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Flex Screen Sharing And Remote Control

I have a webconference prototype, written in flex as a web (client) and desktop application (teacher).
Inside this application I need a screen sharing component (sharing and remote control).

I am only looking for qualified developers, who have already build such a solution.

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38 Simple Videos – PowerPoint Screen Capture Plus Your Voice

We have 38 articles each with 400+ words

We want you to perform the following steps:

1. Create a simple Microsoft Power Point presentation for each article. Just copy and paste each paragraph (one paragraph per slide) in a template that has the URL in the footer.
2. Add at least 3 relevant pictures to the presentation. Please do not use clip art. Instead use quality stock images. You can search for free royalty-free stock images in a search engine. Create an Excel spreadsheet with your URL list of sources from where you downloaded each image.
3. Next, use screen capture software with your microphone to step through each presentations slides while reading the words. This should create a video file – one for each PowerPoint file. Make sure that your video capture software does not watermark the video that it creates.
4. Name your files with the keyword (from the original article) and zip them all up and send to us.
5. Done. Get paid. Bid on our next project.

Deliverables – packaged in zip file(s):
1. 38 PowerPoint files saved in the older Office 2000 format (i.e. .ppt)
2. 38 Video files in .avi or .mpeg format. We do not want flash
3. 1 Excel spreadhsheet of all of your image source URLs saved in the older Office 2000 format (i.e. .xls)

1. Keep it simple.
2. No writing is required, however you must speak clear English.
3. Please make sure to use the words, "can do" in your bidding response so that we know that you read this project description in its entirety.

Thank you

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Screen Capture Macro For Old MS Game

Hi Guys

I am looking for some help in creating a simple macro that will take a screen capture from within an old ms golf game, then click on a part of the screen (i have the screen cordinates) to advance the camera view and to repeat this as necessary.


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Basic Landing Page FAST!

Hello I need a basic landing page to capture B2B clients and use the page for google ad words. I would need this page optimized for google specifications. I will need this done asap! Please PM me for website samples.

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Screen Capture

I need a screen shot of a web page.

it need to be in jpeg and psd and hi res,

my video card will not give me a good copy of this.

it need to be of excellent quality.

small job 5 mins work so i will only pay $5

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