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Custom Project Collaboration Portal / Template In Sharpoint

We are looking for someone with Sharepoint development experience that can take one of the many off-the-shelf project portal templates available for Sharepoint and customize it to fit our needs.

We are a creative agency that specializes in the development of web-based training courses. The process of creating these courses involves many teams working together to pass through many project gates. We need a Sharpoint-based portal that will provide the following capabilities:

1. A communications hub for project team members to collaborate, discuss issues, share ideas and provide status updates. Discussion forums, wikis, ability to add comments are all things we foresee needing.
2. A tool for project managers to be able to create timelines, milestones, tasks, deliverables, budgets and have the necessary visibility to all of these in order to properly manage the project through the development cycle. Project status reporting, Gantt charts, timelines, budget vs. actual reporting are all possible requirements from a PM perspective.
3. Serves as a repository for all assets used during the execution of a project. All documentation, correspondence, creative assets (or links to other repositories as appropriate) are all captured in a single place where anyone working on the project can get to them.
4. Some back-end integration with Microsoft Dynamics SL (Solomon) and TenRox may be required. Solomon is our financials system that is used for budget tracking, invoicing and job cost accounting. TenRox is the tool we use for time entry on jobs. Both systems use SQL Server as their back-end database.

We have found a number of off-the-shelf Sharepoint solutions that may do one or two of these things well, but none that do all of them to the degree we require.

This project will entail assisting with the selection of the best "starting point" Sharepoint templates and customizing them to the degree necessary to satisfy the above objectives.

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WSS 3.0 Public Portal Development

This Project is the development of a Portal and Application using WIndows SharePoint Services 3.0. The first part of the project is the development of the Portal. The second part will be the development of the application. This award is for the first part of the project. The vendor awarded for the first part of the project and successfully completed it to the satisfaction os us will be automatically awarded with the second part of the Project.

Technical Requirement
The development of the Project is to conducted using Windows SharePoint Services version 3.0 (WSS 3.0) running on WIndows Server 2008. The database is MS SQL2008 running on WIndows Server 2008. The WSS 3.0 and MS SQL 2008 are both running on different servers. Both servers are within a Domain. The Domain Controller is also running on a different server.

Portal Development (1st Part)
To create a public facing Portal using WSS 3.0, which includes the following areas:

1. To propose at minimum three(3) mock-ups of a Public facing portal website using WSS 3.0.
2. The basic concept of our portal requirement can be viewed at a refernce site to be given by us. This website
will be refered as the "Reference" site.
3. The portal must include, but not necessarily limited to the followings,
a. The Banner and footer MUST have the same look and feel and information as the Reference Site
b. This portal is to support dual language; English and Bahasa Melayu (The Malaysian national language). Initially
the portal is display all information in Englist.
On completion of the Englist versio, we will provide the translations for the "Bahasa Melayu".
c. The portal must have one announcement part which supports text, image and flash
d. The portal must have no less than ten (10) parts that can be used to publish information. These
parts must support text, image and flash.
e. This is an Internet and Intranet portal. A form based authentication for login must be provided.
Additional details on FBA are provided below.
f. The public must have the ability to Register to be a user of the portal. The registration information
required are similar to the Reference Site. In addition, the Registration MUST provide CAPTCHA.
g. Registered users must have the ability change password.
h. Please refer to the Pousadas De Portugal web site for a better understanding of the portal requirement.
i) Design will go through at least five (5) iterations to accomodate changes and customer feedback.
j) All software source code, design, image/graphics MUST be provided to us on project completion.

2. Design Form-Based-Authentication (FBA) using SQL that includes a separate customized page for the following function:
a) User registration with CAPTCHA (we will provide further details after award)
b) Password change (we will provide further details after award)
c) Forgotten password resetting (we will provide further details after award)
d) Login form (we will provide further details after award)
e) User management console page (we will provide further details after award)

Working Terms:

1. We will host a WSS 3.0 site for you to post/test your solution for us to check and verify the workability.
2. Once we verified the successful functionality of the solution, and we will request for the source code.
3. Once we recompiled and verified that the source code is reflecting the actual solution, we will release the final payment.
4. The source code must written on Visual Studio 2008/2010 using (C#, ASP.Net, java) and properly commented.

Payment Milestone
1. 20% upfront
2. 50% when we verified the solution is working well
3. 30% when we received the source code and verified it to reflect the solution provided.

Time Frame

5 days

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Custom Web Editor 2

Create custom web editor – project for upprouppro

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Innovative Social/e-commerce Storefront Development Project

I am looking for a very talented and innovative developer to assist with the establishment of a new temporary travel site that focuses on highly curated content and travel offers for members only.

You must be passionate about doing new and creative projects as well as have an absolute focus on high quality work.

I need a social commerce site within Facebook developed. You will not be responsible for design, as a third party will design and deliver creative files to you. You will be responsible to develop and implement to launch.

The site will have a temporary lifespan, but will be bought back by popular demand only.This site has a specific focus on social commerce.

Facebook social commerce

Project scope:

1. Develop a fully secure e-commerce/shopping cart integrated within Facebook that will enable users to purchase travel offers online by date. It also needs to be able to only sell a limited supply.

Explore utilising an existing e-commerce engine such as

2. Develop a social commerce storefront within Facebook – with full social/share capabilities and the ability for users to purchase through the platform. See as a direct example of what I am after.

3. Site needs to be able to sell in a variety of currencies – e.g AU, US, NZ

4. Site must have a CMS capability for regular updates & be able to fully showcase each travel product/property

5. Must have database capabilities to track and register members details.

5. You will not be responsible for design – that will be done by a third party. You will need to work with the founder as he brings content partners onboard.

If you believe you have the skill, capability, problem solving capacity and passion to do something new and different for the Australian market I would like to hear from you.

I will need to see examples of your previous work that you have 100% developed as well as examples of your thought process and how you approach projects.

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Database Web Developer

We are looking for a database expert to clean up our database as our site has an excessive amount of MySQL resources. This person will be cleaning up any unused scripts to optimize the performance of the site and to reduce the size of our database. We are looking for someone to start right away and be able to finish the project as soon as possible. Only experienced developers will be considered for the job.

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Web Research Assistant

Gather personal name and direct line telephone number and email address from websites.

I need the personal name and direct telephone number and email address for commercial property brokers from specific websites. Ill supply the list of websites.

Duplicates not accepted. Returned telephone numbers would require a credit for replacement.

The initial project would be for 3000 records. This work is very easy. I would need the file in an Excel format.

This can be on-going work for the right person.

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Project For Guru Web Solutions ONLY

This is a $100 project for Guru Web Solutions Only

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Web : Marketing And Informational Copy Writing

I was asked by a client to write/rewrite the content of our old website. They provide cardiac medical services in the US.
I dont have the time to do this so Im looking to pass it on.
They have existing texts which need updating/upgrading with respect to current market trends and competing services.

Planned pages:
About history pages
5 separate services pages
Information for physicians and patients
some news.

Text must be SEO friendly. I will provide keywords but am open to suggestions.
This is the 1st project in a series. They will also redo their printed marketing material. Hopefully we can continue in to that with the winning bidder.

Please bid only if you do the writing yourself. No outsourcing or middle men/woman.

If my request is lacking information (my first), please bid and or PM and I will provide further details.
Thanks for looking.

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Need Translators ENG To Croatian For A Web Portal

Need native Croatian speakers who can translate from English to Croatian one article a day.
Scientific articles for translations (different areas of science), average 500 words per article.
Bid for 30 articles a month, monthly payment.
ps. Send your CV if possible.

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Web Project – Vipmerv

Outgoing project as everything nearly complete… Just need tweak development

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Web Project For VIP

Web project for VIP with sales interaction portal.

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Seo For Web Traffic Website

I need good keyword ranking for a new website. Provider must have solid skills. Project pays no more than $150. Must be complete in 30 days.

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Project For Lightcrescent – New Training Portal Part 4

As discussed. Thanks.

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Project For Lightcrescent – New Training Portal Part 4

As discussed. Thanks.

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Project For Lightcrescent – Flyairbus Portal Update

As discussed. Thanks

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Project For Lightcrescent – New Training Portal Part 3

As discussed. Thanks.

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Project For Lightcrescent – New Training Portal Part 2

As discussed. Thanks

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Project For Lightcrescent – New Training Portal

As discussed. Thanks.

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Private Calling For ITdesk "Rental Property Web Portal"

Hi ITDesk,

you have cancelled your project … so i cant reply you back ..

lets use this projects PM to talk further …

(Bidding and Message is allowed for Only ITDESK)

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Dekaron/Aloken Project Development

Hello there, I am looking for someone that can quickly help me implement aloken and help secure my dekaron client as fast as possible, would also be looking forward to having skills fully working,please PM for email. Should have skills in programming, Security and Database. willing to pay somewhere around 900$- 1500$

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Private Project For Amir Seljubac /Baseball/web

Hey amir…as always good working with you…$150 ok?

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Need 1 C# Web Developer For 1 Day

5 or more years with commercial experience with C#
Need to have good communication skills.
Need to show me a commercial portfolio of the project you have worked on.

PM for details.

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Need A Web Portal For Parents & Freelance Tutors ($/hr)


This is a simple project.

i would like a tutoring website that offers allows parents to engage freelance tutors directly without going through agencies. Website will take care of payment and scheduling and ratings.

1. Freelance tutors will be able to have a profile, ratings, feedback, portfolio, available schedule and able to state their rate per hr.
2. Parents/students will post assignments/jobs.
3. Freelance tutors will bid for the assignment or be invited to bid by the parents/students.
4. Must have escrow payment options. e.g. Paypal. Website will hold the money and release it when parents are satifsfied.

Similar to peopleperhour, odesk or elance but towards tutoring.

Possilbe future option: Online tutoring option.
the same as www.wiziq.comor or

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Project Advance: SEO For Five Web Pages

I currently own five websites (three that are over a year old, one that is six months old, and another one that hasnt been developed yet) that I would like to have SEO taken off my plate and have someone else handle it. My previous experience with SEO was that I was disappointed. The good news is that the structure of the industry appears to have changed a bit and firms are making fees contingent on results. This will be the sort of agreement that we set up. Im also not sure whether I will be performing SEO on all five companies or merely just one or two for the holiday season. So, please for any price estimate include that in your breakdown (that is, you might be optimizing five or you might be optimizing one or two). The way this process will work is that I will give you the names of the websites, and you will come back to me with suggested keywords, the traffic associated with that keyword, how much traffic I could expect to get, and the time it will take to reach a particular search term. Please also render an opinion on well each of the websites is SEOed, that is, does have good content, keyword rich text, does it appear to be spamming, where are its weakest parts etc. The names of the websites are;;;, and

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Complete Product Spreadsheet

This is a simple project. I have a spreadsheet with around 425 products. I have almost all the data I need but I need the images and the descriptions. So the task at hand are:

1) Copy and paste the description from the manufacturers website into the spreadsheet.
2) Download the product picture and save with the name specified on the spreadsheet. Picture must meet a minimum of 100X100 pixels.
3) If the picture is not available in the manufacturers website then you will need to find it on the web

Thats it. Project is complete when you submit the pictures and the spreadsheet and I confirm its complete.

We have interns in house doing this and they can complete about 35-40 products per hour so you should bid based on this.

I have plenty of work like this so winning bid will have plenty of work.

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IEEE Project Development

WE need IEEE projects to be developed minimum of 10 numbers. We require freelancer who is having previous knowledge in IEEE & networking and strong coding knowledge in JAVA/J2EE or DOT NET technologies.

We will provide the requirement. If you already developed any IEEE projects, please send the details. Strictly JAVA/J2EE & DOT NET only needed.

Please quote per project and duration

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LB And NFL Web Maintent For CLing Labs

THIS IS FOR WORK ALREADY DONE. Please do not bid on this project it is for Cling Labs only.

Please bid $40 dollars for the two maintenece projects.


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Project Management Portal

We require a simple project Management Portal with following functionality.

1) Engineering Head (EH ) will Aloocate a Engineering Group head (EGH )for a Project

2) EGH will give the efforts on project , which will go for approval of EH.

3) Once EH approves the project Mail Notification should be sent for Support Groups

4) EGH can update the Efforts ( Change Request ) , which in turn goes for approval.

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Content Writer And Copywriting For B2b And Ecom Web Portal.

S | Proofreading | Publishing | Technical Writing

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Content writer and copywriting for b2b and ecom web portal.  

Content writer and copywriting for b2b and ecom web portal. is project number 714204
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-250

Created: 06/16/2010 at 2:18 EDT

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

06/21/2010 at 2:18 EDT
(4d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (No Feedback Yet)



We are looking content writer for our upcoming b2b+ecommerce portal full time/part time
More information on request.

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Web Content Writer

We need a good writer to write content for our company website. the site is about 15 pages.

We need some experienced guy who can write well for us. We are willing to pay upto $50 for this project. If everything goes well and you prove your worth then we will be sending more work to write. We have 50 sites to be written/re-written.

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Private For Miladin – WP Theme Development

This project is for the continued development of the WP WYSIWYG theme.

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Oversee The Development Of 3 Websites -Web Expert – 05.01.10

Dear GAF professionals,

We are looking for an experienced web professional that can assist in laying the foundation for 3 websites which are all interlinked.
1. Joomla Platform, for a 15 page website
2. Word Press platform for a blog.
3. Affiliate web store set up on an I frame.

Please note that you will be working with other coders as well as a graphic designer to complete the project. Your main task is to oversee the project and correct any problems that may exist. You will not be required to do the day to day web design and coding as we have other professional on the team; however your input will be needed on the I frame affiliate store as well as the blog.

We have a budget of $150. All funds will be paid via GAF escrow.

Kind Regards


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Web Hosting Promotion

I have recently launched a web hosting company and I need someone to promote it by means of reviews, blog posts, forum posts, press writing, mailing lists, and other common forms of exposure. If you PMB me, I can provide a link directly to the hosting website.

For me to select you for this project, you need to have an expert grasp of English and have experience with web hosting and promotion. I will also require proof of all methods that you partake in before paying.

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