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WordPress Theme Designer

We are looking for WordPress designers.

We accept designs with the same framework, just changing out the psds

We need a large amount of themes so speed and low cost is main objective without loosing quality.

If you are good with design but not so much with WordPress there are programs like Artisteer that can be used.

Please bid how many per day/week you can produce. And price for grouping.

Lets talk and see what we can work out 🙂

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WP Private Project For Adeelarshad

Private Project wordpress Theme Customization

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WordPress Theme Customization

I needsome one to customize wordpress theme
theme is "Lightword" which is free to download
theme will be used for Poems, Love Quotes, Shayaris etc

job need to be done ASAP

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Premium WordPress Theme Customization

I basically need someone to customize the search form to allow users to search for churches. the theme was created for automobiles:

The search fields must include: Denominations, Worship size, Church Size, Special Needs, Daycare Services, Zip Codes, Service day and time, and Keywords.

Also I will need the headers on the theme to be change from vechicles and cars to churches

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WordPress Theme/Admin Customization

I purchased an "off the shelf" WordPress 3.0 theme from ThemeForest that includes a slider on the homepage. Its the "Pai" WordPress theme. I really like the design and layout.

The customized admin screen in WordPress allows me to:

1. turn on/off the slider on the home page
2. Add slides/text for each slide
3. Specify how many slides to show
4. Specify transition type
5. specify transition time.

I NEED TO ADD the following functionality to the admin screen (so that i can change the settings with no programming):

1. Ability to specify height and width of slideshow (right now, its fixed; i need it to be variable)
2. Ability to include a Flash or HTML5 video in the slideshow (right now, i can only specify an image).
3. Ability to overlay my custom text on top of the image or video i select for the slideshow (right now, my custom text only can be displayed below the slideshow image; i want to have a semi-transparent overlay). I should be able to specify font/size, etc. of text.
4. I should have the ability to specify whether the video auto-loads and repeats or not. My main interest for including the video is to provide a subtle moving background to my custom copy.
5. Customization must be compatible with the major browsers.

The functionality im looking for is similar to some of the slider features youd see on the sample home page of the SuperMassive WordPress theme on (which i dont have).

The alternative is to customize the SuperMassive theme to have a similar look and feel to the Pai theme. I believe that would require less functionality coding, and be more of a layout/CSS update.

Im willing to entertain either option.

Please Do NOT bid unless you can show demonstrated experience/references in this specific customization work. If youve conducted customization on either of the Pai or SuperMassive themes specifically, thats even better. Please include specific relevant reference work in your response.

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Onyx Portal WordPress Theme Customization

I want to customize the wordpress theme Onyx Portal so that it looks unique and represents my brand.

Theme demo:

What I will need is the following:
– Make the theme compatiable with latest wordpress – stylesheet.
– Logo design
– Feature image needs to be added.
– Custom designed footer and header
– Also re-create main body with unique header images.

My budget for this project is around $100 USD.

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Urgently Need WordPress Theme!!!

Hi I need a customized WordPress theme designed and installed. I need this to be done withing 1-2 days. I will provide you with the links to the images in fotolia Id like you to use in the design. Will write more details to qualified freelancers.

In order to qualify for this project you should:

– have enough experience in customizing WordPress;
– have designer skills and sense of taste;
– provide examples of your works;

Thank you alnd looking forward to hearing from you!

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WordPress Theme Customization.

Help me customise this theme
Will need a Google Calendar plugin among a list of things.
Development time should be short but I do need to go back and forth with client to get things right so the actual complete date will be around 2 to 3 weeks time.

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WordPress Twenty Ten Theme Customization

i need help for simple customization
1.i want my single post become static in homepage( 1 post only in homepage)
2.Remove permalinks from title homepage

PAY PER RESULT ONLY because this is an easy task

NOTE: NO MILESTONE until you do this project

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WordPress Theme Customization

We are looking for a web developer to:

– customize our template to budypress
– clean our template to comply with xhtml standard
– customize or develop new modules
– import content from various sources

We are interested in long term collaboration. We have several project in our roadmap.

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WordPress Theme Customization Need Talented Designer

I need someone with great design skills and a flair for creativity.

This is for a website catering to women and should be extremely elegant and make great use of images, layout & colour.

I need 3 mockups to start, displaying different ways in which the desired layout I want can be turned into a spectacular website.

Need someone who is not busy, and who can work fast and be online to discuss.

The design will then used on an existing theme that I have so you must be able to customize a theme easily and incorporate the PSD design you create.

You must have excellent CSS & HTML skills & know WordPress inside out. If you dont please dont bother to apply.

Any questions lets discuss in PM – I am selecting someone today. So be quick to bid!

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WordPress Theme Customization, Content And SEO

WordPress site, themes purchased and installed. Need to customize some pages and configure the site for CEO.

(keyword research is done, just need to optimize all titles, descriptions, alt and images, breadcrumbs, sitemap and more tuning) and add links to picture gallery fro some categories and products.
Site is for Sign business

Will need to add Quote request form

Also add 2-3 products to each category

Suitable artwork/imagery for inclusion in the home page and slideshow. (8-10 images)
Face book and Twitter implementation

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WordPress Theme Customization


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Video Related WordPress Theme Customization

Looking for a wordpress customization expert.

I need some specific customization done to a video-related wordpress theme I purchased.

This should be a pretty standard project for an expert developer.


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WordPress Theme And Plug-Ins Customization

Hello Experts,

We are a recently established Interactive Agency in Puerto Rico. As we don

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WordPress Theme Customization

I need the theme files of an existing wordpress membership site customizing to look like another existing website.

My website is and I am wanting this existing membership site to look like Full details of the project can be found by visiting: and logging in using:

Username: temporarywebdesigner and
Password: asd456

Once logged in click on the

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WordPress Theme With EShop Plugin Customization

***These changes need to be completed in 5-7 days**

I am looking for an expert in WordPress/PHP/CSS who can add and change some features to the layout of a premium WordPress theme that uses the eShop plugin. I have completed most of the personalization but I need to change some layout features and add some new e-commerce features to the theme copying from another wordpress theme I will provide. I can supply both theme files for comparison. The theme is based on one featured deal which takes up most of the space on the front page and then a slider feature that features other daily deals in smaller windows on the front page. The featured deal and the small windows are filled by either wordpress posts or pages. I chose to use posts so part of the customization I require will be adding entry fields to the page that shows up with creating a new post or page in the theme.

Changes need to be properly coded and I need the eShop plugin and preferably the theme to be updatable by the creator without causing issues with my changes.

If your style changes could be done in a separate CSS sheet that would be desired.

1) Change font – currently the theme uses a Cufon font that is difficult to read.
2) *Very important – The theme I am currently using offers some similar features but I like the style and information that is displayed with the other wordpress theme that integrates their own shopping cart and doesnt use the eShop plugin. I need to copy the login and shopping cart features of this other wordpress theme into mine. I want the words Hello (customer) if logged in or the words login I Register shown at the top of the page. Features such as after they chose checkout it takes them to a page where they can either login, create an account, or checkout as guest. It also includes a order history page for a registered user to view past order history. The eShop plugin offers some of this functionality but my theme doesnt use it the way the wordpress theme I want to copy does. The theme files I would like to duplicate in the theme I am using will be provided.
3) Add headings in a banner matching theme above the small windows that include the daily deals. These headings should be entered by adding a user entry field to a wordpress post or page so the heading stays with that particular post and should be able to be user selectable to show or hide for each post or page.
4) Need to add a widget or plugin to the theme that displays only on the large featured item and includes a buy now button as well as admin selectable time remaining (days, hours, mins, seconds), quantity sold, and percentage savings. These thee things (time remaining/qty sold/percentage saved) should each be able to be turned on or off so it will also require that this be an option added to the post and page options when creating a new wordpress page or post. Use as an example.
5) For first time visitors I want the whole page to move down and a banner displayed at the top of the page (like that allows a new visitor to signup to deals using emails and select their preferred city). Once they have signed up the banner goes away and the page moves up dynamically once they hit the signup button.
6) Have the website change the large featured item on the front page to match the city the new visitor selects when signing up with their email address or when clicking on their city on the other cities static page. Currently the featured item is determined by the most recent date on the wordpress post or page.
7) I want to include share this/like icons for facebook and twitter for each post/page that is created and also under the #4 widget above on the front page featured item. i know there are wordpress plugins that already do this for new posts/pages but I need it added to the large featured #4 item widget specifically.
8) Minor style changes on front page
9) Need detailed list of files modifie

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WordPress Theme & Web Site


Im looking for someone that can put together a WordPress website for Monday. We will provide samples and need someone who is good at Photoshop, CSS & design to get the design done. Ill be available by email over the weekend to approve changes. The website is quite small with about 10 pages in total. But we need staff to be able to add content easily using WordPress.

Dave Geoghegan

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Customization For WordPress Market Theme

I need someone to help me customize Market Theme. This is an eCommerce theme for WP. You will be given complete access as necessary to the files needed. The task required is:

1. Modifying/adding PHP codes to reflect different pricing for different regions of a country
2. Adding ability to select pricing option
3. Modifying shipping cost so it changes according to the price as selected by user
4. Modifying the theme to include ability to place a category/subcategory of products on discount/sale based on percentage for a specified period of time

I need someone who is competent and skilled enough to undertake this. WARNING: This WordPress theme might be too complicated and the tasks I need might be way out of your abilities or skills. I will only hire you if you are absolutely sure you can do this.

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WordPress Theme Development And Customization

For a client, we need a new wordpress theme that is almost identical to
For the shopping cart, we plan to use Shopp (we have the plugin) or if you propose any other, we are ok to use your preference.

The site looks should be as close to icondock as possible. The functioning should be EXACTLY the same.

Instead of right side product summary, we will have a sidebar. There we will put some widgets like testimonials etc.

The client wants everything to be on the mainpage as possible. Only the blog will be seperate. So please arrange your design appropriately.

This project has 3 phases:
1. Design of the theme
2. Development of the theme
3. E-commerce implementation

You can bid for all 3, or just one of these. So in yor bid please specify which part you want to build.
And to prove yo uare not a spammer, start yor bid and/or PM with "Im human".

This project is urgent, and at least the design+development should be over in 3-4 days most.

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Need A WordPress Theme Designer.

Greetings from Alan!!

I need an elegant theme designed for a Astro site that Im building using WordPress. I wll provide you with the PSD for building the theme, we may need slight modifications in the theme.

We also need a products page inside the theme in which we want you to incorporate a shopping cart + payment gateway. The payment processing code has to be a part of the theme and not a separate plugin (if possible). We need three page templates for displaying our products in different ways, please use your creativity.

We will also provide another PSD for one of the pages called "report page". This page template will have the same header/footer but the content area will be a little different.

And likewise, we have a page called the "cards page" for which we will provide another PSD, you just have to create a page template for it, again the header/footer remains same, only content area changes a bit.

The final theme has to be Web 2.0 and CSS, XHTML compliant. We want to finish this in less than a week, so please express interest only if you think you can show the commitment.

Bidders – you need to show us samples of your CMS work where in you have designed custom themes along with your bid. We will need an NDA from you that you will not be able to use the theme for any other site.

Only experienced WordPress theme developers need apply please! We have lots of work for the same site coming up so we are looking for someone with whom we can build an ongoing working relationship.

On successful completion of the task youll given a fantastic review and we shall recommend you to our other clients and friends too.

Thank you!

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Web Customization

Web Customization

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WordPress Theme – Thesis

I need a new wordpress theme created using the thesis theme.

The site is for a architects. Needs to be stylish, minimal.

We are looking for a black theme, with grey, white text.

Similar to Hemingway theme.

Please include relevant samples of your work.

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Web Customization

I have a web, that is already created in joomla.
I dont want to go in joomla for its management.

I want to fetch its few fields and functions on the front end for its management.

PM me for more details.

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URGENT WordPress Theme Customization

I have a wordpress template, which I need to be edited. I am using "FlexSqueeze" theme, which I am finding hard to tweak according to my requirements. I need to change the blog like feel into a snazzy website (with integrated blog, i.e., there will be static pages and a blog page as well where the admin can do the normal blog editing/admin functions)

Basically, I need the following pages –

1. Home (The first page)
2. Blog
3. Links
4. disclaimer
5. Privacy Policy
6. contact us
7. Site Map

I just need it structured in this manner. I will provide you with an example on how this needs to be done. Moreover, the look and feel should be modern and attractive. I am doing this for the first time so feel free to ask as many questions as you can.

The website will be provided to the winning bidder. You will not need to design the header so please exclude this while bidding. In case, there is a need for header designing (PSD), I will post a new project.

My budget is limited so please bid reasonably. This shouldnt take time and it is urgent! I will select someone today. Again, bids that are outrageously high will be rejected. I need Quality in budget.

Please provide samples of your previous work. Payment will be done through escrow!



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Looking For A Designer To Create WordPress Theme

Looking for a designer to create a mockup of another site to be used with wordpress. need a design thats professional looking and clean like

this will take an experience designer no longer than maybe an hr. looking to pay between 30-50 dollars.

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WordPress Theme Customization

Id like to amend an existing WordPress theme. Can use Diarise or Event Espresso as starting points. Functionality Id like to add…

1. enabling registered users to post events by entering information into predetermined fields
2. creating a venue database so registered users can save venue addresses, websites, phone numbers for future event posts
3. enabling users to search events by keyword & browse by predetermined fields
4. enabling registered users to

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WordPress Theme Designer

I need someone from india who can make a wordpress theme for me, i will show all the detail, it is a simple job for one who knows what he is doing, i will pay directly to their bank account. Im hiring immediately, so please let me know ASAP

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WordPress Theme Customization


I want wordpress theme to be customized and achieve the following goals and meet these conditions-

You can take a wp theme you find will work and it has to be changed and customized to meet certain conditions –

1). The theme should look professional and should hook the visitors. Apart from being professional it should also have a personal touch.

Examples –

If you have some experience in finding which designs are best that hooks the visitors and visitors stay there longer.

2). Key features –

Sliding Banner above. (not necessary) – The banner can also be stationary with important featured articles as on

Vidoes. Images, etc. on right hand column

Good commenting features – Gravtar etc.

3). User interaction features – where I can ask a question to visitors and they can respond.


What is your biggest problem in .. ?


What they enter comes on to right hand column — a list of all users problems.

And for each problem there is a recommended article on the site.

4). What others are searching for ?

Option where a list of search terms appear.

And it is hyperlinked to an article on the blog.

5). Product reviews graphics – ratings, charts. (eg. 7 people liked it – what we find on youtube) , thumbs up option.

6). Product review table

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WordPress Theme Coding /customization

I need a programer who is confident in customising wordpress themes. I need someone who can either customize some page layouts and options in the wordpress theme called Constructor or, make the itheme builder theme called Flexx look like Constuctor in design and colour

should be a simple job for someone who has the know how

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Web Layout Conversion To WordPress Theme

Attached is a website design that I need converted to an WordPress theme. The design has already been coded it just needs to be separated in to the different WordPress templates. The links down the left hand side should be Pages there should be 3 layers. Top level of pages would be Media Products, Our Market, etc. The second layer of pages should be Print, Digital, Demographics, etc, and you can see the third level by clicking on print or digital.

You can see how the individual pages will look here

The attached file has CSS, Javascript, etc hosted on an external site, youll need to pull those files from the external site and put them into the template files.

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Web Designer Needed NOW -Simple WordPress Customization

Task Description

1. Help to customized (design) wordpress theme. -Wordpress theme given.
2. Graphics to used from open sources.
3. Simple configuration/installation/customization
4. Sample of sites will be given for reference

a. Proficient in wordpress
b. tagalog speaking
c. can complete within 1-2 days

More assignments with good work and design.

Please PM (send a personal message) if you are interested. Thank you.

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Web Designer / WordPress Developer

I am looking for someone to work 80 hours per month increasing to 160 hours quite soon. The work will be varied – website updates, blog creation, website creation, facebook page customisations, help with blog research, writing tools to automate social networking updates.

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