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Auto-Voting Bot

I need someone to set up automatic voting bot for a simple voting system. You are able to vote as many times as you want from your computer, I dont think the voting system tracks IP address. Let me know as soon as possible or if you need more details. I have attached the web address so you can see what I am working with…we are voting for Pete Trocano.

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Voting/poll 2 Page Basic Layout Site

Looking to have a very simple two page voting site created. I can sort out the design and layout so just need it it to be the bare bones and working.

First page will have the option to click a button stating "YES" or "NO". This vote is then carried over to the second page revealing the results in a 3d pie chart with the percentage amounts stated below it.

Id like it so that you have to vote to see the results, and you can only vote once. Would prefer the information for the votes to be stored on a database but its not totally necessary, as long as the data is secure.

A little animation might be nice, with the two pieces of the chart bouncing in.

Thats it, let me know if you have any questions.

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WP Voting Plugin Needed

I need a custom WordPress voting plugin that can validate the voter and be able to set dynamic vote counts on an individual basis per voter (one voter can vote once while another voter may be able to vote 3 or four times on the same ballot) Also need to beable to run multiple ballots at once. just ask for more information.

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Online Voting For Contest – Must Have Access To US IPs

I need someone who can vote in an online contest. The voting is done online on a basic web page.

It seems like you can vote as many times as you want a day, but there is a three letter CAPTCHA that must be entered with each vote.

The freelancer must be able to:

Generate 1000s of votes each week.
Have access to at least 12 US IPs to spread the votes over those.
Be able to submit votes every single day in April.

If you are interested be sure to write: "unique ip" in your bid.

Past experience is preferred. If available, describe past contest voting.

I am only going to pay $30. If you cant do thousands a votes week, please tell me in your bid how many votes you can do, and I will still consider it. US IPs are a must.

Win or lose, payment will be made at end of April.

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Voting Bracket System

I would like to create an interactive voting bracket system for my website that deals with various topics, such as sports or entertainment. (Ex: Users can go on and vote for their favorite comedy.) Once they pick a winner I would like to compare their bracket picks with an average from other users on the site.

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WordPress Voting System

Need a wordpress voting system

custom plugin
voting needs to work like this.
a user receives a code. the code only allows the user to vote on 3 posts.
admin gets to see stats like what post has the most votes and need a way to generate at least 10,000 codes so they can be distributed.

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Online Voting Competition – Need 500 Votes

Need 500 votes for an online voting competition. Votes need to be spread out over a period of 10 days. Will need to produce unique names and emails for EACH vote. Would also need to produce unique IP addresses.

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Voting Website

As a general out line I want a simple website which topics will be introdued by me and votings will be done by visitors.
All the requirments are.
* No registration is needed for the time being but will add it later.
* Several titles,subjects,questions can be available at the same time for voting.
* Each titles,subjects,questions if clicked on another page is opened and comments could be seen or post.
* Each titles,subjects,questions is shown below it the persentage of the votings and number of people voted.
* Titles,subjects,questions could be in english or arabic.

I need people to bid for the whole work ( I want the whole website with the graphical design and everything) in the shortest time posible
Please place your bid

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Automatic Voting Program

I am urgently in need of a program to automatically vote and fast in the low-tops with the option to add proxy list I see that many are asking if you have a program ready so I can use it with some kind of change follows the low ups that require voting system

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Facebook App With Leaderboard / Voting System And Backend

Project as discussed with George.

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Eliminate Errors In Photo Gallery

Photo gallery. It was amended and allowed some mistakes. They need to fix:

1. Upload photos. Photos loaded, but after loading the next page (where you select a category and add a description to the photo) is not fully loaded.

2. Voting system. At this point, the user may vote for 1 photo unlimited number of times the set. It is necessary to limit – 1 photo = 1 user = 1 vote.

3. Counting of votes. The voting system has been rewritten from scratch, but count the votes remained the standard. It is necessary to correct internal counter counts votes received.

All the above features are already implemented, but mistakes were made and have to find them.

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Automatic Proxy Voting

I need to set up an automatic proxy voting for an online contest. A few of the competitors already have been voting through proxies but I want to be able to do it fast. Just until the end of the month of March.
I have a list of people who have provided authority to vate on their behalf. It is in Excel format and contains the fields to be filled on for the voting form.
Only one vote can be entered at a time on the online voting form.
Individuals are permitted to vote once a day for a 21 day period.
There are restrictions on the number of votes posted from an individual IP address.

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Website With Streaming Music Player, Voting & Socialfeatures

We are looking for an experienced developer who can both design and code the functionality of our website. The person selected must be able to include the following features on the site:

– embedded streaming music player
– voting system that logs clicks and shows the numbers in real time
– highly integrated social networking features
– extremely aesthetic and visually appealing transitional clicking, we want simple designs that are elegant and to the point. no smoke and mirrors.
– newsletter functionality
– bright colours
– a submission form allowing people to upload and send us data
– an excellent admin panel for us to be able to control content and updates

We will be picking our freelancer based on their portfolio, the amount of time they can complete the project within, and most importantly; if they can stick within our budget.


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Custom PHP Voting For VBulletin

I need a voting system for a contest with over 200 entries on a vBulletin / vbAdvanced site. I need to narrow it down to 100 entries, then 50, then 10.

Needed Information for each entry
– Entry Member: Member
– Entry Name: Name of their entry
– Entry Description: Description of entry.
– Rating: (Ask Member to "Rank" if they havent yet, Show average votes and score after they vote)

I ONLY want Members of my site to vote for each round. Remove losing entries based off lowest ranks/scores and reset counter for next round of voting.

Could be setup like this?

1=not so good
2=sounds good
4=sounds very good
5=sounds awesome!

Then offer up 5 radio buttons for 1 to 5 next to each entry. Members would go through and input their rating for each entry. Then after they input all their ratings they can submit to the database? They can only submit ONCE per round.

Then next round for 100, then next for top 50? So I would need the results cleared, and reset voting for each new round. Removing lowest scoring entries.

I am using vbAdvanced and vBulletin 3.8.6

This is a one time contest / voting system.

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Voting In Contest

I need somebody who has experience in voting in contest and making the votes appear natural.

– 300 votes in total
– Different IP address for each vote
– Registration on website required before you can cast each vote (means you need unique e-mail address for each vote), the registration process involves CAPTCHA
– The votes should be spread out over a 3 week period
– No more than 1 vote per hour

So on average you are looking at about 14 votes per day that are spear out over the period of the day, and 300 unique votes and registrations in total.

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Voting Project! Need Thousands!

I need the freelancer to vote anonymously from different IP adresses in the US on a voting site over the course of a few days to make the band slowly rise.

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Complex Voting Project: Experts Only

THIS IS A VERY VERY SOPHISTICATED Voting server! I Need someone that can place a large number of votes without being detected. Ive already tried several other freelancers and they couldnt do it, so now Im trying this…

I will need a lot Votes ! So please, serious bidders only.

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Voting Experts! Cheap Rates Only

Need about 1,000 votes on a website. PM for details $60 or cheaper only.

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Css Voting Page For A New Brand Name

Css Voting Page for a new brand name.
Twitter style: stylish but ASTHETIC
DEMO necessary

02/14/2011 at 6:10 EST:

– Put logic into simple JavaScript only
– The page should also display result immediately in the horizontal bar chart

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Music Voting Script

I am looking add a script to my website that will allow visitors to upload no more than 3 MP3s each to be voted on by other visitors. Id like to be able to collect email addresses by requiring music submitter and voters to submit their email addresses in order to participate.

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Automatic Proxy Voting

I need to set up an automatic proxy voting for an online contest. A few of the competitors already have been voting through proxies but I want to be able to do it fast. Just until the end of the month of february.

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Asterisk: Voting Service With Soap Output (For Meral)

We need a New Module in our Asterisk IVR for a Voting Service:

Call arrives on IVR,
did table sends call to new table/service
plays a "welcome" message (configurable in table)
then caller can enter 1 to 50
then play 2nd "thank you" message (configurable in table)
then call ends.
We then need to use SOAP to report: "CID", "DID", "Digits entered"

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Consumer Review And Reports

We are just founding a web site about of consumer review and reports.
It will base on voting.


– Visitors are able to see all details of products.
– Voting and rating.
– Left a comment. (it will be require) about of voting. (Why/What)

Admin Panel
– Enter product information (picture and all details)
– Enter category and subcategory
– See to users profiles, and send mail, activation, send a newsletter.

it will looking as

We offer 7 usd per hour..

It should finis in 20 days

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Codeigniter.Voting With Ecommerce

BUDGET $300 | NO UPFRONT PAYMENT | Payment by Milestone Tasks

Develop CSS for IE, Firefox and Safari

Server: Linux | Install and configure codeigniter 2.0

Complete requirement is the word document and jpgs showing design layout. These details will be reviewed with chosen provider prior to the award of project.

1. Design, develop and code 10-12 pages with complete admin access to manage frontend content.
This means that majority of what is shown to visitor is editable/deleteable/etc. in admin.
:: we need to review each page, please see attached Flow jpg.
:: create interface for video upload, placement on frontend and admin management
:: all pages must show up with https, with bar next to address box turn green using the EV SSL that is installed on server.

2. Develop 3-tier architecture for the mysql database to prevent sql injection, as well as, pass all pages through https. EV SSL certificate already installed on server.

3. All pages must be encrypted to prevent sql injection to not interfere with ecommerce and voting records/results.

4. Voting – Purchasing credits and viewing via web and mobile
:: install, configure and modify voting script
:: install and configure timezone script
:: Free credits assigned to visitor once registered and they confirm their registration from the email entered. Free credits can only be used one per candidate in any category.
:: Purchased voting credits allow visitor to vote as many times for one candidate as they wished.
:: Make voting and purchasing voting credits mobile phone friendly.
:: show voting tallies as shown in jpgs on designated pages.

5. Banner Purchase and Management
:: There are banners on many of the pages which needs to be managed (add/change/delete).
:: Use the same method of buying voting credits for banner purchase.

6. Voter and Candidates Registration
:: each must register, once it completes credit account with designated voting credits.
:: candidates get email to complete their profiles
:: all candidates profiles are editable in admin by admin
:: forgot password feature for voter and candidate

7. Comprehensive admin – manage = add, change and/or delete any content, videos, banner, url showing on frontend.

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Install Small Voting Script

I am looking for someone to install a small voting script on my web site. I bought a script from and just need it installed correctly on my server. Specifically, I bought the

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Voting Script, Program, Or Bot, That Can Vote 250 Time A Day

I need someone with a voting script, program, or bot, that can personally mange making 250 votes per day, or even more, every day for the next 25 days.

This is for a simple online voting contest where each individual voter is aloud to vote for the contestant 5 times a day.

The program must be totally untraceable and look completely authentic if they were to look into those voting .

I need 50 profiles set up, each of them using a completely different western name and email address, like 10 x yahoo, 10 x gmail, 10 x mac mail, etc, (No temp email addresses can be used).

Each voter needs to vote the 5 times a day giving me 250 votes each day.

You will need to use a difference IP address for each of those 50 applicants/voters and preferably the unique IP address set up for each voter to be used for each of those 50 voters profiles, therefore, youll need 50 individual IP addresses.

Reporting daily:
I will need a spread sheet emailed to me every day with the voters name and email and number of votes.

Will also need to use a decaptcha software of sorts?

Thanks and let me know if you need any more info or the address to the actual competition.

Good luck

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Online Voting

This is a project to create an online voting system. Web-users click an icon on a third-party web-page to open a stylish frame, which offers roughly 6 questions with multiple options, solicits donations and comments, and asks for identification information. Data is sent to an attractive website where it can be queried by the sites database. Initially, there will be roughly 1,500 topics on the central site, and each topic-display will show about 18 types of information from the database. Various levels of voter-authentication are needed, because the voting system will be manipulated by outside groups, and vote totals will be displayed at varying levels of authentication. Donated funds have to be sent automatically to different groups, and summarized for tax-accounting by all donors and receivers every 12 months.

This site will be expanded to include mobile applications, and be constantly fine-tuned to counter manipulation, such as voting-via-anonymizers, so I expect there will be much subsequent work. The site will be periodically inspected by outsiders, so the software has to be clean and free of back-doors etc. The overall system must be cheap to operate, so it should work with third-parties authentication and donation systems. All IP rights of the systems software are owned by the site operator.

Show me example of your work, and your ratings. Contact me with any questions.

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4000 Word Political Science Essay

Research and write a 4,000 word essay to POST GRADUATE standards on the topic of internet voting being adopted for general elections in a small country like Australia or New Zealand. This essay must be about internet voting and not electronic voting. Specific examples and experiences must be covered. Numerous references must be provided.

Writers with a Masters degree will have high priority.

You must have a high standard of academic english skills (no grammatical errors) and the necessary skills to conduct formal research, write and edit. Plagiarism is not tolerated, writing must be 100% original and properly cited in APA style.

A high standard is expected. Project must be completed within 14 days of acceptance.

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Voting For A Contest

Voting for a Facebook Contest

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Voting System

I require software to be developed to store a database of an organisations members of which there are approximately 2000 however this should have no upper limit. This will store personal details of each member including a fingerprint, photo and electronically captured signatures. This data will be used during voting day to identify member

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Visitor Voting System Plug-In For My Website

I need somebody to create me code that I can use for multiple projects. I want a plug-in built that I can simply paste html code into any webpage and have it work with minimal customization (such as a widget).

I need two variations of this code.

Variation #1 will permit users to vote on different URLs. For an example, visit this page:

Users submit their own URLs and they are immediately stored (captcha required).

The webpage will always sort according to the most votes, highest on top. Alternatively, users can sort according to name of submitter.

Just like in the example above, users will only see a thumbs up icon, with the words "I like this," which will change colors if they have already clicked the thumbs-up.

A user can only vote one time per day. They will need to be blocked by cookie and IP address from voting more than that.

Variation #2 will permit users to vote on different photographs instead of URLs. It will function exactly the same as the first variation, but will include images and a title for each image.

Each photograph will be cropped to a specified size as a thumbnail. If visitor clicks the thumbnail, screen will darken and full size photograph (max size to be determined) will be shown, with an "x" to close the preview.

Layout of this will be three entries wide by four rows deep on the page, also shown in order of most votes.

As with #1, users submit their own photographs, with captcha.

Both variations should include a "report this" link which will email a url to a moderator who can approve it or delete it. Once enough people have clicked report this, it will disappear from voting until approved by a moderator.

Should be fairly simple project. I use ipower.coms control panel and have access to MySQL, etc.

Thank you, I need this done within 10 days.

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External Voting Button

I currently have 2 sites. One is built on Hotaru CMS with voting / bookmarking script. I added the External Voting Button that allows users to add the voting button to their websites. I want to add the voting button to my website number 2 which is built on buddypress. I want this external voting button to be added to the buddypress bp_sitewide_posts_widget. This would allow users to vote on individual blog posts throughout the buddypress community.

Hotaru CMS uses this script <code><script type="text/javascript">submit_url = "URL OF THE POST";</script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></code> to add the button to external sites with multiple posts. I need the code to be written on buddypress, that dynamically inserts the url of each feed from BP-Sitewide_posts_widget.

This project requires someone with extensive knowledge of the Buddypress core.

01/29/2011 at 0:46 EST:

I think the external voting button has to tie into the buddy press script <?php bp_activity_action() ?> , but I am not sure how to do that?

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