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Twitter & Facebook Experiences And Paypal


I need someone help me and must be professional with experiences and past work at :
twitter , facebook and paypal .
If tests and real work is good , then may continue as long term .
this for honest persons and methods only .
you are welcome .


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1000 Votes On Facebook.

I need 1000 votes/nominations here. I need as many votes as you can provide according to tos. Please advise.

Use real facebook / twitter ids.
I will pay you 30$ for this.
Instant work needed.

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Create, Fully Optimize And Manage Facebook Fanpage/Twitter

Create, Fully Optimize And Manage Facebook Fan-pages + Twitter (separate price for twitter please)
10,000 Facebook Fans for Facebook Fanpage.

-All Fans must be REAL PEOPLE with ACTIVE facebook pages (no fake accounts) or accounts at risk of being suspended. ABSOLUTELY NO FAKES, NO BOTS, NO SPAM!
-Fans are to be located within United States
-All fans must have a minimum of 50+ friends with a minimum of 5 photos.
-All fans must be the age of 18 and over.
-All fans must be active and have logged in within the past 15 days.
-All fans must have their status updated within the past 30 days.
-ABSOLUTELY NO fans are allowed to be spammers or risk of having their accounts deleted.
-ABSOLUTELY NO fans with illegal pictures, pornography or any content that will jeopardize their accounts deleted.
-ABSOLUTELY NO fans that will risk my fan page being deleted.
-Please use good practices for inviting fans. (Facebook account must not be banned/deleted for your actions. It should always be kept active. If Facebook account is not complete there will be no payment for this project.

You will be paid 20 days after project completion. Please note that payment might be reduced accordingly if fans do not remain active during the 20 day period.

Please provide the following:
-Price (for 1 and 4 accounts) + facebook + twitter separate quotes
-Estimated delivery date
-Past work experience
-URLS with some of the best Facebook Fan page work

Have a ton of work

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