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Job Description

Looking for expert candidate to do link building for my websites and you must be able to do blog, facebook and twitter work.

you must have a proven record in build links to websites and you must have proven history in social media, able to invite targeted people and have the knowledge of ways to get my websites popular producing traffic result within a short period of time.

You must know how to Increase Facebook fans, write articles and submissions regarding our products.

You must know how to install templates on facebook and twitter.

All the fans or followers, fans and traffic must be genuine. We are not just looking for someone to add people or followers that do not exist.

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Social Site Link Harvesting + Entry Into Online Directories


I need to make contact with a reliable person who is a very accomplished researcher and able to harvest (scrap) relevant online data and add it to a series of online directories which I am creating.

This deals with social websites of all kinds.

You will use search engines to locate relevant social websites. Your initial searches will be performed using specific keywords provided by me. Additional keywords will be provided to you through the sites you locate. Those keywords will be located in Meta Keywords and possibly Meta Description.

Thus, you must be familiar with the basics of HTML because you need to be able to locate the Meta Description and Meta Keywords in the source code of a site, copy those sections into the directory you are working with, and use those keywords to further your searches, gathering additional sites.

You will mostly be harvesting and entering Title, URL, Description, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords. You will NOT be working with screenshots, photos, or any other thing than the fields mentioned.

The directory software you will be working with is primarily PHP Link Directory but also customized versions of Joomla.

We will do this in a series of very small projects. Each project will deal with the harvesting and entry of 100 (one hundred) links into a specific directory.

I expect you to be able to devote a lot of time to this, many hours each day every time we have a project going.

In your bid, please reference the contents of this project description directly and confirm that you have good experience with this kind of work. Please note that I will not react to general, non-specific bids. Please also reference the languages you speak or are able to understand, and how many hours pr. day you would be able to devote to a project.

THE AMOUNT OF YOUR BID should be the price for the harvesting (scrapping) and entry of 100 links (one-hundred links).

I look forward to hearing from qualified bidders, ideally with a good and relevant reference.

Linus Gauti

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Link Building SEO

Link Building needed for social network site. Targetted backlinks and quality traffic. Expert SEO company only.

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*****Long Term Link Building Contract******

We are an SEO firm looking to outsource our link building division. We have been doing this in house and it is beyond time we look to outsource. We are looking for a team who can handle up to 3,000 clients anywhere from 10 to 100 links per month. If you are unable achieve at least 100,000 one way quality links per month, please do not reply.

Please provide quote for an on going 100 links per month, 1,000 links per month, 10,000 links per month, 50,000 links per month, and 100,000 links per month.

Keep in mind that each of our clients may only be paying for 10 to 100 links per month so each month each individual client will receive an individual report.

The reports will include:

1. The URL of the directory home page
2. The category URL of where our site has been submitted to.
3. The directory/sites Page Rank
4. Anchor text
5. Description of the link submitted
6. Date of submission

The terms of the links are as follows:

– Manually submit the Directory Submission to a mixture of Google PageRank search engine friendly directories
– Links must free and permanent
– Sites must be in English
– The category must be relevant to the Anchor text (Anchor text to be advised)
– The directory home page and the category were the link has been submitted, MUST be cached by Google
– NO JavaScript links
– NO links with the

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