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Icon Designer For Tablet Gesture Interaction


We need to design a set of icons which will appear in an iPad App to show user how to navigate with the elements.

The style should be clean, and mono tone (black + white + grey gradients) like

Icon style – but need your redesign as we dont want to copy them /

Here are the icons we need.

1. Tap and Double Tap – finger with circle, or 2 circlesm or vibration waves
2. Tap and swipe left/right / same as Tap and Drag / same as Tap and Rub (see 2:30 – could be a finger with left and right arrows.
3. Pinch and Spread – finger with arrow opening / closing
4. Rotate iPad (to tell people they have to rotate from landscape to portrait or portrait to landscape) see the Rotate icon here with 2 hands holding an iPad (top middle)

All should be in vector format .AI and .PSD and .PNG, transparent. One set black, and one set white.

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Mobile App Game – Blink

The screen of the touch phone lights at a certain point (approx 20 pixels) and the user must press at the same point within .5 of a sec. then the screen blinks somewehere else and so user must tap there and so on.
the second stage it blinks twice. must tap the screen as quickly as possible.
next stages increase the times of the blink, and also have the screen show small shapes that the usermust recreate on the screen.

pretty easy to do i think

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IPhone Game: Tap Tap Revenge

I need a game developed similar to Tap Tap Revenge 3:

I need a simple version of this, so:
no character customization
no multiplayer
no highscore

should be developed in cocos 2d, the I the track game play should grab the data from an external fle (i.e xml) if not then it should be easily customizable.

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Health/Nutrition IPhone Application

A good comparison application would be "Tap & Track" for the iPhone, with a couple additional features. For obvious reasons we wont go into the details. The application "Tap & Track" will be a basic foundation, the extra features will provide a more accurate meal plan for users. Make sure you do thorough research on "Tap & Track" before submitting a bid.

Design has already been created, you will only be required to bring it to life with coding. Design will include all basic menus and features that are already included in the iPhone SDK. No fancy interface, just simple and straight to the point.

We are looking to form a long-term relationship with a programmer who can stick to sometimes tight deadlines and maintain a high quality of work ethic. Fast Pay via PayPal, Payoneer or other method upon completion, verification, and approval and acceptance from Apple of each item. Short turnaround on this first job.

Thank You

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Daily Planner Xcode

Looking for a daily planner that I can add to my current project( .h .m .xib files) Planner should open up to a calendar with current day selected. User should be able to select a day with a tap. tap opens a view where user can input information. set date, set time, and apt type with pickerviews. The user should have a area to enter miscellaneous data. user will be able to select if they want a push email notification( 2 days before, 1 day before, and never) all information saved. Calendar will show a dot if information has been stored on that day.

send pics if you have examples.

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Image Gallery App For IPhone!!

* read RSS with image URLs from server (RSS URL default defined)
* show tile screen with images (lazy load)
* pagination of tile screens (slide)
* select image for full screen display (tap)
* pagination of images (slide)
* go back to tile screen (double tap, or shake)
* property screen to edit RSS URL

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NSI Installer For Deploy A Openvpn TAP Driver

Need a nsis installer to deploy only openvpn TAP interface.

must install in:

windows XP, 32 e 64 bits
windows VISTA, 32 e 64 bits
windows SEVEN, 32 e 64 bits

for install original openvpn driver.

Aditional info, please, pvt.

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Adapting IPhone App To Blackberry And Android Platforms

I have a simple application for the iPhone called "Roscoes Tips" which is currently available on iTunes. I would like to develop Blackberry and an Android versions of the application.

The content of the application is a checklist users should view and follow when performing a particular task. For the user, the application works like a viewing a single static page website with a few small popups for the user when users tap (or click) on a photo in the middle of the page. There is already a website with the applications content which is viewable on fixed and mobile internet browsers. In a forthcoming version it will have some active hyperlinks to our companys other websites.

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Web Crawler

I am in need of someone able to create a program that enable to in follow:
1. The site the need to crawl is under the tap of "Market place"
. Under each broad and catergory, a Crawler needs to able to find Products Title, Products Description, Products Testimonial & testimonials pictures, Products Pricing, Products Pictures, And at the same time the crawler must identify weather the products are in the form Video, DVD, Software, Memebership, and Ebook.
2. All data must be able to exported to excel or acess.

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iPhone App Description Re-write to attract users to download/purchase

I need to re-write my iPhone App description to make it more appealing to new users. Our target market are ages from 12-30.

The app is on the iPhone App Store, called Tap Secret.
=========================== BEGIN =============================
Heres our current text:
Cant type? Tap it!

In a boring blind date? Tap your friends for code blue.

Hanging out in a bar or mall? Secretly exchange ratings with your friends without the hottie knowing.

Surprise quiz? I cant even suggest ways you could use this.. 😉

The new way to send & receive short coded secret messages between friends without pulling out your phone from your pocket!

Tap 1 if youre having fun
Tap 2 I have no clue
Tap 3 if you agree
Tap 4 meet me at the exit door
Tap 5 Im about to drive
Tap 6 order more drinks
Tap 7 be here by eleven
Tap 8 if youre late
Tap 9 I need more wine
Tap 10 exclusive for men

Use the Tap Secret codes as a guideline to determine what each tap means, then start tapping your phone and it will send the message to your friends. The possibilities are endless, you and your friends decide!

This app requires you and your friends to be online and in the same tap room to send/receive messages (like a chat room). Then just tap your phone in your pocket to send messages. Your friends will receive multiple vibes for each tap you sent. We suggest practice tapping on your own so that youre ready to tap when you need it.

Use find rooms nearby to quickly find your friends room! It uses GPS to locate Tap rooms nearby. Optionally password protect your room so only your friends can join! Up to 8 people per room!

Note: Tap Secret needs an internet connection. Works on EDGE, 3G, and Wifi! It is an application that needs at least 2 users to enjoy.

Note: On iPod Touch some features are not available (vibrate, tap feedback).

Were giving away $100 U.S. to the best suggested legends in three different categories! Find out more info at our forum

Review by SixStringTorture (5 stars):
"Without question, one of the most innovative and unique ways to approach discreet communications. You should also update your description to include some of the really great overt ways of using TapSecret. There are speech and even physically impaired individuals that could greatly benefit from putting together a short list of pre-defined messages, and using just the power of their finger to communicate to the outside world. Tap Secret may have started out as a social networking app, but I think were going to see some huge things from this baby, and at that point, the price will (and should) skyrocket!"
=========================== END =============================

Although we are getting a lot of clicks, only 3% conversion rate (on the free one!). I think perhaps the description needs to be better to get that conversion rate up.

So this bid is for updating the description to be more appealing and better. I suggest downloading Tap Secret Lite (free) to understand what the app is about.

BEFORE BIDDING: If you are interested in bidding, submit with your bid at least 1 or 2 paragraphs of what youd be proposing, and your idea for making it better.

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Skype Call Tapping Network level application

Hi, I am network admin for my corporate network. So I need a application to Tap skype calls in my corporate LAN or network.The application should tap any skype call in my network when i specify the IP. The application should be compeltely based on Network packets or like that. I dont want to install any kind of script or client side software to Tap the calls.As I am network admin I should be able to Tap the call live of any computer in my Network.

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iphone/ipod-touch app

simple app:

– function: full screen picture slideshow
– 1 tap to go to next slide
– forward slide to go next slide
– reverse slide to go previous slide
– included pictures and audio/music selection interface
– preferred optimized for landscape mode

– checks email every 10s – 1min, searches for keyword in subject, and displays custom pop-up notifier (picture) related to specific keyword
– 1 tap to exit the pop-up notifier and return to slideshow

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