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Database Development

!) Modify one existing MySql database and refine the generated pages look. Create a small number of reports.
2) Create a new MySql database, some scheduled reports, simple query forms, payment pages to link to external Merchant accounts. Data will come from 1) above and external sites

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Database Development

The website design stage is completed and I need someone to build a database for it.

Requirements for the database :

-Support for a large number of users
-A referal and point reward system
-A ranking system based on the lifetime points earned
-Dashboard for users/admin were both parts can track their progress/earnings
-A bonus points system shopping page.
-CMS panel through which I can add affiliate links with an image on pages
-Compatibility with a flash webdesign( Dreamweaver 8) interface

Specific expertise/background that I am seeking:
Experience in developing databases / php using MySQL.

Timeframe for delivery: 2-4 weeks

More details available upon request.

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Our website is going to be a donation based quiz website. This quiz is going to look very similar to the quiz on

When the website loads you will automatically be brought to a page containing a question and four possible answers. Once the question is answered a new page loads and the user is told whether he/she has donated with the correct answer or was incorrect. To get a better idea of what the quiz will look like, I advise you go to and mess around for a few minutes. Our game should run exactly like theirs.

Since we will need a database of questions and answers, we would like you to build the code and program, so that we can easily, manually add questions/answers.

Along with the game, we want the ability to keep a running record of answers correct. This aspect of the website is extremely important and cant be overlooked.

According to the numbers of correct answers we will receive from all categories and the total, will determine how much money we donate that day.

For each day, three charities will be displayed below the quiz for each subject. For example, science questions will have three organizations that we will donate to, displayed below it. The amount of correct answers to the question, determines how much money we donate to organizations. Since we are unfamiliar with the inner workings of web development, we are unsure how we can collect and store the data. Hopefully, you will make a clear method for this.

Our website will have multiple subjects and areas of study. With all of these subjects we will need an efficient way of retaining and extracting data, so we can donate. Accordingly.

To take it one step further, we would like to create profiles for each user to keep track of their correct answers. It would tell them the total amount of correct answers as well as how many for each subject.

When you respond to this post, please list specifically how you would approach completing it so that we both understand each other.

Please let me know if this is clear enough to understand. Thank you

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Website Scripting And Database Development

We are in the designing process for a new website. We are looking at having a functional website coded. With out going into great detail in this post we have found a similiar website that contains all the functionality we are seeking. We are desiring a site to be built with all the script and database functionality as We want all functionality, not just a portion. This will not be a competitor but the design layout is exactly what we are looking for and will work for us. If you have any other questions please ask.

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Web Redesign And Product Import is in need of a redesign.
we need to rebuild the site to use a best of breed new way to do files and pictures and make products more accessible and FASTER to customers. Right now, it takes almost 3 seconds for a sites product to load, customers do not want this, they want fast, easy to access products.

We need to redesign it so that its easily customizable AFTER its completed, so that the average person can redo the site without having too much knowledge in HTML or PHP, basically a simply GUI based product add-on.

Finally, we need to add over 8000+ products with a database upload via either CSV or grab from the site itself of our supplier. This is perhaps the most important thing to get right. We have 3 very high volume suppliers of products and currently, we need to be able to import ALL of their products – and make updates at the same time as we go through the data – so that all the products are added/updated on our site.

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Development – BUZZ_WEBSITE

We are looking for a developer to maintain and develop a web 2.0 look and feel interface for our website.

Developer is required to maintain store and store database, implement new technologies and follow work orders as per SLA.

The start date for the project will be January 1st 2011.

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Community Web Site For Specific Industry

I would like to create a community Web site for people who are in the same profession as me.

It would include:

+ Members directory (they should be able to add themselves)
+ Job postings (can be viewed/added by anyone)
+ Member ratings (added by people who use their services)
+ Discussion forum
+ Terminology database

Contact me via private message and Ill send you an existing example with more info.

Thank you in advance!

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Help Planning SubVersion/Codesion For IIS Web Development

I need help planning and setup SubVersion (from for use in our daily web development. Im new into this and weve not been using source control before. I look for contact to an experienced person, that has huge experience in planning, setting up and using source control for Microsoft projects using Subversion.
Right now we need the basics setup, but we would like to continue improving afterwards, with automated builds and testing.

My needs at this moment are:
1. Planning structure for repository. We have multiple projects using multiple technologies. Our web projects are using IIS/ASP, DLLs and database using Visual Studio 6. Other projects are VC++ using Visual Studio 2003 and others are database using MS SQL Server 2000. How to arrange all this in Subversion?
2. I would like to limit access for each developer only to view and edit parts of our website project. I would like to hire freelance people, to work only at a certain feature of the site. Can I do this and how do they test? The asp pages will not execute on their local machine, as database and server dlls is needed to get the site working. So the developer should be able to checkin or store working copy directly on his own area on dev server. I dont know how this scenario is handled the best?
3. How is dev,stage,q&a,prod handled and what setup makes sense for us?

Only serious and experienced persons that has dealt with my exact setup, should apply. I look forward hearing from all of you great experts 🙂

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Web Design And Database Development

As a growing technology company we are seeking a talented freelance and affordable programmer/s to work with on a long term basis.

Our main areas of focus are:

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Database For Internet Web Sales

I would like to have a small team preferably just one other programmer to help me design, program and perform the graphics for a eCommerce web site.

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Website Redesign, Database Development & Integration

Our company proposes to use the web as a medium to communicate with its prospective audience i.e. patients and establish internet as a medium to communicate with its existing patients and other stake holders. The website will be used to communicate in detail the services offered, highlight patient achievements and share news and information.

The website will be developed to facilitate business development on one side and streamline some of the operations by creating a system that will ensure easy flow of information, recording of transactions and providing reporting that will allow the management to have a better visibility of the business activities.

The website will have a comprehensive and easy to use Content Management & Reporting system that will allow for easy management of the website. The detailed functionality of the website will be discussed in a planning document, which will be made available to the winning bidder.

The website will be divided between front end that will be used by all external users and a backend that will be available to the company to manage the website and perform other reporting functions etc.

The website will have the following key modules that will be accessible to various users depending on their roles:
Front End:
1. Site Content
2. Contact Information
3. Candidate test
4. Patients, Doctors, Facilitators and Staff &Site Administrators to Login
5. Medical Forms and Facilitators Forms
6. Slide Show of patients
7. Search function

Back End:
1. Site Administrator
2. Client Serving Team
3. Site Content Management
4. Patient Management
5. Report Management
6. Messaging
7. Contact Management
8. Activity Management
9. Search Function
10. Task & Schedule Management
10. File Management

We have a technical staff who will supervise and take charge of the website redesign project as well as provide development expertise. And after the website development work is done, we will take over the website content management and maintenance work.

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Order Tasks Database Optimisation And Moving To Web

We currently have a basic access2007/2010 database that we use to track our orders within the company and report on things such as gross profit per supplier or salesperson over a given time period.
It also has many built in reports to see what orders are waiting on goods to arrive, waiting on service work to occur, waiting on invoicing etc.

What we want to do is make the database more robust and also make it so that users need to log in and we can track what changes users make (and restore previous data if needed).

We would also like the structure of our current database to be optimised.

Then once the structure is optimised etc, we would then need a way to port existing data into the new database.

Ultimately we would like to be able to get the database hosted so that people within the company can access the database via a secure web connection with passwords etc so only people in the company can access the data.

We would also want the database to have some sort of automatic backup/re-visioning so that if ever anything went wrong we can restore the database to a version that is only an hour or two old (if thats possible).

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Database Development

Id like to get a quote from you for another project that we
need done (creating a searchable database) for our website.

We have a lot of Green consultants that sell our products, and each
has their own duplicate affiliate website with a really random URL. We
want to make it easy for customers to find their local Green
Consultant so they can buy through that persons affiliate website and
we can give them commission easily.

For this reason, we need to create a database for our website, similar
to the one shown at this website:

It would have to be easy for us to be able to update the database each
time we get a new consultant, and it would have to be easy for people
to search through it. It would also need great presentation, and we would need help implementing it on our website.

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Web Database Connect

Looking for a programmer to update and continue on a Web application that connects to a MS-SQL database to perform various lookup and update tasks.

Current application is written in C# and ASP.NET.

Application connects to an existing database hosted on a server machine and performs tasks of displaying information and allows the user to update the data to update the underlying database.

Task to be performed is update current look / Update functionality
Create simple installer based on requirement list to be provided.

If initial work is successful, we will be looking to the candidate for continued future updates as well.

Candidate will require strong knowledge of C# and ASP .NET 2005 as well as web services and web development experience. Design look is also important but can be tweaked later as a separate project.

Please provide portofolio of similar work performed.

Budget provided is for initial work of updating and converting existing codebase.

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