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.NET Expert For Threaded Application Development

I am looking for absolute experts with experience in developing threaded web-applications in .NET

I need somebody with hands-on experience with managing and optimizing thread pools on an application and DB level. I have multiple ongoing projects in .NET 4.0 + SQL server for the right candidate. Currently I have an application that needs to be debugged and optimized to handle very high volume transactions and incoming requests and manage the thread pool effectively

Please submit details of your experience in this area via PMB

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Python Threaded Download Application

We need a Python application, which

*) downloads a webpage from a list of given urls
*) cut the advertising form the source code using adblockplus filter lists
*) returns the fulltext of the page without any html, the title, the correct url after all redirects
*) start an customziable amount of threads, which do this

The script should use:
*) python 2.6
*) python logging library
*) excellent error handling
*) well documented (for dummies!-)

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Multi-threaded Scraping Job

I need a windows or web application to crawl few sites. The software should be written with c# and .net 3.5

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Threaded Message Board Php & Mysql

I need a a threaded message board creating written in php & mysql.

User can either sign up to the board or use twitter, facebook, myspace, google account to log in.

The user has option as anonymous or display their name.

Their must be a table of reject works

Full administration to admin account

It would be good to use ajax or similar to update threads etc

layout and example please view here –

an duplicated (simpler) board must be created for smart phones.

optional phone app but this would be billed/quoted separately

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Multi Threaded IE Browser With Proxy Support

I am looking for someone to design a multithreaded IE based browser with https proxy and java support. I will require all source code and you will need to show my programer how to use it. Must be written in .net or C#.

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VBulletin PHP Mod Required – Threaded Forum Views

Im looking for someone to write a Threaded Forum View mod for Vbulletin 4.0.5 forum

Out the box VBulletin will show the threads in a topic in a threaded view. What I would like is to see all the Topics on a forum page to have a threaded hierarchical tree of messages posted under it.

In essence I want this modification updating for 4.0.5

Another example of the sort of forum view Im looking for is here:

Please start your bid with BBS so I know you have read these simple instructions

Payment will be made when the MOD is installed and tested on our test forum.

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Covert PHP Mailer To Windows Application

I have a functioning PHP bulk emailer, that I need converted to a windows multi-threaded application.

It must have a gui front end.

*Proxy support

*Ability to load csv file with list of accounts mailed to


Since the application is almost fully coded in PHP and working. With the exception of Proxy support. It should be a relatively easy application to code.

Once I have deliverables and confirmed it meets expectations and works. I will pass to client parties and if they agree that its functioning correctly. Full payment will be sent to programer within 48hrs via paypal. An NDA will be in place as well as contract to protect both parties. If you cannot except these terms, please dont bid. Only serious programers who are familiar with this type of project will be considered.

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