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Simple Set Of Geographical Functions

We are developping a simple prototype for a geographical tracking system. We have access to mobiles GPS information and full information of a sample urban system (areas, streets, avenues and points of interests) our interest. Aditionally, we currently have all the communication systems and interfaces necessary.

We now need a solid programmer who can develop programs for all the Geographical computation at our reach. Depending of the impact of the prototype, this would generate new work.

==We want to develop a set of simple set of functions (not the whole application) that would run on a PC and perform the following:==

*Recognize the number of mobiles of a given group contained into a geographical area. It should be able to recognize if the number is below a minimum, or above a maximum
*Detect when the mobile is leaving or entering a certain geographical area. It should minimize false alarms (succesive alerts of in/out the area due to measurement erros)
*Detect if two mobiles are

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Update And Create Very Simple Maps In Illustrator

We have:

A) 2 very simple maps of small villages (only a 2-3 streets and the sea) in Illustrator
B) 3 maps of similar small villages (2-3 streets and the sea) scanned in jpeg
C) quite lowres (but usable in combination with A-B) google earth images of the same areas

D) a simple, general map of a province (with only the biggest main streets, rivers and village names) in Illustrator
E) a scan of another map of the same province (with similar detail) scanned in jpeg

What we need is:

– Use the C-Google_earth images to make the A-maps more accurate
– Use the C-Google_earth images to create the B-maps, with the same style as the A-maps
– Use Google_earth to make a new map of the province, using the streets (really not so many), and use the D-map and E-scan to fill in the villages, big roads and rivers.

Its a simple tracing and combination job, but you need to be detailed and accurate.
This job requires only a very basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator.
No machine or other automatic tracing, no pixeltracing, we want real manual line tracing.

A-B-C are the most important ones, shouldnt take too much time to do.
D-E are bonusses for bidders with a lot of time and patience.

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Need 2d or 3d Website Fast

Need designer to create website with 2d or 3d landscape with 20-25 quaint shops (not houses) and businesses large enough to read advert we will place on each. Buildings will be on 3 or 4 four rows (streets) on different levels on the same page. Streets with street signs, sidewalks, trees, shrubs and florals a must. A billboard or two would be nice, but dimensions need to be within range of the rest of the scenery and billboards will be outside of the little downtown area and above (or behind) it. Would also like to see a city bus on the street with a space on side for advert. Site needs to take advantage of entire screen. Links for adverts and additional links will be added once design is in place. Buildings must have detail and be visually appealing.

I have attached a few example of what type of buildings we are looking for.

We require you to provide us samples and we would be proud to work with you but a sample must be provided. Thanks

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Convert PSD map streets and street names to editable vector Illustrator

I need the streets and street names on this layered PSD map redrawn (not traced) with vector lines and editable text.

*Streets should all be same width.
*Some spots are cramped and need more room for street names.
*Some roads will be extended so text fits on it.
*All names should be on road

Finished product will be submitted to my client for approval in jpg form and may need minor changes. Upon approval text editable file will be provided by you. Show me vector work you have completed to be considered. THANKS!

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