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WordPress Theme Design

I need you to create a new WP theme for my site. This site will feature free WordPress themes for download, so it must display the themes attractively, as well as offer a live demo of each theme. You can use this as an example of what I am looking for:

You should be an expert WordPress theme designer capable of creating custom themes quickly. If you can do a good job with this I have lot more theme design work for you (15+ themes every month)

Final version of site should be completed by April 12.

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WordPress Theme

I want to create a tutorial site, i need a theme like or a theme way better than it

you can bid on my project and send me a theme sample etc.

i want to create a very delicious blog!

im not asking for a custom theme so dont bid ur big figures, but any would do. ! just help me out 🙂

project will be awarded to smallest bid and skillfull

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WordPress Theme

We have a social networking website with a unique design and theme.
We also have a wordpress blog (with a different theme).

We need our wordpress blog theme to match the design of our social network.
Our website theme is not very difficult, theres a header, template, and footer.

If you have experience in customizing wordpress themes and can provide fast work, please contact us about this job.


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Custom WordPress Theme

I need a custom wordpress them made. I need one theme with the same template but you should send me three different backgrounds so i can choose the one i like best. You should be a wordpress expert and be prepared to discuss with me and make some suggestions about what is best. Here are the basics:

1. I already have a custom banner. You just need to insert it into the theme.
2. horizontal menu at the top of the page under the banner. Drop down lists when hovering over witht he mouse.
3. Right side menu bar
4. You should upload and install several plugins. I know some, but you should be willing to suggest to me some good ones that you know.
5. you should give me instrcutions on how to change the banner in the theme editor.

please send links to previous sites you have done,


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WordPress Theme, Custom

Im looking for someone to put together a wordpress theme that looks like the huffington post.

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Finetune Custom WordPress Theme

Just had a custom made wordpress theme installed on my site Still unhappy with a few details. Need help on:

– Linking the Twitterfeed to my Twitteraccount (so that my last tweets appear on the site)
– Fix the layout and typography on the homepage. We went from a bigger font to a smaller one and now the page is – I think – out of balance. Maybe we just have to make the right column a little bit smaller, maybe we need to play some more with font and font size.
– Transfer this new design to the archive-items as well (they are still in the bigger font)
– Make sure that, when clicking on a month in the archive, all the items appear in one row (now it displays only seven or eight and you can click on older posts)
– When an archive item is displayed, under it two buttons have to appear, back and next, to make it easier to go through items.
– When there is no comment yet under an item, the comment box should be hidden, and only the word Reageren (Comment) visible.

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Custom WordPress Theme As Per Client Requirement


We are in need of someone to design a custom WP theme for one of our clients. The exact look will be given to you and the site needs to look exactly like the proposed design (given by our client). It needs to be a fully functional WP theme and without any bugs whatsoever.

There is one important requirement with this theme: the way the site is arranged is that when someone comes to the site, the content is only partially revealed. The only way the visitor can access the full article is by registering at the site (this is integrated with salesforce – which we will do with a plugin), but after they register, the content is revealed fully. Currently the site is in php, but we are in the process of migrating it to WP, so this functionality would need to be there in the theme.
We need you to bid in 2 ways: one with this functionality built-in and one bid without. (In the meanwhile, if there is a free WP plugin that does this, then this functionality wont be needed).

Please reply with relevant actual wordpress examples that you have worked on. We are only interested in viewing the WordPress Custom Sites that you have personally worked on.

We need your definite turn-around time in which you would be able to deliver this project.

We will be examining each bid carefully, and will be presenting it to our client, and after that we will be taking a call on the final selection – based on all criteria: quality, delivery, value for money.

This is the kind of job we expect to post regularly as part of some other larger projects.

Thanks for the interest and happy bidding!

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Onyx Portal WordPress Theme Customization

I want to customize the wordpress theme Onyx Portal so that it looks unique and represents my brand.

Theme demo:

What I will need is the following:
– Make the theme compatiable with latest wordpress – stylesheet.
– Logo design
– Feature image needs to be added.
– Custom designed footer and header
– Also re-create main body with unique header images.

My budget for this project is around $100 USD.

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Custom WordPress Transfer, Theme And Design

Need some work on a partners WordPress: custom theme
See full details for this project here:

Payment through escrow. Private message any questions or clarifications.

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Custom WordPress Theme For Artmyweb


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Custom WordPress Theme

I am looking for someone to design a custom theme for a WordPress installation running the Review-It plugin ( Keep in mind this plugin has its own theme requirements so you will need to familiarize yourself with them if you are not already. The theme must be sharp web 2.0 looking. I want to model it on the website (which is also running the same script). I can provide you with an installation running the plugin for you to use as a testing environment. You should be intimately familiar with the WordPress platform and WP theme design. I would like to see examples of your previous work and I expect that once selected, your work is to be of the highest quality and the mockup you show me should reflect the work (If you show me a mockup that is less then comparable I will decline the project – I was already burned with several designers who pitched others examples as their own.) So only accept the project if you can meet the requirements.

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Convert PSD To Custom WordPress Theme

Im looking for a wordpress, xhtml, css web designer to convert PSD files or website templates to WordPress themes with full intergration with WordPress 3.0, VALID CSS, XHTML, SEO valid coding and rtl-language support.

This site will have 7 pages, that are very similar. I am looking for someone that is thorough, communicates well and very efficient. This site needs to be up and running by 12/10/10, so please, if you CANT complete in that time frame..DO NOT BID. Please see the attached welcome page.

If this works out well, this could lead to additional work and referrals. Please show samples of your work. Thanks!

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WordPress Theme Customized

I need assistance customizing a WordPress theme template. I will select the template and forward to you or provide access to set up complete theme such as changing tab names e.g. About, Contact etc. Changing text for each tab, such as imputing phone number and email for Contact page. Changing colors, possibly rearranging some of the layout, but very little to be done, changing any text to replace sample text on theme, Installing 3 plug ins, and installing new header.

Final stage will be uploading to wordpress website and ensure it is fully operational. Ideally, would like to complete project in one to two days.

If all goes well, I would like to have regular design updates so we can work together every two months or sooner.

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Modify Existing WordPress Theme With Custom Graphics

Modify existing WordPress theme with custom graphics and layout
( whatever premium themes are at your disposal will do, I basically want my header changed to something more specific to exercise physiology…)
I want to keep my opt-in box and everything else just change the header as it is very basic.

Current theme can be found at

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Custom WordPress Theme

I am looking for someone to make a custom wordpress theme to my specs. I want a modified version of craisglist. Basically I want a classified theme that looks and feels just like craigslist, but with a few tweaks.I can buy an existing classified theme and you can modofy that, or make one from scratch. But I want it to look and feel like a cleaner more modern version of craigslslits , but still the very simple CL look, no graphics.Will be set up just like, 1 for each state, then within state will be the cities and areas…

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Modify Existing WordPress Theme With Custom Graphics

Modify existing WordPress theme with custom graphics and layout
( whatever premium themes are at your disposal will do, please do not create anything from scratch, theme must be based on existing one, like woothemes, elegantthemes etc…)

the general idea is to have theme layout similar to this draft:

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Fix Custom Footer On WordPress Theme

I am trying to set up a custom footer in a WordPress theme, and I have totally wrecked it. The theme is still fine, but the footer is not coming out how I want it to come out at all. I need someone to fix it for me. I can show whoever I hire exactly what I want it to look like and do.

I need this fast and will be choosing someone ASAP.

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Help With Css And Custom WordPress Theme

I have a custom wordpress theme. Much of the work is complete, but there is an issue with the display of the header in IE 6 and older versions of safari. The site is here:, and this page: is an example of one that displays incorrectly. I need assistance with the style sheet and/or the order of the tags so that the sidebar displays correctly in those older browers.

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Custom WordPress Theme – Simple And Clean

I need wordpress theme with golf style.
Like some of these:

Purpose of this theme is to submit it to wp themes sites and to promote my link in footer of theme.
So, it doesnt need to be anything complicated, but just simple and clean wp theme with golf header and green style.

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Custom WordPress Theme

Please check out this theme:

Need to get a similar wordpress theme developed with all the custom enhancements. The layout should be classy designed for a news blog or something like that. Give it a different look. Must be on white background only.

Experience holders will be given preference.

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Custom WordPress Theme/Template From Existing Website

This project includes building/modifying a design theme for WordPress to match the existing website. WordPress is installed in the website directory–I need to make the WordPress blog look and function like the rest of the website.

Once the new theme is integrated, the blog (WordPress) portion of the website should reflect the overall look and functionality of the main website in a seamless transition from one to the other. All WordPress functions should be available and operate flawlessly within the new template.

All files for a new WordPress theme should be included for a fully functional theme. If you dont know what those files are, please dont bid on this project.

Website URL is

Main part of website is programmed in HTML/CSS/PHP, using "includes" for header, footer, navigation. A PSD file is available.
There is also a CRE Loaded application being used to provide e-commerce capability for the Shopping portion of the site.

Winning provider will be chosen based on Worpress theme experience, price, and level of professionalism communicated through bid. I will be glad to answer any further questions or provide more information as requested.

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Custom WordPress Theme

Currently in need of a designer to design and implement a custom WordPress theme (compatible with the latest stable release of WordPress) for a religious blog I maintain.

The template will contain one large banner located at the top of the blog, and various styling to the general layout and colors of the blog. No plug-ins and/or add-ons are needed, just the design and coding of the theme.

More details on colors, styles, and about the banner will be provided to the project winner.

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Make A Custom WordPress Theme


Ive found a website which uses a custom WordPress theme, I want a theme developed that uses the exactly same layout and design as this theme, however with a few changes.

On this theme I want to implement a design I found on another website. It is basically a question of mixing 2 already designed themes and make a wordpress theme.

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Unique Custom WordPress Theme

I need a wordpress site designed for my new website. I want it to look and feel kind of like this site buyingandsellingwebsites .com

I dont want it to look exactly the same but that is the style I like. It looks clean and new aged and just a smooth flow of design that is appealing.

To be considered, you must type in the subject line "ready to work" so that I know you are not a robot. All bids placed without that saying in the subject line will be disregarded as bots.

Now, my site is going to be for coaching people on methods that really make money online. They will signup and then get access to the materials that will show them how to start businesss that make money online. So you need to incorporate that into it as well.


10/06/2010 at 11:34 EDT:


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Custom WordPress Theme

I am looking for a custom wordpress theme that MUST have lightbox elements, an automatic image resizer with specific location image uploader admin page, custom portfolio section, and a custom homepage slider element with image uploader admin page. We have a design already completed and are looking for someone to create the theme PIXEL FOR PIXEL. The completed project MUST look like the original design AND have the functionality that the design requires. Again, the design is 100% complete and available in PSD form and we are just looking for someone to complete the code creation. For an experienced theme builder that knows how to customize the admin control panel and work with custom gallery scripts, this job should be easy. A fresh install of WordPress is already resting on the directory and FTP and MySQL access (along with well organized PSD files) are ready to send to you immediately.

– The completed design MUST match the provided artwork exactly.

– All code MUST be compliant and will be checked using a markup validity service.

– All code files will be transferred to us once the project is complete.

We look forward to working with you. Please enter the word HOGAN in your PM.

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Custom WordPress Theme Needed ASAP

Must have WordPress, PHP, and CSS skill sets

The purpose of this project is to create a similar theme to that of We want this website to look and function like We also want to add a social networking element to the theme. The e commerce is driven by a the Shopp plugin which we recently purchased ( The Shopp plugin needs to be integrated into the theme. The shopp plugin accommodates a variety of shortcodes making integration simple. Its important that the theme is "wigitized" where possible.

header bar navigation: this will be populated by the Shopp plugin shortcode.
flash image slider: this will display images via a CMS that needs to be added to the admin
tabbed poduct image slider: this content will be pulled from the Shopp database
"Art Styles, Subjects, Artists, Product Types, Collections": These menus will populated via the Shopp plugin shortcode
"Whatss New" content box: will show new products, populated via shopp shortcode
"Subjects","art styles","product types","framed art","decorating tips" content boxes will be repleaced by 4 text widgets and the test from the latest blog post
The footer will be copied exactly and footer links should work with the native WP menu

All category index pages (homepages) should have the option to display a header image via a CMS that needs to be added to the admin

This page should use the shopp plugin to recreate the same layout and functionality. The "view image in a view" and "frame it" functionality will not be used for the new theme.

"Frame it and Save!" section should be replaced by a similar products listing and a similar categories listing

"Custom Framing" will be ignored

These pages will contain content pages like "about us" and contact us pages. They should look like this:
These pages should have their own navigation specific to that section

All headers should be in text and not images like in

This page will use the Shopp plugin functionality


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Custom WordPress Theme And Plugins Needed

I need a complete copy of the website "" with all functionality including the "in room viewer" feature and shopping cart (paypal) coded into a wordpress theme .

I already have a hosted MS SQL database that contains the inventory of the website.. A plugin needs to be written that pulls from this database.

Looking to hire today.

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Custom WordPress Theme


I have a site that I am building to sell custom t-shirts… based on some designs… I need someone to build me a custom wordpress theme with a blog that will be themed for my business using 2 custom cartoon food characters that need to be created, I will let you know what the food characters are via PM or once the project is awarded… and then I need the wordpress theme styled in a very fun and unique way without a lot of corporate style or feel to it… I want the site to be fun and very visual. The home screen will need a custom jquery type of filtering that will instantly filter all of the shirt designs based on the categeory that I give them on that home page… Then I need that same filter to be able to be applied to other pages once they are created such as a mens page that will allow indpendent filtering on the mens page or womens page etc…. and then your general page design, blog page design, the homepage also needs to utilize the nivo slider, cu3er slider, and then the option for the admin to utilize a custom static image in place of that. The side needs to utilize cufon with some fun type of fonts as changeable options… I need the site theme to be color changeable between a few coordinated colors that work with the characters and layout…I need the grid displayed in the jquery filter to be styled with a fun type of box or frame around each shirt design… I need this site basically but with the jquery smooth filtering applied to it and a little differentiation and less boxy than that site… but generally the same concept… another good example but more uniquely styled and with the smooth filtering…… I look forward to hearing from you…


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Custom WordPress Theme

Horizontal Drop Down Menu as in image

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Need Custom WordPress Theme FIXED

The right sidebar of my website has disappeared. It worked for 2 years, now gone on my current theme wsCorvette

I need someone who can quickly find the problem, fix the problem and provide details on both to me after fixed.


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