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Social Network Using PHP And MySQL


We would like to have someone who can help develop a social network, in which all registered users have their personal pages. The personal pages need to be similar to personal blogs, and all registered users can leave messages on others pages. All registered users can also check others profiles.

Since I already have a Joomla website and a phpbb forum, you will need to integrate the accounts as well.
Please send me your previous work if you are interested in this project.

Thanks a lot and have a nice day.


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PHP + MySQL CRM System

Hi everyone,
my name is Michele Altieri and I am the CEO of a company that sells digital goods (audio files).

We need a reserved area where our customers can place orders and enquiries, ask for support, download invoices, track orders and read news. Please read below more details.

Language/DB: PHP/MySQL + 100% customizable template (design provided by us)

LANGUAGE: if possible, multi-language (the system would let us easily add language files)

– Profile
– Orders
– Enquiries
– Help Desk
– News

DETAILS User/Side:

1) Profile
Here Users can see/edit their Profiles

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Mobile Site Using Hawhaw Php On Existing Mysql


I have an existing website and i need someone to make me simple mobile site which will display the data etc ringtone, themes, videos, music.

the mobile site should be simple and with no errors and it must be using a php mobile plateform so that for wml browser it will display wml and xhtml browser it will display xhtml.

Its easy job and i dont want to pay big amount.

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New Social Network System On Turkey

First of all Hi for everybody.
We have a new social project idea.All Design is ready but we need a coder for coding our system.I dont want to give more information about that because that gonna be first on the world this is different.I can give details if you in interested in about.Coder can be speaking english or turkish.Turkish gonna be better but english is no problem.I can translate it from english to turkish.We will publish it on turkey.We want to use ajax,jquery and php + mysql.

We need ;

member system
administration panel
some comment areas
some top people areas
like module
invite module
modules are like this.

and we can give more information if you interest it.All page design are ready for PSD or PNG project.İf coder have a new idea or different module useful we can respect and we can add it.

Thanks for your care..

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Outgoing Email System Using CKEditor And MYSQL And PHP

Hi all
This is the first time in posting a project, I am hoping that the description is detailed enough.

Needing a outgoing mail system using CKEditor to format the email.

I was thinking that the code will need to do the following

1. A page using CKEditor to type content with a save button. When save button is clicked, opens a dialog to enter a reference name before saving.
2. Save content to MYSQL Database with a unique ID (a php page).
3. A page with a table of the reference names. When reference is clicked will retrieve content from mysql and display in CKEditor so it can be edited.
4. Code to loop though contacts from a mysql and sends email by using the reference id selected.
(i.e click on the table for what you want to send, gets the reference_ID retrieves the content and puts into an HTML formatted email.
5. Need sample mysql database files to show that it is all working.


Craig Laird

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Online Examination System

We want online Examimation sytstem.
In which i can add exam paper as many as we want, create questions , set ontions and answers,
set exam time, Create student login for exam, and result all req. facility should be given.

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We have a project built in PHP/MYSQL that requires reports in html for good web integration as well as pdf for "pretty and formatted" printing. Our team has elected to go with the Jasper Reports/ireport solution.

We have the need for about 10 reports to be built.

Our developers are learning Jasper/Ireports from scratch, so we thought wed hire an expert to accelerate our development.

We need the following three items:
1. Need to bridge between the Java code and the PHP/MYSQL code.
2. Complete any Java code needed to complete the reports.
3. Need up to 10 reports created from hand mockups, including pulling the data from our database of tables.

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Website Using PHP, MySQL

I would like to have a simple website built from scratch.
The main features include
-Admin Logins
-User Logins
Admins (multiple)
Can create questionnaires and experiments which the users can take
Questionnaires consists of a bunch of questions which are grouped together
Experiments include different audio and visual images displayed and collecting feedback from them

It is similar to the website – I would be interested in experiments and questionnaires section. You can create student login on the web site and get a feel of the site.

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