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Xml Diff/verify Php App

I need really super easy php app that can do:

1. upload original xml file to server
2. upload target.xml file to server
3. extract and list all the variables({xxxxxx}) in string in target xml files
4. diff all the variables in target with variables in original xml
4-1. if there are differences, then overwrite the different variables with the variables from original xml.
5. trim all the space in variables({xxx xx} -> {xxxxx}) that are in target xml.
6. download target xml

Note: downloaded target xml have to have all the updates of 4-1 and 5. The original xml and target xml are all over 5 mb, so this app can handle 10 mb file.

Here, I attach origina.xml and target.xml, so please check them and use them for app.

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Gprs Modem Download Sms Messages

We are looking for a solution which includes up to 5 gprs modems which download sms messages from 5 sim cards, upload the messages to 5 sql server databases and delete the message from the sims. You need to recommend a gprs modem or modems that you are familiar with and provide source code for the application which can be written in VB, VB.NET or Java. The solution will include a config file which allows dynamic variables to be set such as database IP addresses, database names, usernames and passwords, table names, port numbers and any other variables that are needed.

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Curl PHP Script Required

I need a script to log into via Curl and PHP, and then allow me to post variables and get the content of other pages whilst logged in. The code should include some preliminary functions, and then MUST use the syntax:

$br = new Browser();

$postData = array(
[post variables]
$login = $br->postData([url], $postData);

$page = $br->getData([other url);

This is crucial. Someone who can complete the job in the next few hours would be appreciated.

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Passing URL Variables (EASY!)

I have a url that I need to grab a variable from that is coming from an outside website.

The url look like this.

eg. Variable)

The variable above will be enter on the fly by the site above.

The traffic from that url is then passed to my site, I need to grab that variable on my first page from the url and then pass it to the second page.

This is a very simple project and I need to have it done by today.

Please message me if you have any other question.

Happy Bidding!

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Visual Basic Code

"I Need visual basic code for an inheritance hierarchy for classes Quadrilateral, Trapezoid, Parallelogram, rectangle and square.

Use Quadrilateral as the base class of the hierarchy. Specify the instance variables, properties and methods for each class. The private instance variables of the Quadrilateral should be the x-y coordinate pairs for the four endpoints of the Quadrilateral.

Write an application that instantiates objects of your classes and outputs each objects area."

This is a homework problem from the book "Visual Basic 2008- How to program". Chapter 10. I need the source code for the console application.


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Software Application With Graphical Display Of Variables

I have a bunch of variables that are dynamic and need to be sourced from other applications. The current application to be developed will have to display the end results based on my algorithm in a graphical display. I need to complete the engagement in 30 days.

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Programmer / Developer With Knowledge Of Comparison Engines

I need someone to explain how a comparison website would be built, including:

– What software and other programs would be needed
– What skills and technical knowledge would be required
– A general idea of how to go about getting started
– How many programmers (or software engineers?) it would take to build such a site, and an estimate of how long it would take (I realize many variables come into play here, just need you to give me an idea of what those variables are and what I could realistically expect within a given time frame and budget)

This discussion will revolve around the following sites:

This project will pay $50 and its going to be a phone conversation, with you explaining the above to me. So, please be a fluent English speaker

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Google Map – Heat Map With Animation

1) You should have experience with Google maps or heat maps that you can show me.
2) I have files on my server and I want to be able to generate graphs from them. (My scripts generate new files and then I want to make heat maps based on these new files.) The program should allow the user to choose a file and then create the heat map. The graphs should allow for the user to visualize different variables. The model for the map tool should be
3) So the map should be annimated and show allow for the user to show "heat" for different variables. There should be a pulldown menu that will display all the variables. This will be the first step (after selection of the file to be used). The user can then select 4 different variables. This will be the four colored buttons that you can see at the top right of So they choose 4 variables to visualize simultaneously and then they can play the automation as shown on that site ( The size of the actually google map should be somewhat adjustable. The color of the background of the application does not need to be the (ugly) blue at
4) There should also be a "ALL Time" button that shows the heat for any of the selected variables summarized over the entire time frame. The user would select a single variable for this and then the could see a heat map for just that variable over the entire time frame. In this case the size of the map could be larger since the graphs wont be present. Ajax should be used on this map so that when the user clicks on an area the closest record to that location should display the "Text" field of that record. Actually it should display the Text field of the 3 closest records.
5) There should also be the option to have two instances of the google map shown next to each other. This would not be in the case of the animated map (not like #3 above) but two instances of the case #4 above. This is so that the user can visualize two different variables (in the ALL TIME mode) next to each other.
6) The files are csv files. However I want to have a script that will make a temporary table in a mysql database (made specifically for this application). The script would simply (?) read the file and based on the number of columns and the column names create a table with these fields and then upload the csv as the records for this table.

Maybe there could be a "loading indicator" until the graph is ready.
The steps would be something like this
1. User navigates to a file on the server.
2. there is button that says something like, graph this file.
3. user presses that button
4. a script is run that creates a table (this table will later be
deleted but you dont have to worry about that) with the fields coming
from the file column names and the records being the rows of the file.
5. Then you do the normal graph sets to create the graphs based on
calls to this table.
The code should be modular enough so that if I decide to just access database data (instead of starting with the csv files) that it should not be hard to chop the code and do this.
Here is a nice beginning but not exactly what I am after.

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Google Analytics Custom Variables


We are looking for a provider who is experienced with coding very advanced Custom Variable scripts for Google Analytics. What we need to do is:

Tag visitors in Google Analytics who enter the site through a keyword source, excluding a set of specific keywords. We will need to be able to segment these tagged visitors within different Google Analytics profiles.

We have already written code to do this, but our results arent accurate.

We need this done within in the next 24 hours.

In your opening bid, please say "I am interested" and post a PM with your thoughts on how to do this. I will delete all bids who dont follow this.

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2 Minute AJAX : Send JS Variables To PHP

I have a PHP page which detects browser size using JavaScript in the <head> section and outputs to 2 JS variables : browserWinWidth and browserWinHeight.

I need to pass these variables to some PHP on the same page (no page refresh is acceptable – hence the need for AJAX) which will set the size of an image. These variables are $imagewidth and $imageheight.

I know this is a 2 minute job for someone who understands AJAX – so please bid accordingly.

I need this done ASAP. Please provide the solution as a simple set of instructions.

JQuery is being used on the page elsewhere, so feel free to use its AJAX methods if you like.

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Personal ADs Needed For Classifeds

I need casual encounter ads that are unique and exclusive. These ads will be used in Classified postings!

These ads should be woman seeking man.

I will need 5 tokens with 150 variables EACH, for the body of the ads.

Each token/variable should be a sentence:

{token1} + {token2} + {token3} + {token4} + {token5} = AD body.

So the variables should be as such as they form a coherent REALISTIC ad. I hope my request is understandable.

Variables should be in text file ONE VARIABLE PER LINE!!

Please let me know if you have any questions; and if possible a sample of your work.


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I Need 3 Htmls With Slider In Jquery – Ajax For Whmcs

Slider for whmcs.

We need an html with jquery slider to put in our website.


This slider changes and after Buy goes to the whmcs selecting package, that normally uses radio buttons, but we need it like exsyshost

We need three htmls.

1-like exsyshost with only one slider

2-other html with 2 sliders ( 2 variables to define and select package)


3-with 3 sliders ( 3 variables to define and select package)


(forgot about linux vs windows in example, whe need only 3 sliders)

Web design of sliders it is not import, but we like more like exsyshost

you will use our installed whmcs developer licence,

And you will upload by ftp your demos to test in

Code should be documented for us to change variables and package. Should be a file where we can change values of slider and which package is related.

For example :

in case of 1 slider:
for value = 1 goes to or pid=43 where pid is number of package.
For value= 1 goes to pid=89 , and so on…

in case of 2 slider:
for valueA=1 and valueB=2 goes to pid=33, and so on…

Dont worry about integration with whmcs , you can make html to link with variables after pressing Buy Now. Html will not be inside whmcs.


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Action Script For Buttons And Variable Textboxes

This project includes 1 flash page that contains 10 buttons. Each button is linked to a dynamic text box.

There will also be a dynamic text box that will display the total of these numbers as they are revealed.

There will be &quot;5&quot; integer variables passed into the swf file. (one will be a zero)

When a button is clicked, the first variable is displayed in a text box, when the 2nd button is clicked, the next variable is displayed etc.., until 0 is passed from variables and then it ends.

Need action script that will initiate and declare the incoming variables and script for each button and text box to make sure the variables are not repeated.

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Microsoft Office VBA Programmer – Word & Excel

We are looking for a Microsoft Office 2007 & 2010 VBA Expert Programmer who can write a robust application for the following task.

Using Word 2007/2010, we create various tour itineraries for special groups. The created word documents are a combination of a letter and the specific itinerary/itineraries.

The details are defined in an Excel table (rows = date&time; columns = groups; cells = itinerary elements/items).
Following these specifications the full itinerary is created in Word. We select by copy/paste and use predefined text blocks to create the document. Oftentimes, these text blocks have to be edited.

Furthermore, after all the text blocks have been collected, the various variables need to be set to correct value. There are many variables in the text and what we need is a function to display a form showing all the variables in the active document ready for the user to type in, or select, replacement text.

In addition to that, there are two variations of the same itinerary. A long, extended version with more explanations and a shorter version.

Both follow basically the same date&time itinerary but differ in some text blocks and in text length.

What we need is an expert who can complete this in a timely matter and thus in a cost effective way.

Please only bid if you have a proven Freelancer job history.Thanks for your bids!

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Book Search In 2 API’s And Return Table Of Variables

Thank you for reading,

I need a search engine that will brings back the variables of Alibris and Amazon book search through their APIs. The results should be returned as a table of results including name, picture, description and price. The order should be from least to highest in the price variable.

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IPad Objective-C Module

I am looking for a good iPhone/iPad programmer to develop a standalone module so that I can use it in my project.

I am a developer myself, and need someone to provide assistance.

If the work is of good quality, and the price is right, then I would be interested in a long term relationship.

What I need:

An iPad UIViewController, that has a single transparent rectangle W=200px, height=175px in the center,

The user can move the rectangle using single finger.

the user can resize the rectangle using 1 finger on any edge, AND two fingers on diagonals.

The initial size, and position of the rectangle should be taken from variables in the UIViewController class
The initial color (r,g,b,a) of the rectangle should be taken from variables in the UIViewController class

The user can not move the rectangle out of the screen

The edges of the rectangle are dashed – – – – – – – – – (like that)
at the 4 corners of the rectangles are tiny circles (these will be a PNG image)

I will require the source code, along with rights to the source code,

Please send me your bid, and 2 -3 examples of the applications you have done. My budget for this is upto $150. The lower the better.

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WordPress Cookie

I have a plugin that captures variables from a querystring, creates shortcodes and it is supposed to set a cookie and store these variables.

The shortcodes are working and the javascript is working also, however the cookies are not being written and therefore are not being read and output.

I need to fix this ASAP.

I will send the plugin once I received interest from people who can fix this. This is a simple addition or fix to an existing plugin.

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Urgent Academic Papers-Health

I need two papers written. APA format and must follow specific guidelines given. These are health related papers.

Paper one:

4 Pages (excluding the title and reference page)

1)Identify the major concepts of the theory – Pharmacoeconomic Theory

Use this reference: Dundee (2004). Pharmacoeconomics

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We are required to collect data to allow the estimation of theory-relevant regression equations using Eviews/SPSS OR STATA. The report should describe the economic problem under investigation, the data used and the techniques employed. Regression results should be interpreted and caveats offered with a view to forming a conclusion on the basis of statistical findings.

Please bear the following in mind

1 Identify an economic relationship that you wish to study (keep it simple) and specify the equation to be estimated. Discuss the economic theory that underlies the relationship and review any literature of direct relevance to it, whether it be of theoretical or empirical nature. Some theories predict the exact values of coefficients; others define a range of permissible values. In some models an important coefficient may be either positive or negative. Is your specification the result of a formal economic model or is it more ad hoc? Briefly discuss why each of the explanatory variables is included and comment on their anticipated effect.

2 Discuss the data requirements for the model. How have you chosen to measure the variables? Are you measuring precisely what the theory stipulates? Are the empirical analogues of the variables specified by theory unavailable or difficult to measure in practise? Are there any problems with the data (measurement error, small samples, data unavailability)

3 Present a brief descriptive exploration of the data. If you are using time series data plot the dependent variable and point out any salient features of the series (trends, outlying observations, structural breaks, etc.) providing explanations if possible. Remember that failure to model distinctive features in the data (wars, strikes etc.) may bias statistical results.

4 Estimate the model and evaluate its statistical performance (t-ratios, R2, diagnostic tests). What do the estimated coefficients imply about the economic relationships (signs, quantitative impacts, elasticities).

5 If you are using time series data you may want to test for the order of integration. Ideally, address issues such as cointegration, short and long-run models.

6 Does the estimated equation support the theory on which it was based? If not, then what factors may explain the empirical results (poor theory, poor model, poor data?) Discuss possible improvements to your original specification (such as a different functional form or additional variables).

7 Conclude your analysis with a summary of the problem and how you have addressed it, discussing the implications and/or caveats of the results

The empirical results (poor theory, poor model, poor data?) Discuss possible improvements to your original specification (such as a different functional form or additional variables).

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User/Ad Tracking Project

We are using a URL to track our advertising, like this:

We currently set a cookie when they land on the site to hold the 3 variables in the url string (m/c/ad), plus a fourth variable that is a compilation of the m/c/ad values.

We are currently using cookies to accomplish this, but we want to store those variables in a SQL database on our site, so we can call the variable values for the user up at any point in the process and use them in any page on our site and not have to worry if a user doesnt have cookies enabled.

Because we will need to make sure that the specific user is the one we calling up the info for, in addition to storing the URL variables we need to capture and DB the users IP address, their operating system, browser, & unique serial number (or whatever unique ID thats available) that ties the individual computer to a unique identifier in the database so we can merge the proper variables in from the DB to the pages as needed.

We dont want to rely just on php sessions because there are multiple forms in our process and we need to call up the variable data at different places in the process.

So this project involves doing whatever it takes to accomplish the requirements above.

Additionally, you also need to code one of our existing standard pages and one of our exit pages on our site to pull the user data from the database and use it on the page and provide detailed instructions so that we know how to do it ourselves.

Whatever is done has to not conflict with what we currently have in place on our pages for our multivariate testing system and CRM.

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Lisp Program Need To Be Done

Resolution theorem proover
Write a program which takes as a input


Statement1 and Statement2 are the facts. We have to proove the
Conclusion using resolution.

The above three are infix expressions of first
order predicate logic.

Expression may have symbols,variables, existential quantifiers,
universal quantifiers.

Part 1:

Convert all three expressions to CNF(Conjective Normal Form) form.

a)While converting to CNF,
If clauses have variables,
Standardize variables

1. For sentences like (?x P(x)) ? (?x Q(x)) which use the same variable name twice, change the name of one of the variables. This avoids confusion later when we drop the quantifiers.
2. From ?x [?y Animal(y) ? ¬Loves(x, y)] ? [?y Loves(y, x)]. we obtain: ?x [?y Animal(y) ? ¬Loves(x, y)] ? [?z Loves(z,x)].

b)Removing quantifiers
Existential Quantifiers are converted to skolem functions.
Universal Quantifiers are dropped after variables are standardized.

Part 2:

Add individual clauses generated by converting to conjuctive normal form to a database using
lisp alists. Add the negation of the conclusion to the database.

Part 3:

Try to find a contradiction by combining two clauses from the database.
If we find a contradiction we exit, thus Conclusion is proven. If not we continue our search.

If the clauses have variables use unification algorithm to equate the two clause.

Sample formats

(or p q)
(implies p q)
(not r)
(forall ?x (forall ?y (exists ?z (implies (P ?x ?y) (Q ?x ?y ?z))))) this is equivalent to ?x [?y [?z [ P(x,y) -> Q(x,y,z) ]]]

Note: A ? before symbol indicates variable.

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Data Sets/Variables PSD Troubleshooting

I am looking for someone to help troubleshoot a psd file that is not importing the dataset csv file I have created for it. Looking for someone with experience in: photoshop variables, action sets, and data sets.

The error message received upon unsuccessful import of data sets csv file is:

"Could not parse the file contents as a data set. Data set 2 was incomplete."

Please submit a private message with a short description of your work experience. Looking ti hire tonight!!!

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Detect And Convert $_GET[‘xx’] Whatever Encoding To UTF-8

Hello fellows,

We have a PHP script that collects data from different websites, with different Character Encoding.

Simply, we give our client a code that he places into his website.

The data is collected via a link that delivers $_GET variables to our website.

Here is an example:

As you see, when the link is pressed, we get the needed data.

The variables, my hold data in English, French, Indian, Arabic.. and any other language..


Simply, we want some talented PHP coder to code that script so it deals with the coming variables and convert their data to UTF-8 fixed.

We are ready to answer any extra quires that you need.. or provide more info.


– Regards..

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Visual Basic 2010 Threadpooling Help Needed.


I need someone to create a simple visual basic 2010 project to show me how to do the following using threadpooling, this is just for me to learn and in the future the tasks will be doing alot more things than just setting variables :

TaskA : 10 variables are set and the same variables are used all the time.

TaskB : The variables from TaskA are collected and more variables are set.

TaskC : The variables from TaskB are collected and more variables are set.

TaskD : The variables from TaskC are collected and more variables are set.

TaskE : The variables from TaskD are collected and more variables are set.

TaskF : The variables from TaskE are collected and more variables are set. (Only one instance of this task should be run at a time)

TaskG : The variables from TaskF are collected and more variables are set.

In each task there must be a check to see if an error has occured and if it has then the thread should close and another fresh one started from TaskA.

The Process

On a click of a button 10 threads are started and they all run TaskA, when one finishes TaskA it moves onto TaskB and another thread is started to run TaskA and so on, until the amount of full runs needed has been reached.

This part is crucial. All the variables will need to be thread safe so when theres lots of threads doing the same task they dont interfere with eachother and the correct data is passed on to the next Task.

The form must have a the following on it :

1) A textbox where the total number of runs needed can be set.

2) A textbox where the maximum total number of threads running at one time can be set.

3) A Start button which is disabled when the process is running.

4) A Pause button which obviously pauses everything.

5) A Stop button which obviously stops everything and clears everything ready for if the user decides to start again.

You can decide what the actual tasks do but using some kind of webscraping or similar would be ideal.

The person I choose must be able to chat to me on MSN or Skype to make sure I fully understand it.

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Language Changer For C# Projects

Take an example that you have made an application in C# using variables and messages in English language. And now you want to convert this project with its Texts and variables and messages into french or japanese. So without changing your code by using this app. you can make changes into the language of your application..

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Simple Shopping Cart Project

I need a shopping cart site with following feature

Here are the requirements of each major section of the project:

-Web-based management (add item, delete item, modify item, modify item quantity, view current inventory, view inventory sold, etc.)
-Multiple front-end websites must be able to use the same inventory at the same time
-Multiple types of items
-Each Type need to be able to have special variables
-Items need to be able to be linked together
-Items need to be able to be a collection of other items
-Items need to be able to be a random choice of a specific number of inventory items from a specified pool of other items
-Items need to be able to be excluded or included from individual front-ends
-Items need to be able to have different prices and descriptions for each front-end
-Items need to be able to have special prices based on variables such as time of day
-When item is purchased (or put in cart) removed from central inventory
-Inventory system needs to be able to be expanded to handle more than 4 front-ends

Customer Management:
-Need each profile to keep customer names and info
-Need each profile to track sales
-Need each profile to have

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Computer Science

Programming Assignment 2
(Due Wednesday September 1 at Midnight)
Please do not submit program 2 until you have received your graded program 1 back so you do not repeat your mistakes.
(15 points) This is a short program to practice working with registers, add, sub, mov, hex and some Irvine library functions.
Please note that there is a 5% day late penalty and the programs over 7 days late will not be accepted except in cases of emergency or illness. Late penalty begins at Midnight on the due date of the assignment.
You should use the file on the class web site called progTemplate.asm as a starting point for your program.
You should rename progTemplate.asm to prog2.asm.
Note: programs that do not compile will not be accepted. If you make any changes to a program please recompile before submission.
File Name
You should name your file prog2.asm. Please do not use any other name.
Program specification:
Create a prog2.asm file using progTemplate.asm on the class web site as a starting point for your program.
Write a program to evaluate the following expression.
(input + num2) – (num3 – num4) + num1
Input will be a hex number input by the user using Readhex. num1, num2, num3 and num4 are variables defined in the data section of your program.
When you evaluate the above expression you should follow the normal order of operations for evaluating a math expression. You should evaluate the expressions within the parenthesis first and then work left to right.
For example when you evaluate 7 – 3 – 2 you should work left to right so the answer is: 7

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