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Transform SQL Query To An Updating Stored Procedure

I have a SQL query that returns 2 columns whice are IDs from 2 tables on a one to one relationship.
I need this to update two table in a MS SQL database using a stored procedure, looping through each row of the query. The query currently matches 1:1 even if there is a dupe and it is important that it only updates 1 matching entry in each table even if there are dupes.

Please see attached sample query and notes.

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Typing Up Of Handwritten Notes & Updating Googlemaps

This project is a combination of two of my previous projects:

Typing up of hand written notes 2 is (Project Number 975105)
Updating Googlemap locations for website (Project Number 981570)

The project will be divided into two stages as I will have to upload the typed up notes into the website. This will then make the Googlemaps available for updating.

There are approximately 50 pages (9 batch files) of notes to be updated. I have attached a sample of a batch file so you can see the handwritten notes and presentation of Googlemaps. I have also include a file showing the instructions so you can see what is involved in updating each Googlemap record.

****Typing up of hand written notes****
I need the data typed into seperate columns in Excel so that they can be uploaded into a website.

The are 4 colums required:
Column 1 = Location Name (these have been written inCAPS and small-letters, however need them in Title Case so that only first letter of each word is capitalised)
Column 2 = Location Position (will typically look like C1, A3, B12 etc and will be written in Pink)
Column 3 = Street Name (appears at top of list of locations in the centre)
Column 4 = Street Type (e.g. Street, Boulevard, Lane, Road)

****Updating of Googlemap Locations****

The aim of this exercise is to update the marker position on the Googlemap for each location.

The website is an online retail directory of locations around the city. The correct position of the marker on each Googlemap is critical as many streets and locations are not sufficiently signed or labelled in real life! Many web visitors will print these maps and take them in the car with them or search them via Blackberry/SmartPhone while in the car.

When a new location is established in the database it automatically defaults to the following:

Latitude: 6.450088719070919

I have recently loaded a number of new locations and need someone to manually edit and update the marker on the GoogleMap

In the files that will be sent though there are 26 maps showing a total of 780 locations.

Each update should only take 1-2 minutes, once the updater is familiar with the streetmap. All the locations are in a local area covering approximately a few miles.

The instructions attached are based on the easiest method I found when updating the records. I have included a screen dump of what the website will look like after each action. Please use this to estimate how long it will take you to complete the assignment and the work involved.

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Data Entry – Adding Updating Products

Im looking for someone to add products to my website. I have 3DCart and I need product images and text copied from one site to my site.

There are about 200-300 products that need to be added. You should have some familiarity with 3DCart know/understand SEO because this will have to be imputed as well.

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VBulletin Mod Updating

I need a forum Add-on/mod updated from vbulletin 3.8 to vbulletin 4.x.
The 3.8 version works fine and I need it updated to the new format of vbulletin 4.

I could do the project myself but dont have the time.
I have a budget in mind and will only concider those with a good reputation and speed and efficiency is a must.

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Website Updating / New

I have a client that needs his website re-designed. It will be a fairly basic website with pictures, videos, equipment lists and made interactive with a page for comments / requests.
Pages with information sheets on how to do certain things
I will furnish example sites to interested bidders.

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Updating Of Existing Website

We have used Freelancer in the past for creating our website. The person we worked with was great in doing most of the work but unfortunately they werent too English literate thus making many spelling and grammar errors.

What we are looking to do now is work with some one that is English Literate, has good vision when it comes to working on updating an existing website for an American Commercial Finance Company.

Our website is complete and running online, but we are looking to update some of the texts (such as font, size and color), color of backgrounds and some pictures to make the website more appealing to the eye. All of the work we are requesting is fairly easy, as I will give you the text and colors I want things to be and I will be open to any new ideas/suggestions that you may have. There are about 10 pages total on our website and there are minor touch-ups that I would like to do on each page.

I look forward to your responses. Thanks!

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After Effects Updating

I have an After Effects file with music located here:

i need to replace about 5-8 photos and replace the text with our copy. I will supply the same music which you must include in the final project.

if you do this well and quick, I have 3 additional jobs similar. Please note, the render times will likely be long so please bid accordingly.

I will give you excellent details and instructions.

I will not pay up front. I have a perfect rating on and i pay very fast and communicate very well. I expect the same. Thanks for looking!

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New Update Of A Website


I need to do several updates to an existing website

– removing a logo and Valentino designer page
– adding texts on home page of italian and german versions
– implementing the proofreading corrections to the text on all versions of the website
– updating the press page
– updating home page for a specific event (text box)

This job should be finished within 7 days.


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Completion Of Deal Website – Needed In 2 Days

Looking for a developer with excellent English and communication skills to complete a website almost exactly like groupon. Must be able to complete the website in 2 days, starting tomorrow/Friday, and be available to work this weekend.

Please confirm your availability in your response as well as indicate your experience with PHP, MySQL and Ajax, including examples of your work, both front-end and back-end (Admin panel). If you can provide a reference we can contact, that will be looked on very favorably.

Example/primary issues on the bug list include updating text of system-generated emails, adding facebook login/like buttons, changing the displayed deal picture size in several places, updating text throughout the site, and updating information shown on a generated report.

I will send suitable candidates the complete bug list and you can revise your bid at that point if you need to. We are mainly concerned with getting the site completed accurately and quickly.

We have other related projects (increasing functionality of the site, etc.) that we can use you for if we like your work.

Thank you for your time.

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Fix My Server Issues After Updating To Plesk 10.1.1 F

I am running CentOs5 and Parallels Plesk Panel, after updating from 10.0.1 to 10.1.1. the Apache server runs at 100% CPU time and my website is not available. KnowledgeTree is installed on that website. I would also need you to clean up my server from unneeded files and folders.


1.Get my website with the full KnowledgeTree installation running again
2. Clean up the server folders from unneeded files like old install files, temp files, etc.



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Need Sql Expert To Optimize Server.

We have a ongoing project that requires a lot of sql and cpu usage. I am seeking a programmer or sql expert to make some tweak the server and make some recommendations to improve growing databases over time.

The site is a ad network and it stores traffic data for each website our ads are located on. When its not storing this data in the database table which is not about 10 million records, its also fetching ads from another table which is about 500,000+.

when the site gets too many request the cpu loads up and everything starts to crash. I am seeking a fixable solution to manage this growing problem and still maintain stability in add fetches, storing and updating a large database.

The other issue is the table with 10million, we have to updating all the click traffic so that its update other tables to show reports for users. I think now that its so big, its not getting to all the clicks and therefore not updating everything.

is there a limit to how many records can be updating in one sequence.

here are my server details.

* Intel Dual Xeon SuperMicro Server
* 1 Xeon CPU Core
* 2048MB Guaranteed Memory
* 100GB RAID-10 Disk Space
* 3000GB Premium Transfer
* R1Soft CDP Daily Backups
* 8 Dedicated IP Addresses

Also Here is my current load via apache status

Current Time: Monday, 31-Jan-2011 11:30:10 CST
Restart Time: Sunday, 30-Jan-2011 22:23:10 CST
Parent Server Generation: 10
Server uptime: 13 hours 7 minutes
Total accesses: 137882 – Total Traffic: 393.5 MB
CPU Usage: u143.48 s2210.17 cu1.37 cs.03 – 4.99% CPU load
2.92 requests/sec – 8.5 kB/second – 2992 B/request
72 requests currently being processed, 4 idle servers

This project is to optimize or tweak the server and provide me a simple solution or idea to manage its growth.

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Hi, we are a group of university friends with an idea similar to the one ParkPatrol ( iPhone application.

The idea is to find and locate all the friends using the same application within the university building or surrounding areas within the defined distance radius and buzzing them if needed.

Tech required:

– Registering first-time user
– Locating the exact location of the user through GPS or any other technology and updating on a web-server
– Check all the other online users within 100-200m radius of that location and updating on a web-server

We are happy to discuss the whole idea and plan in a thorough manner but would like to see rate of bids and price required in such a project.

Happy bidding!

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X-Cart Updating

Need someone to help with website. Have a current website in x-cart. Need someone who knows x cart to update pricing on website. Running off linux OS with MySQL database. Any x-cart pros would be appreciated.

Currently have x cart 3.5 installed. I just need help with updating pricing information in mass. Have about 1500 products… some are to get updated and some not.

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Updating A Joomla Site

This project entails the updating of some code joomla code, the integration of a joomla payment component and restructuring some Joomla templates.

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Telemarketing – Updating Lists -U.S. Companies And Contacts

Telemarketing updating database of companies in U.S.

Getting data and updating lists

Knowleges of excel and google docs a +

Great speaking voice, strong communications skills

Experience with similar type of projects

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Web Design

Brilliant Web Designer wanted for really easy Supercar related Blog/Web site. Something simialr to with similar funcunality and style. I will be updating the Blog Bi-Weekly and will need you to get up ALL the blogs functionality. I will provide all the words/pictures but need you to deliver the rest. I will need you to advise on the best possible Blog format, together with you updating the blog for three month (with words/pictures that I send to you) I will pay a small additional fee for these updates.
Please bid now and attach copies/links to work that you have completed.

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Website Design – Creative Company

I am in need of a newly designed website for my Creative Solutions company. We are designers but dont have time to be updating our site. We need a clean, minimalist approach to our site, sophisticated yet informative. PLEASE NO TEMPLATE BASED DESIGN. We will know and its not what we are after. Just some good HTML, the site will consist of only 4-5 pages. Home, About, Portfolio, Contact. See to get an idea of content. We will also need to be constantly updating and adding portfolio pieces so we need a system in place like WordPress to be able to do this efficiently. I must stress, we need to look professional / slightly corporate with a creative edge.

Lets see what you can come up with…

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Updating Web Page To Users Data Protection Requirements

Updating web page to Users Data Protection Requirements

This short job consists of:

1.- Changing a fax number in all web pages. (The main web pages has the web of two schools, only in one of those should be done.
2.- Adding in main homepage a link to "Privacy Advertisement" and link to "Legal Advice". A popup window should appear with the square pattern of the webpage as background pattern and a short text.
3.- In the 6 forms of the page, adding beside the button SEND a small text advertising the user that they authorise the treatment of their contact details.
The web page is

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Facebook App

Im looking for a programmer to develop a new cool facebook application.
The application is database based, the app appearance is very important – it needs to be cool (flash), useful and inviting.
The logic behind is quite simple. the main functionality is:
– sending mails
– updating db
– updating users wall

for more information, contact me.

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Updating Of Front Page

We are in need of some changes to our frontpage design of our website. We have the changes in a PSD, so what you will need to do is to translate this into our OSCommerce backend.

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Ecommerce Website Design

I am looking for a website designer who can add some pizzazz to an existing e-commerce website. The website needs updating to be more user friendly for both commercial and residential customers. Keywords and phrases need to be used in such a way that the sight is easily found through Google and other internet search engines. The software platform should be one that allows easy updating to the website with new products, information, pricing, etc as we have a significant number of new products to add now and expect to have more new products to add in the future.

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Updating Corporate Collateral In InDesign

We have an existing product datasheet [calling guide] that needs to be updated.
All content is final, and a previous document [InDesign file] already exists. The project is updating the calling guide and is needed by October 8th.

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WordPress Updates

I need for my website to be updated with local information site requires google map updating, article updating, and image updating. List will be based on miami hotels, resturants, nightlife, attractions, and festivals all exclusive to miami beach

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Updating Key Logger Program

We need to update a software program made in 2005. We have the source code available.
The KeyLogger program has issues of being detected by several antivirus programs as a virus due to it logging keystrokes and working undetected. We would like to have the program updated so that it is not stopped and additionally so that it working smoothly on Windows 7.
Program is at:

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Updating A WordPress Site

I am looking for someone to update a wordpress site in two 3 days. You will be required to add drop boxes, photorail. all social media gadgets, add a counter, google calendar, shopping cart, etc

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Need Php Error Fix Asap. Possible Many Future Php Updates…

We need a professional php company to solve a error on our website. We have a pay per click platform that collects visitors and click bids. The entire script is still working as of yesterday, its not updating the information from database into live parts of the website for users. I have pen pointed the error to 1 file which is why its not update the publisher, or users stats. "sitefunction.php"

I am seeking a professional company of person with proven status and a long term record of performing php work.
Because we have sensitive data, trust and professionalism is a must.

IF you can perform this update, as our main programmer is sometime unavailable when needed, we can provide you our updates.

We pay him about 10 dollars per hour on updates and upgrades.

This project is a one time project to fix this issue. We need this done as soon as possible.

All other parts of site is working and store info in database, its just not updating because of this one file which started acting up yesterday.

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