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Mashup Of WordPress Plugins


I have a site that is using a combination of the 3 plugins listed in the title.

We need a system sort of like oneshoppingcart but scaled back quite a bit. It is possible to mash up these 3 plugins so that:

If a person was to buy one event or another through PHPurchase, they are automatically subscribed to the EFT autoresponder.

Some purchases of events will subscribe to one list, some will subscribe to another, and some to both. is the domain in question
There are two partners, Landen and Emerson who run this.

BrantleyBlairGroup will have one opt in box (free info to capture names)
When a product or event is ordered, those registrations will have their own AR sequence to follow, so for Landens upcoming event the people will get a certain series leading up to that event. If the order a CD or book, well want to have AR campaigns to upsell them etc.

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Australian Female (Male Eventually) Voice-Over Artist

The task is to record a quality voice over track similar to audio from video which can be found here:
The length is to be around 90 seconds, more or less (I think less, aiming for 90 seconds animation with intro and outro without voice over).

Two things are crucial here:
– voice over artist has to be Australian, preferably female but isnt 100% necessary,
– time, Id really love it to be finished as soon as possible. If you can work during this weekend its great.
Let me know how much time do you need (I dont want to cut on quality). I understand some of you want/need to rest so please bid even if you can start no sooner than on Monday, March 21.

Further details
– script is almost completed and can be sent immediately after selecting one of you, some tweaks might apply later but I think re-recording a sentence or two will be sufficient for any changes,
– Id prefer to have recording sent in several wav files but if you like to record in one shot you really dont need to do this.

Below is about quarter of whole script. Id appreciate if you can record 2-3 chosen sentences (or whole excerpt) from here and upload it as sample:

"The world of managing people has changed. Subscribe HR helps you make your people happy and your business successful. Whist many of the traditional e-Recruitment and e-HR needs remain, there are new challenges that have to be met by People, Managing People. Subscribe HR is the now and the future. We dovetail you into the digital world, with an amazing, on-demand People and Talent Management system."

Thank you, I hope for a great cooperation 🙂


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I already have a source.
What i have currently is an youtube bot that automaticly Subscribe/rate/comment… What i need added is "Flag option" to it..
ANd 1 i need one more app done in which only "Rate and Subscribe" but done with api or something… Since my bot is working very slow, and from what i heared if you use apis you can make it very fast…
I am not a codder so i dont know, but you can tell me if that can be done, since i need it work VERY FAST!!!

03/13/2011 at 7:17 EDT:

Someone also told me that it can be done by using multi threading i dont know…It is coded in

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3 Fixes For My Site

1. On mainpage. Display 5 links to most commented articles. Same way as latest commented articles

2. Make this appear on blocks the same way as other menue working.

3. Feature stoped working. Make this subscribe feature working again.

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Clicking And Photo Attaching Simple Bulk Work


Actually I have a list of 40 websites..

The work is

1.we just click subscribe(followers) button of this 40 websites.(1000times per site using 1k emails)
2.we just attach a photo for each subscribe.
3.we can do subscribe via yahoo or GMails.
4.we provide 1k yahoo or 1k GMail accounts to do this job. for each website 1000 click and photo attaching.(if you need photos of people we provide) for this 40 websites you just do the same. totally 40*1000= 40k clicks and photo attaching.

so the team need quality to finish this job in 7-10 days max

Our budget $150-$200

please no over $200

Only Bid serious service providers.

looking forward to getting response.

Thanks By

RockingExpert, Team

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Video Tutorial Website

I need a Developer to Develop a website for me for Video training.

Main Requirement

1) Content Management

2) Easy to upload video ( 1280 * 720 ) in there categories

3) User can subscribe and comment for the video

4) User can Subscribe for the weekly email Notification

5) Course Category page..

6) User can share it on Social networks like ( facebook twiter etc.. )

7) Video Thumbnail and detail


PSD Design will be provided..

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WordPress Template And Plugin Script Customization


Im in need of immediate assistance on a project I have up and running. I have an wordpress template with a WP Auctions plugin. I need someone that is comfortable with writing and customizing plugin script. I need help with the following:

1) WP Auction plugin is an auction plugin that I am using and it works well: a) I want to modify it to be a reverse auction plugin. b) I also want to add a couple required field before a member can bid on an auction. c) Lastly with this plugin, I want to replace the "WP Auctions" icon with a different default icon that I will provide and remove "powered by WP Auctions logo". ( I can provide the script for you to work with)

2)Add Janrain Engage and Simplemodal login with working widget on sidebar or as lightbox

3) add subscribe plugin with "subscribe" button added to top right of site (this will require CSS knowledge)

4) add facebook, twitter, RSS, google, etc share and follow with fuctioning icons in sidebar.

5) add pics in front page featured slider with pictures and text provided (5 slides in total)

6) add a forum plugin and nav bar link to the page

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Setup Tell A Friend And Subscribe Boxes


I have a website which has a VERY custom wordpress theme installed.

There is a social bookmark widget already installed and I need a subscribe button (already installed) to open another pop up to allow someone to subscribe…

I would then like both the tell a friend and the subscribe pop ups to be made to match the site – just so it doesnt look like random scripts…

$30 is MAX Budget, however I often have other work on various websites – so if you do a good job then I am sure we can work together.

website is at:

Payment is via Freelancer Escrow.

You must use msn / yahoo / skype so we can talk.
You also must be able to begin now.

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Freelance Like Script


There is urgent need for a freelance like script. Here are requirements:

We need a sexy script where teachers are able to subscribe as well as schools.

Teachers subscribe and enter their specific skills ( list of skills is reference data in the admin panel)

Schools subscribe to advertise their courses and avaiabilities

The script must be easy to read, sexy

We need a template or script that maybe already exists that we can easily adapt to come up online as soon as possible.

If you have already done this, then it is even better, please send us demo links so we can chose the right template

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Repair The Rss Feed

I host a socisl network site. It offers blogs to my users amongst other things. I am having trouble because the rss feed for the blogs does not work. When you click to subscribe to the blog everything comes up like it should and you can subscribe but the problem is… it does not show the blogs in the feed. It shows there is 0 of 0 blogs. I need to find out why it is not pulling the blogs through into the feed. Please someone tell me you can fix this and not cost me an arm and a leg as my social network is a free tool for people. There are other bugs too so if it works out i would like to find someone i can use on a regular basis.

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Professional Social Network

Develop a professional social network with features similar to facebook. This will be a closed invitation only network with subscription based monthly payments. Members can subscribe for the features like photo, chat, video, forums, blogs, groups etc. Admin should have the authority to create membership plans with free included features. Members can subscribe to features not included in their default subscribed plan.

please submit a detailed proposal with relevant examples.

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2000 + Subscription Needed Urgently

Hello there
i need one video to subscribe 2000 + subscribe and it should be done today only and for this you have ready made you tube accounts for subscribe so if you have team and ready made you tube accounts than only bid here
my budget for this project is only $30-$40

so i you can do it than only bid

happy bidding

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Subscribe To Youtube Accounts

I want individual/team to subscribe to youtube video channels.I need this to be done urgently.I want about 60,000 subscribers.Please PM me for more details.

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Seeking Consistent Data Entry Professional For Youtube

I will give you my login and password for 3 of my personal YouTube channels.

Its your job to login to each account everyday and add 20 targeted friends,
subscribe to 50 channels and copy/paste 50 comments on each channel. In example
you search targeted channels(i will provide u keywords), click on each channel, then hit the "add as friend" button, then hit the subscribe button, then copy paste the comment i give u and repeat
50 times per each channel.

After about 20 friend request it hits its limit however it will still allow u to subscribe and comment. This is why we do 50 per channel, even though we can only add about 20 friends on each channel.

So to re-cap, every day on each of 3 channels you will:

Add 20 Targeted Friends
Subscribe to 50 Channels
Copy/Paste 50 comments

For a total of 60 new friends, 150 subscribes and 150 comments daily. It takes about 20 minutes per channel once u get in the groove of things(thats how long it takes me to do). So this is about 1 hours work daily and i need it done everyday(30 days a week) meaning u will be working about 30 hours a month on this project. So please bid accordingly to one months work of 1 hour a day(about 30 hours per month).

You must send me daily reports of the links to all the channels u commented on. This is the only way for me to confirm youre really doing your job.

If you have YouTube marketing experience then its a plus. When you reply please list all your qualifications and all your customer feedback.

Please reply with the word "freedomempowers" so I know you read and fully understand the job specifications.

Stay blessed & Happy bidding!

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Project For Khiangte

1. Change subscribe bar at top and bottom from brown to red #990000
2. Use this copy

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WordPress Modify

Hi there,

I have made a design for wordpress, need to modify it.
check the attached picture. Shouldnt be that hard to fix it like on the picture.

The site is a bite big, need to change the size of the whole site, like to 80%, so the pics, tables of the site should be modified.

I need to make a book now module, so they can Subscribe. It should contain:

1. users should not be able to create an acount, we will give them username and pass, and they should only be able to login and change password and Subscribe that they want to play and cancel aswell, and view who have subscribe.

2. Max 40 players can subscribe, and then the subscribsen should be closed

3. The subscribsen should open thursdag 6 morning, and close again sunday midnight 00:00. It should reset again thursday at 6 morning, means startover again. The turnement is every wednesday.

4. Then a page of all subscribesen, can see who is coming to this turnarment.

All this should be able to see for logged in USER only, user should ONLY able to change password, and subscribe and cancel it, and view the subscribesen list.

The contact page should contain a contact form, so user can write, and I will get the message to my email.

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RSS To Email

Ive got a "articles site" that is writen in PHP. Ive got a rss feed that show 10 latest articles.

Now I want users to be able to subscribe to get rss to their e-mail. This is how I want it:

confirm your e-mail
when:(drop down menu) as fast as posible

This is an example site on layout:



Also their has to be a confirmation e-mail as well as unsubscribe e-mail on every feed

I priority bidders that got erlier knowledge in this area and preferable got references

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Subscribe Form

I have a classified ads website.
I want to put a subscribe form where the user will choose what category or subcategory is interested in, what area and whether in offer or wanted ads. Then every time an ad is put, it will be sent by email to the list interested in that particular ad.
Of course, the different lists must be in a format that can be exported such as .xls, .csv, .txt
The website is
I will need:
-A sign up form with the categories, subcastgories, areas and whether wanted or offered ads that will be linked to user registration
-different lists that corresponds for all the choices made by the user
-When any ad is put and approved, there must be a function that sends this ad to the user interested in this specific area and category…

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Joomla Extension – Subscription Manager Open Source

– Joomla 1.5 native extension.
– Support recurring billing.
– Payment through secured paypal system.
– Visitors can buy/subscribe. No need to register first.
– Unlimited number of Subscription Plans with flexible plan durations. Lifetime, yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and hourly.
– Able to define a frequency with period type. Like 3 months or 10 days etc.
– Reports for subscribed and user who clicked to subscribe but did not go ahead with registration.

(Optional) – If Possible
– Plugin/Modules for JomSocial, Joomla membership OR Community Builder (CB).

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Agora Forum Subscribe All Hack/Mod

We use the Agora Forum within Joomla for our Technicians to share information and get support from other techs. By default the forum only lets a user subscribe to a thread if they post to it. What I would like is for ALL posts to be subscribed to by ALL users so that if a new post is made all the techs would be emailed a copy. This would speed up the communication between our techs.

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Email List

This is a double opt in/out email list.. (not for mass mailings, only listing email addresss on web page or as a download txt file)

To subscribe to data list

User opens URL, enters email address (also has "unsubscribe" check box)
Site sends confirmation to that address for either subscribe or unsubscribe
user copies or clicks URL to browser and verifies address
System either subscribes or unsubscribes user per request

Upon completion, user has access to all "verified" addresses on list and/or download .txt file with same info

flood protection required (X requests per IP per X minutes)
Captcha required
Discard unverified entries after XX days

PHP front end
MySql back end

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Experienced Affiliates Needed

We are looking for several professional marketers to join our team!

Our project is for marketers who specialize in making direct sales.

We are forex Service Company but we are not broker. All details you could get via PM. Furthermore, we will provide fresh stuff for our affiliates i.e. Banners, E-mail Templates, adwords examples etc.

TRACKING: You will easily be able to track the number of people you have gotten to subscribe.
We are working with plimus ( for payments, so you will be our official affiliate.

We pay a 50% recurring commission on every sale you make. We sell monthly membership so all your clients will subscribe every month for our service, here is your potential earnings plans:

Sales: 1 month; 2 month; 3 month; 6 month; 12 month;
1 sales/day: $1,371.30; $2,788.31; $4,159.61; $8,364.93; $16,729.86;
2 sales/day: $2,742.60; $5,576.62; $8,319.22; $16,729.86; $33,459.72;
3 sales/day: $4,113.90; $8,364.93; $12,478.83; $25,094.79; $50,189.58;
4 sales/day: $5,485.20; $11,153.24; $16,638.44; $33,459.72; $66,919.44;
5 sales/day: $6,856.50; $13,941.55; $20,798.05; $41,824.65; $83,649.30;

Lets make business together.

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One Image For Website

This is a Simple/Quick project for the right person. I need different concepts on a single image for our website. It needs to fit our business theme. You can read about our business on our website at www . mytechteam . net.

I received this suggestion in a forum.

"First glance, I thought your website sells computers. You have a big ORDER NOW button, behind a picture of a PC.
I think it will be better to put a face on the banner (your techs), wearing dark-rimmed glasses 🙂 (cliche, but it works) holding a screwdriver or something."

This is not neccesarily exactly what I want, but maybe you can generate a concept from that. Here are my visions:

1. A hip techy guy holding a toolbox leaning on the black bar holding a "Subscribe Now" sign.

2. A group of techies, each holding a different item (laptop, breifcase, etc) and one holdin a "Subscribe Now" sign.

Maybe you have a better idea or can build on my current visions.

I think transparent .png with no white space (see current website images) will be best.

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CMS Website Redesign

My website is

It is currently a PHP site and it needs to be a CMS Site.

I would like 5 pages that I can edit the content.

I would like the ability to add an additional 2 pages when and if needed.

I need to have a photo gallery that I can bulk upload pictures up to 300 pictures.

I like the link on my current site where you can subscribe to my newsletter.

I would like to have a Twitter and Facebook "subscribe" link.

I would like to have embedded in my site a place for you tube videos & pod casts.

I would like to have a link that customers can click on for word documents (see my site – sell at auction)

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Website Design + Coding For A Spanish Learning Website

Id like a spanish learning website designed and coded. Something with a similar feel to, but not a copy. Id prefer it to be 800px width, and Id prefer to only a have a sidebar on the left. As of right now, this wont be a membership site, so no login links are necessary, however a well placed "Subscribe to our email list for free spanish lesssons" box with an email input and a subscribe button would be nice. Doing it as a wordpress theme would be a bonus, but not required. I will provide the exact domain details after bid has been accepted.

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