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Writers Needed Immediately!

I need writers. Niche is computer software related. For instance, consider Free Antivirus Softwares as a sample topic. You will need to write about 4-5 Antinvirus Softwares in about 500 words. Just a small summary about each. Pay will be 1.5-2$/article according to the quality of the content. Daily payment via paypal and you will get to handle 10 topics each day (if you can take bulk orders). Thanks

Happy bidding.

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Video Streaming

A webcam is installed with a laptop that runs on LINUX/WINDOWS system. The video is captured and stored in a local file for about 4 to 8 hours. This video should be sent live to a designated Server. The Server runs on MS Server software. At the server level, i should be able to see the video which i want to see rather than all the streams hitting server at a time. so it is on demand streaming. The broadband bandwidth at video capturing side is 2 MBPS and the speed at server receiving side is 8 MBPS.
The sender will be anywhere between 10000 cameras to 60000 cameras( which is the reason why it will not work on free softwares which can allow maximum 10-15 users). At server screen, i wish to have a mosaic of 6 frames where each frame shows a particular capture and i should have the ability to see which camera i want. so it is an apartment surveilance system. I will choose cam1, cam4, cam6, cam8, cam 10,cam5 to see at a time. as far as possible we need to use free softwares like JAVA instead of .NET to avoid license fee. The video is strictly private and should be viewed by people at server and not by any other person.

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Need Similar Software Like Hirens Boot Cd

Need the same exact sofware like hirens boot cd,it can be the same exact one also but with my own copyright and name
the software is going to be used for virus removals so all the tools included in hirens can be included in this.
Any suggestions are welcome the software needs to be user friendly where a average person can pop this cd in and remove viruses
once the cd is started, the softwares in the cd should automatically start and when the scan is completed it should remove the viruses and move on to the next one (ie the next software )also the updates should automatically download before the cd starts,so the softwares will have the latest definitions
The programing can be done under any platform like linux or windows pe

1.The software has fit in a cd not dvd
2.the GUI has to be user friendly

i can provide you with more examples, let me know its a long term projest
also i need the complete rights for the software also the winner will be doing some future projects and also will be maintaining the sotware for future updates

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Admin Pannel For Sale Along With Softwares

We have some admin pannels that we want to sale for cheap rates.
we have two types of admin pannel.
Admin pannel exchange is also possible !
If any one wants pm us !

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Desktop Based Softwares Required.

We want to develop 7 – 8 Desktop Based Software with Source Code and License Generator.

Details of Softwares are :
1- Restaurant Software (Restaurant & bakery management)
2- Trading Software (Traders / Manufacturer Solution)
3- Point of Sale (for Restaurants , Grocery Stores and can use any other medium business)
4- Educational management Software (For Schools and Colleges)
5- Accounting Software (Complete) for Wholesaler and Retailer
6- Bet management Software (For Cricket)
7- Clinic management Software (for All Doctors)

many softwares in near future, Only Serious and Experiences Freelancer required, If someone have readymade solution send us Screenshots and other details.

More details will be provided.


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Private For Some One


i would like to have a application that can copy from the excel shell and paste it to my softwares textbox. i want the bid if you can able to do it and if not asking that what u waqnt i will ignore as i only want application that can fetch the data from excel thats easy i know but to put it on where cursor blinks on the softwares textbox u have to think about this as we have not any text box name

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Pix & Qlink SpeedUP Softwares Available


I have developed Pix and Qlink Speed up tools, and were pirated by 5fc and asiandataservice.
So if anyone is paying or then stop paying that money. As this software is not very expensive
the current rate is only $10 for 50 ids with separate admin panels to all supervisors.

Contact me for further details.

Thank you

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I Need Few Softwares Like College Mgmt, Hospital Mgmt,payro

We are looking for few softwares for outright purchase with source code.





*****ONLY BID****

If you are able to complete and deliver a working software by 31st January, 2011.
Your bid is likely to be selected if you PM a quick prototype with sample menus etc.

If you have a hotel software already that works, I would like a DEMO of any suggested software. It will have to be rebranded


1. Im not interested in an online software. I only want DESKTOP one as such I wont check any online software
2. Software should be PORTABLE i.e be able to load on all window machines without hassle
3. Should have all components in one zip file. ie I dont want to be downloading extra software when installing.
4. Dont care what programming language its in so long as it works.
5. You should able to put my logo on it.

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Hosting-Related Software!

We are currently looking for several freelancers or one big company that located in United States of the America! We are looking for someone that is available from 9 am to 9 pm EST, for individual it will be 9 to 5pm EST instead.

Everyone who bid are required to pass those requirements:
Hard worker
Knowledge with cPanel/Plesk and Hosting Industry softwares
Knowledge of PHP language
Knowledge of MySQL language
Able to design interface really nice
Good with English
Communication through E-mail and MSN required

I have several of softwares need to be developed by mid of April 2011, which time manner strict. Progress are required to be report everyday at end of shift! For big company that can work 24 hours with different staff, overall day report are due everyday morning.

Salary are to be negotiable! Once we are a big company, most of staff will be in house in California(within few years ahead of now). Once those softwares are developed and successful, all freelancer or employee will receive bonus paycheck and full salary of minimum of 60k per year. As right now, salary are not upfront of this project, once you bid this project, we will discuss further.

Most of softwares are hosting industry related, and several others arent.

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Sales Agents Wanted In All Countries For CN Softwares/books

MandarinDay is a China based IT company and On-line Chinese school.

We are looking to sell our products – Chinese learning softwares/books & online Chinese language courses to US, UK, EU & Australian Market through retail, direct sales or tele sales.

We are looking for independant sales professionals who are interested in this business.

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SEO Web Promotion(Akriti Softwares)

I need a seo freelacer who is able to link building, directory submission and all seo related things.
Custom submission softwares are not allowed.
For more information, reply me.

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Bundle Maker + Back End Platform For Partners

We are looking for a developer for a bundler maker easy to implement in software installers with a few simple line of code.

As well we are lookng for developing a aback end similar to affiliate platform (with login for partners) evaluating before existing open source solutions such as, VM affiliate or any other you might know which can be customizable.
the system is a service which provides installer SDK in DLL files format in order for programmer to easily implement in their software code line and bundle other softwares instalaltion in it.

the platform should be able to have publisher and advertiser login section and an administration panel, integrated with payment system.
Basic Requirements of the platform

Installations, uninstallations, (of the bundler) by location, IP, OS, browser, language, # of bundler shown,
Statistics must be anonymous, we do not want to capture personal data (no spyware)

Please specify what technology you propose and please apply only if you already worked with such platforms and piece of softwares

Please apply only if you have in your portfolio similar work to look at.

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Website Look Modification

We have a website and need to change its looks and some improvements..
the website is for free downloading of softwares.

The Improvements needed are:
1. A new interactive design with spaces for ads.
2. More appropriate "more" option shown on the right side of some softwares.
3. A search option.
4. Good Management for websites and news page.
5. An interactive "my home page" page.

if something is not understood visit the website.
Somthing like this website..

if possible send me any
screenshot or sample of your designed page for my website..

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Back Office And Bundler Fin

Im looking for a developer able to create an application/plugin to insert as bundler in a software.

the application should be able to easily be installed in an installer software and bundle a second software

as well Im looking for a back office, statistic system to track these bundle installs both for me and to be able to give access to clients.the back office available both for advertiser and publishers should show more or less same content as a normal affiliate platform, list of publisher softwares or advertiser, statistics etc.

the idea is to create an affiliate platform for softwares to easily enable publisher software to get into their installer advertiser installer.

thank you

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IT Joint Venture Partner Required

Hi partner,
I need an online joint venture partner for developing my softwares and do online marketing.I can offer you 5% for a certain period.Although I will not pay you a single buck for the softwares which you developed and also for SEO but you can earn revenues from my site that is 5%.Ill provide you all the details in PM once you bid on it.Only keen and interested candidate can bid.Indians is not accepted for this project so dont bid.
Please read it carefully what I have mention is it clear to you.

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Convert Delphi 7 Source Code To Adobe Air


We have a program written in delphi that we need updated. WE are looking for a long-term business relationship with the new programmer.

>>>>If you intend to fix the scripts then bail leave now! Your just wasting both of our time.<<<

If you are looking for a long term commitment (8 months+) for making updates to our software and building new softwares / scripts then please place your bid at $30 and send us a PM.

If you have made softwares or bots for any social networking sites please send a demo if possible. This will be the type of work you will be working on.

You must have knowledge of Myspace API somewhat as a few scripts we need made must work on Myspace.

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Need ReadyMade Brandable Hotel,School Management Softwares

I m looking to buy custom build, READY MADE and tested hotel management software, inventory management, and school management software. ( 3 separate software)

All 3 Sofwares Should be bugfree & well documented and run from Desktop by clicking an icon. I would like a DEMO of any suggested software before purchasing.

Should be branded in with my company name, with distribution/resell rights. Source Files needed.

Please submit your software list & pricing.

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Downloaders Needed Urgently, $ 2-$4.5per Download

I need someone to download multiple softwares and install them into his/her machine which I

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Need Smtp Server

Id like to have an SMTP server which is fast, cheap, and reliable.
Before paying, I must test the server, and confirm it working with the softwares. I already have high-quality email sending softwares, and huge email lists.

So, in conclusion, all I need is the SMTP server, it must be have capacity to send around 50,000 emails per hour. I will read and think about alternative ways. Serious bidders only please.

Also, emails sent via the SMTP server, must reach inbox.

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Need SMTP Mailing Server

Id like to have an SMTP server which is fast, cheap, and reliable.
Before paying, I must test the server, and confirm it working with the softwares. I already have high-quality email sending softwares, and huge email lists.

So, in conclusion, all I need is the SMTP server, it must be have capacity to send around 50,000 emails per hour. I will read and think about alternative ways. Serious bidders only please.

Also, emails sent via the SMTP server, must reach inbox.

Happy bidding.


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Install Active Lock To 2 Softwares In


I have made 2 desktop software which I plan to put on sale. I need to install Active Lock on these 2 different softwares.



06/05/2010 at 2:53 EDT:

I forgot to add the ActiveLock link:


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Project For Jsoto

I need the Facebook, Youbtube, and Friendster softwares found on this website

The softwares must have ALL of the functionality of these softwares here, but must not copy them in design and layout and look.

they are more easy in comparison to myspace, we will do myspace at last.. I will pay for other each as discussed previously, $100 per each as 3 softwares means total $300 and later next project for myspace app.


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Install Joomla-SMF RC 2 2.0 Bridge For Me

This is a low budget project for a volunteer organization. It is a good way to help gain good feedbacks to make further, higher-profile freelance jobs. I am looking at a $30-50 budget here.

URL of Forums:

There are currently 2 ways to create a bridge for SMF RC2 2.0. One is using jfusion. I believe that the dev version has this functionality, though the public one does not(as far as I know). You would need to create an account on the jfusion site to access the dev softwares(jfusion softwares has better integration). Option 2 is using sjsb, which claims to have SMF RC support, whose site can be found here:

I do not like iframes, if at all possible(SEO, and its a pain in the ass for the users).

Thanks for looking.

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Application For Data Export To Charting Softwares

I need an application for NSE,MCX & NCDEX (Indian Stocks & Commodities Markets) which can export the data to Amibroker,Metastock & Advanced Get charting softwares in Realtime & EOD. For Realtime Data, you will be provided the Data Sources for fetching the data in csv format & for EOD data, you have to fetch from NSE,MCX & NCDEX websites.The application should be in VC++ alongwith a server based Dashboard for controlling the Licenses & features of the application.

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