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Need Web Scarping

Need experience programmer to scrape website content and put into a MySql Database. Will give website url after seeing your bids.

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MySQL/PHP/Jaspersoft Online Database

I would like someone to build (on a web URL that I provide) a database that has the ability to store approx 100 discrete items in several tables, and a mechanism to do SQL searching across those items (like to be able to search across any of those parameters. Optimally would be able to link to JasperSoft for reporting and analytics. Would also need to support binary uploaded objects such as PDB/JPG/WAV stored in a cloud location and use a pointer to access.
Initial contract would be to build prototype. If successful, then there would be additional contracts to expand/update etc.

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Scraper and Crawler creator wanted

We invite people who are interested in working on a project to scrape one real estate website. There are two part for this project to work which are the following below.

Your job will be.

1. Fetch/Scrape real estate site that post real estate listing available around the U.S. and extract details of each job like url from those listing, email,company logo from those listing, etc. (Details will be provided) and save it to the mysql database or CSV,Excel format to be transfer to MySQL later on.

2.Build a script to be run as a cronjob on a daily basis from those listing or you can create a crawler similar to the major real estate site which i will reveal later. It will insert/collect new listing found and update status (modified/deactivated) of existing real estate listing. It must handle exceptions like website not available, job lacks certain data. In short, the final script must always run its course everyday without failure.

If you have some question PM me.

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