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Make Dynamic Site Similar To

We would like to make a website similar to, but we would like to have sessions, as when people visit the site, it automatically generates an session id. Then they customize, and once sumbit, I want to have the sav file in the control panel which I can download an sav file generated from their customization. I will also provide the sav file, as they will be edited by visitors. And on the payment page, instead of their paypal email, I want it to be my email, which I will provide later via contact.

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Want A Site Pretty Similar To

I would like to start a website similar in functionality to, including the ability to view the map of where items to be collected/delivered. If possible, a better way to see jobs on a particular route as this does not seem to work well on uship.

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Site Similar (graphics + Coding)

I want to create a website 2.0 (both designed and programmed) that is similar format as the website . Graphic design must be attractive, modern, and nice.


– Guest Story Submission (no need for registration!)
– User Comment Submission
– Story Voting
– Story Moderation
– Comment Moderation
– Top posts (of the day, the week, the month, all time)

I will provide more details upon choosing to work with you. Looking forward to it

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Site Similar,built On Joomla/Magento

The site should have the main functionalities of, and should be built on Joomla 1.5.x and Magento that allow people to register, comment, share, purchase, etc.
The site should also have a module allowing users which are registered on Joomla to log in the phpBB forum.

Account system must have FB connect+Twitter integration.

I also need a 2-color (maximum) logo with graphic element and a text which is referred to the website url (please see for your reference).

I will provide you with more information later on.

Thank you.

Kind regards

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Daily Deal Aggregator Site Similar To

I need an aggregator + review site built which pulls data from daily deal sites like,,, etc and posts the data in one central site, similar to, but with a unique look and feel and the ability to post rating and reviews.

I need backend interface developed for various roles such as site admin, editor, merchant to post deals, messages and reviews.

Please contact me for further details on requirements. I need such a site to be developed in 30 days or less which includes deal info from about 20 deal sites. Please provide quote based on this. If your work is satisfactory, I will consider hiring you for future phase of the project which includes more deal sites integrations and mobile apps development. Mult-lingual support is also a future feature possibility.

Please contact me if you can show me a working demo of a similar site that youve done in the past.

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Event Management Site , Similar To

Need to have event management site with unique bar-code e-ticketing

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Looking For Developer To Create Site Similar To Penzu .com

Look at Penzu .com . Im looking to do a site similar to this. If you can create a similar looking and functionally equivalent site, please bid. I listed this as a small project but I will entertain higher bids if you feel it is necessary.

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Online Classified Site – Inspired By

I need a website as inspired by It must have all of the features as inspired by on the frontend and backend. must also have the same set up when it comes to charging fees.. i need this done asap. you can take an existing script and customize it to my liking, i dont care. i need it asap…

If youre good at what you do. This project should be fairly simple. If can show me youre qualified I will use you for other projects. Please also provide references as well.

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Need Site Designed Similar To

I need a site designed to be a replica of Lolsnaps. I prefer wordpress but use whatever content management that needs to be used. My offer is $30 USD for this job.

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Coupon/Deal Site Design Similar To

I am looking a professional programmer or a website designer who can be able to create my coupon/deal site inspired to that of Please take note that coupon/deal website must be inspired by>>>> Have a look at this website before bidding as it will save us a lot of time on the project.

If you thnik you can do this project then please let me know. I would love to see some of your previous design works fro cross check.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

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Group Buying Site – Similar To


I want a group buying site similar to and i have the Groupon Script bought to Im a programmer but i dont know very well PHP language.
I have already changed some parts and are fully functional but i need to add new functionality.
I can give all my support (I am a programmer). Ilooking for a real PHP programmer. I hurry (the project will start by mid-September).

Thank you.

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Freelancer Site Similar To

We are Japanese web 2.0 company and looking for someone to create very similar site to, We will use completed site and transform it into Japanese website for Japanese market. We will provide you entire site designs and layouts so that you can focus on cording.

The feature required exactly same as with : Home, My profile, Projects, Payments, Disputes, Exams, Invite Friends, Freemarket & API as well with optional features ( Featured, Nonpublic, Sealed bids and full time). We however require better feature for viewing users portfolio.

Everything must be cleanly coded, and working. Demos throughout process required.

We are looking for a long term relationship with the developer as we will need updates and maintenance of the website system and services. We will sign a NDA so that you will not disclose our information to others. The website would also have to be suitably secure, to avoid the theft of funding credits, and to protect private user data. No copyright laws/ intellectual property rights should be broken.

Please place a bid ONLY if you have relevant experience with such site and can provide examples of the sites youve done in a PM.

Thank you in advance

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Similar Site Development Of Vacation Portal dot com similar website. Looking to build a vaction rental portal

Owners need to be able to post properties for rental including a description of the property, select the property category, amenities, google map, edit the availibility calendar and upload pictures for viewing

Please adv relevant URLs (if possible with demo admin) of your work. Irrelevant portfolios will be ignored immediately.

Note- release will only be done when site is finished, tested & bug fixed and working on my server and not before.

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Group Buying Site – Similar To


I want a group buying site similar to this means selling daily coupons/vouchers for local businesses – but only after minimum number of coupons is sold.
I want the features like credit card payment, chat, email blasts, referral system with credits, customer accounts, back end html creation, back end reporting, automatic webpage posting for 24hr- to week long period, geographical mapping etc. In addition I would need the option to make it a members only website. So people would need to register before gaining access to the offers.I would like to see a demo of the website because I want to see the functioning of the site so that it matches to what I am looking for and what you are going to provide.
We are a on a limited budget and need to get this up and running as soon as possible but can guarantee future work with the right team as we have a few websites.

Thank you.

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Need Site Function Similar To

Looking to add the "group buying" mechanism to an existing commerce site. there are 5-6 sites like this now, but Im looking for something clean and simple- layout and functions like with ability to customize color scheme. More important that its functional than pretty.

please contact for further details. Looking to spend $500-$1000 depending on offers.

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Web Scraping

Capture a subset (listings in 2 provinces) of a directory from a YP directory site, similar to

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