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Video Presentation Needed

We need a 80 sec. video presentation.

Used materials:
– Photos
– Text
– Flash Animation/Effects

Budget is around USD 500,00, dont bid if you charge more or dont have a portfolio 😉

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Xtranormal Video Developer Needed

Our company is looking to hire a developer to porduce approximate 3 videos 3-5 minutes long using Xtranormal. We will provide text and questions. We want to use the videos to post on our Website and Youtube for marketing purposes.

Please respond via Email if you are interested and can help with approximate price.

Thank you, we will get right back with you.

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Video Grain Look Help Needed "Film Look"

I am going to film a movie and want to see if anyone help me take my digital footage of the movie and give it
the "film look", The link below will explain a little more of what I am looking for.

Thank you.

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Photoshop Video Tutorials Needed – Expert Only

1. Photoshop EXPERT(S) needed to create Photoshop video tutorials using Camtasia Studio (will be provided).

– Depending on the topic, videos would about 10 – 20 minutes long each.

– These video tutorials should take you less time than creating HTML-based tutorials (i.e. screenshots and detailed steps). And it should be a simple job for any expert who knows what he/she is doing.

2. You need to be skillful at Photoshop CS4 and the training should be conducted using CS4 (and probably CS5 when it is released).

3. You may also suggest training topics. As long as theyre interesting and "technique-rich", they will be approved.

4. Im looking to establish a long-term working relationship (lots of video tutorials to be produced) with one or more Photoshop experts.

1. You must be an EXPERT at all photoshop functionality.

2. You must be able to demonstrate/explain things clearly such as in the following examples:

2. You should speak English as your NATIVE language.

4. The video tutorials must be original and "technique-rich" .

Bidders please indicate:

1. Photoshop experience and proficiency

2. Your existing works (if any)

3. Photoshop teaching experience (if any)

4. Your location and native language

5. Experience with tutorial creation and screen recording (e.g. whehter youve used Camtasia, Adobe Captivate, etc. before)

6. Bidding price for 3 hours of FINISHED video (not time spent creating videos)

7. Whether youre able to work with me long-term

8. Suggest 5 Photoshop video tutorial topics

1. Shortlisted candidate will be given a simple test; if what you create is satisfactory, you can start work immediately, before the bidding closes (since I might be hiring more than one Photoshop expert)

2. The project will start within this month and it will be long-term

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Editing Needed For Short Paper (adverse Selection Model)

Hi there:

The paper discusses an adverse selection model in the context of technology licensing. I am only finishing the last lines right now but the whole text will comprise roughly 10-15 pages (around 9.000 words).

As I am not a native speaker, I probably produced a great deal of minor mistakes and need some professional editing to get it ready for submission. While the focus clearly is to brush-up my clumsy english writing, a basic knowledge of pronicpal agent theory certainly would be an advantage…


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Phpmotion Video Embedder Needed

Hello php programmers.

Im looking for a mod for my phpmotion website V3, which will allow my members to embed videos from youtube instead of uploading them to my website. I believe someone of you already got that kind of mod. Im just looking to buy it cheap instead of paying $50 to phpmotion for single domain name license.

It should be usable for multiple domain names.

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Female Needed Short Online Video (Actress)

I need an attractive female with great English for a short video that I can put on youtube. The purpose of this video is to give online dating advice, and I plan on watermarking the video to get traffic back to my site.

In regards to content I can give you topics that you can talk about but I dont plan on a providing a script.

In regards to time, I think 2 to 3 minutes is good.

An example video would be she is hot but she also gives some good advice.

If you bid you need to send me a picture via pm. Looks are important, as we know videos with hot women get lots of views on youtube. People from USA, UK, Canada preferred.

I am starting with just one video to see how it turns out before I do more.

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Animoto Video Creator Needed

Heres what I need:

1. Ill provide you with an article on a topic and one keyword.

2. I need a video made that slides in related pictures of the article given as well as highlights the main points in the article using bullet style formatting.

3. You will need to provide the images as well as the music for the video.

4. Videos need not be more than 1.5 min. in length tops.

5. You will then send the completed videos to me in a format that is best optimized for video submissions to various video sites.

I am looking for a long-term animoto video creator. These videos will be used to submit for SEO purposes.

*The bid for this project is your cost per 1 1.5 min or less animot video.

If work is satisfactory, well look to create multiple videos each day.

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Video Reviews Needed

Id like to invite providers who can create a short video review based on an ebook.

– The ebook is about personal development and quite a generic topic (will be provided upon confirmation).
– Provider will have to read the ebook and give a short review by appearing on a video.
– Provider should introduce himself/herself on the video and state where youre from.
– Provider should appear natural and video can look home-made, i.e., not too pro.
– Video should be about 1 to 2 minutes long.
– Video can be delivered in MPEG, MP4 format.
– Fast turnaround time required.
– I will award the jobs to several providers.

Thanks! Look forward to the bids.

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Video Tuturial Needed

Hi Lancers,

Our client need 3 video tuturials to upload on You Tube.

– Tuturials (describe how to order a product in oscommerce), video screen capturing with some english comments, balloons.

It is not the quality or content (everbody knows how to order a product with oscommerce), just some 3-5 min. tuturial to post on YT for SEO.

With screen capture software installed, it shouldnt take more then 1 hour to make 3 videos. Think about this before you place a quote.

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Video Transcription Needed


We need someone to watch a 20 to 35 minute video and transcribe it.

The video is a presentation on a certain topic, I would need you to
view the video, and then transcribe it.

The video is in a "conversation style" so you would need to write it as
its spoken.

This job should be easy for anyone that can understand English, and is
able to sit down and write as you listen to the video.

If you have experience in transcribing videos, then thats a plus!

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Female Voice Over Talent Needed For Short Video

Female voice over talent needed for short demo video of an interactive learning resource.

Script is approximately 400 words.

If you have the ability to record background music with the audio that would be an advantage. I do not have any music selected but the resource contains cartoon animation for children, so something light with a Disney feel about it would be suitable.

Native English speaking essential.

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Video Testimonials Needed

I need some video testimonials. Must speak native english.
4 testimonials are needed, each with different actor and under 1 minute long.
Text will be provided.

Please show previously done videos of you.

Extremely low budget.

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I am seeking to commission videos to be produced from scripts of approximately 500 words, for the purposes of Internet Marketing. I will initially be selecting a small number of video makers from replies to this e-mail, to whom I will award trial commissions, from which one or two people will ultimately be offered video productions on a more permanent and regular basis.
To begin this process I will offer a sample script, which will be the basis of your video. The script will need to be clearly and professionally read, with images cut together to make a flowing, entertaining short video. Alternatively, the script can be shown, printed on-screen, with suitable royalty free music in the background. The music must be relaxing, therapeutic, and definitely not loud rock music or heavy metal. The images will contain material relevant to the words they

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Video Producer Needed

I need to develop a team of video producers that can produce 30-45 second videos and upload them onto YouTube. We are a new and growing company looking for talented indviduals to join our team. This is a long term project for the right person. If you want to work and enjoy working with a dynamic team of professionals, this is the job for you. If you just want something to do in your spare time, please do not waste my time or yours by applying. But if you can make and meet dealines, are looking for a challenge and want to grow with our company, please apply. Excellent English skills are a must.

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I need a short video ad

I need someone to create 1 video ad presentation of my business (30 sec. to 60 sec. Max) The video can be done displaying static images related to the concept and ads content. The creator of the video should also do the audio and narration. Also, in need for 2 flash images (presentations).

– Must have a very good comprehension of the English language;
– Must speak fluent English (the accent is not a problem)
– Must be an expert of video and flash with great graphics.
– Must be creative and dynamic!

Please send samples of your work.
My budget is tight. So please be a considerate bidder!
I own multiple sites that need to be updated. This can turn
to a long term.

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Start to write today – 3

I need short 70-100 words descriptions – 0.25$ each. Please, provide me your sample and let me know how many per day can you take.

Thank you!

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