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Fix Windows PC Software Problems

Toshiba Satellite Laptop PSAA8A with Windows XP service pack?
Symptom : If the laptop is started with an external screen plugged into the the VGA port the external screen (a Samsung LCD ) comes up in a low resolution mode and the only way to fix it is to restart it without the screen plugged in. On another laptop (Acer Aspire 5738PZG running Windows 7) a similar thing happens but the problem can be resolved if the external screen is switched to portrait and then back to landscape.

Solution required: A fix that allows the Satellite laptop to start up with the external monitor plugged in and still provides support for the maximum resolution supported by the external monitor.

Symptom: When starting Visio 2010 it appears to run all the install/setup/config programs that I have used over the last X months? I have to kill about 50 processes before it runs as it should. I have unistalled Visio and reinstalled it but to no effect.

Solution required: Make Visio 2010 start as normal.
LabView remote panels do not work with Trend micro running, provide a workaround to enable these to work compatibly.

Please specify your quote for each or all tasks.


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Visio VBA Connector Automation

I am programming in Visual Basic 6.5 to do some specialized things in Visio.

After much frustration, I now paste this problem to you guys:

-There are two rectangles with custom properties.
-There is a dynamic connector connecting these two rectangles.
-Now I run a macro on this connector to receive the information about the two rectangles. (very useful for creating cable lists).

Heres the problem:
Often, I cannot have this line running across my drawing because it is messy and just undesirable. So, I split this line going from rectangle 1 to 2, into two lines. Where the first line connects to rectangle 1 only, and the second line connects to rectangle 2 only.
Finally, the line connected to rectangle 1 should have its text say the description of rectangle 2, and vice versa. This is so that the reader knows where these split up connectors are going, while keeping everything neat.

This "split up" and typing I want to automate. One should simply double click a selected dynamic connector, and it should split the connector, and give the correct texts on each side.

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Copy 10 Jpegs To Visio


I have 10 pages of wireframes produced in another program and I need somebody to copy them in Visio. There are some graphic elements that you can either crop directly out of the jpegs or use something comparable.

It should be less than a days work for somebody who knows Visio reasonably well.

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Convert Excel Application To Visio 2010 Or Stand-Alone App.

We need an existing Excel application converted to either a standalone application or integrated with Visio 2010. The application takes several user inputs and variables and calculates a two-dimensional contour rendering output for AutoCAD and then it is converted to Visio. We have access to the macros and Visual Basic components of the Excel file. We would like it to run within Visio 2010 and create the output in Visio 2010 or run as a stand-alone application that outputs to a Visio file. Our existing Excel application will not run on Excel 2010 and we would like to avoid opening the output in AutoCAD. We are open to suggestions if there is a better method that results in output to a Visio file that is editable (we can add or modify resulting file).

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Visio 2007 UML_Diagrams

Need to generate a visio 2007 UML activity and static diagrams from a sample process data flow.

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Create 3 Visio Pages, From 3 Powerpoint Pages: Graphics W.

The jobs consists of creating 3 pages microsoft office visio 2007, based upon 3 microsoft office powerpoint 2003 pages:
Each page has 5 rows of 10 icons each with lines between them (flow chart diagram; of 3 business processes).
I lost the Visio file (3 pages; 1 file) ,but have a version in powerpoint (3pages; 1 file). i cant edit the powerpoint files. Hence the need to recreate the 3 pages in microsoft visio 2007. The icons should be accurate.

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12-9-10. Convert Visio File (.vsd) To Pdf

I have A Visio file that I cannot open with my iMac. Can you open it and save as a PDF?

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Visio Process Design Application With PHP

We are looking for very urgent application you can use any open library. We have a web based application and wanna allow the users to draw their business workflow diagrams like on visio. System can use javascript anything.
We have 2 days to deliver the project.

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Data Network Documentation

We need assistance creating Microsoft Visio diagram to document network installations. We are looking for someone with at least a basic understanding of the components that make up a data network (e.g. router, switch, server, firewall…) and a high-level of experience with Microsoft Visio. We would like to be able to send a scanned image of a hand-drawn sketch and receive back a inuitive, easy to understand Visio document.

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Convert 6 Hand Sketched Diagrams To Visio / PowerPoint

I have 6 hand drawn block diagram type drawings. I need these converted to Visio and need a deliverable also in a PowerPoint file. (The PowerPoint can link to the Visio and does not have to be re-drawn.)

On average, each drawing has 6 to 7 blocks, some connecting lines and quite a bit of text.

I will accept the first qualifying bid and expect that work will be completed within 1 day of project acceptance. I expect this to be ~$30 since it should be ~1/2 day of work by qualified bidder.

By bidding, you agree that all work product for this project will be 100% owned by me (and my client) and that this content will not be disclosed to other parties.

Payment via Freelancer will be made immediately upon project completion and acceptance of work product by me.

Thank you.

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Visio Diagram Experts


So you are good with Visio for the diagram of the network that will be proposed in the scenario for my Term paper.

Also using APA format, or would you provide the content only, and I will format.

Please read the project carefully Part 1 and Part 2, let me know how much you charge.

If we can do by sunday 8am i will earn extra credit, if not by then, i hope to have an A paper by sunday night sometime, waiting to hear about extension, but most likely not.

Let me know and thank you

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Expert In VISIO,Power Point

Need someone who has good hand in VISIO,can design creative diagrams, and is able to create wonderful presentations in powerpoint.

Note: Your reference work is Must. please upload the files in PM

Thank you

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Translation Of Tech Doc From English To German

We have a technical document with 3.600 words. It is basically a brochure for an IT product, so some knowledge of IT is required.
We need it translated from English into German and the original formatting retained.
The document is stored in MS Word now.
It contains some Visio figures that we need translated as well. If you dont have Visio, you can just provide the translated text, then we can insert it on our own.
We need it translated as soon as possible at a good rate per word.

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Translation Of Tech Doc From English To German

We have a technical document with 3.600 words. It is basically a brochure for an IT product, so some knowledge of IT is required.
We need it translated from English into German and the original formatting retained.
The document is stored in MS Word now.
It contains some Visio figures that we need translated as well. If you dont have Visio, you can just provide the translated text, then we can insert it on our own.
We need it translated as soon as possible at a good rate per word.

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Visio Data Model – Data Graphic Template Needed

The project requires a Visio 2007 advanced data graphic that links an excel spreadsheet to Visio to display a complex data graphic. The data graphic has:
– A single inner square with a header text (this is the key)
– Around the outside there are 51 objects that need to either be visible (if there is a value) or blank if there is no value. Each subsequent row in the Excel file will use the same 51 objects and they need to remain in the same order.
– Each of the 51 objects needs another object that is a circle with four quadrants. Each quadrant can have one of four colours, depending on the value in the spreadsheet. These circles need to always be placed next to the correct object.

This is an immediate requirement and is to create the data graphic object. No population of the object will be required.

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Recreate Process / Activity Diagram In Visio

I have 5 scanned images of process flow / activity diagrams and these need to be created in Visio.
Attached is an example of the style of the scanned image – the image contains text & also process steps.
Experience in creating Business Processes / Activity Diagrams & Use Cases – using Visio.

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VMWare Design & Visio Diagram Of Small VMWare Network

Design a Vmware EsX / Esxi based network for 40 users replacing & consolidating 4 existing Microsoft Windows Servers. Probably also going to thin client to replace all the desktops too.

An Experienced VMware engineer with design and real world implementation skills required to take the basic design we have and check and finalise it & identifiy any possible issues etc.

Task is to:
– Check & further develop our existing proposed design (Visio design provided)
– Identify the requiered specifications of the 2 (or more if you think it needs it) new HP Servers that will be purchased for the task
– Identify the VmWare Licensing product requirements
– Identify a Backup solutions
– Ensure fault tollerance

The end product that you will produce is:

– Detailed Visio diagram of the Vmware Servers & Infrastructure for the site (its only small 40 users)
– Provide a specification of the Server Hardware that you think will be requried (does not have to be detailed, but need to know optimal RAM, CPU, etc for the job).

I can provide you with the basic visio drawing once you contact me. Confidentialiy is of course required.

Unfortunately my timeframe for this is limited to 48 hours.

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LabVIEW Excel/XML Configurator

LabVIEW VIs to perform the following tasks:

1. Integrate MS Excel data (via column name, row type) into a paramater cluster in labview with capability to store (and retrieve) an XML file.
2. LabView script to create/map the parameters so created to shared variables in a (specified) shared variable library
3. LabView script export parameter cluster and Vi information to import/export corresponding sections of a MS Word document.

4.(optional) Provide a MS Visio process diagram for a vertical hydraulic ram test set for import as a LabVIEW front panel.

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Turn Pngs Into Flash Type Site

Im willing to pay $110-150 for this work. It must be done in less then 16 days.

Flash navigation and portfolio walls (or other display method) needed for content site.
Seller will take my html, Dreamweaver, or layout done in Fireworks pages, and provide "fly-in" style Nav bars, design thumbs which then can be expanded into "Gallery-Style" flash walls while moused-over, to approximately 7-8 main pages which then will have more of the same on the "child" pages, based on wireframe or flow chart I provide.

Seller also potentially will need to allow roll over on content that is b & w, and have it turn to color. Seller would agree to work collaboratively with Buyer to complete look of all Web Pages completed to the point that they are fully navigable and quick loading. Also Seller agrees that they will use

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Website Content Writing

1. Understand the website currently under development (services: Web development, iphone app development, SEO, Hiring Telecommnute resource, BPO Service for small business )
2. Understand target market and target customers
3. Research competitors website and offerings for related services
4. Document research findings
5. Create original English write up for various pages of the website and proof read for correctness.
6. Write website policy and terms document based on best possible ways available and after researching similar documents from other relevant sites.
7. Research Business Models applicable for websites business (target market USA)
8. Derive and document conclusion on appropriate business models
9. Derive and document conclusions on pricing and promotions that should be offered.
10. Draw the business process/model and other drawings in your favourite software such as photoshop/visio or anything that allows to generate jpg/gif for the drawings.
11. Deliver document, drawings, content for webpages and non-webpage write ups.

Skills Needed:
Internet Researching, Technical Writer, Graphics Design, Visio, Photoshop, Business Marketing and Sales Strategist,

TimeZone Support: Pacific Time Zone

Approx Pages on Website : 20-30 Pages
Approx Drawings: 5-6

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Visio Or Graphic Drawing Of Hand Drawn Diagrams

From time to time I sketch diagrams on paper. I am interested in a Visio or a good illustration and formatting expert who can convert those diagrams into Visio or something similar. For most parts it would be just a direct copy as I would like to retain my hand diagrams as much as possible in terms of structure. But I will look at the expert to make it very professional looking, clean, appealing and wherever there is a possibility suggestions or changes on making it look even further better. I will send the diagrams in a scanned manner in a jpg or gif file. The diagrams would be typical business models, business processes type of stuff. This is my first time posting so I am not sure if I am giving all the relevant information or asking the right questions. So please feel free to ask me questions, etc. Otherwise, I will look forward to your quotes and services description.

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Turn Sketch Into Floorplan – 1 X A4 Page, 65 Sqm ASAP Repost

Hi there,

I have a sketch of a floorplan I need turned into a scale drawing A4 size. Its a space 65m2

I need this ASAP in Visio as well as a PDF version I can print. Repost as last provider disappeared.

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DWG To Visio Network Map

I have a DWG file of our building, and a scanned in port diagram where someone hand-wrote the ports onto a printed copy of the cad diagram and then scanned this page as a PDF. I need to combine these two files into a single visio file that has the building map as the base layer and then the port-map as a second layer.

CAD DWG file of our floor
PDF with scanned hand-written port map

Visio file with layers. Base layer of the simplified floorplan (in vector format), second layer of the network port map.

There may be more work to add various other layers to this diagram for power, user locations, etc.

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Microsoft Visio / Corel Draw / Photoshop easy work


I have a word document with 25 drawings ( related to communications and data transmission ) which i need re-done using Microsoft Visio / Corel Draw / Photoshop . I was advised to use Visio. You can use all 3 just make sure i get better results. The last 5 drawings from the document are not a MUST but if you can redo them you get this project 🙂
Please see the attached document. The description is in Romanian but you can translate easy using


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translate flowchart into visio

I want someone to translate about 15 flowcharts (as png images) into visio document. It is pretty straight forward and simple project with no complicated diagrams. Need it to be done asap.

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