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Add Search Function To Existing Excel VBA Userform.

I have a userform in excel and I need a search function added to it.
There are about 20 fields and it has a start & end date and time.
There are checkboxes, text fields, and dates that need to be searched on.

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VBA Calendar Picker

An Microsoft Excel VBA Date Picker module that totally replaces Microsoft Calendar OCX Control and having the same functionalities and allows for configuration to input and output different types of Dates format.

Must be able to take the current date value from a Cell, shows this date in the Calender pop up.
Allow the user to pick a day and pass on this parameter to other modules or return to the Cell.
Must be able to output dates in various format e.g. dd/mm/yy, ddd/mmm/yyyy, mm/dd/yy, mmm/ddd/yyy
Must be able to test and reject errors e.g. 31/Feb/2011 and must cater for Leap Year.
Allows this module to be called from other module/ embed in other Forms.

Able to work with Excel 2003, 2007, 2010

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VBA In Autocad

Hello, I have a project in Auto Cad and I need to get *.exe file from *.dwg file.
This *.exe file must be able to work without Auto Cad if that possible.

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MS Access And VBA For Small Project


I need a billing system made through MS Access and VBA. This has to be as simple as possible with a few tables, forms, reports and queries. This has to be completed within 3 days max. Not a huge software. Just a small one. I might need some documentation. But if i need I will obviously pay in some extra cash. The max budget for the software is $30. Si dibt bid more than that and also new comers are welcome as they deserve a start.

PS: I need the complete source code.


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Student Management System – Expert VBA Coder In Excel


I work for a college which uses alot of manual processes and procedures and is currently inefficient with these due to double handling of common information.

The solution i propose is to use microsoft excel as a platform (interface) which has a few worksheet databases in the background that contains all the student information required for several of these processes.

Let me begin by saying that I know all the background information (on what is required), have a solid(medium) understanding of VBA principals,userforms and macros.

As this is a big task with several different elements (I am looking for a honest, efficient and hard-working individual) who is reliable and can work-with me over several weeks to accomplish this.

Honestly, my total budget isnt great ($1000-1500), but I will provide all details of the job, each requirement clearly itemised and will communicate ASAP with any issues the person needs as questions arise.

I have all the data, templates, requirements etc itemised. For example lets say that there are 20 tasks I will need done.

For Task 1 (Student Enrolment Form):
-Have already built an excel userform
-Userform has 43 fields which reqires coding into database
-Have a list of requirements
ie. Qn 1. If user selects Option Button 1, then value must be A, else B
-Have the database in excel format which the enrolment form values need to be linked in to.
-Have a few other requirements such as a print option, error checks (will provide these in a list) etc.

I envisage a total of 12-15 tasks.

I will also provide a guide of what the total project is about, the overall proceses and where information is required from task to task.

I know what is required and have an understanding of what I need to do; problem is that I am an accountant by trade and not an expert VBA programmer.

What I am looking for is a hard-working, efficient, VBA coding expert who will take all my requirements and translate these into the actual codes what will result in the desired outcome.

For the right candidate, there will be ongoing work – I can promise you this.

I am looking to trial this person by asking for their assistance with the first task.

An enrolment form.

I have attached a quick example (not the actual work!) – so you can gauge:
1) My excel knowledge level (medium)
2) The level of details i will provide you.
3) My knowledge-gap!

Looking forward to getting some repsonses from reliable, committed people who would like to work long-term with me.

I am understanding, easy-going but also appreciate people who meet expectations and deadlines.



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Vba Powerpoint Module And Userform

I require a vba module/macro and userform written for powerpoint 2007/2010. This will form the basis of an addin for powerpoint. This is not a .com add-in. The required function is to act as a verification of a serial number or similar to register the add-in. I require an experienced developer who can advise on the best solution although I realise nothing is totally secure. I guess this would look for something unique to the pc Macid or similar or generate a random sequence/string written to the registry and some form of algorithm to provide a serial number. The xml ribbon menu would be registered on success (this should be provided also) and without the add-in registered the ribbon menu would be non functioning. This is an on going project and we and there will be more complex work required in the near future.

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SharePoint Developer/Word Forms/VBA Consultant

Small consulting firm in Eastern US has immediate need for a SharePoint expert with strong programming skills; strong experience with Word forms/VBA scripting required. Problem-solving, communication skills, and a positive attitude are a must. Position is part-time contract

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VBA/Excel Project

I need the sharpest Excel/VBA coder in Dallas, Texas area. I have a project for the next several weeks that I would like to develop using VBA from an Excel sheet. I have started the project, but have much work to do.

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Excel VBA Macro Tool To Draw Org Charts

I am looking for a VBA / macro expert to build a tool that can automatically draw org charts in Excel.

The data is in spreadsheet form with a number of columns showing where each team sits and how each team is related. For example, column 3 says the name of the team is called BIG; column 2 says that the next team up the ladder (on the next level) is called BIGGER, and column 1 says that the next team above that is called BIGGEST. The spreadsheet has many of these rows. Obviously, each team can have a number of teams below it. For example, team BIGGER could also have a team called SMALL sitting below it.

Ideally the tool will draw the org chart and put in each box in the chart the name of the team and the number of staff (shown in column 4 of the spreadsheet).

Only VBA / macro can be used to build the tool to work in Excel 2003.

I need the tool by next week.

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Excel VBA Macro Need.

Excel VBA macro need.
Description : As per discuss.

02/06/2011 at 9:48 EST:

This project based on previews project with binaryromel . This project description done on PM with binaryromel .so its private to mr binaryromel and expected to finish in no more than 3 days.

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Bloomberg VBA/Excel Data – Client Server

We need someone with the necessary skills to get data from a Bloomberg terminal.

There is only one licensed terminal that we have, but the data actions will take place on another machine, so you must take this into account.

I know it can be done for the right person with the right knowledge.

The PCs are connected via LAN.

Only bid if you have knowledge of how Bloomberg works.

You might use/develop a client and server (RTD etc). Any other solution is fine as I am flexible.

Preferably done in Excel/VBA. Let me know if you use any other method.

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VBA Expert To Write A Small Bot Knowledge .

I am looking for a VBA expert ,in order to write commands in macro for a trading bot.Knowledge of Betfair /Betdaq API will be preferable.Living in and around Greater London will also be nice,

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Excel VBA Project – Database Driven Spreadsheet

Looking for someone with Excel VBA skills to deliver a Database Driven Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will source data from a database, and build additional pieces based on data loaded from a database.

Will provide more details to qualified providers.


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Excel Vba Macro Delay

I have an excel VBA script that uses google translate to translate a one cell to another language.
I can translate aprox 100 cells at once before google blocks me (i guess too many querries).
I need a macro that will delay the translation after every 100 rows (probably has to fill 100 rows with my formula, execute, delay, fill again etc.).

Budget is $30. Thank you.

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Support For MS Access VBA Application

1. Provide customer support for MS Access VBA application that requires troubleshooting to the source code level to identify problems
2. Program enhancements to a large MS Access VBA application that will require extensive experience with:
a. VB / VBA (currently Access 2003)
b. Windows API via VBA
c. DAO data access object model
d. SQL via VBA
e. Microsoft Access report design using VBA to control the format and content of reports whose record source is dynamically controlled via SQL statements (not pre-defined Access queries)
3. All applicants will be required to participate in an extensive evaluation of their VBA / DAO programming skills. We are not looking for a

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VB.Net MS Access VBA And Data Conversion To SQL

I need someone who specializes in VBA for Access 2000-2007 and who is very comfortable with VS 2008
What I want is to reverse-engineer an Access app consisting of several data Tables, a few Forms, Queries and a few modules of VBA code.

I want to duplicate the functionailty in a web-based tool, written using VB and using data converted over into Tables in a SQL Server 2005 database.
I will suppy details, screenshots etc of the current Access tool and answer any questions you might have about the project.

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Re-write VBA Code In Existing M&S Access 2003 Database

My organization has an existing Member Subscriptions Database which contains records for 142 members of which 116 are current. It is a simple database, with a main table of members (tblMembers) which has 24 fields. There is an additional linked table with annual subscriptions(tblSubscriptions), and three other small category tables. The database was created with VBA code for a number of administrative functions, such as printing labels and renewing annual subscriptions. These functions work from the main opening form (frmMenu). We have subsequently changed the names of tables, as well as the names of some of the fields within them. As a result, the VBA code no longer works. There are 10 objects in the Visual Basic editor. Most of the code in these is short, and under 50 lines. The subscription renewal code is 220 lines. We need the VBA code to be rewritten so that it works with the new tables and fields. We can supply the new and the old database files. This is our first job for and is fairly small as a trial.

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Excel VBA Expert Needed

I need an excel VBA programmer urgently to fix a bug for me. Work to be done within 24 hours.

Dont be high. All the work has been done. Every code exist. Just a small bug to be fix. Max bid = 20$.

More details will be given to right candidate. Need proof from bidders about their previous work.

Thank you.

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VBA / VB.Net Corel Draw File Modification

I want sample code that takes user input (text) and creates a corel draw file based upon it. Code can be VB based ranging from VBA, VB6, or ASP.Net –

An acceptable solution would be to expand upon the code and concept found at – The desired result would be draw a rectangle based upon user defined size. Options would be round corners, 1 to X lines of user defined text and font.

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VBA Automated Bex Anlyser Workbook For Infoscreen

I need VBA coding for my BW bex analyser project.

The goal is to create VBA coding for my workbooks so that they can be set to run on infoscreens and update with new data from the BW server at scheduled times each day.

This i want to achieve with VBA coding that starts when the workbook is opened and runs until the workbook is closed.

status is that i have a working code that updates the screen 3 times a day.
Current issues is that i cant make the bex workbook disconnect from the BW server so it wont mind downtimes and network cut offs. I also need some code that forces the workbook in front of anything else that might pop up like Sap logon pad, windows restart etc.

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Macro VBA For Excel

I am looking for a skilled person to assist with automation of periodic data transfer form a CSV/Excel file into another excel file with standard template.

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VBA Excel Macros

I need someone that is very skilled in writing VBA excel macros.

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Automate Excel Sheet With Macros/vba

Have an existing excel spreadsheet that we use to schedule service calls weekly. The sheet requires automation to enable easier data entry, sorting/filtering, selecting of customer/jobs and batch work order printing. It requires a more friendly UI. Will have other projects but lets start here.

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Microsoft Word Doc With VBA Enhancements On Mac Office 2011

Have an existing Microsoft Word documents that has macros and VBA enhancements. We need to make this document work on Office 2011 for Mac. Also, need to maintain all existing functionality for use on Windows.

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Simple MS Excel VBA Script

I need someone to write a short VBA script in MS excel. The goal of this script will be to take the cells that the user has currently selected, and create a new worksheet with references to these cells. The catch is that the cells must be rotated kind of like when you transpose a matrix.

For example, if you select range B2:D9 ( 3 wide x 8 high ) on sheet1, you should create references to sheet1:B2 on the output worksheet. Furthermore, your output worksheet would have a block of references 8 wide x 3 high because you are rotating such that rows become columns.

This must be completed as soon as possible (within 10 hours of this posting), but that should be no problem for someone familiar with VBA scripts.

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Word VBA Conditional Footer Settings

I have two templates which I have created with custom macros. First document needs the macro edited to ensure page numbering continues from the previous section. Second document need a different image in the last page footer, to be activated regardless of total page count.

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Google Analytics Data Export API And VBA

I am working on a project that requires me to be able to use MS Access to query from GA. I am thinking you will need to use the GA Export Data API and VBA, but I am open to any solution.
Thank you!

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Backtesting An Investment Strategy With EXCEL VBA!

Need an excel VBA app created to backtest investment strategies, I will give you a sample of the strategy backtested on one index, however I want you to create a simple user box that allows the user to test the strategy on several companies/indices (I will provide you with a downloader). Then I want to give the user an option to rank the companies by various statistics (you will them in the example, volatility overall portfolio return etc).

So the long and short:

You will make a userbox/interface that lets the user choose the ranking method, the list of companies, computes the same statistics as the sample and shows a graph of the different company values using the strategy over time.

deliverables :
There is one deliverable it is the UI that works. The user selects the list of securities/indices, then they select a ranking metric. The results are outputted on a new spreadsheet and ranked with the graph of the company values over time (for each company under the strategy).

I need this done in four hours

11/15/2010 at 10:29 EST:

The bid end date is incorrect, I need this done ASAP!!!

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Excel VBA Quote Sheet Fix

I have an excel quote sheet which has been worked on previously by a developer. I have made some changes to the look and some to the code but need it finished off. It will need certain cells to copy across if there are multiple pages and the insertion of page breaks. It will need certain cells to copy to another sheet. These things are quite simple and wont take too long. I need this project completed today and will choose a contractor quickly.

I would like to find someone to work with in the future also as I set up Word and Excel templates for customers and just lack the VBA for custom requests.


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Front End For Excel With VBA

Need front end for easing the process of data entry into an excel using VBA
There will be a few validations built into the front end. Some of the data will have to be picked from droplists, while some will be manually entered.

Need senior VBA expert who can complete the project with minimum guidance.

Please submit your sample work for review .

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Backtesting Investment Strategy On VBA

I have an investment strategy I need backtested using two different methods, I can describe the methods mathematically to you, also I need some performance metrics to be computed and a quick excel interface allowing the user to select different strategies.

I will pay 100 USD for the work done, It should take maximum 3 hours for any skilled VBA person. (I could code it in R in under however the individual wants it in Excel)

I will own the copyright for all of the source code, and this project can not be disclosed until May 2012.

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Extract VBA Code From Excel Binary File

We are looking for someone that can extract VBA code from Excel files but without opening the Excel file itself or the Code editor.
We are looking for this to be done with Excel 97 files and above, including XML, so the files to be scanned are XLS, XLA, XLT, XLSM, XLTM, XLAM, and XLSB
The section of the binary and XML files that contains the VBA code needs to be identified and the code reverse engineered into readible form and stored in a database.
The code for the solution program is to be written in C++.

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Excel Macro VBA Assistance


I am an Australian software consultant specialising is supporting a package that is unique to a particular professional services industry segment.

I want to be able to provide to my clients customised analysis of critical data that is extracted from the software package. At present I extract selected data in Excel format that I manually manipulate to make that data far more useful to my clients.

The extracted Excel raw data is consistent in terms of its structure however is variable in length and various subtotalling that I require depends on some of the data contained in the raw Excel file. I have started to work on the Excel macros (Excel 2003) but I do not have the time or VBA skills to be able to finish the task in a timely manner.

The data requires macros to subtotal the data based on the change in content of one field, with additional formatting over and above Excels sub-total functions. Two additional columns are added to the data to assist in the usefulness of the data. These extra columns are all formula driven. Then the data is printed in a nicely formatted manner.

First Milestone
Complete the macros in Excel 2003 to finish what I have started

Second Milestone
Demonstrate that the macros work in Excel 2007

Third Milestone
Advise how the analysed data can be displayed in a visual manner

AS the data to be analysed is confidential client data I will provide anonymised sample raw data and final output upon request.

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