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Spss Analyse And Writing

Im looking for someone who can analyse my Spss dataset and:

* Write my methodogy thesis part
* Write the results
* Write the conclusion

Also i need the Spss syntax with the explained parts what is done.

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SPSS Model Help

Need to build a suitable model with a given excel data using SPSS software and interpret the model.

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Statistics Test On Existing Data – Excel Or SPSS

I need for couple hours math/statistics expert who knows to do ANOVA, statistics tests.
We already have data, and we did some tests.
Need additional tests – his suggestions.

Smallest bid wins.

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Need Stat,Math,FIN,ACCT,SPSS,MATLAB,Academic Writer Tutor

I am in need of Experienced tutors to help with the subjects of accounting, mathematics, finance, Matlab, Psychology,Biology,Chemistry,Physics,SAS,SPSS,Visual BAsic ,Academic writing,and statistics in the university level for USA,UK,CANADA STUDENT Homework Help. I need tutors that can be reliable and also use gchat as a form of contact so that when we have a project they can take it on.I need very strong experienced programmer like A grade assurance work for any work of US/UK/CANADA Students Assignment .
So contact with your experienced details.

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In SPSS: Questionnaire For Entry And Results

I have a questionnaire which is aimed at finding out customer

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SPSS Reports & Excel Expert Syntax & Analysis

I have 2 spss already running my reports and I need the results validated or even recoded.Need a real expert in research who can manipulate data to get the results.

I would need the spss file with changes if any are made.
Need it all done in next 48 hours and I dont think it would take long for any one who knows spss analysis and research.

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BCP Into Excel/SPSS

I have been provided with 17 .bcp files and want to be able to view them in SPSS (or excel if this is not possible). The files are likely to be large (the largest .bcp file is 155,000 kb), so the deliverable may end up being a number of SPSS files (or excel)

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SPSS Analysis

I have 2 spss files (data already entered) for first I need regression and correlation analysis and need the interpretation according to the 5 hypothesis.
For second SPSS file I need Mean Equality test applied and its interpretation done according to the hypothesis

I know how to run the analysis but the problem with the data is its giving a high degree of freedom value and I cant find out what is the problem with the data. Need my model o be proved significant. Correlation would exist between few variables not all … thats not a problem.

Need a real expert in research who can manipulate data to get the results.

I would need the spss file with changes if any are made. result file of spss and results pasted in word and its interpretation done.

Need it all done in next 18 hours and I dont think it would take long for any one who knows spss analysis and research.

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SPSS Analysis And Report

I need someone to run an ANOVA (analysis of variance) in SPSS on a given datafile and write a 2000 word report about it.
You don

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Pre-coding A Questionnaire For SPSS

Need help with pre coding a questionnaire for SPSS. Small job.

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Complete A Dissertation Using SPSS Software.

Need to complete the Finding and Analysis part of a dissertation using the SPSS Software. I have got the survey questions and i need someone to analyze the results with SPSS.Has to be around 5000 words. So looking for someone who knows how to use SPSS software and research. Quick and easy task for someone who knows how to use SPSS very well.

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Statistical Analysis With SPSS

Need an experienced statistician who is very familiar with GLM in SPSS and know how to write scripts in SPSS to run analysis on one dataset and interpretate the results.

The deliverable – this person will provide data and output files created in SPSS, summarize the approach and the findings in a one to two page report.

A sample dataset is attached. Please respond with what you think is the design, which application you would use and why.

Note: the work must be performed on PASW, preferably version 18, not SAS or any other statistical package.

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Statistics – United States

Looking to hire a potential data organizer assistant for regional surveys and government projects… Complete the following to your best ability, you will be asessed on your knowledge and competence in the SPSS program. Best of luck!

ariables and Hypotheses to be Tested:

For this assignment, you will be statistically testing three hypotheses that you create according to the guidelines presented in class. Browse the variables in the GSS2006 data set (see Healey Appendix G) and choose three variables at the nominal or ordinal level for your independent variables, and one variable at the interval-ratio level (preferred) or at the ordinal level with at least 5 categories for your dependent variable. To help keep you on track, a list of suggested dependent and independent variables from this data set can be found by clicking on the link below. Generate three reasonable sounding hypotheses using the interval-ratio (or ordinal with at least 5-categories) level variable that you have chosen as the same dependent variable in all 3 hypotheses with one of the three (nominal or ordinal level) variables as an independent variable for each hypothesis. (Note that the SPSS descriptions of the variable levels of measurement differ slightly from what we have discussed in class

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Easy Job For A Pro

I need a professional to handle the statistical considerations for a research in the B2B loyalty context, first to determine the appropriate statistical tests for the research, then to use SPSS software to perform the statistical analysis of the 15 provided completed questionnaires.

You must provide a detailed written report that interpret and report all of the SPSS tables and graphs resulting from the analysis according to the research hypnosis

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Teach Me SAS, Access, SPSS, And SQL

I need to be taught SQL, SAS, Access, and SPSS … That it, I had it in college but I need someone that can teach me them thoroughly.

I have Skype and Google Video Chat to exchange info. I need to be relatively proficient relatively soon, before the end of the year.

Please provide samples of your SAS, Access, SPSS, and SQL work.

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Apply A Genetic Algorithm Through Spss With The Help Of VBA

I want a programmer that can handle SPSS and VBA. The main project is to write a VB code which can read a .sav file from spss (with unlimited variables), manipulates them and apply the method of segregation of data in order to get a new .sav file, runs a regression analysis through a VB environment, analyze the result and if it is not fulfilled specific requirements loop and run from the beginning the regression analysis.

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SergeyPlus Project in SPSS

SPSS Project

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SPSS project – need Statistics person

This project requires SPSS. Attached you will find a list of all the questions that need to be completed. The answers will be needed along with the final SPSS files. SPSS files will be sent on to the winner.

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Statistics SPSS

Project person wil need SPSS on their computer to complete short exercises on SPSS basic questions; bivariate association and regression. Please contact for files – but if you are highly skilled on SPSS these will not take long. Below are half the files, will send othe half if your bid is accepted.

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Social Reserach

The research project is an investigation of why significant numbers of HE fulltime students withdraw before completion of their studies in an educational institution.
I wish an analysis of the only data that is available on students in the college and includes those who withdraw before completion, but at no time looks at retention. This data is obviously strictly confidential. It looks 13 student

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data mining and IBM Websphere

I am looking for an individual who can design models using data mining software like SPSS or Weka. This person should also be familiar with some ETL stuff.

I am also looking for someone who is good at IBM Websphere and can develop on WID using Java on Windows platform. familiar with SOA and SCA components.

There will be multiple projects but they will be usually small and well scoped and always have deadline to stick to. Thus I am looking for people who are very reliable. Projects will probably begin in a couple months. Need to have reliable Internet connection to the US as you will be working off servers in the US.

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