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Protect Video Downloading Online Videos

I have a website. Its online Video lesson website. I want to protect these online videos from downloading from software like real player and orbit.

Need someone you have same experience and can show same work. Need to complete it in 24-48 hours

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Need Flash Audio And Video Player

No money will be given till You build the final product. I need to see a demo of your work, before I award it to you.

Need Flash audio player that will play all different music formats like REAL, windows etc and have exact same functionality as,169388

and a Flash Video player that will play videos with music format REAL, Windows, YouTube etc

Dont bid over $100.00

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Flash / Flex Video Player

Candidates must have experience developing applications with Flex 3, and demonstrate excellent ActionScript 3.0 skills as well as knowledge of various Flex libraries. Specifically video experience is needed.

Tasks will be to add to our existing player which streams flv content from a CDN:

1. Decide if given our environment, we need to embed or as the actual video player and have our customized functionality around it


1. RTMP and HTTP bitrate detection script to serve up 1 of 3 different video bitrate files we have for each asset

2. RTMP and HTTP buffering functionality ( currently we are on http but the code needs to work the same on RTMP)

Education and experience preferred:

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Custom Video Playlist Player For Drupal Or WP Video Site

We have an existing Drupal community website that is currently offline while we move to Slicehost. The main feature we are building next for this Video Sharing Community website is a custom XML Playlist widget that is the main video player/container for the entire community.

Possible Player solutions that can do this now, or can be extended to meet our needs:
JW Player
Developers Custom solution

Functionality similar to:, Yubby, Myspace Romeo

Description of playlist player:

1. Playlist may contain videos from Vimeo, Youtube, and other major CDNs
2. Continuous play between videos in the Playlist – when one video ends, the next one begins playing until the last video is over
3. Custom Control bar has Play/Pause button, and Skip to next video button
4. Ability to disable Control bar when certain videos are playing, so user cannot skip the video
5. Playlist items are generated by XML or similar solution from our Drupal or WordPress community website. Each video in the website is added as a post. Videos in these posts are then added to playlists dynamically by RSS or some other XML mechanism. Playlists are dynamically created via user tags. Example- a user could watch a playlist called "Cats" – it would generate a playlist of all the videos added to the site tagged with "Cats".

We dont have our own hosted content, or need FLV or Amazon S3 playback. All the content on the site will be lawful embedded videos shared by sites like Vimeo, Youtube, etc. We dont need to disable their ads, or remove any branding. We just need the ability to manage the playlist of these videos, as outlined above.

Please only bid if you have experience with video playlists and can show us working demos of this.

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Micro Site – Video Recording (flash) .

Budget 80$, please refer to PMB. Long-term opportunity.

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Flow Player Integration

I have site with a video page – I want flow player to appear here.

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Micro Site – Video Recording (flash).

Please write to PMB. Long-term opportunity (several projects like this one). Budget is 80$, max 1 day.

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Micro Site – Video Recording (flash)

Please write to PMB. Long-term opportunity (several projects like this one). Budget is 80$, max 1 day.

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Make As2 Flash Youtube Video Player To Work Inside Flash As2

Make as2 youtube video player component to work in as2 flash site. Site support direct swf embedding of swf files. Video player also supports to be loaded into another swf movie. The problem is it doesnt work correctly so need somebody to fix it …

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Fixing Video Player In A Youtube Site


after adding Lighttpd Streaming to the video player in my tube site videos stopped playing ,,. they play in the back end but not in the front end , any one can help me fix this problem

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Dressage Music Site Flash Video

I run a a few websites for music products and services. One of which is – I have embedded some flash videos in a section of the website to showcase the service. However, cross-browser compatibility is poor with particular issues with IE (no surprises there). I have tried using googles swfobject to no avail. The flash player I am using is called Wimpy Wasp. I need someone to fix the issue. The page in question is

Kind regards

Owen Gurry

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Data Entry, Link Building, SEO for new site

I need help in two areas for my new website which hosts reviews of products/services related to yoga.

First Step: Data entry to populate the site with about 900 listings to be reviewed later by other users.

Second step: (after data entry is complete) is to help generate traffic (new free accounts and user reviews) with link building, suggestions for SEO, etc.

See attached file for details

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