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Database Development

!) Modify one existing MySql database and refine the generated pages look. Create a small number of reports.
2) Create a new MySql database, some scheduled reports, simple query forms, payment pages to link to external Merchant accounts. Data will come from 1) above and external sites

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Simple Number Guessing Game With Credits

This should be a simple job – I just need a simple membership (login/register) game, where when the user logs in they have an account overview and the UI of the game. The game will be simple, a number is generated between 1 and 200 (which should be easily customizable through the code), if they guess the number, they get five new trys. It will all be ran on credits. The user gets 3 credits daily.

I need a simple admin interface where I can award credits to users. I would also maybe need a way for the user to get credits by visiting a dynamic encoded URL , once they visit the url they are awarded so so credits to there account. This would probably be being generated through the admin interface.

This should be an easy project, I would do it myself but still pretty new and do not have the time.

I would require regular code updates! I have used freelancer so many times with terrible results 🙁

Im a good guy to work with though, I will take care of you if you can take care of me with this!

Good luck

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Open-Mesh /CoovaOM Voucher Automation

Currently using Open Mesh using CoovaOM Radius Server for authentication. Right now, I have to manually open the website, then manually create a username/password. I need an Ajax or JavaScript to automate this process from the background.

Process is:
Open the Website, goto the page, select New, create Username/Password using a pre-determined 4 char prefix for username followed by 4 digits of chars. Allow user to print the voucher.

Pretty simple project and will not take an excellent programmer 2 days to do it. There is No API available. The only API to CoovaOM is JSON but there is no reponse info to provide. You maybe working off their Website possibly capturing the website script. A specs will be avaiable to qualified bidders.

Excellent Ajax/Javascript/PHP/HTML are required.

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