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CSS/Ajax Based Web Template

Need web design/templates for a site which will provide realtime media encoding. The site will require ajax controllers (such as progressbar) and other ui-controls such as slidebars for selecting bitrates and fileformat. The site will focus on mobile content and will provide downloading and converting of videos to mp3 (or other audio) format. A textfield for video-url will therefore be required.

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Web Services

I need project on this topic written of 16000 words:

1.Requirements elicitation and analysis: document outlining the specific requirements of the SOA framework suitable design document showing the structure of the framework
3.Implementation : implementation of several framework components, sufficient to build a small demonstration application(including demonstration of that example)
4.Testing: How can we do testing?
5.Evaluation:reflection on the academic/theoretical underpinning

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Simple Graphics

I need a simple design of Home Inspector type logos or images. The images would be houses with magnifying glass, a man doing a home inspection, real estate for sale signs, and other home inspector images. I am looking for no less than 15 images in different shapes, sizes and colors. I also need them to be 72dpi. I will send you a sample of the design template as a guide to make the project even simpler.

Then I need you (using my resources) to complete three Home Inspector banner templates in sizes 960×80.psd, 125×125.psd, 120×140.psd.

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Web Designer With Presta Shop

Hi all,

I need a presta shop theme designer.Please send me your portfolio and I will send project details.

Work is very urgent, you will design theme and it must be a prestashop theme.

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UI Design For Web Application

We have several software solutions delivered in a SaaS module to our customers.

We are looking to re-design the UI of these solutions.

We have 10 solutions looking for re-designing.

We are looking to give the design work for 3 designers, each will get 1 solution to design. The best designer will probably get to re-design all other solutions and all future solutions.

Think of a CRM system you know , and this will be in general the design you will need to do, with your own skills.

All offers should include at least 1 sample of past projects.

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A Small Web Based Car Booking Application For Admin Use

Hello all Developers,

I am looking for a small web based car booking application which will be used only by the administrator and the other staff members to organize and manage the car bookings.

In case anybody has already developed such type of online applications, please do show me the demo ASAP. The car booking application is urgently required. Although the application required should be customized as per my requirements and needs so please be open to customization.

Hands-on web development experience is very much necessary.

I would prefer to award the project to a developer who can provide the support at a later date as well after the completion and delivery of the application.

You all can submit your profiles with demo of any similar kind of application (if any) and then I will submit more details of the project to the shortlisted developer.

And yes the cost is another criteria to choose a service provider. The lowest bid with quality solution will win this project.

Waiting for your proposals.


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Creative Web Designer Needed

Web designer needed to create web pages on a daily basis.

Skills Required

-HTML & PHP coding
-Great with photoshop
-Must know Flash

-Must use Skype for communication
-Want to see previous work

The web designer will be given a drawing of each design along with video instructions. Pages will be small and easy to make…. payment per page will be $10-$15

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Completion Of MSI Deployment For Window Form Application – 2

This project is for the debuggging and successful creation of a already built MSI installer package for a windows form application that uses SQL server express. The MSI package consists of the installation for a very small windows form application written in C# that uses SQL Server 2005 Express, SQL Server 2005 Express installation files and script to create SQL tables. I had someone development the MSI installer and they did a good job but they were not able to test.

I am looking for someone to test, make corrections and make improvements where possible. I will pay extra for process improvements but I must review and approve first. This person must be experienced with Window Form deployments using SQL Server Express and expereinced with deplyment on Windows 7 desktops.

Here are the requirements for this MSI installer:

1. Custom script to generate database tables and database during installition.
2. Include dll for 3rd party software named dotnet components.
3. Visual Studio 2005 C# WIndows form application
4. Include stored procedures if necessary
5 Shourt cut will go to the desktop
6. If the software already exists, uninstall and then reinstall or your recommendation.
7. If database and tables exists, delete and then reinstall or your recommendation.
8. Must support windows 7, XP and Vista.
9. Must have logic to detect SQL Server 2005 express installations


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Yelp Look A Like Web Customize

Hello Freelancer

I have Yelp look a like script and need this script to be modified.
Now we is searching someone can built and customized script from us to archive what we need

the job information is simple and clear

1 – integrated with local payment gateway
2 – SEO friendly and Google Analytic
3 – build a daily deal inside this web and script ( like Groupon )
4 – people can fund their money inside this website
5 – Design web must be in web 2.0 design and themes is clear and unique
6 – Has own E-Schwag widget
7 – Can be customized in future ( long term project )

Interested ???

Please place your bid here

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Neck Tie Design

Were looking for textile designers for neck ties.

Its important that you have past textile experience, shirts, clothing or any other wear.

If youve worked with Jacquard weaves on silk thats even better.

Were offering $$ based on experience per completed design. The factories can fine tune the design if required, we can submit designs from almost any picture format but would prefer photoshop.

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Image Gallery Application Based On Contacts

Basically the idea for this application is pretty simple. The way the default gallery application works is that it sorts out images based on the folders that they are in. I would like an image gallery that allowed you to "tag" or apply pictures to contacts, and then view images based on the contacts.

So, for example, if I wanted to see pictures of my brother Johnny, I could open the application, it would provide a list of my contacts that have pictures assigned to them, and I could find Johnny in that list. Select him, and see the images in much the same way as the original 2D gallery worked.

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New Template Based On The This Design (also Integrate)

We need a very professional template that stand outs with nice buttons and colors made using this exact layout but different graphic design for buttons, boxes etc.

Needs to be web 2.0. and has to POP. Stand out from the page,,, Product in the middle gets changed from admin area and price + savings ticket als needs to be designed to stand out.Timer is live and counts down, please make a nicer design for it.

Please contact us for more information.



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Easy Web Dwvelopment

We have a news portal site.we need some develop our site.
who are interested please bid!!!!!!!
detail will be,send me some sample

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Demo Application For Kiosk From Ready Web Site.


You will be bidding for demo project for tourism kiosk application.
We would like to create an embedded application from web site.
For demo purposes we will be using part of the web site.
Normally, user should click one of the icons to download and view on full page. Please try out to understand full concept. Winner has to download all related .exe files from above mentioned URL to use on application.

Since we are planning to use this in Kiosk user does not have to download the .exe file from the link, when user click on photo, application should run straight away and there should be an option for other related panoramic views etc. (Exe files have some build in features to see this, please run the application press F1 to see build in features, which has to be linked with some artworks or buttons on application.

This is a fairly easy and straight forward application and trial for us and prepared to pay as low as possible.

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Drupal / Ubercart Dynamic Form Based On Checkout

As part of ubercart checkout, I need to collect information for each product of a specific class as part of checkout. I dont want to do this with attribtues prior to checkout, only when the purchase has been made.

The data to be collected is a between 1-4 fields. This data will then be attached to the product (1-4 fields per product of this class, specific on a per product and attribute basis). The data collection needs to have some organization, such as:

You bought four xyzs!

Enter the information for: blue xyz
Field 1:
Field 2:

Enter the information for: red xyz
Field 1:
Field 2:
Field 3:

I have thought of a few ways to try and implement but I am new to drupal so want you to do it for me. Heres examples of where I got – I see how these could be extended but again, Im new to drupal:

* is helpful but is designed for forms that apply tot he entire order, not dynamic by product.

* just adds to the checkout form – would be ok if it could be driven dynamically by product & Attributes

* sounds like it would be perfect but there have been no releases (even development releases)

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Powerpoint Template From Existing Design

.I have an existing powerpoint design. I need a powerpoint expert to help me set up a proper finished template with all the elements in position. It wont take an expert long to do it.You will need the Gotham ttf family of typefaces. I want the template to produce a new slide already formatted perfectly.So that new text can be pasted in and will format correctly.Job needs turning round quickly.I have designs for title page, text page and picture page. If you are not a powerpoint expert do not waste everyones time by bidding.

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IPad App Marketing

I need someone who can take an iPad app and market it to be successful. To do this project you will need to be able to market to a niche market. The app is an eBook that will have a "cult" like following.

You must be able to twitter, facebook, youtube, and what other means to get word out, such as joining message board communities. I will pay a portion of the fee up front and a portion based on results in the form as a percentage.

If this is acceptable then bid, if not, please refrain from wasting both of our time 🙂

Thank you.

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Templete Design Change

Ive own a forum. i just need to change its template design within 24 hrs. my budget is $30 only.

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Translate Application Form From Laos To English (Today)

Translate five pages from Lao to English as soon as possible. Two pages are the instructions to complete the form and the form is three pages. Will pay a premium to complete the project today.

Thank you

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Similar Web Design Need Based On WordPress

I have a domain name and I already uploaded that in wordpress.

Now i am wishing to make it like another my chose website.So you work will be find out an appropriate theme and customized that and may be have to install some other plugins. .

I will provide the URLs or my site and the similar site through PMB.

So just bid here then i will send a PM and after observing all you will give me an offer through PM

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Web-based Application – Need Full Mobile Web Compatiblity

Our company has built an online 24/7 Web-based member-only application which generates access codes for remote locks. It uses SQL Server and the coding was done in C# .NET (Visual Studio). The current web version works in IE and Firefox (desktop versions) but certain functions within the site have issues when using a mobile-based browser such as iphone, android or blackberry.

We are looking for a freelancer who will be able to tweak and fix the source code/layout as needed to make the application work properly with mobile browsers and generate access codes within a mobile-ready layout. This application was originally built in 2001 and includes both server-side C# .NET and client-side javascript coding. Our budget is $3000-$5000USD.

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Design A Poster (repost)

Hi, This is a repost

I need to design a professional looking poster/flyer. I will provide the text, the images and the basic template I need. You just have to put things together to make it professional.

I need this done today, please let me know if you can do it in next few hours. Budget $30 or less plus possible long term work.

This is trifold 2 page flyer with all images and instructions provided by us.

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Web Based Computer Management

We are looking for a web developer for providing us a solution which we can manage and monitor our PC Clients remotely via Web based application.
we know there are lots of this kind software out there but we would like to have ours with our needs.
Using an Open source Software for using as the base Core is possible.

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New Web Site

Hello and thanks for bidding. I need a 3 page website – simple, no e-commerce, just content and a flash header. One contact page with information request form. Thats it. I need it by Saturday the 25th. Thank you. James

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Simple Website

I require a simple website with the follow sections:

About Us
Partner Application
Contact Us

The basic design and images will be provided

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Web Design

We need web shop redesign from generic template to something new.

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Mashable Like Websiteblog

I need to create a Mashable/techcrunc lik site. with all its components, signup, comments, ad space, articles categories. etc.

We will provide web site design. PSD, or PNG as needed.

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Based On Current Design Tweak And Design A Page

We are changing/adding some elements to our homepage and would like someone with a flair for design (functional, practical, yet looks good, considering SEO in the design) to incorporate the new information. We have a second page which is a directory/listing that is set up, but we need to improve the look.

Please send links to any portfolios or work you have done.

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