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I have a website done in .net 4.0 c#/ server and I need someone to do some css/jquery stuff for me. Right now I need four templates with styles and I have table and div that needs styling (or better styling). All in all, I need someone to freshen up my website and organizing it using masterpages. I want to make it easy to create additional pages. I also have some backend work for you..but right now I need UI work done first. Send me your profile and availablity as well as your bid. Happy bidding!

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Small Script Joomla To Remove Styling On Category Page


For one of my Joomla sites I have a news page (category page) which shows a few news items. Some articles start with bold tags and images. On the category page I want to remove all the styling from the articles, so it just shows the title + introtext and read more link.

Link on request.


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WordPress Styling Updates

4 styling updates for wordpress site:

1) style subpages for menu bar
2) add container shading
3) suppress tooltip display for images
4) add imagemapping for approx 15 images. the images are displayed in lightbox.

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Popular Ideas Tab And Category Filter And It’s Styling

Add the homepage tabs to category pages
Popular posts add filter per category shown
add the numbering and style as in the example image I sent

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Joomla Web Site Styling Changes

Looking to do update to my joomla web site change some icons

Also help 4 articles format price-lists so that the customer can go hru and view them rather than have them all over the place.

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WordPress Menu Styling

I need a dynamic menu to match the style of another dynamic menu on my website

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WordPress Styling

8 small style changes & IE fixes for WordPress site. Very small project. Do a good job to prove yourself for future work. Must have attention to detail and test in all browsers.

Specs will be provided before awarding project.

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Magento Theme Styling

Styling a magento theme to look like
It must be same width and category grid page must look same.

-top main menu should not be exploded like the site above and should be left like the standard magento subcategory drop down.
-left navigation menu (filter menu) should be just the same as the site above, just over the products grid page and the same drop down
On category view page is not required function on mouse over "quick look"

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Build A Few Pages For A Site Currently In Development – FAST

*****NOTE***** See buttom for important requirement ****

I am currently building a site (WordPress and a lot of custom CMS) for a new startup. I have spent so much time on the back-end that I need some help with designing / structuring / styling some of the easy pages.

I will give the current site address if requested. As I said, its still in development. The winner will not have FTP or server access of any kind. Rather, I will give you the necessary wording and any images you request from the existing site. You will then need to code the pages in html5 and valid CSS (that is cross-browser compatible with FF, Chrome, and IE 6+). Thats very important!

I will take care of incorporating them into the actual pages of the site once they are complete. jQuery API and UI are acceptable but I would not like to use any other libraries or plugins.

The pages that need developed are as follows:
– Two different and separate good looking / styled contact us pages (not just the default input backgrounds). One is for regular users and another is for interested businesses.
– A sign-up / registration page (again, more form styling involved).
– A jQuery UI modal sign-in box window. Its functional, I just need the necessary CSS / images to make it look sharp.
– The sidebar needs styling (Ill provide the necessary content).
– And finally, the shopping cart division of the site. The shopping cart only needs to feature two products. Im using the free WP e-Commerce plugin (which you can download). They allow you to create custom display pages. Ill provide a link of inspiration for what Id kind of like it to look like. (The checkout page will need to look similar as well.)

I will acquire ownership of all graphics designed for this project upon receipt of payment. I will need layered PSDs or .ais of all artwork used.

After choosing a winner, the designer will need to provide some kind of visual layout presentation of what he/she plans to do for each of these pages so that it can be approved by my client prior to building them.

Unfortunately, as always, we need this project very very soon. (Like yesterday probably.) So please include a completion date in your bid that you will stand by and uphold!

****PLEASE NOTE***** I will not consider your bid unless you attach multiple examples of actual sites that you yourself designed.

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CSS Expert – Very Simple Project

I need the CSS styling improved for two tag clouds on our website.

I will send a link to another tag cloud example that I like. It is developed in flash, but you will have an ideal of what I am looking for. I am only looking for CSS changes to our existing code. I would like 5 designs for each tag cloud. Our budget is $30-45.

1) Tag Cloud on search results: (replace the .ZZZ with .US in the URL)

Im looking to improve the styling for the tag cloud that appears top-center above the listings. I would like a blue background with white font. I dont want just these changes, Im also looking for any suggestions to enhance it further.

2) Tag Cloud on main page (click on the logo to go to the main page):

Il like the styling improved for the tags that appear inside the orange bar. Please suggest other styling options so that this looks the best possible.

I want professional results. Please only bid if you can start this project right away and can complete it within 24 hours.


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Simple CSS Styling Job

I have a dynamic menu that needs to look the same cross browser – ie, firefox, chrome and opera.
I also have a another small CSS issue to deal with to do with Chrome and a shopping cart.

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Simple HTML/CSS Table NEEDED <48hrs

I have created a a table for one of my sites that uses inline styles, however i want this converted to clean html/css. I would like to contract this out to an expert to save my frustration.

The site is powered by wordpress, and has a THESIS theme, essentially this means that the main CSS can be over ridden using an additional CUSTOM.CSS style sheet- I will need the table styling using names/ids that will not conflict with any other styling so that I can simply add the additional CSS and then place/duplicate the table throughout the site

I can provide the PSD for the table background, and also the inline style/HTML that I have however a version can be seen

i would like a speedy turnaround-

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E-Commerce Sweet Shop

We require an ecommerce store that functions in the same way as this site –

The site sells sweets but you must first select your container. The containers will be boxes and jars of various sizes and prices, similar to the above example site.

The process will be:

1. The customer adds their choice of container to their cart.
2. The customer then fills their container with the sweets of their choice up to a set amount dictated by the size of the container.
3. The customer can then order another container and repeat the process.
4. Customers are able to view their container contents from the cart.

Like in ecommerce stores, where you order a product and you have attributes associated with it, this product (container) will be the master product with a fixed size and price able to hold a predefined number of sweets. i.e. for a 1 litre jar it can hold 10x100ml and for a 2.5 litre jar 25x100ml. These will not be attributes but actual stock.

If it sounds confusing just visit the site above.

What we want is just the functionality. Styling the shop is not the priority so you can use the default display of whatever cart you prefer to use.

Service providers must prove their competence in creating ecommerce sites with examples of their work. Also the provider must specify which ecommerce software they will use for the project.

Finally, as mentioned the styling is not the priority as we are able designers and developers, however, you may like to let us know if you are capable of styling the site for us after the project is complete.

Please note though the quotation is for the functionality only and not the styling/theming. This will be a separate project.

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Website Styling And Modifications

Looking for web programmers to modify a web site.

Basically it requires changing the general style of a website and some minor web navigation modifications.

The design has already been done. Programmer is only required to follow the design to modify the site.

Source code will be provided.

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Tidy / Add Styling To Joomla Template

My client has a templte which he would like modified with some additional simple features.

1. Change Header to a different colour
2. Change Footer to a different colour
3. Create a flash rollover 5 images with fade effect.
4. Touch up logo.
5. Add strips on each side of the body.
6. Change menu style very slightly.

This is a simple project and shouldnt take longer than 3hours to complete. More details will be sent.

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Video Footage For Styling Guide

We are looking for videographer and camera owners in US, india, asia, southern america, southern europe, japan. They should be able to shoot easy play oder documentary scenes for us.
Right now we need some takes for a styling guide with several indoor shots from female models with very thick long hair, which has to be styled in braids, ponytails, etc. age between 21 and 35.
Maybe more scences to come next.
Do your offer with the model included (can be an amateur actor also). The permission / agreement of the model that we are allowed to use this footage worldwide has to be brought by signature from the model and the videographer both.
Working time: between 1 and 2 hours.

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Styling A CMS Website

Im working on a CMS website, built upon Zend Frameowrk, I need a coder to help in styling the whole website(coding CSS, Javascript, etc).The website design is ready, all what you have to do is start writing your CSS code.You will be coding style for (5) pages.The CMS has 5 pages for 5 different companies under it.

Please put your questions if theres anything not clear.

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Website Styling Of Existing Site

We are in need of an update in style on our website. It is already built and running in ASP.NET MVC 2 just needs markup redone to use better styling. There about about 15 pages to the site. Any technical work can be done in house to accommodate design. Please send samples of your work.

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OSCmax – Quick Admin Styling Fix

Hi there, we currently use the following plugin on our OSCmax store

However, the way the orders.php screen looks when we select the orders to print looks pretty poor. We would like it to be re-arranged.

This is a very small job and should only take 10 minutes or so.

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Designer With ASP Required For GUI Interface

We require a GUI designed for an analytics web app.

1. Pages to be designed are
Master template page
Dashboard page
Login Page

Master template will include a number of links and functionality and will be standard across all pages. The master template must have a footer, header and a left side bar for navigation.

Dashboard page will contain barcharts, pie charts and tables and the chosen designer must have experience in working with these elements previously.

Login page must be clean and simple.

We require the designs to be turned into html and css also, experience with asp styling, viewing asp and altering the mark up in the tags to fit the styling of the pages.

The chosen designer will be provided with branding guidelines (for colour), reference sites and wireframes for the dashboard and master template. We want your skill on styling these pages and making them as vibrant as possible.

We need this work done asap and ideally within the next 3-5 days
Portfolio required and references from previous work done are preferable.

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Styling And Versioning Of Article Modules

4 different modules to show articles

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Changes To Existing Features And CSS Styling

Changes to existing features and CSS styling for belnac

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Joomla Page Needs Attractive Formatting And Styling

Hello bidders,

we need a page on our Joomla cms website to be attractively styled and formatted.

All copy and links are final. We need a designer who can style the page in an attractive magazine type layout.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

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CSS Styling For Joomla

As discussed

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Clean Up & Polish CSS Site

I need to finish this project quickly.


Here are the things I need done:
* CSS layout/code cleaned up so it is uniform in the major browsers
* The boxes on the "Services" page to be stacked better (ie. 2 columns rather than 1 column)
* The contact form connected
* Light styling – the layout, header, and main style is ok.. but I need a little more finishing touches with the text styling and boxes.

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CSS Styling & Menu Install

Install new menu system and edit styling for Theatre website.

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X-Cart Skin Mods CSS Styling

Hi guys

Looking for some basic skin mods, css styling.

Brand new install of 4.2.3

Do not bid if you havent worked with xcart.

1 – Add rounded corners to side bar menus
2 – Custom buttons – Buy Now, Add to Cart, Comparsion, Checkout etc
3 – Customize Ultimate Minicart – its installed just looking for some css styling


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Need ASAP CSS Styling To A Directory

Frame design will stay as is.
Need to Change css af far as font type, size color add nice web 2.0 buttons
titles should also be designed via css(h2) add background.

basically improve the look to web 2.0

Send me a link of new design you did or what you have in mind as web 2.0 design.

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