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Update Web Pages & Biz Card Design

Hello, we are looking for a designer who can work quickly on simple updates to website pages and design business cards – logo will be provided. Following is an update on webpage updates to assist you in bid. We will provide the login information to the awarded bidder.
See following information:.
Corrections needed on the Website Pages: See links at bottom of page.

1) Home Page: Need to attach the article sub-paragraph to the home page and the complete article to the appropriate Featured Article page..

2) Who We Are page swapping out the grey color for every Elite Hospitality in text to the burgundy.

3) Contact Us Page: the headers: Address, Phone Number, Fax Number were supposed to be grey like Have A Question and the actual numbers inserted should be GOLD to stand out.

4) page. Take out Right Strategy and quote underneath.
Buttons: See, CLICK Why Quorum just under About Quorum button. Scroll down and see buttons on right side. Each of the buttons become a lighter shade of grey as they move down. We want the buttons to look like these not solid grey.

5) page has the content from previous page inserted. Need to take out the quote above the buttons completely. Remove the text and swap out with new text. Page should look and work exactly like the Services page except the Images and text are different.

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Concrete5 To WordPress Web Site Conversion

Convert existing 300 page corporate web site from Concrete5 to WordPress. Requirements include: development of theme to match existing design, cutting content (graphics and images) from existing site and pasting/formatting to match/developing posts/pages in WordPress.

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Web Design – Small Home Improvement Business

Small website design and build Logo already designed just needs colour change

Design of layout
Build of website
10 Pages (roughly) and two forms

Budget is $75

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$40.000 For Any GAF Member (SEO, Scripts, Web Pages)


First of all I want to say Im not a newbie in making money from the web so dont even try to BS me in PM

I made $24402 and generate over 6 mln visits to my sites with Black Hat SEO

I have over $40.000 I can invest in any web related business you will propose

So in your bid please explain IN DETAIL:

1. How you plan to do that and how?
2. What resource you have to achieve this goal?
2. Show your portfolio (web pages you made, scripts you wrote, income you generated …)

Here are some ideas I know will work because I try them before on small scale:

1. SEO any web page for less competitive keywords (long tail) and then park them in SEDO – I will pay for domains, servers

2. Index my black hat pages (I have on my HDD over 1 TB (YES Terabyte) pages ready to upload to server – your job will be index them ASAP (its over 300.000 pages) – I will pay for servers and domains

3. Search profitable niches in Clickbank and Amazon and made lenses on squidoo, hubpages … – I will pay for your time and experience

4. Made self grooving websites (search engines like which grow in search engines without our input

5. Made any other sites which will bring good return in relative short time

Of course I not give one person $40.000 and wait for miracles Im not so stupid

If in your PM you will prove that you are master in any of the above fields I can give you money to achieve what we agree

Im open to your even crazy ideas – who know which will work – so dont be shy – surprise me


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Affiliate Website

I own a website currently that refers members to another website i then get 30% commision from there spending for life

im looking to have a proffessional 1 page design , which will alow me to affiliate many other websites wiritng up a review about them a rating and linking to them.

i also will need the site to be in the top 5 search results on google and other search engines for the relevant keywords

currently im listing on 2nd or 3rd page of results and need this imrpoving



i look forward to working with you

good luck

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Additional Tabs With Exactly Same Look As External Web Pages

There are Facebook Fans pages for businesses page having additional menu tabs that contain exactly the same look as the external php / html web pages, including any graphics (and hyperlinks on these graphics), flash files, and video files, there are on these external web pages.

It is puzzling how the additional tabs can be added with exactly the same look intact as the external webpage as if the latter is on the Facebook page as well, and not just found on the external website.

Have a 200-words description written with step-by-step procedure (many steps are needed to illustrate in detail) how the above is done, with a few real "live" examples of these cases that are already being implemented on existing Facebook fans pages. Not more than 50 words devoted to such examples for my reading. Total word count needed is 200 words of useful, clear, easy-to-follow instructions to me of how to do this.

You can cite such examples as links on the messages to me, so I can ascertain that you know what I want.

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PSD Web Designer

I am looking for a brilliant PSD web designer who can produce stunning layouts to my requirements. I dont have a big budget but need great designs. I require 2 site designs making with a few pages per design. Please show me your portfolio with your bid.

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Need WordPress Expert To Design And Integrate 5 Pages

Need wordpress expert to design and integrate it . we will provide you the ready framework so you need to design and do necessary chages to it .

you need to customize 5 pages .

Budget $80


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Web 2.0 UI Design – 3 Pages

Hi community,

This project is for a non-profit project called The site is based around shopping at online stores that benefit the charity of your choice. A donation goes back to the charity users pick.

We have the backend/frontend development to the site complete, but need to hire a U.I. designer familiar with Web 2.0 designing to complete 3 pages. All 3 pages are similar. The pages are: (1) selecting a cause / Vendor, (2) the Shopping page where all the vendors will be listed, and (3) a Charities page which works with a cloud system for tagging.

We can show you mockups that we have so you get an idea of what is on the pages, however there really isnt a single layout element that we want to keep in these mockups.

We want to hire a designer that gets back to us quickly and that has a great portfolio of Web 2.0 websites that youve designed. 🙂

Thanks so much for your application! Its appreciated.

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Moneybookers Payment Gateway For A Vpn System

I have a vpn system that is already configured and up.

I want users can order accounts with an specific plan and period and pay the service fee via moneybookers,
after the payment is made users must able to login immediately to the system.

Also we need some other modifications to our web pages and vpn system.

Payment after the job is finish and no Escrow.

No bidders from India!

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Facebook Web Design 8 Pages & Coding

For good example see our current page for sample if you click like link you will see the page changes.

We need to create additional 8 pages that are similar that when users clicks like button will have access to these additional pages.

If user is not a fan then he cant access these pages.

We need 10 pages designed. and then the 10 pages coded to do as above.

1. Hotel Specials Page
2. International Hotel Page
3. AIr tickets page
4. Cruise Package Page
5. nBA tickets Page
6. NFL tickets Page
7. HOckey tickets page
8. car rental page
9. special promo page
10. disount tickets page

all pages will be static like on the sample all pages are for users only.

the only programming needed is to show only to users that have clicked "like" if user has not clicked like he will not be able to see the contents of the pages.

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Web Design Single Simple E-Bay Page

Looking for a clean and professional looking e-bay page utilizing our logo. I realize anyone that could design a page could do this, but we would prefer only those that have specifically done E-Bay pages before and can give me E-bay inks to designs theyve made.

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Web Design For OTHR & OFHR

Require web design & .psd for 2 Home pages

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Jquery Mosaic Website

Need a website, similar to but not in Flash, we need it using Jquery. If you can do this, send us your work samples which should match our current requirement.

Only landing page needs this Mosaic Design and there will be only 3 to 4 Inner pages, which can be html but with good design matching the landing page.

Freshers please do not apply.

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Three Web-pages For – Technical Subjects

GreenSQL is looking for a talented techie and brilliant copywriter to write about database security issues for the site

Writings should cover in-depth information about certain technical subjects- yet, they need to be market oriented landing pages and mainly discuss the advantages of the company product as they relate to each subject accordingly.

We will only choose a born and raised american copywriter, proficient with American English.

We are in need for a total of 25 articles but since we must make sure that the writer fits the job this project is for three web-page writings. around 800 words each.
If the job is completed to our satisfactory we will ask for the rest as described in:

– The writer should base his writings upon main keywords as well as given topics for each subject.
– Main Keyword density 3%-5%. Main keyword should apear naturaly, on and of throughout the landing page.
– Writer should Use relevant phrases for every landing pages subject- We will deliver relevant topics and phrases for each

subject. These could be subjects for paragraphs within the page copy.

– Short paragraphs, divided by sub-headings
– Bulleted and/or ordered lists
– Genuine and attractive
– Front page oriented copywriting
– Be 100% unique and pass

Please send writing examples that complies with the above requirements.
Rated providers only!
Payment is done via GAF.

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Web Design 5 Pages

I am looking for a company or individual to design 5 webpages for me, the pages will be:

About Us
Contact Us

The pages only need to be designs as i will turn them in to html pages. My idea is to have a sketched design on the left of the page which then blends in to the actual webpage so the visitor gets to see the concept blend in to a final project.

I have previously hired people who have obviously used fake portfolios because the work they provided was very poor, because of this i ask that bids are accompanied by a sample of work along a similar line to what i am looking for, i dont mean a website design but something that will demonstrate your abilities.

Please note this project will be listed for 30 days and will stay listed until this time unless i see designs that blow me away. My budget will be set at $250, however if somebody delivers something that stands ahead of everything else then i am prepared to negotiate a higher fee.

Thanks and happy bidding.

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Create New Web Site For Me

You create a new site from scratch, including home page, sub pages, web design and on page seo.

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400 Pages Of Web Content And Blog

I am looking for a long term relationship and may hire multiple writers. No BS, to the point but fun!! Clear, precise interesting daily content that could (I want to) turn into a full time role.

Must be able to provide examples of work and be looking for a long term relationship

– Blog post writer inc. pictures (construction/product/project based)
– Content writer for web (city/construction/product/project based)


– up to 400 web content pages with specific keywords and density (will be provided); articles of 500 – 1000 words each
– Each article will be based on a keywords given to you
– All articles must have original content, no plagiarism, no fillers and must be informative and entertaining. Must pass copyscape test
-Articles must be perfect in English Grammar and proof-reading performed before submission.


– Daily blog writer for new blog!
– Pictures with specific keywords and density; articles of 400 – 600 words each Min 2/day
– Each article will be based on a keywords given to you (must be researched as many topics will be How to)
– All articles must have original content, no plagiarism, no fillers and must be informative and entertaining. Must pass copyscape test
-Articles must be perfect in English Grammar and proof-reading performed before submission.

Piece work payment will be released once the work is done within the requirements. Upon payment, we retain full ownership of all the articles. You agree not to use the contents for any other purposes.
Please write to me for topic and further details.

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Web Design

Old website exists and we would like a new design..
let me know so i can give details of old website. new website will have just a few pages (5).
very urgent project.

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Looking for a webdesigner with "portfolio" capable of making cost effective website OR blog design
3,4 pages

Please reply with links to at least 3 websites made by you.

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CMS & Functional Kids Entertainment Web – Build And Design

Want to create a kids entertainment web site based on Should be based on CMS system like Joomla or Drupal (you can recommend) so that we can add content as and when required. Content will include video, photos, music, games. etc. Should include the design of all graphics and the build of the site. We just need the shell we will add the content. More information will be provided to approved bidders.

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Web Site Design

America Latina Taxi:

needs 4 web page design and animation for taxi service.

About Us
Types of Vehicles| Vans | etc.
Order Car Service (Form to send to email)

needed, home page and sub-pages design. Closely related web sites for design are:

Images and graphics will be provided.

Let me know estimated price

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Modify Layout & Design Of 4 Web Pages

********* MAX Budget: $60 *********

I will provide you with mockup .jpg images for 4 existing web pages from my website and you need to modify their layouts & design according to the mockup images.
You also need to:

– Make tag cloud for top site searches
– Import Product categories map from another site.

********* MAX Budget: $60 *********

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Need A Permanent Web Designer Whome We Will Pay Monthly $500

We need a qualified web designer for our company. We are willing to pay him monthly $500. Even if you do 10 or 20 or even 30 projects you will get $500. If you do more projects and i earn more you will get a bonus too. So if anyone is interested please bid.

The designer should be able to design and develop a site like

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Submit Test And Bug Report For Two Web Pages

The objective of this project to submit a test report for two pages in a web site, the web site has 4 pages, the report should focus only on two pages, the report should highlight all bug or up-normal behavior on these two pages plus any recommended enhancement, the report should be comprehensive enough to cover all the finding details.

our budget for this task is 30$
the report should be submitted within one day from the winner selection.

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Need 2 Web Pages Built For StumbleUpon Ad Campaign

I need to have a landing page and a second page built that will be used for a StumbleUpon advertising campaign. This means that the first page needs to be in compliance with the StumbleUpon guidelines and be a “fun experience” for the visitor that doesnt directly sell our product.

BTW, the product is in the financial services niche, but the page needs to be made fun and interactive,which will require some creativity on your part, and be able to bring the visitor very easily to another page that you will create on our already existing site where we can market our services to the visitor.

This project will consist of all the technical aspects of building 2 pages on an already existing site, as well as the creation of relevant content for the pages.

The content you will create on the first page will be in the form of a 1-2 minute video, a quiz script, and some text with bullet points that summarizes whats in the video-for this, you may need to do some market research on your own so that you fully understand our niche and our target demographic.

The content on the second page will be the answers to the visitors quiz and some more direct marketing to the visitor.

You must have the ability to create good quality content that is relevant to the niche along with the ability to build 2 simple pages on an already existing website, and be able to integrate them into the site flawlessly, without creating errors.

You will be given full details on what the specific niche is and how we want the pages to look.

Again let me stress-most important thing about the landing page is that it will be a “fun experience” for the demographic we are targeting that will also make it easy for them to end up on the second page you will create, where we can directly market our services to them.

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Web Designer needed for building CSS based TABLELESS web pages for website.Must build SEO friendly pages so Content MUST appear at the top of the page.I Will Provide Home Page & Inner Page Layouts & Graphics already done. Require 30 pages built. Provider must have good understanding & experienced with SEO.

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Several one page design tasks for jkaushal21

I need several websites designs from jkaushal21

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Web Page Design Mock Up

Long term landing page designer needed. Our company is looking for 1(one) qualified, dedicated, and energetic Landing Page designer. Candidates must have:

1. A portfolio of past works that display their ability to work in any niche.

2. Strong communication skills, and the ability to meet deadlines every time.

3. Have strong knowledge of optimal landing page layout in order to induce user action and conversions for the specified goal at hand.

4. Must have the ability to mimic specific existing landing pages and modify them as per the desires of our project leaders.

5. Must be able to design a landing page based on a descriptive document delivered by project leader. There will often be only a description of what is wanted in words, so the designer must provide creative insights as well.

Please bid for 2 pages, but this is a LONG term designer job, we will need many landing pages each month in all different niches of business. Preference will be given to designers that are highly skilled and can provide fast turnaround.

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Lex Web Design – 4

A draft for a 4 web page is ready.

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Web page design.

This project to to create website comps for many of my website ideas.

You must creative and ready to work.

More details in PM.

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company web page

– design is ready ad adobe pdf format.

just need to program and some small sql and forms.

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