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Private Project For Webcont247365

10 pages of web content as discussed.

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UI Mockup Needed :)

We are looking for someone to design our UI for our website. We are not looking for any coding… just drawings.
Please supply portfolio (if you have one) and a NDA will be in place. We retain all rights to the design and concept. The work itself will be around around 15 pages of art work (mostly recycled). We will supply you with concept art
(wire-frames) already designed to give you a general idea. Thank you 🙂

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Cartoon Parrot Needed For Print And Web "Pinky?"

Hi I need a graphic cartoon style of a Parrot specifically a blue gold macaw, need him to look very disney, like lago from aladdin but without being a copy and with not such a menacing look and of course blue gold macaw not scarlet.. He should look friendly and inviting

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$40.000 For Any GAF Member (SEO, Scripts, Web Pages)


First of all I want to say Im not a newbie in making money from the web so dont even try to BS me in PM

I made $24402 and generate over 6 mln visits to my sites with Black Hat SEO

I have over $40.000 I can invest in any web related business you will propose

So in your bid please explain IN DETAIL:

1. How you plan to do that and how?
2. What resource you have to achieve this goal?
2. Show your portfolio (web pages you made, scripts you wrote, income you generated …)

Here are some ideas I know will work because I try them before on small scale:

1. SEO any web page for less competitive keywords (long tail) and then park them in SEDO – I will pay for domains, servers

2. Index my black hat pages (I have on my HDD over 1 TB (YES Terabyte) pages ready to upload to server – your job will be index them ASAP (its over 300.000 pages) – I will pay for servers and domains

3. Search profitable niches in Clickbank and Amazon and made lenses on squidoo, hubpages … – I will pay for your time and experience

4. Made self grooving websites (search engines like which grow in search engines without our input

5. Made any other sites which will bring good return in relative short time

Of course I not give one person $40.000 and wait for miracles Im not so stupid

If in your PM you will prove that you are master in any of the above fields I can give you money to achieve what we agree

Im open to your even crazy ideas – who know which will work – so dont be shy – surprise me


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350 Community Pages Needed

I need 350 Community Pages created on one of my Facebook accounts.
Youll need to create the page with a Title I provide, then youll need to post a URL to the wall of the community page.
Youll need to do this 350 times, each community page will take you approx 1-2 mins.

The budget for this project is $30

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Additional Tabs With Exactly Same Look As External Web Pages

There are Facebook Fans pages for businesses page having additional menu tabs that contain exactly the same look as the external php / html web pages, including any graphics (and hyperlinks on these graphics), flash files, and video files, there are on these external web pages.

It is puzzling how the additional tabs can be added with exactly the same look intact as the external webpage as if the latter is on the Facebook page as well, and not just found on the external website.

Have a 200-words description written with step-by-step procedure (many steps are needed to illustrate in detail) how the above is done, with a few real "live" examples of these cases that are already being implemented on existing Facebook fans pages. Not more than 50 words devoted to such examples for my reading. Total word count needed is 200 words of useful, clear, easy-to-follow instructions to me of how to do this.

You can cite such examples as links on the messages to me, so I can ascertain that you know what I want.

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Backlinks Needed On Pages Having PR 7, 8 & 9


I would need 250 dofollow backlinks

The only conditions for this job are that the links should be clear HTML (NO java, NO iframe, NO noindex, NO nofollow) and the page where youll put my link should not have more than 100 external links on it.

Also, i require a list with the following:

1) Domain IP
2) URL of the page where i have the link posted
3) language of the website

Please note that all the websites should have different IP addresses and i want each link to be on a different website.

Also please bear in mind that the page where i should find my link should have PR 7, PR 8 or PR 9 (not the homepage). Im intrested in the PR of the page where i can find my link on.

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Web Content Writer Needed!

I need a content writer for my travel service website. Mostly for the homepage and some of the additional pages. Very simple, all information will be provided.

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Traffic Visitors Script Needed

I need some expert to help me write an online script that can generate quality traffic for website using proxy. However, the traffic must be recognized by Google Analytic and other third party software (non-detected by them). The script must be able to create a virtual visitors that stay on the site in some certain amount of time and surfing some certain amount of web pages.

The script must also has the ability to auto update the proxy list.

For more information, please PM me. Only bid when you know what I require.

Budget: $30

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Moneybookers Payment Gateway For A Vpn System

I have a vpn system that is already configured and up.

I want users can order accounts with an specific plan and period and pay the service fee via moneybookers,
after the payment is made users must able to login immediately to the system.

Also we need some other modifications to our web pages and vpn system.

Payment after the job is finish and no Escrow.

No bidders from India!

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Private For OceanPVTLTD

900 forum posts needed for web promotions.

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Three Web-pages For – Technical Subjects

GreenSQL is looking for a talented techie and brilliant copywriter to write about database security issues for the site

Writings should cover in-depth information about certain technical subjects- yet, they need to be market oriented landing pages and mainly discuss the advantages of the company product as they relate to each subject accordingly.

We will only choose a born and raised american copywriter, proficient with American English.

We are in need for a total of 25 articles but since we must make sure that the writer fits the job this project is for three web-page writings. around 800 words each.
If the job is completed to our satisfactory we will ask for the rest as described in:

– The writer should base his writings upon main keywords as well as given topics for each subject.
– Main Keyword density 3%-5%. Main keyword should apear naturaly, on and of throughout the landing page.
– Writer should Use relevant phrases for every landing pages subject- We will deliver relevant topics and phrases for each

subject. These could be subjects for paragraphs within the page copy.

– Short paragraphs, divided by sub-headings
– Bulleted and/or ordered lists
– Genuine and attractive
– Front page oriented copywriting
– Be 100% unique and pass

Please send writing examples that complies with the above requirements.
Rated providers only!
Payment is done via GAF.

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I Need To 2000 To Download The Program

I need to 2000 to download the program


– Download the program from the United States would skyrocket and the United Kingdom
– I do not download the program fewer than 2000 to download the program
– IP has permitted for each download of the program


A special translation program texts and words and web pages translation of more than one language
The program compiles quickly

Download link for the program

This is only required…

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WEB1 Project

Good writers needed for this big project.

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400 Pages Of Web Content And Blog

I am looking for a long term relationship and may hire multiple writers. No BS, to the point but fun!! Clear, precise interesting daily content that could (I want to) turn into a full time role.

Must be able to provide examples of work and be looking for a long term relationship

– Blog post writer inc. pictures (construction/product/project based)
– Content writer for web (city/construction/product/project based)


– up to 400 web content pages with specific keywords and density (will be provided); articles of 500 – 1000 words each
– Each article will be based on a keywords given to you
– All articles must have original content, no plagiarism, no fillers and must be informative and entertaining. Must pass copyscape test
-Articles must be perfect in English Grammar and proof-reading performed before submission.


– Daily blog writer for new blog!
– Pictures with specific keywords and density; articles of 400 – 600 words each Min 2/day
– Each article will be based on a keywords given to you (must be researched as many topics will be How to)
– All articles must have original content, no plagiarism, no fillers and must be informative and entertaining. Must pass copyscape test
-Articles must be perfect in English Grammar and proof-reading performed before submission.

Piece work payment will be released once the work is done within the requirements. Upon payment, we retain full ownership of all the articles. You agree not to use the contents for any other purposes.
Please write to me for topic and further details.

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Proofreader Needed ASAP To Proofread 40 Pages Quickly

I need someone to proofread a 40 page report I wrote and fix it for a bunch of grammar and usage errors.

This is a simple job and I need it done really really quick and really cheap. It doesnt really has a lot of errors.

Please BID.

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IPone, IPad, Android App Needed With GPS And Web Portal

We are looking for someone who can create an app that is compatible across iphone, ipad, Android, and Blackberry. The app needs to be capable of controlling the devices GPS features in great detail and with great precision. The app must be capable of logging information from the GPS and transmitting that information to a web portal. It will also need to be capable of controlling the entire phone when activated so that the application is all that will run when activated unless a certain button within the application is pressed. We want to make sure that you cannot accidentally press a button on your phone and exit the app. The app must be capable of transmitting data to a web portal via data, phone, and SMS. The web portal portion of this project should be capable of interacting with the phone app via the web, another words, the information stream should be two ways between the web portal and the app. The app will also need a built in feature which allows users to comment/like the app on Facebook and Twitter.

Non-Disclosure Agreement will be required.

Please include in your bid/PM what time frame you think it would take, your realistic bid for this project, and any previous projects like this you have done. References, credentials, certificates, etc. are a plus as well.

Happy Bidding!

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Solving 10 Flash/AS3 Problems


I need someone to guide me on flash/AS3 project. Following is the detail.

Project Background:
Currently working one an small scale flash/AS3 website (6 Pages). I am a beginner in AS3 but has many years of experience as a programmer. Most of the time, I do my troubleshooting but from time to time, If I do get stuck, this is where I will seek consultation.

Usually, problems I encounter is due to unfamiliar with the coding structures and functions of AS3, which usually a few lines of code will resolve. I dont expect the bidder to write/rewrite pages of code for me.

– When needed, I will send over what I have and the consultant will need to help me solving the problem.
– Contract is a package to solve 10 issues for me.

– Must have extensive knowledge in AS3.
– Must be available on MSN
– Able to communicate in English
– Turn around time must be less then 12 hours on each problem.

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SEO Guaranteed Top 5 Google Needed For Keywords On Pages 1-3

I have several keywords that need to be within the top 5 of google with a guarantee. All of the keywords are already on pages 1,2 and 3. Once in the top 5 I need monthly SEO to keep them there. I also have another, larger job available if you can prove top 5 in google for the few keywords I have. Only the best need apply and if you send automated replies I will not consider you.

Thank you!!

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I need a proofreader to compare two different versions of an already edited satirical manuscript by 10:00am Tuesday morning. There are 77,000 words and 368 pages. I seek a fast, accurate reader, with a sense of Southern humor to make sure all changes are incorporated.


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Just A Plain Website: Needed 2 Pages , Only Style Sheets

Just a plain website: needed 2 pages , only style sheets, image shd not be used at all.
If u have any templates…i can pick up one.

I need 2 pages: ***** ONLY STYLE SHEETS, NO IMAGES
1) Page 1: Main page with diff tabs & with 3 colums (left bar, central, right bar)
2) Page 2: Logged in Page with 3 colums (left bar, central, right bar)

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50 Blog Comments On PR1+ Pages Needed

I will provide a list of websites with anchor text for each website / page. I need someone to make 50 blog comments with URL and anchor text that I provide.

– Must be on PAGES with at least Page Rank 1.
– Maximum of 50 comments on the page.
– Links must be dofollow
– Links must be on various IPs (cant be all on the same IP).
– These must be legitimate comment links (no blackhat).
– You must make good comments to ensure they are not removed immediately.

I do not care what the topic of the blog is, so this should make it easy on the provider.
Please provide your best bid and a sample of a couple websites you can show me where you
have made comments.

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Javascript And Actionscript Programmers Needed For Web MMO

My company Vortex Games, Inc. is currently creating a browser based 3D MMO. We are partnering with another company that had a Flash engine already made, but we also want to program for webGL/O3D in parallel to reach more platforms.

The payment for this project will be monthly and not all upfront. The budget for this project is very small and will be around $100 a month. I dont expect full-time work. This is a long project, estimated for a year, could be more.

This project will come with a contract for profit share once the game is released. Might be able to pay more money as the project gets further along.

Mostly looking for people wanting to break into the game industry as your name will be associated with the first successful webGL MMO and that price is unmeasurable. There is also the possibility of being hiring on full-time after the game is released.

I am NOT looking for:
Outsource warehouses
Money greedy people
People who cannot commit at least a year of working on the game (I understand emergencies, but you must understand that this is a long term project)

If you think you fit this then make a bid and well be in contact.

Vortex Games, Inc.

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Submit Test And Bug Report For Two Web Pages

The objective of this project to submit a test report for two pages in a web site, the web site has 4 pages, the report should focus only on two pages, the report should highlight all bug or up-normal behavior on these two pages plus any recommended enhancement, the report should be comprehensive enough to cover all the finding details.

our budget for this task is 30$
the report should be submitted within one day from the winner selection.

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5 Selling Pages Needed

I need, 5 selling pages designed and written. If you can not write please do not bid. I will need some samples of selling text before I will make my mind.
Also include some previous work if you have.

Further information will be available by private messages.

Thank you and happy bidding!

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Banners Needed For Our New Web Site

Our company sells womans fitness wear, hip-hop, dance, zumba wear and urban clothing. We are working on a new web site now (see attached) and need 8 banners. Sizes are 270X100 (4 total),
737X170 (2 total) and one 195X195. We will supply the text.

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Need 2 Web Pages Built For StumbleUpon Ad Campaign

I need to have a landing page and a second page built that will be used for a StumbleUpon advertising campaign. This means that the first page needs to be in compliance with the StumbleUpon guidelines and be a “fun experience” for the visitor that doesnt directly sell our product.

BTW, the product is in the financial services niche, but the page needs to be made fun and interactive,which will require some creativity on your part, and be able to bring the visitor very easily to another page that you will create on our already existing site where we can market our services to the visitor.

This project will consist of all the technical aspects of building 2 pages on an already existing site, as well as the creation of relevant content for the pages.

The content you will create on the first page will be in the form of a 1-2 minute video, a quiz script, and some text with bullet points that summarizes whats in the video-for this, you may need to do some market research on your own so that you fully understand our niche and our target demographic.

The content on the second page will be the answers to the visitors quiz and some more direct marketing to the visitor.

You must have the ability to create good quality content that is relevant to the niche along with the ability to build 2 simple pages on an already existing website, and be able to integrate them into the site flawlessly, without creating errors.

You will be given full details on what the specific niche is and how we want the pages to look.

Again let me stress-most important thing about the landing page is that it will be a “fun experience” for the demographic we are targeting that will also make it easy for them to end up on the second page you will create, where we can directly market our services to them.

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Print / Psd-to-html / Powerpoint

We are looking for a graphic professional to help make various sales documents
– print docs (indesign) : catalogs, brochures, etc.
– psd to html
– powerpoint slideshows

We supply graphics and content

what is needed is perfect execution for print / web

Experience in various sales kit tools are very much welcome

please advise portfolio and examples


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Web Page Re-Design

I need a new template designed for my website ( The site is hosted by I need a layout done that includes a header,navigation, footer, background and foreground. The design should include my logo, and everything that is currently showing on home page. The designer must know CSS in order to get everything to show up correctly withing Smugmug. If a modified page needs to be created from scratch then this can work too. Need this done within a weeks time.

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Simulated Photos

We need simulated pictures of changes in the appearance of cellulite over time.

Photos that show cellulite must be very clear and formatted to quickly download with the web page where they are displayed.

Need photos of two different people.

There should be 4 photos each of the same person. Each of the four photos should show gradual changes in appearance of cellulite.

Photos should not be copies of any existing cellulite before/after photo on the internet. They should be new and unique.

It would be best to show the rear hips and upper legs.

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7-10 page essay needed ASAP

I have a 7-10 page essay due by ASAP.

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