / Linkedin Social Media Project

Heres whats needed:

You will promote 4 groups (2 on Facebook, the other 2 on LinkedIn), with the ultimate end to reach at least 40,000 members in each of them.

The project compensation milestones are as follows:

Membership for EACH of the 4 groups / Payment Milestone
10,000 = 25% paid
30,000 = another 50% paid
40,000 = the remaining 25%

Project must be completed within 90 days (3 months)

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SEO For Multiple Small Websites

I need on page and off page seo.

On Page SEO:

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Social Media E-Book

I need a 10 to 20 page e-book written about "What Social Media Can Do For You"

Now it has to cover What is Social Media, What Social Media can do for you and your business.

A brief look at the big 4, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

For more info please just ask.

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Social Mapping

Social Networking site based around Maps.

This project is going to be built on top of Googlemap API and Qype/Gowalla API – or something similar.
It will need the enable friendships and the capability to review.
I also want the site to sync with Twitter, Facebook etc.

Highly motivated, creative and experienced WEB DEVELOPER needed to help move this project forward.

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Facebook Network Needed — URGENT!—

I need someone who can create a Facebook network for my high school, a popular high school in Sri Lanka.
The high school has an official website, email, a wikipedia page, a FB fan page with 1800+ fans and lot of FB groups. Considering those facts I believe FB should agree to launch a network for my high school. No milestone payments, Pay as you complete the job! This job is urgent! Post your bids soon.

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Network Of Related Videos

I am interested in creating an app/site that uses a tag to earmark a video that will allow it to be played through a player on my main website. For instance, I would a user to be browsing a website and be able to tag a video or website with our mark, or code or whatever which will link it back to both the player on my website and to a separate page that is basically a link manager for the videos and websites.

I am seeing something like stumbleupon or digg but on a MUCH smaller scale.

Let me know what you are thinking in terms of functionality and how this would even work.

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Social Bookmarking Accounts Required

Hello all, i would like 4 onlywire accounts fully loaded with bookmarking accounts and then added to

Detailed requirements:

1. Create 4 yahoo email accounts
2. Create 4 new accounts for each of the bookmarking sites below
3. Add the bookmarking accounts to the 4 onlywire accounts which i will provide
4. Create 4 accounts and add the 39 bookmarking sites to each ping account

I will provide you with an excel spreadsheet that has all the required usernames and passwords, if a username is already taken please make one up as similar to the one provided

The provider may have to switch ips when creating these accounts (so a dynamic ip address or other method may be required) – Thats it, thanks for looking
google bookmarks
yahoo bookmarks

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PHP Widget FaceBook App Post Url Social Network Track Embed

Hi there I need some bugs to be fixed on a FaceBook App and also on some Widgets to post URLs into other Social Networks.

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120 Social Media Links For 2 Websites

We have a list of around 65 social media sites, and need links created on each one pointing back to 2 clients sites.

The project includes creating logins and passwords for each site and posting a link to our clients site on the service (be it, Stumbleupon, digg, etc.)

I will tell the chosen provider the sites needed, but all are for user-generated content.

Thank you.

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Facebook Blogger And Social Networker Required

Hello Bloggers and Lovers of Live Adult Cams

Facebook blogger /social networker/ marketing person to help drive traffic to new adult cam site. Must have previous experience driving traffic to new adult sites and have data base or network of over 10,000 friends/members.

You must be local to the United States( you must have isp local to United States ) and happy to create facebook account , twitter account, my space and other social networking sites, so that I can edit and upload photos and videos ( no nude content , just lingerie photos ) and text to promote brilliant creative concepts.

I want to develop non-affiliate ways to promote traffic, so the costs are not passed onto the consumer.

Prefer someone who is outside the square and looks at the world differently.

You must have a love of live adult cams and pretty Euro babes and believe in the ideal of high quality streaming at low cost with respect to the cam models and punters alike. It is just ridiculous that a client should pay $3.80 USD or $3.99 USD per minute for live adult cam services with cam2cam. If you share a vision and a love of high quality adult cams at low price, then this project is for you. The idea is that you connect my ideal with your friends/members who share a similar interest, and through this social networking , we can drive traffic to a very innovative and fair adult cam site.

We are the only site that offers live adult cams for free( every Weds we have free shows for one hour) , recorded shows for free, and a crystal clear audio mode for $0.96 USD per minute. We believe that the client should only pay for live entertainment.

Our voyeur mode allows for sound of the model only and you can read the text between the client and the models. We have role play preferences and our messages and online email notification is free- there is no threshold credit required. We have the video choices of private chat, group chat , voyeur mode and private chat only ( with no voyeur mode- 100 % exclusive ) . The model chooses the prices so it is effectively free market and we give the model 60 % of the sale price on all forms of the video format , not just private chat.

We have some great innovative ideas and you love live cams and hot babes and want to pass this onto your friends, then please consider this post. Your data base/frienship network must include at least 50 % of males 18-50 age group of Western origin ( developing world traffic is of no use to my site , I am only interested in targeting traffic from Western countries such as the USA )

Please do not reply to this ad if you from a developing or third world country . You have be a resident of USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany , Austria, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand or other Western economy with Western isp. I am only interested in estern clients and Western traffic.

I look forward to working with you


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Flash/Flex Multi User Texas Holdem Game

We are looking to outsource the development of a
Multi-User Texas Hold Em Game to Deploy onto multiple social networks.

Time and Cost are a factor to our consideration

Detailed Requirements would be provided to the winning bid.
But really if you understand what the application does the requirements are pretty easy.

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I need Articles, Blogs, Social Net and more

**** LOOK: Please type FLASH on your PMB to let me know you are not blind bidding.

I am looking to increase my online visibility and sales for my poker supply website. I understand there are white hat technologies that I can take advantage of to achieve this.

I need you to take over for me and provide the following:

– articles in English
– blogs
– forums
– blog commenting
– yahoo answers
– authority backlinks
– social networking (facebook, myspace, and others)


I only have GOOGLE ANALYTICS tracking Google Webmaster Tools setup.

Please PMB with your strategy and how much. DO NOT PASTE ME SOME SALES PITCH OR SOME CRAZY MONTHLY PACKAGE. I need your custom attention on this.


Thank you!

Good luck bidding.

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