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Inspirational Chistian Bloggers

To do this job YOU MUST have a freelancer account. Ones I get a good amount of good bids I will make the project on and I will invite you to the project. If you do not have a freelancer account YOU WILL NOT get the job.
The reason why I want you to have a guru account is it takes care of our taxes

I am consulting for a large faith-based client with an enormous web presence — and I am looking for a few superb writers.

We have several hundred bloggers already. Some make in excess of $50,000 a year. The vast majority make less than $100 a month. Everybody makes something. However, your pay will be based on your monthly number of "hits" or visits to your blog.

I need unknown bloggers whose writings make the reader feel really good about themselves. Im looking for the unsung who have somehow been ignored amid the million bloggers already out there.

Is this you? Do you write well on topics relating to Christian faith — particularly inspirational pieces about people — and are you professional enough to change your way of blogging?

The perfect candidate likes writing short, three-paragraph pieces about people. Each piece needs to leave the reader feeling better about themselves and their loving Almighty Creator. We need people who could post something as often as five times a day, seven days a week — some long, some short, other times just a comment accompanying a link to a YouTube video you may have read or seen. We need bloggers who are interested in learning how to promote their blog on Twitter, Facebook and other social media — to draw readers to their blog and increase their monthly paycheck.

Each blog must have a strong "hook" drawing in the reader … as well as strong "takeaway" — something the reader takes away with them.

Successful candidates must fill a niche — a subject area, such as "trying new recipes," or "saving homeless animals" or "working with low-income kids" or "reaching out to the elderly" — something broad enough that they can write a lot of blogs. Strong bloggers with healthy daily followings will be sponsored by advertisers who require to know what theyre sponsoring.

We will occasionally suggest keywords. Today, it might be "snow down South," "when politics turn violent" or "basketball." The blogger would use them purely to boost traffic to their own blog and boost their own income.

We will be working with those bloggers who are making the most money because they have developed a large daily following — those with a large daily audience. We will help them to develop books and videos and audio books — products for which they will be paid royalties in addition to their blog earnings.

If this is of interest to you, I need you to submit the following:

1) A description of your niche — the topic you will be covering

2) A statement from you describing your strategy — just how you would be able to submit short blogs five times a day. Would you stockpile them? Write 20 on Monday and hold onto them for release along with whatever comes to you as the week progresses?

3) A blog you have already written and which serves as a writing sample — demonstrating your ability. It must show your ability to write to Christians, inspiring them to grow in their faith. We will not be using this sample. We just need to see if you can write.

4) All bloggers need to follow the Associated Press Stylebook in terms of punctuation, grammar and spelling.

This project will begin on February 15 and gear up through March 1.

Selection will be based on the quality of writing, strongness of the proposed niche and whether our test readers feel inspired, encouraged and empowered by reading what you have to say.

The size of your paycheck will be up to how many hits you get daily. Books and videos supporting your blog will pay royalties — but will only be offered to bloggers who develop and maintain strong daily numbers.

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