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Joomla Module Install And Demo Of Completion

I bought the module jfbconnect and 2j tabs and I have an scroller installed on top my goal tonight is to

Have jfbconnect installed and running

Have 2 tabs running i would like the articles just two samples so i can do the rest. The samples will be two separate articles with three tabs each the default probley will not work . I want to link to each article and then have three tabs on each one I create . You use any templete make it look good and clean 100 is my budject

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Simple Php Script

simple site has a front page once user pays for membership he has access to a member page using his email

2.the following are tabs required Home. Feature, Faqs, bonus, buy now, contact us, login

only the following tabs need content "buy now" "contact us" "login"

thats it

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WordPress Theme Modification – 29 March

I have WordPress theme on genesis framework.
I need 2 things :

1) To switch left and right sidebar = $5
2) TO add on homepage one 2 boxes. One box with 4 tabs and one box with 3 tabs.
When you click on tab you can read post from some category.
I will send you picture. = $25
Box width is 600 pixels.

Can you do this in several hours ?

I will provide you theme.
Budget is $30.

thank you !

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Urgent : Customized Tailor/stitching Webshop

<b>While bidding please include references of similar work done else the bid will not be considered</b>

The objective is to build an (easy to use) interactive website for a tailor who sells custom made suits and shirts for men & women. It will have a Designer tool for (Shirts, suits, chinos)

We need something very similar to

Feature wise we need an exact replica of; we just need to make slight changes in UI design so that it doesn

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PSD To Facebook IFrame Tab Programming (spanish Pages)

Hello Experts,

We are going to publish some Facebook Pages with the new custom iFrame tabs. We need a developer or a team of developers that help us in the implementation from a .PSD to a fully functional iFrame tab within Facebook.

The idea is to have some tabs with some links and navigations. See some examples of what we do:

We are talking about 2 to 4 Facebook pages with 2 to 5 iFrame tabs each. We need to deliver the first two Facebook Pages by next week, so we are in a hurry.

We will supply every single thing and piece of art and instructions of what is needed to create the iFrame Tabs.


Please don

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Ie Issue With Tabs

This is a problem i have in internet explorer. I had a simple tabbed box added to my site and it works fine in all browsers except internet explorer. The footer falls to the right… and an error appears in ie…. I need this fixed tonight and I need it done for cheap… would be easy for someone who knows what they are doing. might be a multi script conflict… idk.. looking to pay $10…

if you agree to the price and think you can do it please write accept in

the broken tabs in explorer can be seen here this is on a test server so make sure you arent clicking on links that will direct you to the actual site… as you will not see your updates through this testing ftp.

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Follow Tabs That Move On Scroll PRIVATE

Follow Tabs That Move on Scroll, following up and down page

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WP Theme Customization


I have purchased a WP theme and I need several small changes done to it. These changes include:
1) Adding a jQuery pop-up with form
2) Organizing posts on homepage (posts go into different tabs (
2) Changing the website header images & layout (CSS changes)

I have all the customization design work is done, I just need someone to program these small changes. Id like someone fluent in English to make things go a bit smoother. Preferably someone from North America.

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Formula Needed To Calculate Distance:time In Animation

I need a formula to define the relative distance between 2 musical note icons (tabs), where distance represents duration, duration expressed as a multiplier of a variable beat. The tabs have a width which defines the minimum distance between them. So two tabs appearing right next to each other with no extra space between them would represent the shortest/smallest duration. The formula should describe how much space to put between subsequent tabs based on their duration value, a fraction of a variable beat.

This is for a music composition program.

I am not good with math. Or programming. I need this in a format that a programmer can use to create animations on the fly.

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Simple Internet Design With Calendar And Ability To Edit

Basic Website design. Calendar or Day to day function with the ability for us to be able to post new information on that calendar.
Tabs for photos to be uploaded. And other tabs leading to information.
Professional look for website.
Facebook integration if possible.

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Magento Revisions

1. On the header of the site, I

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Create Newspaper Like Web Page

I would like to create a website that shows a list of daily news article summaries with links. The site needs to be easily updated by a simple back-end content management tool. The tool might consist of simple fields allowing links to articles to be pasted in and submitted. When translated on the front-end, the entry would show as the article title (the title would also have the option of custom text), along with the first 150-200 characters of the article, along with a small thumbnail of any image in the original article.

I also need to be able to archive each days articles similar to the way that blog entries are archived. The archive links will allow users to point and click on a particular month or day and retrieve prior month or days news. I would like to retain six months of news articles.

I also need to have five tabs developed on the home page and content moved from an existing web page to those tabs. The tabs are: Library; Original Articles; Industry Links; About; Contact. I also need the capability to use space on the home page for advertising (in the future) and a search capability for the entire site.

The functionality would be similar to the following:

The website may be able to utilize a blog software like WordPress, or some customized version of it. Front-end graphic design can be negotiated with the programmer, or provided separately.

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I Need A Jqueary Slidewshow For My Website

I need a slideshow built for my website. Slideshow will be text only (no pictures) and will feature 7-8 different tabs/slides. I will provide names for tabs, and text/content for each slide. Some text will need to be bolded and or hyperlinked.
Reference: the website (Bottom of home page) for EXACTLY how I would like the slideshow to look and function. I have also attached a jpg image of the slide show you are to imitate.

Size of slideshow: 947px x 300px

Colors: Colors of outline and tabs should be equivalent to the standard colors on my website, I will provide my website after you are hired.

Code: The purpose of this slideshow is to increase the amount of written content I have on my homepage. The slideshow must show all of the written content on the back end of my website. Please view the source code of home page for an example. Content must be on the actual back end of my website. No referencing content from other sites, software, or sources. I will not allow FTP access to my site, but I am capable of uploading the code and files myself with your instruction.

Please include work sample. No partial payments for partial work. Payment will not be issued until slideshow is installed and working properly on my website.

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Need Updates On Website Jquery Javascript


We ended up developing the first phase for this project on our own.
But we are going to need someone to develop phase 2 and 3 of this project. We are super busy right now and need to outsource this job due to our current load.

Please have a look at the following {link}:

We have already developed the HTML for the screenshot represented.

We want to know how much you would ask to develop the sliding images using jquery section and make the four tabs active. (NO FLASH, please)
Its the second phase of development for this website. If we like your work well also give you the third phase of this project for you to develop. Please send some portfolio websites with an image slider with text that are active that you created. If you complete the 2nd and 3rd phase successfully we will use you more for our other projects.


1) The sliding pictures and text must work on the main page.

a) The pictures and text will change dynamically so it should be easy to assign image URL and text to each image on the server side when the pageloads

2) The tabs (four of them) must work. The content of my appointment, my questions and my account tabs (no search – it will be in the next phase with google map)is an IFRAME pointing to a URL. The IFRME should be seamless with no boarder or any distinguishing factor that shows it is an IFRAME. When someone clicks on any other tab EXCEPT search result tab (the first one), the IFRAME URL changes (actually what changes is the query string). It (for my appointments), "3" for my questions, "4" for my account.

Please send some active websites you have created with an image slider with text. Need this project completed within 3 days after my first contact with the winning bidder.

Good luck bidding!

01/23/2011 at 22:35 EST:

This is a very easy job with a limited budget for a programmer/developer that works with sliding images. I only have $30 budget for this. The real money will come, if you prove your skill in the 3rd phase of developing the rest of the site and if we give you more complex projects in the future. Thanks

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Additional Tabs With Exactly Same Look As External Web Pages

There are Facebook Fans pages for businesses page having additional menu tabs that contain exactly the same look as the external php / html web pages, including any graphics (and hyperlinks on these graphics), flash files, and video files, there are on these external web pages.

It is puzzling how the additional tabs can be added with exactly the same look intact as the external webpage as if the latter is on the Facebook page as well, and not just found on the external website.

Have a 200-words description written with step-by-step procedure (many steps are needed to illustrate in detail) how the above is done, with a few real "live" examples of these cases that are already being implemented on existing Facebook fans pages. Not more than 50 words devoted to such examples for my reading. Total word count needed is 200 words of useful, clear, easy-to-follow instructions to me of how to do this.

You can cite such examples as links on the messages to me, so I can ascertain that you know what I want.

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Joomla/Virtuemart Job

Looking for someone with Strong virtuemart, PHP, CSS, JQuery and Ajax skills to work on the following:

1) Have the shopping Checkout Edited to be one page checkout with slide down tabs working properly (Currently have slide down tabs but need some editing.

2) Style tabs

3) Style Menu

Only bidders who are currently available, communicate on the projects progress and provide high quality work.

Future projects will be available after successful completion of this project.

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Sidebar Rollover Tabs

Please add on rollover – sidebar tabs – make them slide out. This is chechout, contact, home, cart – and more tomorrow

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Clipshare Dolphin Integration

Clipshare and dolphin (boonex) integration job list.
Clipshare demo
Dolphin demo
1. Sync data bases so they all work as one (log in to one and you log into both, update info on one and it does on both, delete from one and it effects both ect)
2. Delete unwanted tabs. ( music, classifieds, articles, boards, blogs, polls, photo

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Joomla Shop

Looking for someone with Strong virtuemart, PHP, CSS and Ajax and W3C skills to work on editing a virtuemart tableless template:

1) Have virtuemart one page checkout with slide down tabs working properly (Currently have slide down tabs but need some editing.

2) Dropdown MiniCart Need shop items organised

3) Style drop down list (see: (Has been done for some of the drop down list on the site but it needs to be the default for virtuemart)

4) Style Menu

5) Style the text boxes in CSS to be default style and colour

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Simple Ajax Chart

Ajax chart

Description = Create chart by connecting to remote db and update the chart every x interval.
Chart is custom condistional format chart.
Chart will have multiple tabs.
integrate the chart to simple php template.

Following settings file.

Chart config file.
Db config file.
Tables config file.
Tabs config file.

Need it NOW must be able to work and finish it asap.

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Simple Ajax Chart

Ajax chart

Description = Create chart by connecting to remote db and update the chart every x interval.
Chart is custom condistional format chart.
Chart will have multiple tabs.
integrate the chart to simple php template.

Following settings file.

Chart config file.
Db config file.
Tables config file.
Tabs config file.

Need it NOW must be able to work and finish it asap.

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Simple Ajax Chart

Ajax chart

Description = Create chart by connecting to remote db and update the chart every x interval.
Chart is custom condistional format chart.
Chart will have multiple tabs.
integrate the chart to simple php template.

Following settings file.

Chart config file.
Db config file.
Tables config file.
Tabs config file.

Need it NOW must be able to work and finish it asap.

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Face Book Fan Page Tabs

Facebook (FBML) Designer, Layout designer Creator/Coder Required

We require the designing of up to 4 tabs for interactive Facebook fan page and one Landing Page.
We will provide basic instructions for the tabs, landing page and collaborate on the layouts. Final product must be creative and professional. We have zero FBML experience and want to maintain ability to easily edit content on all pages once set up for us; and will require the files to allow us to do so.

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Customize Flash Femplate

Looking for a short job customizing a Flash template
No major restructuring will be needed
We are using this template
Please review the template PRIOR TO bidding if needed
One tab will need to be created at the top
Then some tabs will need to have sub menu tabs created for this
Some minor changes in the color we will needed
We will provide needed content to be inserted in the site
Must be able to complete job with in 48-72 hrs of acceptance

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Who Can Create A Website Similar To!

I need a website similar to, since its closed for most of the countries outside the US.

Basically its just a catalog of tabs with an online player that can play through them. The player is flash based so you would have to have the nesessary skills to handle that.

What I need is the ability to easily manage the website, add new tabs, assign the categories and see the users. There should be an ability for users to register on a website with the confirmation email.
There should be an opportunity to edit the tabs online.

Additionally it might be good to write a parser, which will parse the tabs from some websites and paste them on mine, but its additional task and its paid separately.

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Membership Website

Need a site that looks like this – the content is already written – just need a template written that will handle 52 weeks – the sample here has 12 weeks.
Best if there are 12 pages – broken down into 4 weeks a page – with an option at the bottom that says next page
or 1-12 tabs at the bottom they can move between any of them.
The only difference here – want the check mark option as well – is it will require a userid and password for every single week to unlock it. So the whole club is locked, and emails get sent to them (we handle all of this), that says this weeks unlock codes.

We have all the content already – it is currently formatted in week by week templates that we would just import into a linked tab.

Also like how a box opens up and it can play a video. Would like that option in there.

So what you see here – for multiple pages up to 52 weeks with tabs to move through the weeks.

Plus an unlock code for each week.

If you make a template for one of the pages, and create the tabs that go to a new page, we can duplicate the template or you can quote with all the pages ready from week 1 to week 52

Thanks for your bids.

12/02/2010 at 20:17 EST:

You will notice there is an option called Click here to view this weeks lessons – they can click on that – and see everything – the lock comes into place where it asks for userid and pw – which will be different for every week – when they try to read any of the content –

So yes they can see the upcoming topics

No access though without userid and pw for the week.

Any other questions let me know.


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I have 2 very easy projects that I can hire. It can probably done in 10 min if you have the coding skills for it.

My first small project is to make the table separating different price options. The table should look like something in the attached file.
The second project is to create a tab that can navigate between different content, while staying on the same page. This is shown on Look at the tabs that say &quot;instructors&quot;, &quot;curriculum&quot;, and &quot;results&quot;.

Although the min bid says $30, my budget is $15 for these 2 projects. You can contact me at neumanbs &quot;at&quot; yahoo dot com. There are many more projects that are to follow, if it is done correctly.

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WordPress Plugin Change – Tabbing Logic To Change Slightly

I need to make a copy of this a plugin "WordPress Post Tabs" that uses the same look tabstrip as as the plugin:
-WordPress Post Tabs-.

But instead of tabbing the information I want these to be anchor links to anchors in the same page.

Ill have the tabstrip above each area of content just like the holiday-rentals link above.

It needs to be stable as I will have to place shortcodes, html etc inside each tabbed section.

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