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Motion Detection Plays Video.

Hi there,

Im looking for someone to help with coding a project for an art installation. It can be in whatever programming (Flash, Processing) that this will work in perfectly. I am pretty good with technology so I can understand what is going on, I just cant build it.

This is what Im looking for;
-This work will be an installation using a HD television to play a video file (also in HD, 1080p) that I have made.
-When a viewer enters the space, a webcam picks up their movement, at this point the video stops playing and the screen displays nothing but black.
-Once they leave the room, the video image turns back on and the cycle is reset.

So basically its a video you cant watch, you will hear it around the corner, but as soon as you enter it turns off – very frustrating!
The only thing the audience member sees is the video i have made – they do not see themselves being detected.
Also, the detection should be quite accurate as many people will try trick the system.

– I need to be able to swap out the video files so I can use whatever video I want. So being able to edit this is key.
– I need to also be able to use this across platforms (Mac, PC).
– I need to also be able to change what device the video comes from (inbuilt webcam, USB webcam)
– The spaces that this will be displayed in will range from not much lighting to a lot of light so the code should work in both of these (in dark with a infrared lightbulb)

Would like to work with you if you think you can do it…

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Fast Professional Video Creator

This is a web-based video creator software.
And my members can use it on their download
page and membership sites so that their
users can use it and pay them for this
software monthly AND for personal use. My members just need
to upload scripts into their download pages
and membership sites area
with one click installation.

What I want is a video creator with
some features like below:

1. It can convert articles into videos
with music, text moving and
users own voice (if they want),
in a few steps. Because the main
features, this software will save
users time to make one video
and the video will be designed
professionally in terms of
colors and text moving styles.
Video created optimized for youtube
submission and own hosted videos.

2. By just writing articles in words,
the software would automatically :

– Make a new slideshow when users type
three dots.
– Make a new line of texts when they type a dot,
along with moving style.
– All text will move using same moving style
to appear once user make a double space.
So all text within a same passage without
double space, will move the same way style
to appear.
– When user put symbole dash – at
the beginning of sentence, the software automatically
find images randomly from professional images in store
available in this software (he also can add
all the images) and paste it into
slides automatically. Make sure all the images
are professional and look elegant.
Maybe you need to have a solution for this store.
– When user types > at the beginning of sentence,
the software will automatically find musics or
free royalty musics ( I will provide this) either from
from available store in this software or uploaded from their
files. May be you have a solution to have a quite big
databes of musics in this store. As I know, there are some
sites provide free musics – please find out.
The mucis will play until the next symbol of >.
– When user types "" between words, that would be automatically
its title.

3. Users can see preview of this video before clicking Publish buttons.

4. User can decide tags, description and title for video submission.

5. User can decide what image to be placed in the center of video timeline,
for youtube optimized – that youtube produce tumbnail from the center
of videotimeline.

6. All moving styles I mentioned, must be chosen with 2 options:
randomly or by chosen.

7. There 25 amazing moving styles, professionally pre-made, just
like Video Boss and Kajabi teasure/prelaunch video of you
know. If you dont, please make sure the moving styles are unique,
look professional and very smart. They are more professional than
Powerpoints mocing styles which is too simple.

8. The video can be published in various formats and sizes, expecially
optimized for Facebook video, Youtube and own hosted videos.

9. The video can be published with facebook comments added and
with HTML code appearance at the beginning, middle or
at the end of video timeline. User can put whatever HTML code
in it.

10. The video can be tracked in terms of people views, traffics,
clicks and income generated for every video.

11. There are 2-3 voices that automatically will read all text
and automatically published with voices for whatsoever text
written by users?

The voices should be very professional and good for commercial purposes.
Maybe voices like Ryan Deiss like here:

12. All are designed professionally.

PS: Please quote this last project.
How much and how many days you need.

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Upload Poker Videos To My Video Portal

I created a new web site which is a video portal only poker related.
And I need to upload poker related videos as much as I can. So I am looking for a quick way to download 1000s of videos from all video portals and upload them with title, description and tags to my website. I am ready for any kind of service you can offer.

Waiting for your reply.

BestRegards – online – will be online after 7th October.

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