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Research Franchise

Im trying to franchise an international modeling competition in my country.

The franchises I want to find about are:

1) Next Top Model
2) Ford Supermodel of the World
3) Elite Look of the Year
4) Make Me a Supermodel

What I find out EACH one of them is:

1) What would it cost to franchise or buy the rights to run the competition for my country is
2) What would I get in return if I chose to buy their franchise
3) What is the format of their competition and all the details associated with
4) What are the exact contacts (mobile and email) of the people directly responsible of negotiating the franchise

I want the research thorough, the materials official, email if them if you have to, call them if you have to (VOIP calls will be reimbursed), be VERY persistent, this is a very competitive industry. If the company asks who is requesting this information, just say a very prominent company in the modeling industry of an untouched region.

Good luck

Only $30 bids allowed

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SIP client for BlackBerry

We need the source code for a SIP client softphone for BLACKBERRY AND iPHONE,with the following requirements:

1-Dialer supports SIP for signaling.
2-Dialer supports G729, GSM and G.711 codec for sending audio data.
3-Dialer can run behind NAT or on private IP. Dialer supports NAT and firewall traversal using STUN. So client behind the firewall can make VoIP call using Dialer .
4-PREFERABLE: Dialer runs on application layer so it supports GPRS, WiFi and Bluetooth for internet connectivity.
5-Operating system: BlackBerry and iPhone Operating Systems
6-Dialer works with SIP username/password
7-Optinal, Dialer can send SMS over IP
8-Dialer Supports Loud Speaker
9-Dial directly from the phone

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Desktop Telemarketing Dialer

we need our Desktop Telemarketing Dialer to be enhanced.

It is currently up and running and will dial any csv file imported. It will dial one number at a time and will proceed to dial the next one once use has terminated the current call in progress.

1. The next phone record in line needs to begin dialing automatically as soon as the current call is terminated, currently it stops and ask if you would like to dial a long distance code. This needs to change and user needs to be able to assign ld codes beforehand so that it will continue to dial with no interruption,.

2. The user should have the option to click on play to begin a pre-recorded message to broadcast. Once the message is complete, the call should terminate and begin to call the next record automatically without any interruption

3. Need to be able to do a one click email of pre templated emails and continue calling in the background without interuption

4. Need to be able to use, magicjack.Com as the voip service, it should all interface together so that the end user simply needs to open the dialer and begin calling without much confusion, the dialer should have an option to use dialer modem or Magicjack VOIP internal dialing.. Extremely important feature.

5. Although the program gives a calling report with number of calls made and the time, we would like something more expansive, the following dispostion codes need to be added in order to disposition the call properly for future calling.

Not Interested – IN
Call Back – CB
Disconnected/Wrong Number – DISC
Sale – Sale
Do Not Call – DNC

These codes above should all mark the call in a new disposition field and then terminate the call and move on to dial the next number automatically.

click on this link to download the application:

We can buy a version online for les then $99 so please do not bid more then this amount. You will need to build rebuild the code and self executable files. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks

02/27/2009 at 14:33 EST:

We are not looking for telemarketing service, we are looking for a coder or coders that can create teh dialer application for use in telemarketing. thanks

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