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50 Pr3+ Links On Monthly Basis

I need 50-60 pr3+ links on monthly basis. I will first assign the job for 1 month and if all goes well then I would send you more projects on monthly basis.
Links should be of standard quality i.e. follow links, from good sites, the url must be pr3 and not the home page of site, few external links etc.

Application with past work record would be considered first.
Let me know your monthly price or per link price.

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Adding External SMTP Server Details To Scripts

Hello All

I had a few scripts made a few years ago for me in order to send out invoices to my clients and I want to use an external SMTP server on this scripts but as they are custom made right now they only use the servers internal SMTP server.

So what I need is the scripts to be customised for me to be able to enter the details so it shoots email out via the external server.

The first script I have is a smaller script and just sends out an invoice then I click a button, the other script I have attaches pdfs to emails as they are sent, sends out reminders, confirmation emails etc.

Scipts are designed in php using mysql.

Hope someone can please help, thank you very much.

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Translate From DB To X12N EDI For 270/271

Provide routines I can use for EDI 270/271 transactions using C#. These transactions will require to be sent over HTTPS as well as store as a file in inbound/outbound directories per configuration setting. This has to be developed in VS2005 with SQl Server 2005 database backend. I will have different places within my existing application where I can initiate 270 transactions. Need information on which minimum parameters need in call to 270 transactions. Apply 271 transaction back to existing database.

Serious and previously EDI experience bidders only please.

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Innovators Community – "Simple In Call Transfer" Application

Im a contract consultant working on behalf of Metaswitch Networks in an effort to expand the suite of user-centric Telco 2.0 mashup applications available at its Innovators Community website. Metaswitch is the provider of market-leading softswitch solutions with an extensive range of APIs for ISVs, customers and partners. The architecture promotes innovation by allowing ISVs and external developers the tools and open-source platform to create applications that leverage and integrate with the core products.

The Innovators Community (register via the Metaswitch website) is an online social business community that provides the help developers need to make full use of the APIs; SDK, sample code, tutorials, etc. Using this foundation, weve identified six applications for immediate development. Once registered at Innovators Community, and confident you can code a prime-time ready version of the targeted app(s), please bid accordingly. The end product will reside at Innovators Community at Metaswitchs discretion.

This project is for an application called “Simple In Call Transfer”. There are five other projects open for bidding, so if this one doesnt fall in your area of expertise, have a look at the others.

Details of Simple In Call Transfer:

– Allows user to transfer current call to another device without memorizing sequence steps or complicated mechanics. Must be simple enough for the technically challenged.

– Scenario = “Transfer my current call from my desk or soft phone to my mobile, no tech support or cheat-sheets required.”

– Simple “3 Button” ease preferred; Forward to Mobile, Home, Office. All popular mobile devices encouraged.

– This application may require some coordination with the internal Metaswitch development team and myself. I will facilitate and prioritize this interplay as needed.

As part of the bid, please indicate the completion timeframe anticipated following project award. Ideally, application should be completed and functional within 15 days (negotiable) post-selection.

Mike Massey, Owner
You Marketing LLC

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