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Typo3 Website

Standard Typo3 Website with 3 Subtemplates, 2 Languages, RealURL and some js-Stuff.
Has to be finished within the next 10 days. Very simple webdesign.

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Typo3 Site Needed

I need someone who can build a typo3 website.
my budget for this project is 1000 usd.
plz send me typo3 references through pm while bidding. bids without references will not be considered.
plz pm me and i will let you know project details through pm.
happy bidding.

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TYPO3 Website

Hello, need someone to build a website in 2 languages with TYPO3!

I have already made the design with Photoshop and installed Typo3 on the server, i just need the creation of the template ive designed.

Hope to find someone able to do that.

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2x Website Designs (templates)

We need two website designs, for ourselves:

1. One website – is a photo-gallery

– clear design (maybe with a black theme)
– noble and smart design
– most are pictures – as photo-gallery

website later based on joomla, typo3 or flash

2. One website – is a training academy

– serious design (like bank, or investment bank)
– clear design (maybe with a white theme)
– smart and interesting design
– most content are text and some pictures

website later based on joomla, typo3 or flash

if you are a serious and professionell designer with an eye for good design, color harmony and typography pls post.
Please put only 3 of your best excamples in the attachment to show us, what you can do, pls also your s.kypename.
You need to speak english fluently.

most of you can make horrible website-designs:
thank you, but that we can make also, we do not need you.

at the end we need for every website 3x finished proposals, where we can choose one.

thank you

holger bienfeld

ps: price is per website

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Typo3 Setup And Configuration For Adds Financed Sites/magazi

We need help setting up a Typo3 system with adds booking sales and control functions.
The system must support multiple sites sharing basic functions.

Why Typo3?
Because we did use it some years ago and think it

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Typo3 Project Urgent.

I want the following things to be done in a website.

1. Site-map – Generate a site-map .

2. Rss feed – generate the Rss feed .

3. Newsletter subscription – Form correction and link to the image .

4. Featured Destination – Stop random display .

5. Banners on Home Page – Resize .

For the typo3 experts , this will be very easy.

No R&D on the website. Please show some sample typo3 examples.

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Typo3 Website

– typo3 webseite einige kleine Änderungen vornehmen.

– change small thinks in typo3 site

Bitte nur Anbieter mit sehr guten Typo3 Kentnissen.
Please only suppliers with perfect typo3 knowledge.

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Transfer Simple Website To Typo3

I am looking for someone to transfer our very small and simple universitary website derma-filler [dot] de from usual php into typo3, so it will be easier to handle and update in the future.

The design should be kept as at the moment, all the content has to be transferred.

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Transfer My Site Into TYPO3

Need an expert who can transfer my site (apartment24-vienna dot com) into current Typo3 version. Please only bid if you can prove that you already developed sites in that CMS.

– Needed structure in English and German.
– URL rewrite ….no &%? etc….
– dynamic sitemap per each language
– newspart (infos about, city, rentals, what to do, etc….)
– reservation (which is basically an email)
– similar layout as current
– seo friendlyness is a must – title, keywords, description per each language
– easy navigation

budget approx 300$

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Proyectos En TYPO3

Necesito un programador experto en TYPO3 que pueda integrar las plantillas que yo le proporcione en xhtml+CSS. Sería añadir los codigos en typoscrypt para que funcione perfectamente.

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Simple Typo3 Extention

Utilizing web scrapped data from another project, make simple job search typo3 extention.

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Typo3 Skinning

This is an existing Typo3 website that needs a new design. I will work with the client to create the new design, I would like someone to implement it on the site.

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Need Typo3 CMS/WebDesigner Guru For Aviation Specialty Site

I need a custom theme & layout setup for an Aviation Industry specific website.. Which is more or less an information portal of that industry. I have a basic outline for requirements of the theme and layout, PM for the details. There will be graphic design involved in this(minor, but there some involved), most of it will be web design.

There is a possibility for future work related to job in the future as well if Im pleased with the work.

**This is a repost of a job that was to be for drupal.. However, we have since decided to go with typo3 instead**

Typo3 includes modules I believe for all sub-sections of the website that will be needed, so given a basic outline. A clean Aviation oriented theme & layout must be created within the typo3 CMS environment to include the use css styling sheets for the theme.

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You Typo3 – We The Rest – Happy Collaboration


The project consists of the following steps:

You setup a Typo3 system on the clients web server.

The website will be password-protected until it goes public.

You receive HTML / CSS templates from us.

You build Typo3 templates from the material you receive from us.

You use TemplaVoila.

You build a page branch, i.e., you create empty pages using the structure from the existing website (about 30 pages).

You need not fill the pages with the content from the existing website.

The new website has the following special features:

A search box on every page.

A page where the user can finetune a search.

A search results page.

A news page.

Snippets from the news appear in the right column of any page.

A press realease page.

A top navigation (needs not be configurable using Typo3).

A left column navigation (maintained by Typo3).

A small FAQ in one section of the website.

Another small FAQ in another section of the website.

Two forms (creating emails).

A tab-navigation element in the main content area.

Thank you for your quote.

Harald Schendera

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Typo3 Expert Needed

Due failure of other lancers, we have to repost our project.

1, You make css adjustments (like expanding menu)

2, You convert PSD to xHTML Typo3 template.

Good Luck

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Typo3 Templates Webpage

* great a professional typo3 template (dynamic webpage) like our design
* around 20 pages / 3 languages

Please only provider with typo3 experience!!!!!!

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Typo3 Webseite

Wir suchen einen Typo3 Spezialisten zur Hilfe bei einem Projekt.
Wir möchten gerne die Abwicklung des Projekts in deutscher Sprache vornehmen.
Vorraussichtliche Dauer des Projekts 40Std.
Bei guter Arbeit greifen wir bei zukünftiger Arbeit auch auf Sie zurück.

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PHP And OS CMS Programmer Netherlands

We have several projects for which we seek good expertise.

We seek programmers (PHP/Java) to join our team in the Netherlands.
We prefer someone based in the Netherlands who:
– unsterstands PHP or Java.
– Familiar with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle.
– Affinity with Open Source CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, TYPO3, Liferay, etc.
– Loves programming.
– Take on challenges.
– Is open to learn new things and transfer them as a trainer.
– Dont mind traveling within the Netherlands for potential projects on site.

Salary indication: depending on experience between Euro 10 – 25 per hour gross / monthly gross average Euro 1700 – Euro 4300.

Our team is a small but dedicated team of Graphic User Interface (GUI) Designeers and Open Source Developers. Furthermore we write manuals in Dutch and English focused on the developed IT platform. In addition we give users and developers courses in Drupal and Joomla. Also we develop our own drupal modules that will soon be available on drupaldotorg.

Because Open Source is our passion, we are 7 days a week available for our customers. From our location Alkmaar (and or from your location is negotiable) we work as a team to continuously improve our customer websites and take care of launching new concepts. More information about us you can find on marlinyarddotorg. Are you the one we are looking for? Send your motivation and resume to infoatmarlinyarddotorg.

Best regards,
Marlin Yard Business Consultancy

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Need someone to setup up TYPO3 CMS site that will contain data for exisiting static web site. This would be setting up template to contain content. I can install TYPO3, but need someone to create template and set up pages where I can add content.

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Webpage Typo3


I need our wepage in typo3 and with 2 flash banners.
Also the php contact form should work.

You need to but the webpage in our Server.

This project should be finished within 2 weeks.


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Social Networking Website

Social networking site designed in web 2.0 style with community functions. You do the concept, developing, design, code and if possible do the hosting + maintenance for the site. This site would be build to grow and be advertised via TV and digital adertising in further steps.

* Developer must be able to communicate well in English or German.
* We prefer php, typo3 and mysql but we are open for other ideas.
* Pages must be indexable by search engines. Using apache rewrite/etc. Must perform well under high traffic situtations.
* The site must have a funcionality to switch languages and add more after the initial launch. For the start two languages (german/english) must be implemented. the german translation will be provided by us. Maybe we will include your language if you like to provide translation and text.
* All aspects of the website must be secure, and have an administrator backend for management.
* We are looking for a long time relationship while this project is only the first. We like to build up a workchain and network to create great online projects together. Now and in the future.
* We would like to see examples of pages you have done. This examples must show design and manageable code. We also like to see a Demo of a page/pages you have done that involve social networking functions, as well as backend functions.
* Client References where applicable.

Full commercial terms will be mutually agreed upon assignment. The payment will include stage payments based on achievement of deliverable.
Project requires all original coding that we will own all rights to.

* This will be a social networking website.
* This website is about showing your stuff and swapping your stuff.

* The Website design should be simple and a bit colourful with a focus on content in the form of images and short descriptive texts.
* A good example for the design we aim for:

Similar Website

More information and our goals/visions via PM.

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Typo3 Webpage

Webpage Typo3 (you need experience in Typo3 programming)

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Typo3 Specialist


we are looking for a Typo3 integration specialist – we provide fully sliced and semantically coded HTML/CSS, you will be responsible for integration in Typo3, installation and deployment.
We are looking for someone to work with long term. You MUST fulfill the following requierments

– fluent in English and/or Spanish
– proven record of Typo3 projects
– we work only with individuals not with companies.
– available to start work now
– be available over Skype (voice and chat)

As we are looking for long term relation (we are packed with projects and more is coming in every day) we are asking you to bid here on 10 HOURS of work.

Thanks a lot and happy bidding.

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Modifications To An X-Cart / Modifications To A Typo3 Site

Various modifications and additions are to be done in our multicurrency, multi languages X-cart with various addons.

1) Products that have a discount up to 5% shall be marked on the thumbnails (at the moment a yellow star indicating "x% discount") with another marker than products that are discounted higher, e.g. 20% (those should have e.g. a red star indicating x% special discount).

2) standard customer reviews are for each product. We want to have customer reviews per category (of up to 200 products per category with different designs). Manual modifications in X-carts CSV is no option. There might be an addon in the makret or it would have to made new.

3) Orders that are made in Euro or Dollars are to be charged by Paypal in the same currency (and not converted, as it is now, into our CHF-currency).

4) Our shop has sub-shops where buyers get special discounts (according to their membership). The shipping charges also should be variable according to the sub-shop (and of course the region it is shipped, but this is standard).

We have many more projects for this shop, like modifying the layout, setting up a follow-up / newsletter system, arranging for the order confirmation to come in the clients language, correcting layoutproblems in the various browsers, etc.

Please do only apply if you have experience with altering X-Cart and if you can give us min. 3 references of x-carts sites you have successfully worked on.

B) TYPO3 – various from editing to programming to copywriting…
A (non-typo3-) site named name.INFO shall be renamed name.COM ("name" is always the same name)

name.CH (a typo3 site) has many links dispersed in more than 1000 pages to (so stupid!)

The domain name.COM points to name.CH

All the -> links in the domain have to be changed to ->name.CH

2) many of our typo3-sites have the same title tag, probably because of a template. For SEO-reasons these titles should be individualized on base of the text title in english and possibly french and German, too.

3) adapting the layout of the .ch site to be the same layout as the (future) .com site

4) copying, placing, editing translations of the German text into the French and English, Italian typo3-language part, later Italian, too.

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Export A Website From Typo3

I have a website running under typo3. I want to move this site to another server.
I will not use typo3 again on the new server. I dont need the database from the current website.
Payment after the job is done.

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TYPO3: Rtehtmlarea Textcounter

We need a textcounter like this:
But in the rtehtmlarea of the backend of the cms TYPO3.

It should be configurable with things like max. length, …

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Typo3 Extension

According to the enclosed graphic file (customer reference) a Typo3 extension has to be developed. The reference box consists of 5 parts which can be edited in Typo3.

1. Header
2. Name of a company
3. Text
4. Logo which can be uploaded an is concerted in correct format (size)
5. Name and position

The extension must allow the management of an unlimited number of references which than fade over from one reference to the next. The number of seconds a reference will be displayed can be condigured in the extension.

Please only bis, if you are familiar with the development of Typo3 extensions.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Please quote the final price for the project work.
2. If you win the project we will make an escrow payment fot the full project amount.
3. After you have finished your work you will sent us the final code for quality assurance.
4. If necessary, we will let you know about bugs or changes which have to be made.
5. After the project has been finished to our full satisfaction we will release the escrow payment and give you feedback in GAF.

We are looking forward to work with you. For communication purposes please provide us with a skype account.

After you win the project we will make an escrow payment. The escrow payment will be released after you hand over the final code of the project to our satisfaction.

Looging forward to work with you.

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