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Links From Quality Blogs Needed – Do A Blog Post

We are looking for people who have quality blogs.

If you have 1 blog or hundreds contact us.

We will pay you to do a review of our site through a blog post.

Here are the requirements:

* Blogs must be on separate IPs
* No link farms
* Must be quality blogs
* Really any PR will work for us but the higher PRs are preferred.
* You will need to write 200+ words on the topic we give you
* You must embed 2 links in the blog post with the keywords we give you and urls
* We dont want blogs that post more than once a day.
* No fake PR blogs
* No blogs that are banned from google
* Blogs must be indexed frequently by google


** MUST BE ORIGINAL CONTENT** — We will test it to make sure the content you write is unique. If you can not write unique content do not apply for this job.

Contact us with your blogs you have and lets talk.

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Need 20 Blog Post(s) For Topics Provided For Mel

Need 20 blog post(s) for topics provided.

– Must be original work, must not have been "spun" using software.

Will provide topics to the winner.


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WP Blog $.050/Post (400-450 Words) – 25-30/day (long Term)!

I am looking for a blogger.

I have 10 WordPress blogs and I want 2-3 posts/day on each blog .

Content must be unique and written or rewritten with your own words.

Youll simply have to write 400-450 words/post.

I am looking for someone who can write

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Post A Pre-made Blog Post To Multiple Numbers Of Blogs/Webs


I am looking for people who can post a pre-made blog post that I will be providing on their own blogs/websites installed by WordPress or any publishing platform.

Whats in the Pre-made Blog Post?
– A Christmas Card image
– A link to the image
– and no other else (No words/textual content)!

– You must have multiple blogs or websites.
– Or any blogs/websites you are permitted to post to.
– And good logic and understanding of this job ad. 😐

– You may post it wherever you want. On a Page, backdate it, post it somewhere that cannot be seen in the homepage. As long as it can be viewed publicly and IS NOT ON A COMMENT FORM.
– You may definitely add your own words to the blog post.
– New blogs are of course welcome.
– You may add multiple subdomains on your own domains to increase payment. New subdomains are very welcome.
– On Blogger, you may do it also as long as subdomain names differ from each other.

– You cannot post it to free article submissions that do not permit banners/images to be included in a blog post.
– It must not be in a COMMENT FORM.
– The blog post should contain the one and only link that is provided. Do not alter or remove it.

Submitting the Output:
– Must be in an Excel file, with the URL of the blog posts and corresponding age of blogs.
– Make sure before submitting that the links are live and have followed the requirements.

– How many sites aged 6 months above can you post the pre-made blog post?
– How many sites aged 6 months below can you post the pre-made blog post?


For any questions, please bid now so we can discuss and get started with this project. When bidding please put the exact price for your target number of blogs. Thanks.

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PHP Script For Automatic Post On Blog Sites – Curl Expert

You will require php and curl expertise to be able to do this project. All I want is to post on blogging sites automatically using php. You must have already have some code that you have done. This is a tough task for new comers – so do not bit if you have nor done this earlier.

The input to the php script will be site name, username, password , title of the blog. The content of the blog will be in a file. The script will take its content from the file.

After posting the content it should return the url of the address where the blog was posted.

Please take a look at the following blogging sites. I have 10 more sites that I will tell separately. You need to quote for 15 such sites


I must have code for at least 2 sites in the first 4 days of the acceptance of bidding.

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Advertise For

Anyone who want to apply fashion clothes as samples at need to write a blog entry or post an thread in a forum.

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20 Blog Comments – 15 Blog Posts Supplied, 5 Of Yours

We are looking for 20 blog comments to be made. We will send 15 of these but we would also like you to comment on 5 blog posts (at least PR2) that you are already aware of (all 5 must be on different domains/servers).

Please send a sample of (at least) 20 different comment pages you have done before – a valid background in this kind of project will be preferred.

Links on the comments should be DO follow, 90% of the comments should have a live, follow link on them.

We expect this project to be completed in 3 days after you are given the go ahead to work on this.

This blog comments require a high standard of English and must be related to the subject of the blog post. The comments must be submitted by people not software.

A report of the blogs you have commented on, along with the text you have used as your blog comment must be provided.

We have lots more work for the right person, this is just a start to the work we require.

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Compare Car Insurance – – Blog Post


I need 50 separate (website) links to for terms relating to Price Comparisons, Insurance (Car Insurance, Compare Car Insurance etc), Mortgages and Loans.

Looking for someone to post relevant quality unique information about the topic (car insurance, van insurance, home insurance, mortgages etc) in various UK blogs, forums and comments for

Many thanks,

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Need Blog Post(s) On Following Topics For Mel

Total of 20 … 300 – 400 words each for mel

– improve patient care by surveying your patients (2 posts)
– to trust your patient feedback data, make sure your staff cannot take the survey themselves pretending to be patients (2 posts)
– run your medical practice like a business; get customer feedback (2 posts)
– doctors can use patient feedback as well to improve patient care (2 posts)
– make your staff be accountable for patient care and customer satisfaction (2 posts)
– monthly office meetings should include patient feedback scores (2 posts)
– some data (facts) actual research about surveys (with references) (4 posts)
– give bonus to employees who provide exceptional patient care … get patient feedback to know who is doing a good job (2 posts)
– make your office manager be accountable for patient satisfaction scores (2 posts)


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Blog (Rss Feed) Aggregator

I am look to create a blog site that consists of aggregated content from other sites. The site will not maintain its own blog content. Rather all the content will be fed in, organized, filtered and then displayed. This the displayed information is intended to be public so any one can access the site and view its content. Much like google reader.
The site can be built from scratch or a preexisting CMS. It should be able to handle feeds that contain text, images, and video content. The backend should allow for feeds to be organized in to catagories and applying new styles to the feed posts before redisplaying them. I see the overall style being similar to
The main page of the site will title area and a content area. The title area will consist of a title banner and navigational links. The content area will be split into two columns. The first will be the wide column consisting of the blog post. These post will render in chronological order. The title of the post will link to the site where the content is from. The entire post will be visible on the site. At the end of the post the user can select the comments link that will also take them to the the original site. In the second column there will be links to recent posts, specific categories, and eventually site polls. More detials to come.

The developer sould have a good backgroud in design and focus on appeal and usibility. The look and feel should be simple and inviting. If you are interested please send information on other sites that you have created, information on your rates, and a proposed timeline based on the information presented. Experienced and creative developers are highly encouraged to bid. Thanks.

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Spanish to English translation of blog posts

I need a person to translate into English articles originally written in Spanish for my personal blog. Normally I would translate myself, but lack of time has precluded me from doing it lately and as a consequence my English language blog is severely out of date.

Your job would consist on:

1.- Subscribe to my Spanish language blog RSS feed.
2.- Not later than 48 hours after I publish a new article on my Spanish language blog, you are expected to read it, translate it into English and publish it on my English language blog, selecting a proper category (similar to the orginal Spanish category), selecting descriptive tags (also similar to the Spanish ones) and producing a small two or three-lines summary for the post excerpt.
3.- Obviously automatic or programmatic translations would be rejected, since that I could do by myself.

The Spanish language blog deals with politics and economics of Venezuela, therefore if you are (a) Venezuelan and/or (b) knowledgeable about those themes, then you have and advantage in bidding.

Im most concerned about quality of the translation, not speed, so bear that in mind when you bid.

I order to be considered for this job, please PM me explaining your background and your qualifications. Include in your PM verifiable references of your previous work done translating from Spanish into English and by this I mean: translation samples of your own work (including both original & translation) and please, do not send MS Word or OpenOffice Documents, any person sending a DOC file or even an RTF file will be rejected immediately. I prefer plain text or an URL where I can read both the original in Spanish and the translation in English.

I publish as few as five (5) and as many as sixty (60) articles per month, so if you are selected you could be working more or less on a continuous basis translating blog posts. Sometimes I publish articles translated from English in my Spanish language blog, these post would not need to be translated, of course.

Place your bid assuming you will translate on average 20 articles per month with an average 500 word count, therefore, assume you will translate on average 10,000 words per month. Of course, sometimes you will translate more, sometimes less. It depends on how much I write in the Spanish language blog.

After I select a winner, your job will be to translate my last 20 articles, which according to the blog software represent a total of 9,537 words. We will round it to 10,000 words this time, but for all future translation work, we would use the word count provided by the blog software.

In conclusion, please post your bid for translation from English into Spanish of 10,000 words in total.

I will provide to those who request it, a sample blog post of about 230 words, which I expect aspirants will translate into English in order to evaluate their capabilities. I will also give you a sample blog post in Spanish and my translation of this post into English, so you can fully appreciate what Im looking for. I would expect your translation to be at least as good as mine or even better.

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English text – write photography blog/articles

1. I need someone that can write great and interesting articles about photography in English.
People enjoy facts, figures, humour and tips. Provide great information.
See blog posts from – I need something similar.

2. I need someone to take some English text / ideas and be able to make good and interesting and correctly written blog post from that text.

3. You must be able to write and proof-read english text and correct it.
You must write 100% correct English and I must be able to talk to you on msn about the project.
It is not enough to talk to some project leader – I must be able to talk to the person that is going to write the text.

You must understand photography.
You must show me that your English is perfect.
Understand that all articles belong exclusively to us upon submission since this is "work for hire".

You can not give and/or sell any of the articles you write for us to anyone else or use them for anything since you sold them to us exclusively.

This project is confidential and is not to be discussed except between us.

Person / Team MUST be able to write in proper English

Meet deadlines and communication is very important.

Please send one sample of your work with your bid

The writer must be willing to modify the text to satisfy our needs. We are looking for writers who want long-term business relationships

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WordPress Plugin: Auto Comment My Own Blog Posts

Dear Freelancer!

I am interested in a WordPress-Plugin that adds automatically comments to my own posts on my own blog.

### The features i need for that plugin:

-automatically post comments to my own blog-posts
-login/posting as random users
-define which posts should be commented automatically (or every post)
-amount of comments per post perday is randomizable between x-xxx

-randomization of comment content like:
-auto pull comment content from rss feeds
-integrated editor for different comment content
-different sources where to pull comment content from (maybe twitter or other existing comments)

-updates for following wp-versions

-> more features? up to you!

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Insurance Blog Website with Plugins

HI, i am looking for a blog for an insurance website. I would like a set up witha plugin that pulls all of those articles from the web via rss feed automatically. So I dont evenhave to make posts, and new pages will be added. . The blog will have its own google xml sitemap that asks the search engines to index the blog pages daily at it received updates. I would you to need to install some html codes for the affiliate programs that go into it.

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