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Rthi 5

As always same details,bid $250

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3D design – Mechanism

We need a 3D design concept for a product;

The product must have two plates of around 75 mm dia. It can be Steel or Aluminum.
One plate should rotate CW or CCW with respect to the other.
The rotation can be 30 deg left of vertical and 90 deg to right of vertical.
The rotation must be with 2 deg increment.
The gear sector can be made out of plastic or steel or aluminum.
If the gears are in steel, it can be integral with one or both steel plates.
The product must withstand min 2100 Nm moment. The steel and plastic material must be selected accordingly.
There must be zero free play. So, fewer internal components are required.
There is a RH side and LH side and both are connected to transfer the rotation.
The rotation must be by a center knob or by a lever or through a motor.
The total size of the product (excluding the handles) must be within 8 mm thick; 75 mm dia.
When you design this product please keep the product mfg cost in mind.

3D design/drawings, exploded view, and a BOM are the deliverables.

04/05/2009 at 16:22 EDT:

Though we gave a concept, we need you to visualize the concept and write a few sentences in the PM on the Engineering solution you are proposing. After our review and if we find it suitable then you can create the 3D models. So, you need to be an Engineer to understand the load, gearing, material etc.

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