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Inventory System Vb6

for monitoring in/out, the expiry dates, qty of the products, and can generate reports in printable output ……. could be helpful for future projects (vb 6 Programming) ….Yahoomsngr me

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VB6 To .Net POS

I have a fully functional touch screen Point of sale program written in vb6. I want it converted to and enhanced with customer ordering and to-pay or short term credit sales as well. It was written with only cash sales in mind and operational since march 2005.

The current implimentation require changes to facilitate hawker, to-pay, short term credit sales,(customers that take product to sell on the street or to shops and then pay in later the day or the following day. As well as enhancements to the ordering(Inventory) modules.

These hawkers get discount(commission) on the products at various levels(most volume based) and can change daily. All hawkers do not get the same discount.

Reporting can be basic with enhanced exported to csv, open office,excel. i have run a quick count of code lines, see attached
Please feel free to make suggestments for enhancements

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VB6 Client With Facility To Socket Shutdown

I need a simple sample program – in VB6 that will connect to a server via tcp – that parts easy – I can connect and then

The problem is that I need to send a socket shutdown – after I have sent the message (not Sock.Close)

Here is the instruction as given to me.

"Once you are done sending the message string you need to shut down the SEND side of the socket;

lngRetValue = shutdown(m_lngSocketHandle, SD_SEND)

This is what tells the comm server that you are ready for a response."

I cant seem to do this with the MSock control – what about the api ??

So I need a small VB App Client that will send / receive messages – but the ability to socket – shutdown as well.

I did see somewhere that this is the same as sending a blank string with the FIN bit set !!! (if thats any help)

Thanks for looking

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VB6 Project

Need some help to take done a simple program.

I already have something done.
This will not take more than 15 min for a VB6 programmer.

Fast payment.

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VB6/2005 & Crystal Report


Ik ben nieuw op deze site.

Ik zoek iemand die mij kan helpen met mijn probleem Crystal report 2008 en Vb6.0
Ik werk met Vb6.0 en crystal reports 6.0

crystal reports 6.0 werkt niet meer met windows 7 dus moet Crystal > 6.0 gaan gebruiken.
Kom er echter zelf niet uit. Krijg alleen maar foutmeldinge.
Met de Crystal viewer kreeg ik wat voorelkaar maar ik moet het rapport ook rechtstreeks kunnen printen.
Is er iemand die mij kan helpen.


Huub van Rooij

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Legit VB6 APP Detected As Virus/Trojan


We have developed a commercial monitoring software in VB6, however, some higlyh sensitive antivirus software keeps on thinking the software is a trojan/virus (ie. NOD32).

The software does monitor the computers keyboard/screen and app. However, it requires adminstrator privilege to install and there are clear warnings.

We need some way to modify the source or a packer so that its no longer detected.

Please let me know your solutions.

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VB6 Skype RoboDialer

I am in need of a VB6 expert. I need a system built that connects to multiple instances of skype and makes automated phone calls. Here is exactly what I need it to do.

Open application -> It asks how many lines to open (User types 4)
Application starts 4 lines (for an example look at – this is how I want it to manage the lines)
The application will then track the status of each line.
Then application will go out to a database every minute to check to see if it needs to make calls.
If it detects it needs to make a call, it will grab the text for the call and convert the text to an mp3.
It will then begin calling a different phone number for each of the lines.

That is the idea behind this software. If anyone else has an idea for the programming language let me know. I would be open to javascript, php or visual basic.

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VB6 To .net Conversions

I need many vb6 applications to be converted into .net.

It includes some external components (like DLL)

At first i want to translate one option before i select.

I want experienced guys to do this.

For us doesnt matter who do the job. We just want this work fine.

please come with portfolio.

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Prevent Process Shutdown From Task Manager VB6

We have a monitoring software in VB6 and we need to prevent the user from shutting it down throguh task manager.

We are not looking to totally disable task manager and or to run the program as a service.

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VB6 To Desktop Applications Convertion

I have a several Windows desktop projects in VB6 (and some components in C++) and need a full convertion It includes some external components (like DLL)

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VB6 Rewrite

Freelance developer required to rewrite an existing VB6 application as a service. The application reads data from a SQL Server database and generates PDF certificates. The successful freelancer will need to demonstrate previous direct experience of the technologies mentioned here, sign non-disclosure and IP assignment agreements, and will need to attend project meetings in Brighton, UK. Further assignments may be available on successful completion of this project.

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Hi, I have many VB6 Apps and need integration with api.

All i need is a quick form that shows how to interact with that api by providing a captcha
image from the hard drive to Code has to be written in >>> VB6 <<< (not .net)
by interacting with the api (decaptcher.dll)

Thats all.

>>> If you did this job before please let me know <<<

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Vb6 Help Require

Budget is 15$

need to change the color schema of a application so it look different.

and compile back and build exe file…i dont have vb6 version so i am posting this here.

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VB6 Desktop Appliation To

Several years ago I requested assistance with a data mining job. That job was to develop mailing lists. The developer who was awarded that job did an excellent job and we have worked together now every week since. He built an automation system to create the mailing lists and ultimately also wrote a document generator desktop application in VB6 which I regularly use.

We are now seeking to migrate this to website based document generators. The document generator which was built data mines and assembles documents and I am now wanting to take this concept to the web so persons can order forms simply by providing an email address and then providing the few inputs the present generator requires. The system would then data mine, populate a database, assemble documents, and email a draft back in pdf format back to the recipient. The original programmer will share the old generator code so the asp programmer can get a fair idea of how the generator works and migrate it from there. Then it must be incorporated into a webpage. More details in private session.

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VB6 Project For Facebook Game Activity

I have a personal project. It is for a VB6 application related to gifting in a Facebook game.

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Need The Best VB6 And Excel GuRU Must Have Strong Porfolio!

Complex Excel Addin that will scrape the data from a certain site and input the same in a predefined manner in Excel. The main sheet should have a Pleasent Interactive Interface. looking for an Excel GuRU with a strong porfolio! More details will be given to the bidder in PM.

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We need to add treeview support for an existing product developed in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0.

You will need to develop a complete treeview component under a new VB6 project either using microsofts existing treeview control or utilising a special activex component which we will purchase for the project.

The treeview will need to allow for unlimited root node creations, sub-folders and under each node or sub-folders the user will have the option to link to a record id, within a a single table from our database.

The treeview must display folders and linked files as distinguishable elements of the treeview. The treeview should allow for select/drag and drop folders, copy folders and move folders and delete, rename for all folders and linked files
under the treeview.

As an example the treeview will look similiar to the following treeview described using the link:

The created treeview will need to be saved to xml or some specific file or a tables within the database.

The solution will be delivered as a separate project and our developers will integrate it within our current system.
You must be able to complete the project within 5 days.

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Translate C/C++ To Vb6 Language

We need either a VB6 source code can do something similar to what this C/C++ program can do:

I would like to output results are stored in text files. I need people who are experts in programming C, C + + and VB6. My budget is only $100, not more.

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VB6 Project

Problem Statement : I have to create .xml file from xsd using vb6.

I have .xsd file and sample output.

The output of the vb6 program should pass through this validation tool:

DeadLine : Sunday night(Indian time)

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URGENT VB6 Torrent Info Hash Function 2

We need a function written in visual basic 6 to compute the Info_Hash of a given torrent file.

Function will receive file path, and return the info hash string.

Please only bid if you are familiar with torrent file format, bencode etc.

the project must be completed in pure VB6, no 3rd party extensions, no other language will be accepted.

This is a small and very easy job for the right person, This project is reposted as last guy could not deliver.

Bid around $50, will pay bonus if you can complete the task quickly

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VB6 Compute Sha1 Torrent Info-hash

Function to proccess a torrent file and return the correct info hash

10 mins work for right person.

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Vb6 Datareport Upgrade To Ssrs

I have a vb6 application which has crystal reports in it, CrystalReport1.Dsr, CrystalReport1.dsx and CrystalReport1.DCA There are 4 reports. I need some to take the source code and sql database and upgrade these reports to sql2005 and sql reporting services in 2008.

The problem is that this is in crystal reports for vb6. Are you going to be able to open the crystal reports files and see what they do and figure out how they work? The reports are simple but you must be able to open them and use them!

I was told that these reports are actually datareport files. With VB6, Microsoft introduced their own reporting engine – datareports. Microsoft also invented what they called a "hierarchical recordset" to use with datareports and a MSDATASHAPE data provider. Together, it provided what is required to build a report. Also, in the VB6 project, you will see what is called a DataEnviornment designer which creates the hierarchical recordset using the data shaping provider.

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Adapt VB6 Posting Script

The project is to adapt an existing VB6 Script that posts articles to 4 websites and add 1 more.

The adaption can be done in VB6 or recoded in C# or PHP.

I have the VB6 script that grabs data from a local folder and posts it to 4 Article type sites.

It uses email and article site accounts that have already been created.

I want it modifying to :

a) Create article site accounts using catchall emails grabbed from a SQL Dbase

b) Verify the new article site accounts and write back to SQL Dbase > Verified = Y

c) At random grab article posting data from SQL Dbase, where "Done" = "N"

d) Post to 5 Articles type Sites ( you will need to ADD an extra to the list )

e) After posting update the SQL with URLS created AND mark the article data "Done" = "Y", then proceed to next "Done" = "N" and repeat.

Payment by escrow.

We get source code and ALL exclusive rights.

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Vb6 Crystal Reports Upgrade To Ssrs

I have a vb6 application which has crystal reports in it, CrystalReport1.Dsr, CrystalReport1.dsx and CrystalReport1.DCA There are 4 reports. I need some to take the source code and sql database and upgrade these reports to sql2005 and sql reporting services in 2008.

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Defeat Captcha Challenge

I have a VB6 project that brings up a webpage in a webbrowser control.
That page has a CAPTCHA challenge.
The URL of the embedded site that provides the CAPTCHA is:
I need a way to solve the captcha that appears in my VB6 webbrowser control so that I can submit the page it resides on.
I need to do this hundreds of times while my VB6 app is running page after page.
Can you help?

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OAuth VB Desktop

Need a general purpose VB module that will be used as a prototype in VB6 and VB.Net 2005.

Module is a general purpose module to OAUTH.

It must work for FreshBooks and Intuits IPP.

Paramaters to be passed to the module and based back.

Calling module can be VB6 or VB.NET.

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VB6 To PHP Convert Short Function

Hello I need to convert this VB6 function into a php function. When I input &quot;loffkkcgjnaeokqdqgmj&quot; into the function it should output &quot;;. Thanks

//////////////CODE START

Public Function LW2IP(sLWKey As String) As String
On Error GoTo err
Dim key As String
Dim Ip As String
Dim ippointer As Long
Dim keypointer As Long
Dim LWKey As String

LWKey = sLWKey

ippointer = 12
keypointer = 1
Ip = &quot;&quot;
Do Until ippointer = Len(LWKey) – 13
Ip = Ip &amp; Chr$(Asc(Mid$(LWKey, ippointer, 1)) – Asc(Mid$(key, keypointer, 1)) + 32)
ippointer = ippointer + 1
keypointer = keypointer + 1

LW2IP = Replace(Ip, &quot; &quot;, vbNullString)
Exit Function
LW2IP = &quot;invalid ip&quot;
End Function

/////////////////CODE STOP

09/18/2010 at 14:56 EDT:

dont include the " while you input into function

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Vb6 Winsock Posting To Https Sites Ssl V3


I need someone to show me how to POST data to https sites, typically to fill and submit forms.

Been let down loads of times on here so only bid if you can communicate with me on an instant messenger and only bid if you can do it today, dont want to have to wait days for this.


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Vocal Remover For VB6 Audio Project

– Vocal Remover for VB6 Audio Project Audio Stream currently using Win Media Player OCX to play Music & Video
– Vocal removal set by single command (Vocal Remove.Enable = True ~ Vocal Remove.Enable = False)
– Audio Frequency by pass parameters to be setable for High and Low frequencies (to allow bypass on frequencies not used in normal human vocal range)

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Vb6 Roulette Bot Modification

I have a bot developed in vb6, i need some modifications in it. It is a small work. I need it urgent. I am ready to spend maximum 10 usd for it. If i get good coder, there are future works available. pm me to discuss more.

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